Kevin Owens hits Stunner on Logan Paul: WrestleMania 37 - Night 2 (WWE Network Exclusive)


After a victory over Sami Zayn, KO turned his attention to special guest Logan Paul. Catch WWE action on Peacock, WWE Network, FOX, USA Network, Sony India and more.
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  • 「D I O」
    「D I O」10 timer siden

    A stunner from owens and an upcoming massacre from Mayweather.. Logan's 2021 is going to be Karma from his Japan trip

  • Let's fantasy
    Let's fantasy11 timer siden

    Nice you sub to logan just to un sub 😂

  • Jishnu Prathap
    Jishnu Prathap12 timer siden

    Who is that stone cold Steve Austin wannabe?

  • Sponge Hospitall
    Sponge HospitallDag siden

    wow logan can sell really good

  • Ankur Dass
    Ankur DassDag siden

    It proves that KO is a real Mayweather fan😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Sharkafella
    SharkafellaDag siden

    Why did this happen to Logan?

  • Cassandra Allen
    Cassandra AllenDag siden

    Get clapped

  • Solid Snake
    Solid SnakeDag siden

    Wow sick stunner sailor

  • 2LIT_Zynx
    2LIT_Zynx2 dager siden

    logan fr sold it better than half of the roster and he dont wrestle he only boxes

  • Luke Skywalker Jedi Knight 0.2
    Luke Skywalker Jedi Knight 0.22 dager siden

    In a real fight, the fat “wrestler” loses 100%

  • Smudge
    Smudge2 dager siden


  • ixa
    ixa2 dager siden

    First John cena now this kid

  • Fighter Lm
    Fighter Lm2 dager siden


  • BigDrewskii
    BigDrewskii2 dager siden

    KSI: I will ruin your career.. Logan Paul: Hold my beer

  • A guy commenting on random videos
    A guy commenting on random videos2 dager siden

    I just wished it was Stone Cold who gave him the stunner

  • happythepanda
    happythepanda2 dager siden

    Tbh logan Paul would be a great heel he has that look and style.

  • KATSU KennRy
    KATSU KennRy2 dager siden

    I never thought i enjoy watching my fav NOlocal getting slammed 😂

  • Isaac bluewolf
    Isaac bluewolf2 dager siden

    He dropped ma boy! 😂

    MENA ESPORTS2 dager siden

    Ho is coming from logan video Like 😂

  • Faker Playmaker
    Faker Playmaker2 dager siden

    *That stunner was LEGIT*

  • Akshit Sinari
    Akshit Sinari3 dager siden

    Y LOGAN 😂

  • Shosko
    Shosko3 dager siden

    Logan Paul would lowkey make a pretty good heel...

  • Google User
    Google User3 dager siden

    Logan paul is strong but that does not look in front of WWE wrestlers

  • Jaselyn Ortiz
    Jaselyn Ortiz3 dager siden


  • MegaNationalist
    MegaNationalist3 dager siden

    Is Covid over I mean look at the crowd

    CULLOBSIDAN3 dager siden

    I had a slight doubt that was was fake 😂 but it is cleared 😂😂 it is indeed

  • Rex Ventura
    Rex Ventura3 dager siden

    The greatest stunner to a celeb since Trump

  • Teagan Murphy
    Teagan Murphy3 dager siden

    It’s funny cause who ever that was cheap shotted Logan Paul

  • Panda bear poker
    Panda bear poker3 dager siden

    It was either that or a knock out by floyd Mayweather lol

  • andre zarate
    andre zarate5 dager siden

    logen from wish

    [PRO]_ [ASSASSIN]5 dager siden

    Not to be logan paul fan but Wrestling is fake i want to see jake paul get destroyed in real life.

  • The Real J.R.
    The Real J.R.6 dager siden

    They could’ve done so much better. Should’ve made it a big fight since Logan was a d1 wrestler.

  • Smridh Jain
    Smridh Jain6 dager siden

    1:19 save your tears

  • CheckDisOutpeeps
    CheckDisOutpeeps7 dager siden

    1:10 glimpse into the logan v mayweather fight

  • gamingwithrajive
    gamingwithrajive7 dager siden

    That was logan and best push

  • Evan Leyva
    Evan Leyva7 dager siden


  • Anas Qahar
    Anas Qahar8 dager siden

    GG Kevin

  • Bored Boy
    Bored Boy8 dager siden

    I freaking hate wwe go Logan paul

  • Ibrahim S
    Ibrahim S8 dager siden

    And now he wants to fight may weather lol

  • CJ G
    CJ G8 dager siden

    I Just Came Here Because I Saw The Presscon Before His Boxing Fight Haha

    HEAVYWOOD8 dager siden

    Logan sold the stunner really good.

