Joe Biden's full speech after becoming president-elect

The former vice president said, "This is a time for America to heal."
Joe Biden and Kamala Harris make victory speeches: 'A time to heal'
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    Yay joe

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    All congratulations to President Trump-he will cleanse the planet from Satanists and pedophiles.

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    we do not want to see people shading tears all the time we dont like

  • mariam beauty song huseni
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    your my best friend now make the people of america to be one

  • mariam beauty song huseni
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    Trump should go and rest with his family it time for joe Biden

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    big up Joe Biden my God stand with you we are witching in africa in tanzania big up

  • Jeff Kerr
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    Wait until he is actually in office. He will change. Months ago he couldn't put a coherent sentence together. Somehow this idiot won. GOD help THE FELLOW AMERICANS. We will need it.

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    joe mama?

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    How refreshing 9s it to see a president jog again!

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    folks, the people of nation has spoken.

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    Former Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko said after the US election that Kiev can get serious support from Joe Biden. Kostya Bondarenko is convinced that the former Ukrainian leader does not understand the essence of the issue. ... According to the expert, Poroshenko hopes that Biden in the presidential chair will remember the former friendly relations and support him. But it is better for the elected head of the White house not to touch the Ukrainian topic. "Forget about words like Ukraine, Burisma, the hunter Biden scandal, and so on," Bondarenko said. We are talking about the corruption scandal surrounding the Ukrainian private oil and gas company Burisma. Biden's son hunter was on the company's Board of Directors. The newly elected us President Joe Biden is a native of the Ukrainian nobility, said Valery bebik, a Professor of political science at the national University of Ukraine. "Few people know that Joe Biden is a distant descendant of the founder of the Zaporozhye Sich Vishnevetsky-Bayda. It was his great-great-great-grandfather-a London banker-who was given the gold of polubotka for safekeeping, thanks to which the United States of America rose," bebik said in the Ukrainian media. "Gold polubotka" - a popular pseudo-historical myth in Ukraine about how the "Jewish plutocracy" in the XVIII robbed Ukrainians.

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    6:46 best moment of the speech in my opinion

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    Go Joe Biden go

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    What a JOKE!!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂

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    If Joe Biden was a superhero he would be the invisible, mute, deaf, blind and armless one

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    please comment on the u kkrain brib e to get the prosekutor fired. thanks "journos"

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    "And the people who brought me to dance, Delewarians!" underrated

  • Maxim Ilushenkov
    Maxim IlushenkovDag siden

    Just for the record, I think Trump is the worst post WWII President America's had (well, to be fair, second worst, after George W Bush). I'm happy Trump lost! I supported Biden as the lesser of two evils... but here is where we need to stop deluding ourselves! I see many fellow left-wingers and liberals praising Biden and Harris, calling them "decent"... and this is the kind of thing that annoys me. Biden is not "decent," he is spineless! When it was mainstream to be racist, he was racist! HE SUPPORTED THE IRAQ WAR! He supported the bailouts, and both the arms industry and Wall Street are prominent amongst his surrounding and donors... are we all going to pretend it isn't so? Obama came to power on a platform of change, he opposed the Iraq War, and ended up bombing more countries than Bush and did nothing about police racism, are we going to pretend his Vice, Biden, had nothing to do with Obama's demonstration taking a more conservative course of action than promised? As for Kamala Harris, I see many talking about her "inspiring girls"... bloody hell, I hope girls don't take her as a role model! Are we going to pretend like her name wasn't associated with wrongful convictions for a big part of her career? That she didn't fight against federal court supervision when it was found in 2011 (Brown v Plata) that California prisons were overcrowded and were full of abuse and over-the-top punishments? Are we going to pretend like none of that happened? Both Biden and Harris represent the worst in politics, two people without morals who are willing to back war or incarceration if that advances their careers. If criticism doesn't come from the left, it will come from the right. The left are the ones who need to hold Biden and Harris accountable, the progressives within the Democratic Party must fight to make America better.

