Joe: 'Why Do We Keep Seeing Videos Like This?' | Morning Joe | MSNBC

Former DeKalb Public Safety Director Cedric Alexander discusses an encounter captured on body camera that appears to show a police officer threatening to execute a Black Army officer during a traffic stop. Aired on 04/12/2021.
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'Why Do We Keep Seeing Videos Like This?' | Morning Joe | MSNBC


  • Arkinatin Logis
    Arkinatin Logis2 timer siden

    How can the Police can kick the army liutenant... sucks ..All Army soldiers.. how can be happen with your lieutenant.. so poor..??

  • Zhang Vlog
    Zhang Vlog10 timer siden

    Army is better than police

  • Mikhail Baldeh
    Mikhail Baldeh11 timer siden

    I'm even scared being a black in USA

  • louise mckoy
    louise mckoy12 timer siden

    Did you see when they pulled him out the aggressive cop was knee him in his back leg to get him down. That's just wrong!!!

  • Diana Raymond
    Diana Raymond13 timer siden

    These are not a few bad apples like Biden suggested! This is a rotten tree!

  • Debbie Grasse
    Debbie Grasse20 timer siden

    I honestly believe if an officer mutes or turns off his/her body cam, that needs to be identified as behavior that WILL terminate their employment immediately. Not MAY terminate their employment, will ALWAYS be identified as termination behavior.

  • Agustín Monserrat González.
    Agustín Monserrat González.23 timer siden

    Very good office BRAVO.

  • Jesus Gil
    Jesus GilDag siden

    We keep seeing videos like these because you posted them in the first place.

  • Matovu Tebagalika
    Matovu TebagalikaDag siden

    Stupid lady EDITED THIS VIDEO

  • No Comment
    No CommentDag siden

    What happened to this two police officers?

  • Amoogus throwbacks
    Amoogus throwbacksDag siden

    Everything is wrong. How can they think about pepper spraying him if that is something you do when you are being attacked. He was showing both hands to the officer how could he justify using the pepper spray? It just looks so stupid

  • Lovefornothing_. Studioz
    Lovefornothing_. StudiozDag siden

    Did anyone notice that POS cop kicking the lieutenant in the back of the legs trying to put him on the ground!! DISGUSTING!!!!

  • Sinare Abdou Rahim
    Sinare Abdou RahimDag siden

    What happen to the respect to the uniform!!!!? 😡😡😡😢

  • recon forsales
    recon forsalesDag siden

    The police officer just got emotional- nothing wrong with that.

  • Macduff
    MacduffDag siden

    Cops should have to have a college degree, not these cops with a third grade education. Short, angry men who were never anything now have a gun.

  • Richard Portsmouth
    Richard PortsmouthDag siden

    Discusting, thick as a brick officer

  • Mike H
    Mike HDag siden

    You all just published his PII. I saw his CAC card. WTF?

  • john wykoff
    john wykoffDag siden

    You know the Lt is no longer a pig down there so maybe he is going to get his Mail or walk his dog or whatever and he will get a volley of gunfire by somebody and does anyone have an objection over that??????? I don’t

  • Pupun Jena
    Pupun JenaDag siden

    more videos because of more cameras

  • TJ
    TJDag siden

    Officer fired. He'll be hired by another department by Monday. Meanwhile, tax payers will foot the bill for this pos

  • Matheo Lämmchen
    Matheo LämmchenDag siden

    I see it from Germany, it is unbelievable how the executive / police abuse their power. The situation is secured, unnecessary and unprofessional to escalate this situation. For me clearly racist, abuse of executive power. Such officials should be punished. I am not surprised that America, here in Europe gets a worse and worse reputation. Drug / pharmacy problems since the 80s. Outdated systems, from the executive to the legal to the judiciary. Racism. Capitalism. And at the end an imperalism for decades, economic wars that no one wants. Wrongly lived patriotism. But clearly give everyone a gun, what was once a sports club, is nowadays one of the strongest political lobbies. no further questions !

  • Willa Frith
    Willa Frith2 dager siden

    Shameful really. This man is either an Army Lt or he isn't. It is a a crying shame the treatment he received.

