Kev's Caravan Tour | Derek Series Two

Film og animasjon

Kev tells us how he and Janice fit into the caravan
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  • TSR6
    TSR622 dager siden


  • Judge Dredd
    Judge Dredd2 måneder siden

    Ssshhh Derek's asleep

  • Ginger legend
    Ginger legend3 måneder siden

    I love these two together they are hilarious

  • DonnaMarie
    DonnaMarie4 måneder siden

    funny as shit

  • Diane Madir
    Diane Madir5 måneder siden

    It would be the greatest badge of honor if I could make Ricky Gervais laugh as hard as "Kev" does in this outtake. Brilliant!

  • Glen Mcnabb
    Glen Mcnabb6 måneder siden

    Is coming here 30 times a day an issue?

  • Craig Bailey
    Craig Bailey6 måneder siden

    Ricky just has the best life, he sees the funny in everything, unapologetically. As the writer & director it's usually him that ruins cuts, whether in them or not, because he just can't help himself.

  • Stuart Braden
    Stuart BradenÅr siden


  • Paul Driver
    Paul DriverÅr siden

    He so Derick

  • Chris Mooney
    Chris MooneyÅr siden

    It must be improvised, because Gervais seems surprised by most of it

  • Nickvento
    NickventoÅr siden

    I honestly believe this is the funniest thing I’ve ever seen in my life. I cry with laughter every time.

  • DarrenDrakeos


    3 måneder siden

    Its ricky Gervais laugh , its infectious

  • Paddy Mitchell
    Paddy MitchellÅr siden

    I wouldn't have a bloody chance

  • Sufc Davie
    Sufc DavieÅr siden

    They didn’t even use the arsehole winking line 😂😂😂

  • Khaos969
    Khaos969År siden

    They just have a laugh while trying to keep a straight face , they must love there job!

  • Dazdaz Dazdaz
    Dazdaz DazdazÅr siden

    I love kev

  • diskuse diskuse
    diskuse diskuseÅr siden

    her *@* is winking at me

  • Scott Cadwallader
    Scott CadwalladerÅr siden

    Funniest outtake of all time!

  • Andy C
    Andy CÅr siden

    8 people don't like this. who are they? vegans? :)

  • mmmyeah7


    7 måneder siden

    One is janice

  • DeathEgg666
    DeathEgg6662 år siden

    was he always told to just improvise or something lol?

  • Luke 0'Brien
    Luke 0'Brien2 år siden

    “Literally the weirdest Conversation Iv ever had...and again...”

  • cynthia cook
    cynthia cook2 år siden

    My stomach hurts from laughing..and I cannot see this keyboard from my tears of laughter..

  • Gordon M
    Gordon M3 år siden

    Impossible to keep straight face!

  • Queen Bean
    Queen Bean3 år siden

    David Earle is one of the funniest men I've seen!

  • Opnoob
    Opnoob3 år siden

    I wish it was longer than two seasons

  • zcollins17


    4 måneder siden

    I know. I love British comedies. Always like 2-3 seasons

  • David Dailly

    David Dailly

    6 måneder siden

    Typical Ricky thought

  • Kevin Twine
    Kevin Twine4 år siden

    I miss that caravan

  • Manchester Chris
    Manchester Chris4 år siden


  • Jaaay J
    Jaaay J4 år siden

    Us men view Kev as a total legend, For some reason ladies ain't his biggest fan :( !

  • Kevin Twine

    Kevin Twine

    4 år siden

    Jaaay J You'd be surprised mate

  • Florin Chitu
    Florin Chitu5 år siden

    Happy birthday Mr. Gervais! :)

  • Isleofwight Dave
    Isleofwight Dave5 år siden

    MORE uploads please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Daniel Tipa
    Daniel Tipa5 år siden

    Please mr kev could you make video and give tips for lots of girls dating?

  • jim
    jim5 år siden

    Gervais!!!......Do some fucking work!!!.......Make a new podcast!!!!!

