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A look at the man, the myth, the legend... Kev.
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  • The United Katedom
    The United Katedom10 dager siden


  • Facebonez
    FacebonezMåned siden

    the little smile after calling joe ugly was fantastic

  • Ben M
    Ben M4 måneder siden

    “Where was the last place it went, Up a U-Bend?” 😂 classic.

  • Abir
    Abir4 måneder siden

    How about a single movie on derek like "David brent on the road" ... may be name it "Derek and friends" where he goes and finds all his friends and what they have been doing

  • Christina
    Christina5 måneder siden

    Kev is hot.

  • Cheryl Cold
    Cheryl Cold5 måneder siden

    Sign of the twine

  • GodFamilyCountryCorp
    GodFamilyCountryCorp5 måneder siden

    Kev is great

  • Billy Stewart
    Billy Stewart7 måneder siden

    Best character ever

  • Daniel
    Daniel8 måneder siden

    Dave Earl created a classic character there. I think that one will last like Bubbles from TPB.

  • Greeny
    Greeny8 måneder siden

    Ricky where did you meet David earl? He’s a fuckin legend!

  • kurluk04
    kurluk048 måneder siden

    Here it comes here it comes here it comes - SPLAT 😂😂😂😂

  • SneakyShark
    SneakyShark8 måneder siden

    The old fella laughing at Kev's painting is a fucking joyous moment.

  • ste1301
    ste13018 måneder siden

    One of the greatest characters created

  • Maz Nieviarovski
    Maz Nieviarovski8 måneder siden

    Absolute opposite. I love all the characters but Kev ignites every scene with his presence. Plus he's f*****g hilarious. A very talented actor with fantastic improvisation skills and comic timing. Great work. Cheers! Maz at Desert Born Productions

  • _iconformed_
    _iconformed_9 måneder siden

    Kev is my favourite part of the show

  • TrainInVain
    TrainInVain9 måneder siden

    Kev/David Earl was the only good thing in that horrible show

  • Bushcraft Jon
    Bushcraft Jon10 måneder siden

    0:39 ricky trying harder than ever not to ruin the scene by losing it in uncontrollable laughter 😂

  • As Rul
    As Rul11 måneder siden

    labia labia labiaa

  • nyah salvatore
    nyah salvatoreÅr siden

    Ive never cried as much as i have watching a tv show as i did in the kev and kindness scene. It was unbelievable, completely balling my eyes out like a baby.

  • Vicky from the block
    Vicky from the blockÅr siden

    Gutted they didnt show the bit where hannah was annoyed at kev for nicking the home's equipment and then it shows the robot dog he'd made for Derek 😥😥

  • Jamie Logan
    Jamie LoganÅr siden

    How is it possible that you can actually smell this character ?

  • Иван Старостенко
    Иван СтаростенкоÅr siden

    Unfortunately, I relate with Kev...

  • daan


    År siden

    You'll be okay just like kev!

  • p m
    p mÅr siden

    Kev makes the show better

  • Suzanne Bennett
    Suzanne BennettÅr siden

    I love the show, but I could seriously do without Kev.

  • Vibercib
    VibercibÅr siden

    This is my favorite tv show of all time. I really wish there was more seasons, but at the same time, I’m glad it ended where it did

    ARSEFACE 77År siden

    I'm an Alpha Male!!

  • Outdoor Adventures
    Outdoor AdventuresÅr siden

    I only started watching this yesterday, I am on series 2 now , tears of laughter and soooo sad in places, this is the best this I have seen ever, I cried with you when the dog got put down.

  • Adam Foddy
    Adam FoddyÅr siden

    Kev needs his own show

  • Richard Morton
    Richard MortonÅr siden


  • Lara H. Stilling
    Lara H. StillingÅr siden

    This is the first time I’ve seen David Earl out of character. I’ve seen him in Derek and After Life, and I have to say, I feel an inappropriate amount of relief at the moment.

  • Glen Baker

    Glen Baker

    År siden

    Lara H. Stilling He’s good in Extras too. The catchphrase, the wig...brilliant 😊

  • Fingaz MC
    Fingaz MCÅr siden

    The kev speech at the end of series 1 makes me cry everytime. Kev reminds me of me that much. As an addict and a bit of a dick head I really related to it

  • Sid Arthur
    Sid ArthurÅr siden

    you haven't done anything good since extras. pull your finger out

  • Niels Erkens
    Niels ErkensÅr siden

    “Oh what a time we’ve had” 😂

  • Adam Britain
    Adam BritainÅr siden

    By far, Derek is the best thing RG has ever done. He's done some great work, but Derek stands on its' own.