  • BlueBark Snowbird
    BlueBark Snowbird2 dager siden

    YOU ARE WRONG MSNBC broadcaster!!!!!! You said it from the very beginning, you have no clue what is going on. Law enforcement are trained very heavily in these circumstances!! YOU are just condoning violence between law-enforcement and the public through your stupidity! YOU should be fired!!!!

  • Falcon Al bayati
    Falcon Al bayati2 dager siden

    The military police should arrest him, not the regular police. This is an insult to the American army. This is my opinion

  • Deadpooll Marwel
    Deadpooll Marwel2 dager siden

    There was a dog in the back of the lieutenunts car!!!

  • Matteo Devitto
    Matteo Devitto2 dager siden

    I'm from Europe ,,,,,,,,320 milione people is usa and 397 milion guns is usa this is the reason why police usa are scared and stressed to about his life ,,, there are human to and do mistake but it's not all her fault but the academy police in usa doesn't work

  • TheMandoDad
    TheMandoDad2 dager siden

    Sorry US but maybe you need to look at other countries on how they do their policing and what their mindsets are towards their public is.

  • Tsunami Blue
    Tsunami Blue2 dager siden

    Why? Because America is a hypocritical country. This isn’t some new phenomenon. It’s been going on for four hundred years. And when black Americans complain or protest, we are accused of “playing the Race card” Why do white Americans express shock over these behaviors? Because for centuries, America has been socialized to believe the ugly stereotypes about Black Americans and other groups of people. We know what those stereotypes. But then they will deny that racism exits. And because they actual believe that we are a country of “liberty and justice for all” Mere bumper sticker slogans. Too many white Americans think they have the right and the privilege to tell other groups of people what their realities are in this country. My God. The arrogance to invalidate another’s experience with brutality. I’ve heard it said that the ultimate show of ignorance is when you reject that which you have no knowledge of. This isn’t going to stop until America faces the truth. Hopefully these videos, as ugly and painful as they are to watch will bring us to a better understanding so we can live up to the image of America. “Until the unaffected is just as outraged as the affected, nothing will change” Voltaire

  • Chocahontas M

    Chocahontas M

    2 dager siden

    Absolutely agreed. It's actually the same kind of mentality in majority of white South Africans

  • Leonel Thomas
    Leonel Thomas2 dager siden

    He was humble to only sued them for $1 millions he should off got both cops fire and get $5 million hit them where it hurts.

  • Man In The Moon 001
    Man In The Moon 0012 dager siden

    Amen brother!!!

  • Patria Krisnadi
    Patria Krisnadi2 dager siden

    In my country, police officer not even dare to shout or yell to an army who served your country. 😂

  • Vika Kinimi
    Vika Kinimi2 dager siden

    This is very shameful police officer treating a military ..

  • Peter Elite
    Peter Elite3 dager siden

    This is wrong.. All police never do it this.. He is US Army. We don't need police country.. Fired them all..

  • Service kagitangang cubao
    Service kagitangang cubao3 dager siden

    This 2 cops is stupid ashole

  • Jyro Nav
    Jyro Nav3 dager siden

    Even if God played the captured tape back to these cops and people who support these cops that lie about the stops making; they would rationalize to even the Most High God!!!

  • CRIXUS109
    CRIXUS1093 dager siden

    filthy cops a soldier serves in a war for the EEUU and survive so that later a policeman en the USA killed him for a stupid

  • Bye! Good
    Bye! Good3 dager siden

    America is broken. The rest of the world watches on in embarrassment. From Australia

  • Friendly Old Bum
    Friendly Old Bum3 dager siden

    While knowing they are being recorded it is so common. Imagine how bad it was when it was "our word against yours"

  • Alandale Ricafrente
    Alandale Ricafrente3 dager siden

    hahaha, those cops should be in afgan, fight isis, LOOOOL! leave a single cop alone equals scared to death, wahahaha

  • Raheem Khan
    Raheem Khan3 dager siden

    So its true that Americans dont respect their army soldiers and treat them like dirt. lol. I was told that Americans behave like this because majority of them are born out of wedlock (they dont know who their fathers are) and have no concept of lineage what so ever.

  • treadman26
    treadman263 dager siden

    Mr. Alexander is such an eloquent speaker, spot on to what is wrong with policing.