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    The story of how Biden and Poroshenko for a billion dollars from Joe Biden fired the Prosecutor General of Ukraine, who began to investigate the son of Joe Biden, hunter Biden, the youngest son of us Vice President Joe Biden, became a member of the Board of Directors of Burisma in April 2014 (it also included former Polish President Alexander Kwasniewski, a friend of the stepson of former Secretary of state John Kerry Devon Archer, and others). ... As part of the investigation into possible money laundering, the British authorities froze deposits in London banks for $23 million, which allegedly belonged to the owner of Burisma Zlochevsky. In Ukraine, a new scandal, and surprisingly not coronavirus. This week, the world finally saw and heard the documentary ... We found out who exactly and what Poroshenko paid a billion dollars for-this is Joe Biden and the entire Obama army. There are prospects for increasing gas production in Ukraine - but this issue depends on the normalization of the investment climate in the country and the availability of the necessary funds, says Mikhail Krutikhin, senior analyst at Rusenergy. In his opinion, at a distance of about 10 years, Kiev can replace the volume of transit (or the volume of gas that is currently supplied to the country from European countries) with its own production. ... But after Joe Biden's frequent visits to Kiev and his statements about the corruption of the Prosecutor General, the need to rid Ukraine of dependence on Russian gas and the development of the shelf with the help of the Americans, the case was closed against Joe Biden's son hunter Biden.

  • Abel Eduardo
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    The fall of American is Not joe

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    Lol he prolly had this speech written for months

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    What a bozo!!!! He won't last through his first year senile pervert

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    He did not win!

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  • Ocean King
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    We have put together the best election fraud in the history of the United States. True quote.

  • Ocean King
    Ocean King2 dager siden

    Biden will just be a puppet and a bitch for China, Iran, Russia and Serbia.

  • Luis Giron
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    Good bless you for ever

  • Andrew Disney
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    He's NOT as of this date 11/22/20 President Elect! You lying BASTARDS!

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  • Iowa Zebra
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    Hollow Man. Hollow Words

  • Jane Gillespie
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    This is time for you and all of you to go to jail you have not won the election praying for that.James Gillespie

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    This is so much better i love him i wish he gets reelected

  • Евгений Energy
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    Biden the criminal and his criminal entourage is a gang of scoundrels, thieves, stupid individuals who criminally replaced buluteni in the presidential election. Biden and his entourage should be tried, they should all be jailed for 10 years. Trump legally and fairly won the elections of the President of the United States.

  • Marie Skelly
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    What a speech 🙏🏼 thank goodness some normality back

  • Enasa Jackson
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    ii haven't watched a speech since the election.......his end speech was right on lots of promises....Joe,Jill and Kamala may these up coming years be GOOD, PROGRESSIVE and EFFECTIVE!!! LETS GO 2021 FIRM BELIEVER in CHANGE for the BETTER 🙋🤝🇺🇸🛐🔯✝️☮️

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    I wish he chose another vp kamala is so annoying.

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    Joe biden 👍

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    @hen ko we will make you all cry again just wait.

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    Since nobody called it out, ima say how proud I am that Biden ran to the podium to the Boss Bruce Springsteen We Take Care of our Own:))!! Two Irish catholic boys represent from another Irish catholic boy:))!! We are America, and we have ALWAYS been great:))!!

  • hen ko

    hen ko

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    Trump bragged he will make America great again but he couldn’t I hope this man can make America great

  • HurkyandBrother
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    Free cool aide ! Free cool aide..... everyone..... ! Plenty for everyone...drink up. drink up me harties yo ho...?