  • chrispy_wa
    chrispy_wa5 år siden

    "like a diseased badger"... Killed me.

  • Neil McMahon
    Neil McMahon5 år siden

    My jaw is aching from laughing. Priceless.

  • Bob Richbourg
    Bob Richbourg5 år siden

    Brilliant! I love to laugh so this one of my favorite "give it ups".

  • Dubacity
    Dubacity5 år siden


  • KawaiiObsession
    KawaiiObsession5 år siden

    This never, ever, gets old. I watch this nearly every single day.

  • KirksMerkin
    KirksMerkin5 år siden

    Just saw s03e01 on Netflix. It was brilliant. The best part was Kev pretending to scrub shit with one hand while wanking with the other. His flourished finale as he proudly proclaims "SPLAT!" into Derek's face made me burst. Had to rewind the following scenes I missed because I was in tears for so long.

  • richlondonrich
    richlondonrich5 år siden

    Derek is the least funny thing ever created. Rickys stand up shows are slightly better, but ultimately still utter shit. IMO.

  • mrlozmoore


    5 år siden

    @richlondonrich let us know the date of when you get nominated for an emmy rich.

  • Danny Alexandar

    Danny Alexandar

    5 år siden

    @richlondonrich then don't watch it

  • MrSexyRoland
    MrSexyRoland5 år siden

    i hate watching these because if i watch one, it makes me want to go and watch all the other outtakes for the next hour

  • Joel Osminski

    Joel Osminski

    6 måneder siden

    For the next two hours...

  • mavos1211


    År siden

    Totally agree, In fact I think I am over an hour later already!

  • E. A.

    E. A.

    2 år siden

    For your health

  • MrAdelaideRS
    MrAdelaideRS5 år siden

    Fucking brilliant

  • SMOO.
    SMOO.5 år siden

    Diseased Badger. literally the funniest shit I've ever heard him say

  • Finding NEO

    Finding NEO

    6 måneder siden

    SMOO. Just rolled over in my kitchen 😂

  • LiverSpottedHunk
    LiverSpottedHunk5 år siden

    69 likes lol

  • Cacyademonenom


    5 år siden

    @God. 96! which is 27 degrees kinkier.

  • Snipersight00
    Snipersight005 år siden

    Did they ever get out of that caravan? They must still be filming the scene in there lol.

  • West McGee

    West McGee

    3 måneder siden

    Ricky said that’s the only time he’d ever been imd me to film a scene - not just an outtake but a full scene that’s not in the show because they couldn’t do it without laughing. So that exit at the end wasn’t just for show.

  • reantegeialeoego
    reantegeialeoego5 år siden

    I imagine Ricky writing those lines and laughing on his own imagining how they will come about when they are going to shoot the scene and Kev has to say ''some kind of a diseased badger '' while Derek is sitting there all innocent not knowing what Kev is actually saying but deep down inside he knows it is Wrong and Awful.Genius and so god damn funny !!

  • Apollogamer


    År siden

    There is behind scenes video of this and Kev improvised lot and huge amount of takes cause they laughed all time.

  • Dan Ashcroft

    Dan Ashcroft

    2 år siden

    The diseased badger and winking bumhole bit are probably improvised, hence why Ricky loses it because it's so unexpected.

  • Kyle H
    Kyle H5 år siden

    Ive probably seen this about 10 times over the years but it never stops being hysterical.

  • Cornwall1888
    Cornwall18885 år siden

    Kev's lines seem to be about 75% improvised, Dave earl is hilarious, but also quite sick in the head lol

  • TheDjackso1


    2 år siden

    I honestly cant tell where the scripted lines stop and the outtakes start

  • Nilguiri
    Nilguiri5 år siden


  • Julius Kamper
    Julius Kamper5 år siden

    Imagine the difficulty being David Earl in these scenes. I literally cannot stop laughing right now.

  • CarbonitePlays
    CarbonitePlays5 år siden

    "...normally her arse hole's blinking at me" - Classic Kev.