  • Brian Coldermen
    Brian Coldermen3 dager siden

    these cops were overdoses.

  • Alim Aguire
    Alim Aguire3 dager siden

    Sooo bad! So now they say: The worst officers of the world,, US POLICEMEN!!??

  • lorenzo lohman
    lorenzo lohman3 dager siden

    Dont mess with those people who defend america from threats foreign and domestic.

  • Ayoungjd
    Ayoungjd3 dager siden

    We kept seeing this because there are so many bad cops out there....i repeat too many

  • Dwi Prianggodo
    Dwi Prianggodo3 dager siden

    You will not imagine if you ( cop ) do like that in Indonesia?. What will happend next are, you, your cops friends and your head office will be destroyed by ARMY.

  • Lunga Nozulu
    Lunga Nozulu3 dager siden

    We need these body cams in South Africa as well, too much fraudulent activities occurring, too much unnecessary bulliness happening. It is just unreasonably, ridiculous!

  • Brandon Rogers
    Brandon Rogers3 dager siden

    Why is neither officer holding their gun correctly?

  • Alethea Cates
    Alethea Cates4 dager siden


  • just ASK
    just ASK4 dager siden

    No more Qualified immunity.Brings No accountability.Time to hold LE accountable

  • James Toney
    James Toney4 dager siden

    You all?

  • Erik Navea
    Erik Navea4 dager siden

    This is how we repay the real man and woman of armed forces who served and protect American soil?

  • zamfir grigo
    zamfir grigo4 dager siden

    I don't want to be pro cop action but in USA u can buy guns like you buy candy in EU and the leutent was dres in Kano suit

  • Alaric Shiran
    Alaric Shiran4 dager siden

    who the fk gave a badges and a gun to this dumb fing people

  • Suni V
    Suni V4 dager siden

    Wasn't Al Sharpton recently thrown into a trashcan 😂 I'll see if i can find the link

  • ChokChai1985 Ubonpasa
    ChokChai1985 Ubonpasa4 dager siden


  • bhong Salagoste
    bhong Salagoste4 dager siden

    Racism caused it. This black soldier never deserve this humiliation but utmost respect.

  • ellehcor estolas
    ellehcor estolas4 dager siden

    Teach this police officers a lesson they will never forget...retrain all the officers about how to handle racism and dicipline and power tripping...give at least 20yrs 🤣imprisonment for those proven abusing their authority

  • Frances Wilson
    Frances Wilson4 dager siden

    Power stricken wimps.

  • Frances Wilson
    Frances Wilson4 dager siden

    Some things that are broken , do not want to be fixed.

  • Botterjony Playz
    Botterjony Playz4 dager siden

    Cops: get out the car now! Soldier: I am a Lieutenant soldier serving our country. Cops: We don’t care get out now!

  • วิษณุ สมปอง
    วิษณุ สมปอง4 dager siden

    ตำรวจมีงทำเกินกว่าเหตุมากๆ มันไม่ให้เกียรติทหารเลย นี้หรือผลตอบแทนคนที่ช่วยปกป้องประเทศชาติ ระยำจริงๆ

  • Dorothy Moorer
    Dorothy Moorer4 dager siden

    Mr. Alexander. When are you running for office?

  • Zainul Abedden
    Zainul Abedden4 dager siden

    Is the policemen terminated ?

  • Jamichael Dykes
    Jamichael Dykes5 dager siden

    Y'all are right about that yall are the people that can make a change

  • Jamichael Dykes
    Jamichael Dykes5 dager siden

    It seemed like the officers was under the influence

  • Jamichael Dykes
    Jamichael Dykes5 dager siden

    They were acting like they was on some drugs

  • Malina sim
    Malina sim5 dager siden

    Stupid cops

  • moral police
    moral police5 dager siden

    If you want to know what happened in the past ask people of color ages 34 to 60 years of age from all cities, just ask.

  • moral police
    moral police5 dager siden

    It's not hard to be a decent person.