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    It’s a Draw! Hash It Out! Whether Trump or Biden end up in the White House, neither will be the president of the United States. He will be the president of only the Americans who elected him. A president who is one hundred percent accepted by half the country, and one hundred percent rejected by the other half, cannot be regarded as POTUS. It leaves the American people with two options: hash it out or fight it out. I hope they choose the former. America is a highly developed country, especially when it comes to politics. As with any developed nation, its people are very opinionated. And the more opinionated they become, the harder it is for them to budge from their opinions. They become less tolerant and more arrogant, less attentive and more assertive, until finally, the whole country explodes in riots, violence, and civil war ensues. This is the natural way, and countries should watch carefully what is happening in America because it will also happen to them. It’s the natural evolution of human nature. Despite the morose prognosis, humans have more than human nature going for them; they’ve got intellect. When a situation becomes an evident impasse, look for a bypass. There is no reason things should end in violence if we already see that this is where we’re going; we can reroute. There is a lot of truth in Albert Einstein’s famous adage, “The problems we are dealing with cannot be solved at the same level of thinking with which we created them.” But there is more to it than that; we, that is our nature, created them so as to rise to a higher level. Consider this: If everything had been alright while we were living in caves, would we ever have come out of them? If everything we did then succeeded, would we ever develop new tactics or tools to improve our lives and make them easier? Life keeps posing problems now as it always has, and always for the same purpose-to drive us forward, impel us to evolve. And today, evolution centers mainly on society. Indeed, our society is lame. Human relations everywhere are plagued with suspicion, animosity, alienation, and hatred. Do we like feeling this way toward each other? If we did, we wouldn’t see the rates of depression, substance abuse, violence, homicide and suicide that we are seeing. We have become a society of sad, depressed, scared, and mainly hopeless people, and it’s all because there is a demon inside of us that makes us hate each other. But it’s not a demon; it is human nature, the same engine that has developed us throughout the ages. Previously, it made us feel uncomfortable physically so we would develop easier and ways to live. Now it makes us feel uncomfortable emotionally so we will develop easier ways to live with one another. This is why the Left and Right will never agree. Republicans will always think that Democrats are dead wrong, and Democrats will think the same about Republicans. But without the tension, there will be no impetus for growth, no realization that we must somehow establish unity or we will kill each other. There is a funny thing about unsolvable conflicts. When you finally manage to reconcile, you often feel closer than before the conflict broke out. Moreover, you often realize that the problem doesn’t exist anymore even though you never touched it, but only focused on connecting with the other party. If it ever happened to you that you fought with your partner and after you made up you couldn’t remember what you fought about, then you know what I mean. But it isn’t only on the personal level. The same idea is true for social, national, and international conflicts. When you work on unity, the problems aren’t solved, they disappear since they were only there as catalysts for connection. America has been the leader of the free world since pretty much the end of World War II. Now it’s in a crisis that can send it soaring or sink it down. If Americans want, they can be the trailblazers they have always been and lead the whole world to a new era, where problems are promoters of connection, and conflicts are opportunities for deep concord. It’s been a political draw in America since 2016; it’s time to hash it out and rise together to a new level of solidarity and cohesion, and pave the trail away from friction and toward real and lasting peace...

  • Billy Vlogz
    Billy Vlogz2 dager siden

    Me and my family are so happy joe biden is going to be the next president of the USA We all voted for him .

  • Dave Ponder
    Dave Ponder2 dager siden

    Joe is NOT the "President elect" until ALL of the legitimate votes are in. So far 970 people involved in over 1100 instances of Democrat's voter fraud have already been criminally charged. Voter fraud is very real in all "blue states" and now has spread. The liber-retards would have people believe the fraud acts are a conservative conspiracy theory. Liberal voter fraud is well documented.

  • Youscary2009
    Youscary20092 dager siden

    LOL! The tears are going to be sweetest from fake ass Harris supporters when this all comes crumbling down. Sorry. Nothing can stop what’s going to happen. NOTHING.

  • Yesenia Lopez
    Yesenia Lopez2 dager siden

    That's a very similar speech of unity that President Trump gave on the night he won in 2016. You know no 74Million people voted for him. How do I know?? Look it up, Biden confesses of voter fraud. You people know he wasn't able to win. Even that speech set up was that set up. Cheating is not good, our parents and teachers thought us that lesson when we were small😏 Just remember is not over, he's not elect look it up.

