Jose Mourinho RIPS INTO Ole Gunnar Solskjaer: Tottenham vs. Manchester United war of words | ESPN FC


Controversy on the field turned into a war of words after Manchester United's 3-1 win vs. Tottenham in the Premier League. Ole Gunnar Solskjaer commented post-match that his son wouldn't "get any food" if he stayed down like Son Heung-min after the Spurs forward was fouled in the buildup to a Man United goal that was taken away by after a VAR review. This led to a fiery response from Jose Mourinho in his post-match press conference.
0:00 In Solskjaer's press conference, he apologizes for remarks he made to Mourinho at halftime following the controversial incident that denied Edinson Cavani a goal.
0:43 Mourinho responds to a pundit's claim Tottenham are too soft.
1:40 Before walking out of his press conference, Mourinho rips into Solskjaer for his post-match comments about denying his son food, and lashes out at the press for not asking him about those comments.
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  • Kishan Pb
    Kishan Pb23 dager siden

    It is really sad that you got sacked.

  • LENNY!
    LENNY!26 dager siden

    I think Jose to Ole's words literally I'm pretty certain Ole wouldn't let him son starve just because he rolled around on the floor like a little girl after a small tap.

  • muh ashevliw
    muh ashevliw27 dager siden

    This is exactly the issue with Jose Mourinho , and the same thing happened through the many teams he coaches . he emphasizes on things that take away the meaning of sports , he is angry because someone said or did something, he takes the issue from its miserable meaning to a place at where it’s public , and for a little more attention to the drama side of his ego. Mourinho has gotten rid of every team’s smile he coached.

  • sehhi vooty
    sehhi vooty27 dager siden

    Ole got in his head

  • vbddfy euuyt
    vbddfy euuyt28 dager siden

    Kudos to Solksjaer and Mourinho to bringing some entertainment. More please

  • Misheck Bulla
    Misheck Bulla29 dager siden

    Why are people not condemning Ole's comments on Son? Why all the focus is on Jose?

  • my_dog is my_heart

    my_dog is my_heart

    24 dager siden

    Why should someone condemn what Ole said? Ole said his Son (a word play there) wouldnt get dinner if he rolled around on the pitch for so long and needed support of 10 of his teammates to get up (after the insidence where Son got a soft touch by McTominay’s hand). Thats acting and not fair play.. Mourinho takes everything litterally and tries to get the focus to anything other than himself after every loss. As if what he says, and how he acts almost every time he is interviewed is any better. Its also a language thing probably.. In Norway we can joke about things like that and people understand its not meant litterally (probably in England too).

  • Misheck Bulla
    Misheck Bulla29 dager siden

    Why are people not condemning Ole's comments on Son? Why all the focus is on Jose?

  • 619 Trading
    619 Trading29 dager siden

    How far the mighty have fallen...really pathetic by Jose

  • Sumit Das
    Sumit DasMåned siden

    Jose has turned an honest player like son to a big cheat. Sad.

  • Noel Mathias
    Noel MathiasMåned siden

    Jose should be the last person talking about throwing players under the bus, he does it all the time, literally. What Ole said is just metaphoric, meaning Jose should have some control over his cheating players.

  • 무병장수SD
    무병장수SDMåned siden

    child abuse deposition. EPL or FA have to check about ole's serious comment.

  • spademode
    spademodeMåned siden

    Am the only one that tries really hard to understand what Mourinho is talking about...Or do we all pretend that he’s talking some disrespect but I’m just confused like every other interview Of him I’ve watched 🤷‍♂️

  • Hi
    HiMåned siden

    Nobody likes Jose

  • seeni gzty
    seeni gztyMåned siden

    The dude ask himself questions in a press conference. Sad day Jose - the guy has totally lost his touch

  • sackboydrake
    sackboydrakeMåned siden

    Jose slays every time. The man is box office and everyone fkin knows it.

  • ceerw buty
    ceerw butyMåned siden

    Rashford won’t let kids be hungry 🤤

  • rollercoaster478
    rollercoaster478Måned siden

    What if he meant SON Heung-min. Not his son.

