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A clip from Steve-O's Wild Ride! Episode 13 with Jon Jones
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  • Edward Storm
    Edward Storm14 timer siden

    Damn Steveo, why you riding Dana's dong so hard? What we see on TV ain't the same as what happens behind the scenes. You don't think Jon and Dana talk without cameras on?

  • Adam Macias - Tech Reviews
    Adam Macias - Tech Reviews2 dager siden

    Steve-O really trying new stunts these days. “He seems somehow beatable.” to his face. lol!

  • Mateo
    Mateo2 dager siden

    Stevos rescue dog 😍😍😍😍😍

  • roger buss III
    roger buss III3 dager siden

    4:40 that is a very mature, rational, nuanced and well explained response from Steve-O. Dude's smarter than I knew.. I'ma start his podcast. Dude just got me. I'm in.

  • Randy Perkins
    Randy Perkins3 dager siden

    Give him his f^

  • M. Adams
    M. Adams3 dager siden

    If the UFC is making the kind of money that Boxing pays, then it needs to be broken up as an uncompetitive monopoly. The idea that Connor McGregor is making $15m easy,, and the GOAT has to scramble, then we have an uncompetitive situation. If CM is making $15, JJ should get $20 easy! .... The movie industry is notorious for "net profits" a bunch of strings wit holes in them! What is he talking about! Dana sent this guy! Jon, don't take a penny less. Retire if they don't give you your money, and expose them for the uncompetitive practices and underpaying its workers.

  • Blah Blah
    Blah Blah4 dager siden

    “Stop playing games with greatness “ Finally admitted the steroids!😳 never mind... text to soon...🤦‍♂️

  • Blah Blah
    Blah Blah4 dager siden

    Don’t believe John has changed at all. The last DUI he claims changed him. And a hit and run almost killing a pregnant women before didn’t.😒 I think that not as many people are really interested on seeing him anymore. And if he fights he better piss clean! That would be the biggest change.

  • Paddy Vega
    Paddy Vega4 dager siden

    Jon Jones honestly seems like one of the nicest dudes in real life….. so humble and educated well rounded 👍🏼…… btw D.U.I everyone makes mistakes but to own up to them and make a change in yourself that deserves and applaud 👏

  • Alge08
    Alge084 dager siden

    John Jones the most fake person ever. Dont belive this actor he lies and has had the veil slip on many occasion. U r a boring fighter nowadays and do more talking than fighting. Sorry steveo 5 mins was enough of this guys. He is faker than colby ffs.

  • Lukas Lambraia
    Lukas Lambraia4 dager siden

    Jones is crazy good but Ngannou is just something different entirely

  • k rice
    k rice4 dager siden

    How about one championship?

  • Peter Nicholls
    Peter Nicholls4 dager siden

    The whole time I was just respecting that reach. What a specimen.

  • Brain Burg
    Brain Burg4 dager siden

    Why does Steve o sound like a 90 year old Lady with a tracheostomy and a pack of 100’s?

  • kevin staples
    kevin staples4 dager siden

    Pay the fighters more for fuck sake.

  • dima tchat
    dima tchat5 dager siden

    The only person to defeat Jon Jones is himself. As with every man on this planet. He is human and with faults but we watch him fight because he is a warrior, not a saint.

  • Dee You bitch
    Dee You bitch5 dager siden

    Dam this fight ain’t gonna happen 😪😢

  • Terrence Austin
    Terrence Austin5 dager siden

    Dominic Reyes? I wanna see him fight jiri or someone better. Reyes took a beating from him

  • Reg Sataram
    Reg Sataram5 dager siden

    Jon's a brilliant man.

  • Lawrence Reaster
    Lawrence Reaster6 dager siden

    FACTZZZZ Jones most intelligent interview

  • Looking 4 A Fight
    Looking 4 A Fight6 dager siden

    Jon right Dana doesn’t like him Dana is a dick

  • Taylor
    Taylor6 dager siden

    Jon Jones and Kanye have slumber parties together

  • keith kingston
    keith kingston6 dager siden

    If he cares so much about fighters coming up not getting money they deserve then fight and donate some of the millions u already have

  • r g
    r g6 dager siden

    at the same time Dana White is filthy rich, like Walt Disney rich.

  • Farah Bands
    Farah Bands6 dager siden

    jon jones sounds like a bitter ex-girlfriend talking about "he doesn't invite me to whiskey night".