  • moses kimani
    moses kimani2 dager siden

    Waaaaoooo 🤗, a great victory speech Mr President, renewed hope in the USA and the whole world in general is back, n I have that "Renewed hope" that you'll hold with a strong grip n tighten USA KENYA ties Back here in Kenya In the meantime 😉 #teamdrrutokiunjuri22

  • Ryan
    Ryan3 dager siden

    The AP does NOT decide who is the next President. This is the biggest fraud to ever have been discovered. Trump will win. The Left has screamed election fraud for 4 years and lost. Now they scream elections cannot be fraudulent and have safe guards. American will prevail.

  • Alexis Whittier
    Alexis Whittier3 dager siden

    He is not president the people did not choose him he was not elected that's all.

  • HLeigh
    HLeigh3 dager siden

    Only....... He is NOT President elect. Shame on you ABC!

  • Matthew Ploof
    Matthew Ploof3 dager siden

    Thank God for Joe Biden.

  • David Gray cloud
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    👍👍👍👍👍👍 Mr biden 👍

  • Brittney Pearson
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    Ahhaha I can’t wait to hear Trumps response to losing😂😂🤣

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  • Maryam Mohd
    Maryam Mohd3 dager siden

    Trump bragged he will make America great again but he couldn’t I hope this man can make America great

  • Brittney Pearson
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  • Brittney Pearson
    Brittney Pearson3 dager siden

    I miss Obama so much🥺He is a great man❤️Live up to him Biden.

  • Brittney Pearson
    Brittney Pearson3 dager siden

    And give everyone the right to homeschool permanently, simply because it’s our right to do so! And don’t make it a hassle or joke to do so!

  • Brittney Pearson
    Brittney Pearson3 dager siden

    And make dental implants covered by all insurance, including full mouth restoration. Because Americans deserve to smile and eat!

  • Brittney Pearson
    Brittney Pearson3 dager siden

    Now stop hurting immigrants. Stop these riots. And send out more stimulus. Like you said. You owe us.

  • phu cue
    phu cue3 dager siden

    Sorry snowflakes ! The title of president elect has been removed from one mr creepy Joe Biden ! He never was anyway and for the love of God people stop believing the mainstream media ! They do not legally call elections but they damn sure have no problem doing it anyway ! This cheater will NEVER STEP FOOT IN THE WHITEHOUSE as president !

  • Chris Tschudy
    Chris Tschudy3 dager siden

    Until the Electoral College does its thing he's not president-elect of anything You know where in the constitution does it say the media calls the presidential election

  • Lu l
    Lu l3 dager siden

    Looks like many of his supporters could not agree with Him in mentioning God..

  • MrXxsesshomaruxX


    Dag siden

    Not everyone believes in god and they shouldn't forced to, it's part of being in a democracy don't you agree?

  • NicH


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    Like trump ever did

  • foxstar hindi
    foxstar hindi3 dager siden

    I form India but this is a good president for American people than trump

  • Tommy Reyes
    Tommy Reyes3 dager siden

    Thank you President Trump for finding the vaccine for Coronavirus

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    Tommy Reye

  • 桜川翔平
    桜川翔平3 dager siden

    The question is not whether to support President Trump or Joe Biden. " The problem is that you either receive a large amount of money under Trump's NESARA GESARA Act for 10 years in support of the Light forces, or you support Biden's tyranny of the dark organization and tax. Is to be exploited as before and live a life of hell ... Make your choice.

    HIDE REALITY3 dager siden

    He is looking honest and responsible and a very important a Christianity shining from his face openly I am from Pakistan BCoz I never did voted him but I did a lot of praying from him wining . congrats to all US people's for getting this great person as a president + for getting release from trump like Jewish favored person .,. .,.,.,

  • Gily Orell
    Gily Orell3 dager siden

    He think is gonna be easy, all the patriots we not gonna support this clown and we gonna make worst them BLM and the antifas. He and the democRATS they declared the war to us 4 years ago. us.