  • Red Devil
    Red DevilMåned siden

    He's washed up and salty... Got packed by a so-called PE teacher 🙆🏼‍♂️

  • gavin murton
    gavin murtonMåned siden

    Goodness me , this is ridicolous... Mourinho doesnt know what a throw away comment is. Solskjaer is now a bad dad because he doesnt feed his children when they are naughty...apparently! lol Mourinho you are an overpayed has been who needs to grow up. By the way when you ran down the touchline at Old trafford after Your team had somehow eaked out what was a lucky result at Old trafford many years ago... im Sure Sir Alex thought you were very respectful also!

  • El Padrino
    El PadrinoMåned siden

    Respect needs to be earned Ole, You've done nothing as a coach yet but talking a big game again without even a charity shield to show off for 300 million spent.. stay humble and realise how fortunate you are to be the Utd manager. Most fortunate manager in the game - all those penalties and still parking the bus

  • King King
    King KingMåned siden

    Wapi likes za Maasai

  • seeni gzty

    seeni gzty

    Måned siden

    Mourinho be like" please don't ask me about the loss. Ask me about Sonny instead. Please I beg you"

  • Guerrilla Games
    Guerrilla GamesMåned siden

    And your kids will, eat the best from all the money you've made from all your sackings

  • J D
    J DMåned siden

    Why does ole's eyes look like he's been crying

  • batmanfromthesteppes
    batmanfromthesteppesMåned siden

    Jose Mourinho won 3 Trophies at Man Utd. EFL Cup, Community Shield, and UEFA Europa League.

  • Thomas sP
    Thomas sPMåned siden

    Now I just think he’s being such an arsehole. Can’t see his son failures

  • Jude Raj
    Jude RajMåned siden

    Mourinho king of diversion after a loss😂😂😂😂😂

  • Youth Team
    Youth TeamMåned siden

    Rashford or bruno will feed ole's kids

  • Rossa4
    Rossa4Måned siden

    Jose “The Spent One” Mourinho Hes done

  • Shirish Shakya
    Shirish ShakyaMåned siden

    Sonny is very lucky 😂 Well we all saw that after the goal was Disallowed

  • Valerie Naidoo
    Valerie NaidooMåned siden

    This from the man who called pogba a virus, after repeatedly criticizing had a good game he said shaw was using his(mourinho's) brains, and recently ...same manager different bread is bread and cheese is cheese....classic deflection and distraction....but now he is dour while before he used to have an arrogance because he was winning.

  • Hamiisii M.
    Hamiisii M.Måned siden

    fact is United won, the referee was playing for Tottenham and Son is still rolling on the ground.

  • M450n5h4rp3
    M450n5h4rp3Måned siden

    Mourinho has officially lost the plot.

  • Temp Step
    Temp StepMåned siden

    Jose winning word fights. Ole winning the win that matters - 3 points in the right direction

  • PerFact Power
    PerFact PowerMåned siden

    "My Dad is not having any job "And I have not job and money "NOlocal not giving me views and subscribers "I want to handle my family "Yalm worse than others".........🙏

  • HD Ground Works
    HD Ground WorksMåned siden

    My god Jose is embarrassing 😳

  • andy lowe
    andy loweMåned siden

    Alright for man ure fans when they get pens for cheating isn't it Ole

  • Daniel Jung
    Daniel JungMåned siden

    this is more entertaining the game itself.. but gotta respect that he is standing up for his team .

  • Del La Hoya
    Del La HoyaMåned siden

    I have to agree with Jose, sometimes the guy just sneezes and the world starts calling him a racist bigot.

  • Joel Jose
    Joel JoseMåned siden

    Hahahaha Jose don't be disappointed because you also talk alot to other players and coaches so just feel it as others feels it when u comment on them.

  • Steven Hearnden
    Steven HearndenMåned siden

    Maureen is and always has been a chancer. Nothing special about him. 😂

  • Ramsey Merdassi
    Ramsey MerdassiMåned siden

    Winning the Haribo Cup will give Jose another season

  • Rohit Sinha
    Rohit SinhaMåned siden

    This guy can't even keep its main player happy and still have something to say... 😂😂😂

  • Zoom Zoom Special
    Zoom Zoom SpecialMåned siden


  • Scott hi
    Scott hiMåned siden


  • Abraham Khady
    Abraham KhadyMåned siden

    Son is a Cheat

  • Abraham Khady
    Abraham KhadyMåned siden

    Shut up mourino shut up u are finished you lost you and your cheat son

  • Hundred Blades
    Hundred BladesMåned siden

    Ole talking about starving his kids like some criminal parent.

  • Jabz Jr
    Jabz JrMåned siden

    I wonder how expensive is that cheese doe

  • Gabriel Darmawan
    Gabriel DarmawanMåned siden

    Coaches should not make exaggerated statemens because they can provoke racist beahavior.. just protest to the referee.

  • kobbs99
    kobbs99Måned siden

    The moral of the press conference, Feed your kids bread and cheese for dinner 😂🤣

  • Zaven Aharonian
    Zaven AharonianMåned siden

    Ole is a decent man and a good coach. And was a great forward.

  • Alex Choi

    Alex Choi

    Måned siden

    ole is a disgrace

  • Barney
    BarneyMåned siden

    Cry me a river Jose ....u literally did your best to destroy Man U when you were manager and then go to Spuds and try to win by cheating and you tell all your players at every chance you lay down and squeal like b1tches to try get a Man U Player sent off . That was the game plan the only game plan so Jose can avoid the sack and sneak into a Europa spot ....guess what that plan failed and it was obvious to see for everyone watching ...Spuds deserved another loss and that ref should be heavily fined and fired too . Man U like them or not go out and play fair and support the BLM campaign and do everything right and fair , that ref done exact opposite the VAR saw nothing wrong but yet the Ref took it upon himself to become a huge racist P.O.S ....FIFA Really need to start doing something and sacking both That ref and Jose is a good start !!!

  • Zaven Aharonian
    Zaven AharonianMåned siden

    I find the whole discussion is a disgrace. The only person interested in this is Jose Mourinho as usual - To deviate attention from the scoresheet. Instead of saying my team played badly and I am responsible for it, we lost to a better opponent he’s going through all this BS. Same thing day in and day out. It gets boring.

  • Ian Lumubala Binda
    Ian Lumubala BindaMåned siden

    Jose is next job will be West Brom in the championship

  • Ian Lumubala Binda
    Ian Lumubala BindaMåned siden

    The special one is the losers now just retire 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Ian Lumubala Binda
    Ian Lumubala BindaMåned siden

    Tottenham is 2 players team Son/Kane

  • Ivan Mišković
    Ivan MiškovićMåned siden

    its really sad when you see players roll on the floor like they got hit by the truck like fucking toddlers like bunch of bitches its pathetic

  • Highlight-Generator
    Highlight-GeneratorMåned siden

    Bread is bread and cheese is cheese and Jose is toast

  • Arthur Hayes
    Arthur HayesMåned siden

    The usual s..t from espn

  • FAF
    FAFMåned siden

    This is very pathetic from Jose.. Its the same as if a reporter ask a manager if they are pepped up for the game and he says YEEEAH we are gonna murder them... Then the opposition manager hears this and calls the police about a death threat to his team and dont show up for the game..

  • dryden28
    dryden28Måned siden

    Kevin Keegan anyone?

  • Astro Not
    Astro NotMåned siden

    the title SCREAMS propaganda

  • Steve Nicol
    Steve NicolMåned siden

    eva carneiro has put a curse on him 😀

  • Matthew Quinn
    Matthew QuinnMåned siden

    Mourinho 💯

  • Matthew Quinn
    Matthew QuinnMåned siden

    If Ole won't feed Sonny I'm sure Rashford to step up to the plate

  • Afiq Azri
    Afiq AzriMåned siden

    Ole need to learn, bread is bread and cheese is cheese.

  • raja khan
    raja khanMåned siden

    Young lion ole schools the older lion Jose.

  • Sammy
    SammyMåned siden

    Jose hates being whooped. He lost!

  • Sammy
    SammyMåned siden

    Jose hates being whooped. He lost!

  • Yves Cooreman
    Yves CooremanMåned siden

    Of course, a nice way for Mourinho to completely ignore the subject of Son faking injury and displaing very unsportmanship behaviour, which was the real subject of the matter

  • Charles Baijahe
    Charles BaijaheMåned siden

    Jose could be right , he's ever scapegoated by the media.

  • Profound Insight
    Profound InsightMåned siden

    Bad performance Mourinho Excuses are not excepted !

  • Mango
    MangoMåned siden

    Ole living in Mourinho head no rent or mortgage payments😂😂

  • Shama Lama
    Shama LamaMåned siden

    You know who’s probably laughing so hard “Mauricio Pochettino”

  • Lee Finlan
    Lee FinlanMåned siden

    Maureen always moaning and offended in defeat. he is absolutely graceless in defeat always...

  • Charlie Brown
    Charlie BrownMåned siden

    I feel so sorry for Son, yes he over reacted.. But English players such as Kane, Vardy and Sterling are all diving cheats, but never get chastised by Press and the Media.

  • agent 49
    agent 49Måned siden

    Plzz Son did his military training during covid and that brush took him down , shame for him being so weak ( no food for u)

  • Blue Colt7
    Blue Colt7Måned siden

    Jose is such a little wuss'

  • Abeet Sekhar.V
    Abeet Sekhar.VMåned siden

    Mourinho can literally deflect an incoming life threatening Asteroids ☄️. Fun fact :He won’t last long anymore at spurs 😷

  • GJ
    GJMåned siden

    Love my football but just getting a tad fed up of these Premiership overpaid elite powder puffs falling down anytime an opponent makes some sort of challenge , they are embarrasing . The likes of billy bremner , tommy smith , dave mc kay , norman hunter must be turning in their graves at the performances some of these snowflakes . Even grass roots sunday league players put these divas to shame . But dont moan they dont like criticism , but dont mind the heavy pay packets that we contribute to . They honestly don’t know what a honest days work is .

  • Kirubel Tadesse
    Kirubel TadesseMåned siden

    Yooooooooooooooo! Mou the special deflector. Mans said you have to feed your kids no matter what they do🤣

  • King High Powah Jammy
    King High Powah JammyMåned siden

    Starving a player of playing time is the same to me imo Jose😆

    THE KIM JONG SHOWMåned siden


  • Happy Days
    Happy DaysMåned siden

    GGmu love them

  • Jacque Legoy
    Jacque LegoyMåned siden

    Mourinho is trying to hide the fact that he will be fired again

  • saeeddeanable
    saeeddeanableMåned siden

    I love how the man talks abt morals but then goes to talk abt if u have to feed ur kids u steal XD XD XD This man is an absolute nut job

  • Country Boy
    Country BoyMåned siden

    Stop your stuttering OGS

  • Kobir
    KobirMåned siden

    Kudos to Solksjaer and Mourinho to bringing some entertainment. More please

  • sehhi vooty

    sehhi vooty

    26 dager siden

    😂😂😂😂 What's he tryna do here. It's simply to say he would be disappointed in his son for doing that. Why would he not feed his child. Classic Jose tryna change the story 🤣

  • D Anton
    D AntonMåned siden

    Some comments are not meant to be taken literally.

  • Arka Sinha
    Arka SinhaMåned siden

    Jose you are a joker....

  • Lehlohonolo Abel Maleka
    Lehlohonolo Abel MalekaMåned siden

    This could easily be a documentary on Netflix

  • Shashi
    ShashiMåned siden parent in the world want their kids to be cheating...

    MHMHM MHMHMMåned siden

    I think mourinho struggles to cope with the fact that people come from different cultures. Ole could have thought out the joke better, but in norway its a common joke to say. "i would not feed my kid had he done xxxxxxxx". mourinho went way too harsh, he probably thought Ole was being serious. But its not really all that serious... But mourinho made it out to be a big deal.

  • Macdonald Ihuoma
    Macdonald IhuomaMåned siden

    Jose is always good at finding faults whenever he loses he doesn't accept blames rather he pushes it to someone else. Jose you can't feed Oles family you actually misunderstood him. Jose stop pointing accusing fingers on someone else because of your failure.

  • Lee Cameron
    Lee CameronMåned siden

    Everyone was excited for a new mourinho this season that documentary got us thinking he changed its sad to see he's so self destructive

  • TheRight WayRound
    TheRight WayRoundMåned siden

    I think he missed the part where Ole said it was an analogy.

    BRANDON JUKIMIN PP2012006TMåned siden

    Why I ended up hearing mourinho lecturing about a role of a father? It is not his job, his job is to coach a team - Roy Keane

  • Temi Busari
    Temi BusariMåned siden

    Someone call Child Line😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • N Guite
    N GuiteMåned siden

    Maureen done destryed Man U. Now he's doing the same to spurs. He's past his usable date. His methods are archaic. He should retire GGMU

  • Servant Of Jesus Christ
    Servant Of Jesus ChristMåned siden

    Like I've been saying Jose is finished, he should really retire to protect any legacy or credibility that he might have left..