  • keepitup2
    keepitup26 dager siden

    Wish Jon nothing but the best!!! Steve is a novice. Needs to learn when to talk and when to just shut up and listen!

  • mfdotbmoore
    mfdotbmoore6 dager siden

    The dog was laying on Jon like it was an absolute honor to be get petted by the goat

  • Me Thinking
    Me Thinking7 dager siden

    13:18 came for the titile

  • Mason Todd
    Mason Todd7 dager siden

    Steve-Os trying really hard to keep getting those free tickets from Dana, Lol.

  • Ben Armstrong
    Ben Armstrong7 dager siden

    Everyone who knows anything about MMA knows this man is the 🐐 pay him

  • Calvin Dorsey
    Calvin Dorsey8 dager siden

    I can’t stand Dana White!!!

  • Honna Conna
    Honna Conna8 dager siden

    Pay That Man

  • uche obi
    uche obi8 dager siden

    I came to find this interview totally by chance... Glad I did.

  • Keith Young
    Keith Young8 dager siden

    Give him the money 💰 🐐

  • Peter Graan
    Peter Graan8 dager siden

    He has to create some cloud.just to make it a bit more interesting. Just challenge ppl

  • lcasperwsv
    lcasperwsv9 dager siden

    Jon jones and anderson silva my two favorite fighters ever in ufc after jon jones quit fighting I quit paying for ufc fights

  • b C
    b C9 dager siden

    I hate how steve o was trying to downplay and straight up try to change what Jon was saying about the UFC and Dana. Its his experience. He has been there a a decade plus. He knows how dana is. You cant downplay someones statements just because you think your "perspective" is better, steve o never dealt with dana.

  • Matthew
    Matthew9 dager siden

    Steve-o just trying to keep going to these fights for free lmao stop talking Jon 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • gabe jimenez
    gabe jimenez9 dager siden

    I agree they should pay him

  • Sean Mariani
    Sean Mariani9 dager siden

    Love that 🐕

  • Michael Konopka
    Michael Konopka9 dager siden

    Does Steve ever shut up, I didn’t watch the interview to listen to him interrupt Jones

  • Fuck Google
    Fuck Google9 dager siden

    Also my thing is, is if you dont like the pay why did you accept it to start with? You own multiple houses multiple cars.... You got caught juicing numerous fucking times, had dwi's.... Come on youre literally sabotaging yoursepf and blaming dana.....

  • Fuck Google
    Fuck Google9 dager siden

    We only get paid 18% Ok cool hpw much was that? Oh about 32 million.... Oh..... And youre bitching about that?????

  • Matthew Loschen
    Matthew Loschen9 dager siden

    Why no captions this time around?

  • Kevin Nicanor
    Kevin Nicanor9 dager siden

    Jon Jones is a hell of a fighter. But he’s a shitty person 2 face guy

  • Ilia Panev
    Ilia Panev10 dager siden

    Jonny, you gotta use NFTs for the t-shirts bruva

  • Scott
    Scott10 dager siden

    That dog is so sweet

    SAMMY NGULI10 dager siden

    Man I learned and enjoyed my first time watching this interview and it clearly states what people need to understand when people express how they feel and what they deserve or worth. Good luck Jon Jones you still a champ God bless

  • lightzout
    lightzout10 dager siden

    Just pay Your Best fighter Daina ,$

  • petey pabbs
    petey pabbs10 dager siden

    Jones needs to stay out the ring n go down in history as the best in his time n not ruin it with a 1 hitter quitter 🤣🤣🤣 his time is done. Enjoy the win n fk the money or power. U already won brotha, don't lose it to a beast in his prime...

  • Bean
    Bean10 dager siden

    Jon laughed at being human and said everyone has bad days at work

  • Ahmed Bejaoui
    Ahmed Bejaoui10 dager siden

    Its good to see the greatest fighters of history, brothers in Islam🤲 Alhamdullilah🙏🏽god is great🙏🏽 The most peaceful and beautiful Religion ever✊🏼

  • Ghostdog4
    Ghostdog410 dager siden

    Steve-O's dog tells me Jon Jones is a fine man! Someone signed a contract Dana White presented. His complaint should be with his representation (or lack of it).

  • Rom Allan Dela Cruz
    Rom Allan Dela Cruz10 dager siden

    Francis is really scary, John really need a pay increase and let this fight happen!