  • Manigat Nuchell
    Manigat Nuchell5 dager siden


  • Manigat Nuchell
    Manigat Nuchell5 dager siden

    Arrest those officers and FIRE THEM

  • Adoniyas Yilma
    Adoniyas Yilma5 dager siden

    To be honest. It is a shame that I am giving my life for my country as a Loton. If I were the guardian of this country, I would tell you the truth, I will destroy these old and racist police. If the United States does not punish its racist police, it will be in serious danger tomorrow. The United States first committed racism and murder without the consent of your police officers. Don't know other countries.

  • Gregory Zimmerman
    Gregory Zimmerman5 dager siden

    Ya something seriously wrong with that cop. He would be in serious trouble if he didn't have a gun. This cop was power tripping period.

  • Vusimuzi Zondo
    Vusimuzi Zondo5 dager siden

    This is a stupid move from these cops, white cops always have problems with people from different race. Specifically us Black people.😡😠😡

  • Philip Lehigh
    Philip Lehigh5 dager siden

    Comments here is laughable. This Lt. F ing a-hole, I've seen the whole video, it tells a different story and the cop running off his mouth surely hasn't seen the whole thing.

  • jim one
    jim one5 dager siden

    Why don't they show the full video...and pleae get al sharp ton out of here

  • Armi Jose Purugganan
    Armi Jose Purugganan5 dager siden

    Oooow... What kind of training does these Policemen undergone? What kind of heart they have?

  • jrcervin cervin
    jrcervin cervin5 dager siden

    Why does this only happen in America?

  • sudhir vaijal
    sudhir vaijal5 dager siden

    Why us police always humiliate black people and so aggressive

  • Debbie
    Debbie5 dager siden

    They were ready to shoot this guy over a light

  • Brandon Blake
    Brandon Blake5 dager siden

    I am ashamed to call myself a human being because of what people do

  • Relton Williams
    Relton Williams5 dager siden

    The soldier could have easily over power the police, but he didn't. Even that judge should be removed.

  • KPop Lovve
    KPop Lovve5 dager siden

    The sad AND frustrating part is that even with a faux "firing" another police dept will REHIRE the badged criminals.

  • Dan Swer
    Dan Swer5 dager siden


  • Dan Swer
    Dan Swer5 dager siden


  • Dan Swer
    Dan Swer5 dager siden


    MELSELECTA1015 dager siden

    to say policing is broken would mean it was ever whole and just. Policing is doing exactly what it was meant to do. Whites just need to swallow truth and not try to hide their support of a WS system. If kitty cats were abused on camera tomorrow the next day laws would pass. Stop WHITE denial and be at peace with the planet. Separate the races or punish white police.

  • Casey Kemp
    Casey Kemp5 dager siden


  • Greta Fortenberry
    Greta Fortenberry5 dager siden

    I don't care if it takes 1 minute or 5 minutes I would not stop if I was not in a well lit public area. If a car slows down and proceeds to a well lit area then 99% of the Police should know that this has been recognized by the majority of Police Depts until they decide they want to bully and say the things they did.

  • Leonard Morris
    Leonard Morris5 dager siden

    you know know whats going on lol sick

  • Mensah Samuels
    Mensah Samuels5 dager siden

    Joe ! You and your wife are the only good white people who I think is straight up and truthful.

  • Yvonne Ford
    Yvonne Ford5 dager siden

    Cell phones has made a big difference in reporting police abuse of minorities.

  • Theo Katman
    Theo Katman6 dager siden

    when ever i see race batter AL Sharpton i switch off

  • Virginia Coleman
    Virginia Coleman6 dager siden

    Why is this army Lieutenant ONLY suing for 1 million dollars??? (All were hired to protect American cirizens). Why are these types of officers being hired & trained this way???

  • Rock Of Peace hardlines
    Rock Of Peace hardlines6 dager siden

    Thanks God 🙌 lam back and proud no matter what I go through every day I will never hate myself

  • Second First
    Second First6 dager siden

    So this is Hispanic against the black guy?

  • Brenda Manning
    Brenda Manning6 dager siden

    I feel like the klan and other racists groups are in the police force and this is intentional.Yes it is the people that is being hired.

  • j Moral
    j Moral6 dager siden

    This u.s. soldier is property of the u.s. government, these should never happen again to our soldiers and veterans, that gave everything including there life for America.