  • hen ko

    hen ko

    3 dager siden

    I love these videos. They are so freaking interesting!?

  • Al Marzacci
    Al Marzacci3 dager siden

    Some Govonors and biden are already making a difference with minorities being first to get resources first. I know as a political adviser Democrats are pushing for a 10% tax increase on caucasians males to support and help fund minorities. 5% out of your employment job check. Should reach house and pass in 2022.

  • bosheba
    bosheba3 dager siden

    His speech in January" hi I'm Forest, Forest Gump" "Would you like a chocolate?"



    3 dager siden

    And for the next democratic nominee,.. Corky from Life Goes On

  • Mr. Perfect
    Mr. Perfect3 dager siden

    Biden is friend of Montenegro🇲🇪🇺🇸Montenegro, Bosnia, Kosovo and other countries need America's help in fighting against influence of "Greater Serbia"

    HEMPOPOTAMUS LOUDspeakers3 dager siden


  • Marie Agpad
    Marie Agpad4 dager siden

    Wow she is beautiful ,her smile is contagious

  • Knight Wind
    Knight Wind4 dager siden

    I'm a Republican but I've always had respect for Joe Biden. I don't know how many times I've watched this speech. It IS beautiful, intelligent, and clear. What he's saying is true. We're not enemies. We're all in this together no matter what. We're all Americans​. Never before have I felt so much chills and pride when President-elect Biden said 'I pledge to be a president that seeks not to divide but to unify. Who doesn't see red states and blue states only sees the United States!' I'm just a simple UPS package handler who believes in good, who wants to see all of us united once more. There really is a lot of bad blood between each of us but now is not the time to be holding a knife to each other's throats. We need to put aside our petty differences and misplaced hatred and listen and understand. This virus is kicking our asses no matter who we are. This virus is the only thing that doesn't discriminate. It's scary. I know we as humans are a crazy and superstitious species but we're still humans; we still bleed when we're cut, we still cry when we're hurt, and we still sweat when we're tired. Right now because of these turbulent times I wish I could go to my neighbors house, who are Democrats, and hug them and tell them I've missed them and it's good to see them. ✌️O.o #WEAREAMERICANS

  • Romas the Explorer
    Romas the Explorer4 dager siden

    Steeling the elections notmaikes you prezident not in usa

  • Romas the Explorer
    Romas the Explorer4 dager siden

    Intresting hu say that hee is prezident elect? Cnn ? Fox news ? Noway hee is prezident elect when counting is not finish !

  • T M
    T M4 dager siden

    Joe Biden is not the president elect

  • Tich Leakina
    Tich Leakina4 dager siden

    welcome new president

  • opzz xsin
    opzz xsin4 dager siden

    Alas time will tell, Here’s to hope

  • Roth Kholum
    Roth Kholum4 dager siden

    Who says Joe Biden wins the election???

  • Aydin TPS
    Aydin TPS4 dager siden

    I’m not crying you are.

  • Jeffrey Rutt
    Jeffrey Rutt4 dager siden

    You need to concede Biden. You need to stop pretending you won the election. There is no way you got the most votes in presidential history. There is no way you stood a chance against Trump, and many Democrats know this. You could not fill 7 people at your rallies, and Trump had 40,000. The Caravans were miles long of Trump supporters. Hell there were more Trump supporters at your rallies, than Biden,or anti Trump supporters. The truth is not on your side Bubba.If you do not come clean, it will be the beginning of the end for you, and your entire elite clique. MSM is on last legs.

  • Jeffrey Rutt

    Jeffrey Rutt

    3 dager siden

    @opzz xsin he, didn't win though!