  • Nick Rhoades
    Nick Rhoades11 dager siden

    My question is why the fuck has Jones never received a Conor type payday after a reign of absolute destruction amongst the baddest dudes in combat sports. This dude is a living super hero, most people nowadays don't understand that. Same with GSP. His point about not being Dana's buddy is very valid, him and Conor have always been close & it seems because of that on top of how powerful Conor was he got a bigger check. That's fucked up when Jones put the work in.

  • David Torrez
    David Torrez11 dager siden

    Best interview I seen of john jones. And it was done by STEVO!!! Would have never thought

  • MustangTown's Muscle Car Time Machine
    MustangTown's Muscle Car Time Machine11 dager siden

    I'd love to hangout with John Jones.

  • G C
    G C11 dager siden

    They should get paid way more 👎

  • David OROPEZA
    David OROPEZA11 dager siden

    U want to risk it all, but u want more money ? So your not taking a risk , your not doing it for the challenge. Your not the Bones of old n I get it, but money didn’t make u . U made u , not the money.

  • David OROPEZA
    David OROPEZA11 dager siden

    Your talking double standards Bones. U can’t beat dwn dana/ufc when they gave u your contract, gave u the chance to make u some change and put your name out there as the goat to do it. Friends r friends n buisness is buisness. Also, your bad happenings , bad decision making n still not once did dana tell u to fold it up.

  • Danny Scollan
    Danny Scollan11 dager siden

    Fuck that! Pay the man! There's no one I want to see fight more than Jon. This man is the people's champion. Jon is so humble. I can't believe they paid McGregor what they paid him and the difference they pay Jones.

  • Gemelo Flaco
    Gemelo Flaco12 dager siden

    Agreed completely. Don't like Jones that much but he is right.

  • jeffery wade
    jeffery wade12 dager siden

    Francis is the Man now, He is worth more than Jones to the UFC. If anyone gets paid, It's the Champion. Not the contender!

  • EdDro Gagnon
    EdDro Gagnon12 dager siden


  • T S
    T S12 dager siden

    jon jones is wack

  • John Chathas
    John Chathas12 dager siden

    Ufc fighters unite. Dana isnt the only one with power. Lock out.

  • Tim Langenderfer
    Tim Langenderfer12 dager siden

    steve-o sounds like the lady that smokes out of her neck from the beetlejuice movie

  • R ob
    R ob12 dager siden

    Jon is a hard self-critic. That's a very hard thing to conquer. I think he conquered it and now he knows what he is worth. Selfworth is the most important thing to an individual.

  • +You Tube
    +You Tube13 dager siden

    Jon Jones is a genius as a fighter, but very innocent when it comes to negotiating and marketing himself. Steve-O is being very nice at breaking it down regarding how business is done.

  • Great PushBack
    Great PushBack13 dager siden

    9:27 Jon’s face in response to the thought he might be beatable! Lmao.

  • Great PushBack
    Great PushBack13 dager siden

    Why, oh why, oh why is this man’s feet out. I just couldn’t do the interview until he put socks on at least.

  • OmarN
    OmarN14 dager siden

    That guy is so annoying, I literally can't even enjoy watching this video. The guy in middle has the most annoying voice I have ever listened to😤

  • Daniel Comes
    Daniel Comes14 dager siden

    Ronda got lucky she didn't pass shit come on Steve o

  • David Travolta
    David Travolta14 dager siden

    Jones must attack the legs and it will be his only chance because Nganou is a dangerous beast.

  • yahawashai's Bankai
    yahawashai's Bankai14 dager siden

    dana dont gaf bout no jon jones. he wish their jon was "more marketable"

  • Kojo Da Reaper
    Kojo Da Reaper15 dager siden

    That dog slumpt

  • phillip hanna
    phillip hanna15 dager siden

    I can tell ya right now not saying anything against jon I live in new mexico I make minimum wage and have my own place If you are a ufc fighter and cant afford a place is sad

  • Matt Moore
    Matt Moore15 dager siden

    Bro let him talk👍👍 get over yourself!

  • Roberto Wolfo
    Roberto Wolfo16 dager siden

    I agree with Jon Jones. He is a great fighter.

  • Luis Mendez
    Luis Mendez16 dager siden

    Can you blame Dana White for not liking Jones? I'm surprised Dana doesn't pay Jones what he wants just to see Ngannou knock him out.

  • Digital Emotion
    Digital Emotion16 dager siden

    Wow, what a real nice guy. Kudos to him

  • xxrwillzxx
    xxrwillzxx16 dager siden

    There's only one John Jones, respect the legend and pay that man!