  • welsh Maniacs
    welsh ManiacsÅr siden

    one of my top 10 tv shows ever. up there with the best such as only fools and horses, goodnight sweetheart, home improvement, one tree hill, the walking dead, derek, the office, an idiot abroad, the ricky gervais show,a touch of frost, chicago pd, chicago fire.. i can go on and on. keep giving us tv shows because your a great writer, very funny man, humble and absaloutly love your stuff. humanity was hilarious btw 👍🏻

  • Scott Wilson
    Scott WilsonÅr siden

    I love the robot has actual false teeth 😂😂😂😂😂 fucking hell hahah

  • Aqila N.
    Aqila N.År siden

    It feels so weird to see Kev talking like a normal person

  • Scott Cadwallader
    Scott Cadwallader2 år siden character ever!

  • Princess Leia Of Alderaan
    Princess Leia Of Alderaan2 år siden

    That old man laughing at that painting 😂😂

  • melciveng


    År siden

    B B ‘What a time you’ve had!’

  • Nixer Doyle
    Nixer Doyle2 år siden

    There's something off about this series. It feels like the scripts were written with no mind paid to restraint. If it's going to be gross, it'll be super gross. If it's going to be sentimental or pathetic, it'll end up as saccharine and really mawkish. And I think Ricky thought he counterbalance his syrupy sweet, overplayed sentiment with weird, over the top, unrestrained perversion in Kev. I just don't understand how someone who has the ability for restraint just said fuck it.

  • M B
    M B2 år siden

    Lost the best person (Dougie).

  • Paul Jerryhatrick
    Paul Jerryhatrick2 år siden

    My favorite is when Ricky looses it in the outtakes, especially when it is at the hand of Kev, he is brilliant!

  • Muttley
    Muttley2 år siden

    If you feel you are a loser, don't worry, there is always someone more of a loser than you. But, as in this scene, they can have a remarkable way of making you stop and realise that deep down they're hurting and scratch beneath the surface and you'll find something quite beautiful.

  • Joe Jones
    Joe Jones2 år siden

    I found Kev to be one dimensional and grating...only at first. The brilliance of the writing and the acting on this show is how the layers are slowly peeled back on Kev and what once came off as one dimensional suddenly has an unprecedented level of nuance and depth. I can't sing the praises of this show enough and it deserves so much more recognition than what it has received.

  • MrChaes
    MrChaes2 år siden

    Weird seeing Ricky use his own voice when he looks like Derek

  • Mark Croston
    Mark Croston2 år siden

    Geoff is cool

  • Nona Yobiznez
    Nona Yobiznez3 år siden

    Kevin is my favourite character, so I don't know what people are complaining about. He's funny as shit!

  • MajorBinkss
    MajorBinkss3 år siden

    Drunker? You take the piss out of Carl for making up his own words. You meant to say " he's more drunk"

  • James Long
    James Long3 år siden

    rick does not suit a v neck

  • Syok
    Syok3 år siden

    Is there any real difference between Karl and the character he's playing, apart from the name?

  • Lola Twinkle
    Lola Twinkle3 år siden

    I think David is absolutely gorgeous and does a fantastic job... He manages to LOOK like he smells of crabsticks..

  • Doomanoid1979
    Doomanoid19793 år siden

    Still, life goes on...

  • MrPernell27
    MrPernell273 år siden

    Can't believe this only lasted 2 seasons

  • KygoDragon4


    3 år siden

    I'm watching series 3 right now on Netflix...

  • go shoot ya self

    go shoot ya self

    3 år siden

    MrPernell27 thats just how gervais' shows are. Same as extras and the office. 2 series and a special

  • Ryan Balls
    Ryan Balls3 år siden

    Haha and a butt plug

  • SR1Records
    SR1Records3 år siden

    Vicky's face and reactions make the scene so much better as well! And it doesn't hurt that she's really attractive, lol

  • SR1Records
    SR1Records3 år siden

    That "and a butt plug" at the end of the song still makes me LOL!

  • PinPointHumour
    PinPointHumour3 år siden

    What a character!!! Really hoping he gets another similar role in something soon

  • Robbie
    Robbie4 år siden

    Love kev dude aha

  • Tim Short
    Tim Short4 år siden

    All the characters are totally relevant, its fucking genius writing, made me laugh out loud, made me cry like a baby and I'm a 21 stone bloke.....

  • Tim Short

    Tim Short

    4 år siden

    I don't believe it is, genius fits perfectly, you will struggle to find anything as well made as this....

  • Michael
    Michael4 år siden

    I struggled though the dog vet scene having just put my dog down ... ahh.. so real to watch. I said the same things Derek did, same emotions. Ricky did a tremendous job.

  • Aqila N.

    Aqila N.