  • Fazal Naqvi
    Fazal Naqvi8 dager siden

    Kevin Owens is what we all want to be

    POPOFF9 dager siden

    Fake ag

  • Black Eagle355
    Black Eagle35510 dager siden

    Yes good job kelvin owens

  • Adzz Is Gamin
    Adzz Is Gamin10 dager siden

    If only that was Jake

  • Ahetesam khan
    Ahetesam khan11 dager siden

    Kevin Owens is like Stone cold Steve Austin of our generation who agress

  • 04-Ameer Rsis

    04-Ameer Rsis

    7 dager siden

    I agree

  • kingdara
    kingdara11 dager siden

    this is so cringe

  • -Pool Tin Vlog-
    -Pool Tin Vlog-11 dager siden

    Poor logan he trained so much just to be stunnered

  • 09.Yuvraj Rajput
    09.Yuvraj Rajput11 dager siden

    Want more of logan Paul in wwe

  • CrazyFeels BRO
    CrazyFeels BRO11 dager siden

    Wrong Paul brother

  • Leo *#09
    Leo *#0912 dager siden

    I want to see braun and logan paul haha

  • Hugh
    Hugh12 dager siden

    Even ko felt bad for Sami

  • SkyeRyder
    SkyeRyder12 dager siden

    That's what you get for making fun of a dead corpse years ago.

  • Devastators Army
    Devastators Army12 dager siden

    Yo yo If I were Kevin I would respect Logan

  • Steelers Fan
    Steelers Fan13 dager siden

    This would have been so much better if stone cold did this

  • Vanessa Knight
    Vanessa Knight13 dager siden


  • ImperialSnake シ
    ImperialSnake シ13 dager siden

    Kevin: Oh you ordered ramen on our website NAH YOU GETTING RAW STUNNER WITH GARLIC SAUCE ON THE SIDE

  • Mordecai Fertig 2.0
    Mordecai Fertig 2.014 dager siden

    This guy deserved a match more then bad bunny

  • FaZe Rubby
    FaZe Rubby14 dager siden

    Anything what I want anything I fight

  • FaZe Rubby
    FaZe Rubby14 dager siden

    You know what Kevin Im got match with you Kevin fat

  • Tharush Somashekar
    Tharush Somashekar14 dager siden

    Like it how the audience still believe that wwe is true😅

  • Zayyan Mostafa
    Zayyan Mostafa14 dager siden

    Does anyone know where to get logan's cool looking Matrix sunglasses.

  • Ayeurday - TOH
    Ayeurday - TOH14 dager siden

    1:07 OFFICIAL replay button

  • Lisak FoxArmy
    Lisak FoxArmy15 dager siden

    *do it again*

  • Jimi Plant
    Jimi Plant15 dager siden

    Good sell job did nice job

  • Sam Chong-Tautz
    Sam Chong-Tautz15 dager siden

    I was having a so so day until I say this

  • Med-Fe
    Med-Fe15 dager siden

    This is how logan vs floyd will be , staged and scripted hehaha

  • Worldly Cancellations
    Worldly Cancellations15 dager siden

    This makes me very happy

  • Le Rigoureux
    Le Rigoureux15 dager siden

    So this is the context. 1- I hate Logan PAUL. 2- I hate any of the PAULs. 3- KSI started an undeniable trend with the NOlocal boxing. 4- The PAUL brothers took over to such a degree that KSI himself is now absolutely irrelevant when in front of either of them when it comes to the actual entertainment scene ; neither of them would even consider a fight against him if he doesn’t get his name at their level. 5- Logan PAUL is making it to WrestleMania and fighting Floyd, Jake PAUL is singlehandedly turning the whole fighting scene against him and having them to pay to watch him. KSI is asleep...

  • BaconLgendOfAimBot
    BaconLgendOfAimBot16 dager siden

    Logan wanted to get a stunner so he makes the crowd happy

  • Mr Midnight
    Mr Midnight16 dager siden

    Mmmmm so good!

  • please cancel GOA board exams
    please cancel GOA board exams16 dager siden

    "i will just subscribe to logan pauls channel so i can unsubscribe" ~commentator

  • Tom
    Tom16 dager siden

    nice sell Logan

  • Beastly Joke
    Beastly Joke16 dager siden

    “I’ll subscribe to logans channel just to unsubscribe”

  • