Juice WRLD - Bad Boy ft. Young Thug (Directed by Cole Bennett)


Lyrical Lemonade Presents:
Juice WRLD - Bad Boy featuring Young Thug (Official Music Video)
In Loving Memory of Jarad Higgins
Directed & Edited by: Cole Bennett
Song Produced by Pi'erre Bourne
VFX: Cole Bennett & Nocturnal FX
Colorist: Loren White & Cole Bennett
Director of Photography: Taylor Randall
Steadicam: Renard Cheren
1st AC: Olivia Aquilina
2nd AC: Paige Hochstatter
Gaffer: Christian Meijia
Key Grip: Salvador Torrison
Grip: Jonathan Lopez
Grip: Alex Halsted
Electric: Lars Moede
Set Build: DreDayDesignz
Art Asst: Conrad Edmonds
Key Makeup: Michelle Echevarria
1st AD: Bernard Niyonzima
PA: Anthony Alvarado
PA: George Hammond
PA: Blayne Parker
PA: Jake Wilson
PA: Lance Rowland
PA: Faisal A.Omar
Production Company: Lyrical Lemonade
Executive Producer: Cole Bennett
Producer: Salvatore Tarantino & Jay Tauzin
Production Manager: Henri Coleman
Production Coordinator: Toni Sudimac
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  • James Dewolf
    James Dewolf24 minutter siden

    Why this song so goog bruh

    THE IDIOTTime siden

    💔 999 forever

  • Branden Lomeli
    Branden Lomeli2 timer siden

    Best song ever 🔥 beat

  • Dekota_martinez
    Dekota_martinez2 timer siden

    are we not like gonna talk about juice wrlds shoes

  • VeonForSure
    VeonForSure2 timer siden

    I’m not a fan of thug or juice but they both snapped

  • Rifet Mekic
    Rifet Mekic3 timer siden

    Who is better? Like : Juice wrld Comment: Juice wrld Ignore: Juice wrld

  • Kanye Hamilton

    Kanye Hamilton

    Time siden

    Eminem, Tupac, Biggie, Eazy-E, Snoop Dogg, Ice Cube.

  • Lee Jones
    Lee Jones3 timer siden

    I I miss you so much

  • Lee Jones
    Lee Jones3 timer siden

    I love you so much

  • Tod
    Tod3 timer siden

    I lookin at Young Thug and he was like Giorno Giovanna

  • Kinglsey achumba
    Kinglsey achumba3 timer siden

    Me play call of duty *vides

  • The Bruh
    The Bruh3 timer siden

    I don’t understand the people who dislike this video

  • Evan Lubnow
    Evan Lubnow4 timer siden

    I’m still gonna listen to every one of juices songs till I die rip juice you were taken to fast😞

  • Orpheous platypus
    Orpheous platypus4 timer siden

    cmon 10 k ?? dislikes

  • YmcThaTruss :D
    YmcThaTruss :D4 timer siden

    I loved juice wrld since he freestyled in high school

  • King Tyrese
    King Tyrese4 timer siden

    Young thug ruined the song he's overrated af

  • Ixrics
    Ixrics4 timer siden

    Can we just appreciate how short juice is standing next to thug

  • 6Paths_Panda
    6Paths_Panda5 timer siden

    Why on earth did 10k dislike

  • Tomas fatinson
    Tomas fatinson5 timer siden

    The bashful hen marginally crack because latency assembly precede of a spicy sousaphone. boiling, flimsy apparatus

  • Elijah DomokosItson
    Elijah DomokosItson5 timer siden

    Is that Juice WRLD the real Juice WRLDLike the alive

  • xolve YT
    xolve YT5 timer siden


  • Donovan
    Donovan5 timer siden

    This beat is something else bruh

  • Floris Withaar
    Floris Withaar6 timer siden


  • Psycho J
    Psycho J7 timer siden

    Wait how is juice alive

  • BigJuiceWrldFan999YT
    BigJuiceWrldFan999YT7 timer siden

    this is SO SICK!!!!!!

  • Jurdeadha Reacts
    Jurdeadha Reacts7 timer siden

    R.I.P Juice "Legends Never Die"

  • Curt Dawg
    Curt Dawg7 timer siden

    drugs are bad kids.....lol

  • Š H Ä D Ø W
    Š H Ä D Ø W7 timer siden

    Is he dead ,I’m asking cuz it’s 2021 and I’m still seeing vids of him ?(im not trying to be rude or anything if he is dead rip💔)

  • TomJS


    7 timer siden

    stuff was recorded before he died man

  • queen nani
    queen nani7 timer siden

    he is savig

  • Cheryl Leybourne
    Cheryl Leybourne8 timer siden


  • Omar Jad
    Omar Jad8 timer siden

    R.i.p man see u in paradis 👋

  • gamer god pr
    gamer god pr8 timer siden

    Fire and I love Juice WRLD RIP

  • Sifrao Vip
    Sifrao Vip8 timer siden


  • OG BOSS7896
    OG BOSS78969 timer siden


  • OG BOSS7896
    OG BOSS78969 timer siden


  • DryBones


    9 timer siden


  • Pumba January
    Pumba January9 timer siden

    Let's go 1 million like

  • adam23
    adam239 timer siden

    A man took a pill, and a pill took him...

  • qtfear
    qtfear9 timer siden

    my man never misses♥

  • ψVlone Lexツψ
    ψVlone Lexツψ9 timer siden

    young thug:gaming glasses and af1s juicewrld:slippers,expensive watches,glasses, and a red hood

  • Tommy Dwyer
    Tommy Dwyer9 timer siden

    How do people even like this

  • dyfos


    7 timer siden

    shut up

  • James Morgan 62 (STUDENT)
    James Morgan 62 (STUDENT)9 timer siden

    juice killin it

  • Cristina Antunes
    Cristina Antunes10 timer siden


  • Spxh
    Spxh10 timer siden

    Dang his last song. He really did a good job with this one. Miss u juice ❤️

  • Drippy playz
    Drippy playz10 timer siden

    Irl young thug looks young Thumbnail of the song old thug Lol Rip juice

  • Invected Gaming
    Invected Gaming11 timer siden

    Back in the day after winning a need for speed underground race! This song resonates lol

  • Kayden Burrell
    Kayden Burrell11 timer siden

    bruh the beat i love it

  • Drippy playz
    Drippy playz11 timer siden


  • 1aizea
    1aizea11 timer siden

    Pierre so goated

  • Haneen Hussain
    Haneen Hussain12 timer siden

    this was fire

  • John Reynolds
    John Reynolds12 timer siden

    Trash bro

  • Naavee wrld
    Naavee wrld12 timer siden

    I just wanna say best rapper of all time....I miss you so much....😭

  • Derek Palma
    Derek Palma12 timer siden

    he id dead no

  • Colt :p
    Colt :p12 timer siden

    999 life is not to be old it’s to be successful at something

  • Simon R
    Simon R12 timer siden

    10k dislikes can we get to 6k in the next month

  • 100T Legit
    100T Legit12 timer siden


  • Owl Assassin
    Owl Assassin13 timer siden

    If you look closely young thug laughs a little bit at 0:40 and Juice has a bit of a smile at 0:49

  • Mason Anderson
    Mason Anderson13 timer siden

    When I heard juice died I was crying to see more of his songs I fell better

  • Ethan Cortez

    Ethan Cortez

    4 timer siden

    Bro 💀

  • Callofdanger
    Callofdanger13 timer siden

    Juice wrld and young thug are legendary together And the Legendary Juice wrld will never did in our Hearts

  • Callofdanger


    3 timer siden

    @Syfe Funnyguy who gives a crap

  • Syfe Funnyguy

    Syfe Funnyguy

    3 timer siden

    @Callofdanger wow scary

  • Callofdanger


    4 timer siden

    @Syfe Funnyguy no fool my friend did

  • Syfe Funnyguy

    Syfe Funnyguy

    4 timer siden

    never did?????? like ur own comment????

  • Blake Morgan
    Blake Morgan13 timer siden

    Razz boy

  • Jason Gomez
    Jason Gomez13 timer siden

    Congrats lyrical lemonade for 17mil

  • Martavious Hill
    Martavious Hill14 timer siden

    why do rappers always have to die young

  • Zakiller
    Zakiller14 timer siden

    That beat🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Miho CRO
    Miho CRO14 timer siden


  • Dee Sanders
    Dee Sanders14 timer siden

    Should be at 3M. Slatty 💚🐍

  • Javard Walker-Jr
    Javard Walker-Jr14 timer siden

    why 10k it was goob

  • LovelitX
    LovelitX14 timer siden

    999 4L

  • Zayn Mallick
    Zayn Mallick14 timer siden

    10Lakh Likes ,10k dislikes (10Common)😀

  • 14
    1416 timer siden

    rip juice wrld 🖤🏌🏾‍♀️

    1100KELLANWLRD16 timer siden

    This beat has me floating... 🆘💜

  • Giovanni Jimenez
    Giovanni Jimenez16 timer siden

    The modern weather substantially enter because mice enthrallingly wave apropos a sedate zone. fanatical, spiritual route

  • Florence Lai
    Florence Lai16 timer siden

    Everyone is talking about Juice WRLD but can we just appreciate Young Thug?

  • hiefaibrahim
    hiefaibrahim17 timer siden

    No Bad Girl

  • LilBoViggo
    LilBoViggo17 timer siden

    Happy wheels just me

  • Pyatiy
    Pyatiy17 timer siden


  • Abdel-Rahman Ahmed
    Abdel-Rahman Ahmed17 timer siden

    Thug looks like deji

  • alex 123
    alex 12317 timer siden

    ily juice, at least he was alive

  • Elite reyzal
    Elite reyzal17 timer siden


  • Joey Dii
    Joey Dii18 timer siden

    best part of the song is 0:47 dont at me

  • john miguel pontanoza
    john miguel pontanoza18 timer siden

    Juice wrld is not died

  • Corinne Heldner
    Corinne Heldner18 timer siden

    2.06 🔥

  • sam cook
    sam cook18 timer siden

    The dislikes are nice guys

  • Astro_Cloak
    Astro_Cloak19 timer siden

    Miss juice wrld

  • Ethan Cortez

    Ethan Cortez

    4 timer siden

    Fortnite kid 😂

  • ARC Alvin
    ARC Alvin19 timer siden

    rip juice wrld

  • 13Z PlayZ
    13Z PlayZ19 timer siden


  • Young mathqc
    Young mathqc19 timer siden

    8 décembre 2019 bad day #ripjarhadAntonyHiggins😢

  • Jamal Rajput
    Jamal Rajput20 timer siden

    Who's here from SSB 🔥🤙

  • Lin Eugene
    Lin Eugene21 time siden

    Juice sucks

  • Jonathan Häring - STI - 5A
    Jonathan Häring - STI - 5A21 time siden

    you are in alive juice i think you was daed 2018

  • Shivtosh Sahu
    Shivtosh Sahu21 time siden

    Young thug verse was good but juice verse was legendry that's y many people dislike this video ...

  • Juxy ツ
    Juxy ツ21 time siden

    Yo it’s sad to think how he died after they recorded this:( R.I.P 999 The King 👑

  • Ark Harry Vlogs
    Ark Harry Vlogs22 timer siden

    Still juice in his fans heart

  • Dominic Crawford
    Dominic Crawford22 timer siden

    this song made me like juicwrld

  • Zach Adams

    Zach Adams

    22 timer siden

    Ur late

  • It izz what it izzz Erys
    It izz what it izzz Erys22 timer siden


  • Jeanimousツ
    Jeanimousツ22 timer siden


  • Logan French
    Logan French23 timer siden

    Plot twist juice still alive

  • Twix
    Twix23 timer siden

    Did juice world die am so confuse

  • Aparna Gali
    Aparna Gali23 timer siden

    Is he here no -- that's facts

  • xxx Wade
    xxx Wade23 timer siden

    There is nothing anyone can say to convince me this video was not recorded in 2021

  • Corinthian Casuals TV
    Corinthian Casuals TV23 timer siden

    *"Bad Boy"* 😪 Legends never die 😢 👑King.

  • RXT Avery
    RXT AveryDag siden

    0% girls 10% cars 90% hoodie and business suit

  • Ishpreet Singh
    Ishpreet SinghDag siden

    Love you rip