  • opzz xsin

    opzz xsin

    4 dager siden

    really, you republicans? being sore a$$ losers in the comments

  • maria lucio
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  • Brandon Kim
    Brandon Kim4 dager siden

    I think he plagiarized Obama's 2004 speech 🤔

  • m45m m54
    m45m m544 dager siden

    يا دفاتر المُدن يا بياضًا كالوطن يا أسطُرًا تلوّني بدعواتٍ تزيّني أنيري عتمة الكون سافري إلى عدن اطْوي مسافات بالأماني احساسات تُرسل في ثوان انفتحي ملء الشجن السُّؤْل مسح الظن بصمات تُلصق بالتَّمني بسمات الوجه والوَجْن يا نوافذ ما تُخمِّني ؟ يا كتبًا ماذا تعني ؟ يا عنوانًا كيف تُعنون ؟ أشواق سرتِ لا تأسن يا جمعُ العقل والفِطن يا تسرُّعًا هوِّن حلِّقي في قِصَر الزمن همس العلم والصَّون يا كلمات باللحن لحلِّ أزمات تمعني تخطيطات كوِّني مع أنغام بالتهاني يا صفَّارات السفن يا أوتار الوزن يا رقرقة العين يا عَبارات الفن يا قُربة الشجن تسلسلي بالتضامن ترتبي بالتعاون لا تسويفًا لا تهاوُن يا صُوَرًا لنا تُلقِّن يا جوع فقر البطن يا دفء مرق الصحن في السرّ والعلن قُصِّي حكايا أحنّ خدمة وطن تُمكّن ماء على زرع دُفن قمح شعير وتبن يا عربية الأردن يا انجليزية بايدن يا سيرًا أُركن يا صندوقًا صِل السكن يا مطرًا أليَن يا تمرًا أثمن باليتيم أقرن احسان الألسُن ( بايدن والأردن 2020 )

  • texas Proud
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  • Eu Sei
    Eu Sei4 dager siden

    "Becoming president-elect"? ROFLOL! Is this SNL? These Biden parodies are even better:

  • Cassie
    Cassie4 dager siden

    Hey! I loved the video!!

  • Fortunately Sha Blox
    Fortunately Sha Blox4 dager siden

    Who do u like? Like - Joe Biden Comment - Donald Trump Idk - Obama

  • G. ELLIS
    G. ELLIS4 dager siden

    He's not the president-elect fake news communist pigs ABC

  • Emmie Ganga
    Emmie Ganga4 dager siden

    Mr. President .very amazing speech with lot of senses. Yes make Americans accept and love each other's. God is good all the time.

  • Emmie Ganga

    Emmie Ganga

    4 dager siden

    @Cassie thank you😉

  • Cassie


    4 dager siden

    Hey! I loved the video!!

  • Lovely Villar
    Lovely Villar4 dager siden

    Pls. no more fighting Americans all must move on and accept Pres. Elect Joe Biden and give him a chance, 4yrs term is too fast serving the people in America as President. Move on guys Love one another and Peace. From Philippines here.

  • Lovely Villar
    Lovely Villar4 dager siden

    All i suggest Pres. Elect Joe Biden is pls. priority to solve the homeless people in america.

  • Lovely Villar

    Lovely Villar

    3 dager siden

    @Black Panther it means it is hopeless about the solution of the homeless in US?

  • Black Panther

    Black Panther

    3 dager siden

    He hasn’t done that in 47 years and under his administration, your gonna be there too 😊

  • James B
    James B4 dager siden

    Do you think world leaders give a flying fk about controversial tweets? People, please read up on opposite view, as much as it pains to say Trump is right on most of this. And if the perversion is ignored. The constitution means fk all anymore and democracy is an illusion

  • Ahmed Galal
    Ahmed Galal4 dager siden

    Here’s an American native English speaker??

  • robbie SANDISON
    robbie SANDISON5 dager siden

  • Regz Offemaria
    Regz Offemaria5 dager siden

    really, you republicans? being sore a$$ losers in the comments

  • 『Yazan』 Kingヅ
    『Yazan』 Kingヅ5 dager siden

    Although I am an Arab, I have loved this president❤️🌹