    År siden

    I'm very sorry to hear that. That scene is extremely heartbreaking

  • Jake's Corner
    Jake's Corner4 år siden

    Kev didn't annoy me, I did find him funny. But, throughout the series I just loved him. How he looked up to Derek and the things he did for Derek. They were just so heartwarming, like the Ivor he made for him. I like how he defends Derek from Geoff and how Derek defends Kev after he was pushed over. It's a really great series.

  • carlo baggio
    carlo baggio4 år siden

    Kev should have his own show !

  • Ben Holmes

    Ben Holmes

    4 år siden

    +carlo baggio he does, it's called derek series 2. It's basically the kev show that series

  • Gina Luna
    Gina Luna4 år siden

    I loved this show so very much! It touched my heart deeply! It is a work of art! To show how the human heart is capable of complete acceptance is priceless! Thank you so much, Ricky Gervais, for this brilliant enlightened creation!!

  • Kyle Norcliffe
    Kyle Norcliffe4 år siden

    Only just discovered this show a few month ago absolutely love it love Derek love dougie and Kev is just fantastic

  • samantha rossiter

    samantha rossiter

    4 år siden

    I've watched them all twice brilliant series Ricky is a genius

  • The Passionly Passionate Nightman
    The Passionly Passionate Nightman5 år siden

    There's no fruit Yeah, there is. I've gotta cumquat up my rectum

  • pesser
    pesser5 år siden


  • Erin Robb
    Erin Robb5 år siden

    So obsessed with David Earl and this character!

  • Lasse Sørnes
    Lasse Sørnes5 år siden

    Probably the best drunk on a TV show ever. One of my favorite character on TV ever.

  • Jasper Ingot
    Jasper Ingot5 år siden

    Brilliant 😍

  • マッカイザクダン
    マッカイザクダン5 år siden

    Such a great show. Knocked me out good. I did like S1 more than S2, though I do hope for a S3!

  • Laurit Zenc

    Laurit Zenc

    År siden

    Gervais doesn't do Series 3 for anything.

  • マッカイザクダン


    3 år siden

    @Hilary Robman Well, for a bit in Episode 1.

  • Hilary Robman

    Hilary Robman

    3 år siden

    Daniel McIsaac but no Dougie in series 2!🙁

  • notamuffin
    notamuffin5 år siden

    And a buttplug.

  • Sam Fisher

    Sam Fisher

    4 år siden

    How do you get your text so tiny lol?!

  • aucourant
    aucourant5 år siden

    Kev has another brother who is even worse than this one.

  • Laikastar1
    Laikastar15 år siden

    Ricky, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE team up with Bill Murray, another animal lover, to get something done, I mean MORE done! you are a match made in comedy heaven!

  • Nick Moranis
    Nick Moranis5 år siden

    David Earl is a massive talent. Love Kev. Missed Pilkington but Hoult was brilliant as usual.

  • Pedro Nascimento
    Pedro Nascimento5 år siden

    yes! that was my favorite moment! it gives me chills

  • jim
    jim5 år siden

    "Labia, labia, labia, labia, laaabia, I'm walkin' down the street with a bag of dildos"...... I just found my new ringtone :D

  • Hilary Robman

    Hilary Robman

    3 år siden

    jim jimjim You forgot..."aaaand a butt plug"😄😄

  • Domenic Calabrese
    Domenic Calabrese5 år siden

    Why would this show end? It makes no sense! I love it.

  • Elizabeth keenan

    Elizabeth keenan

    År siden

    Martin G You are a troll or teenager? Your pomposity and lack of emotional maturity tells me something about the series hit a nerve.

  • KygoDragon4


    3 år siden

    Martin G Clearly you just ain't smart enough to understand the genius of Derek... We feel sorry for you, must be a sad life you have.

  • Miu Grey

    Miu Grey

    4 år siden

    You need to relax Ali G

  • Karl P

    Karl P

    4 år siden

    Whilst I agree that this show is rather mindless, I find you as a person repulsive.

  • Martin G

    Martin G

    5 år siden

    @Who am I? You're welcome. And btw, those weren't "insults", they were merely observations.

  • Teresa Simpson
    Teresa Simpson5 år siden

    Will there ever be a series 3? Ive watched 1 and 2 on Netflex; one of my most favorite shows.

  • melciveng


    2 år siden

    Ashton Bradley He broke his own rules by reviving David Brent for the film.

  • KygoDragon4


    3 år siden

    I'm watching series 3 right now on Netflix...

  • Ashton Bradley

    Ashton Bradley

    5 år siden

    @Teresa Simpson NO :( When Ricky does shows he typically only does 2 seasons and a hour long special. He doesn't want them to become over-done. He said Derek is the only show he's thought about doing three seasons but due to it's amazing success he didn't want to jinx it :(

  • Matt B
    Matt B5 år siden

    Kev is the best thing about the show

  • Tranquillity Landscaping
    Tranquillity Landscaping5 år siden

    Of course it could have been shot roes & flowers watched & loved from toddler to gran but life's not roses & flowers, i respect his vision & commitment to an idea, Derek is testament to Gervaise :-) many many talents & skills, I loved Derek & went through a full range of emotions watching it, ps i really miss me Nan

  • Georgi Koemdzhiev
    Georgi Koemdzhiev5 år siden

    Can't wait! :)

  • RoathRipper
    RoathRipper5 år siden

    SPIN-OFF series PLEASE! u can call it 'Kev'.

  • Cj C

    Cj C

    År siden

    @Kyle Farmer no fuckin shit

  • Kyle Farmer

    Kyle Farmer

    År siden

    @Cj C it's too many Chinese cooks spoil the broth

  • Kyle Farmer

    Kyle Farmer

    År siden

    They could not last without Derek. I would love a spin off but it probably would not last

  • Cj C

    Cj C

    År siden

    Ricky knows the power of leaving a shows short on episodes. It creates a cult following. Too many episodes spoil the broth. It was the same with the office. 2 fantastic shows

  • mrilikeeggs


    3 år siden

    Kev, Dougie, and Derek in Dougie's flat when they're not at Broadhill.

  • ZeZapatiste
    ZeZapatiste5 år siden

    The difference in the eyes between the actor and the character is quite incredible

  • Elayne
    Elayne5 år siden

    Easily my favorite character. And I'm a twenty year-old woman.

  • Diddle n Fiddle

    Diddle n Fiddle

    År siden

    @Ben Smith My thoughts too

  • Morten Alexandersson

    Morten Alexandersson

    År siden

    @Gaming GuruGary 😂

  • DeathEgg666


    2 år siden

    Well the fact Kev is an utter disgrace for the most part and it’s unlikely women of ANY age will find him somewhat attractive! Is it because 20 year old women don’t fancy you?

  • Katie C

    Katie C

    2 år siden

    @Ben Smith second that!

  • Ben Smith

    Ben Smith

    2 år siden

    Grace Garbage whats being a 20 year old woman got to do with it ? Absolute twat

  • twofatslugs
    twofatslugs5 år siden

    spoilers kevs a virgin

  • Cornwall1888
    Cornwall18885 år siden

    Everybody here loves having pudding, We have it everyday at 6 o'clock, Sometimes it is jelly what is cold and, Sometimes it is crumble what is hot.

  • Barbara Kattiva

    Barbara Kattiva

    År siden


  • Eric Kim
    Eric Kim5 år siden

    Love Kev!♡

  • Russ Hunt
    Russ Hunt5 år siden

    Love it.

  • Bob Richbourg
    Bob Richbourg5 år siden

    David Earl is an accomplished character actor and the series is all the better for having him. Rick just has an eye for balancing the cast to the best effect.

  • Dankage Sessions 2.0

    Dankage Sessions 2.0

    5 år siden

    @jim jimjim everything about it.

  • jim


    5 år siden

    @Bob Richbourg The glasses, the wig, the catchphrase.... brilliant!

  • The Urban Gentry
    The Urban Gentry5 år siden

    lololol KEV is a LEGEND!!!!

  • The Urban Gentry

    The Urban Gentry

    5 år siden

    @KidWeazel Of course. It's the people that don't love Derek that worry me ;-) Amazing Show, Ricky is a genius.

  • User


    5 år siden

    @The Urban Gentry eyyy TGV you love derek too?!?!

  • Georgi Koemdzhiev

    Georgi Koemdzhiev

    5 år siden

    Indeed, he is! :)

  • SonicDangles
    SonicDangles5 år siden

  • Snipersight00
    Snipersight005 år siden

    Cool beanz!

  • Vallon DaVinci
    Vallon DaVinci5 år siden

    Kev is based on 44% of British men

  • cat


    2 år siden

    You need to get out more!!

  • Rumplestiltskin


    5 år siden

    @Vallon DaVinci More like 69% ;)

  • Mat


    5 år siden

    @Sir Shammy and you good sir :)

  • Sir Shammy

    Sir Shammy

    5 år siden

    Happy trolling with you though buddy

  • Sir Shammy

    Sir Shammy

    5 år siden

    @Fock YaMum Well I'm from Manchester so apparently we all sound like Oasis.

  • yenpony
    yenpony5 år siden

    This is great, good job ricky!

  • Braceiller Productions
    Braceiller Productions5 år siden

    ......and mine aswell! Hello Ricky!

  • SGHD Rides
    SGHD Rides5 år siden

    Can Ricky himself reply to this comment? You silly goose!

  • Callum D

    Callum D

    5 år siden

    No, no he can not.