  • I’m wrong but

    I’m wrong but

    5 dager siden

    Who’s John jones

  • Bliss Creation
    Bliss Creation16 dager siden

    @14:29 sweeeeet

  • George Washington
    George Washington16 dager siden

    UFC underpaying that’s so fked it’s the fighters fault and the fans

  • David Noland
    David Noland16 dager siden

    I've never heard Jon Jones talk before, and I wasn't expecting him to be so articulate.. Feel like a racist, but I'm not. It just caught me off guard.

  • Great PushBack

    Great PushBack

    13 dager siden

    Well, what did you expect him to sound like? That’s the root of your clearly racist remark, regardless if you aren’t the “typical racist” person.

  • Dylan Alberta
    Dylan Alberta17 dager siden

    You guys cant expect dana to hand over profits man none of you invented it your getting paid to do what you love and im confused on how steevo gets so much respect from people

  • Leo P
    Leo P17 dager siden


  • Earl Johnson
    Earl Johnson17 dager siden

    If all the fighters will agree and do what jones is doing and saying Dana will have no other choice but to pay them their worth. Dana needs them more than they need him. Without them there's no him

  • Breath of God Ministries Global
    Breath of God Ministries Global17 dager siden

    Steve doesn’t get it. He knows Dana as a friend. Jon knows him as a boss. It will be hard to see his perspective. Dana has developed a business model that doesn’t rely on a superstar. The UFC brand is the super star and this is what puts the fighters at a disadvantage because the company doesn’t need them. It’s just the system we live in.

  • Breath of God Ministries Global

    Breath of God Ministries Global

    13 dager siden

    @Great PushBack The other sad thing is that the average fighter sacrifices so much and get so little in return. Plus it seems it boils down to also who Dana likes and doesn't like, there is also that...

  • Breath of God Ministries Global

    Breath of God Ministries Global

    13 dager siden

    @Great PushBack I get what you are saying. Dana has figured out a way to exploit people's short attention spans on who a superstar is. One year we are rooting for someone and then they disappear and then we start rooting for someone else. It's all about viewership, not about loyalty. They call it “the fight game” but it's truly just the “entertainment industry”. They just don't care about people. Nothing in business cares about people, only the numbers. As long as any business can support the numbers, people don't matter. It's the sad world we live in... Thanks for your input.

  • Great PushBack

    Great PushBack

    13 dager siden

    They need them, it’s just the UFC’s brand is so big, they’re a monopoly. All the hungry fighters are coming to them. In a way, fighting while hungry for more money is a great motivator. But Jon deserves his money, he basically built the fan base.

  • Eric Payton
    Eric Payton17 dager siden


  • Jacob Nielsen
    Jacob Nielsen17 dager siden

    Doggies 🥰

  • Nick Beattie
    Nick Beattie17 dager siden

    I actually really like the way Jon represented himself here.

  • Tech World
    Tech World17 dager siden

    Jon jones vs Francis Naganou is not a super fight and it may not be money making fight but it is the biggest challange for Jone Jones. Now Jon is screaming about getting paid but he never mention it while moving to HW division. Jon is simply getting protection in case of lose which is high. Jon is setting the price of his loss and he may say good bye to UFC...

  • Jay Hay
    Jay Hay18 dager siden

    First time viewer here. Reminded me of the Mutt Cuts van from dumb and dumber 😆. That is all

  • Jason Griffin
    Jason Griffin18 dager siden

    Major respect to Jon Jones. Great champion mindset he has, and great perspective on perseverance through losses in life and owning up to our mistakes.

  • Myles Murphy
    Myles Murphy18 dager siden

    Regardless man ufc fighters get paid nothing man /: hopefully they make more eventually

  • ali abdi
    ali abdi19 dager siden

    i even stop watching this video after i see him naked, Why even need to become naked? Stupid 👎

  • :D
    :D19 dager siden

    Jon, quit fighting and start your own podcast. Now that Joe Rogan is gone you can fill in his shoes here on NOlocal. You have a sharp mind and a wild personality. I am 100% sure that once you learn the ropes, you will be more popular than JRE.

    STEPHANOPOULOS JEAN19 dager siden

    “I’m just finally ready to stop playing game with greatness, and just go for it. Never put limitations on what God giving you. Always striving for greatness.” Jones said everything man🙏🏾

  • Nick Rhoades

    Nick Rhoades

    11 dager siden


  • Archie jay the frenchie
    Archie jay the frenchie19 dager siden

    Well done on 100k subscribers steveo lad.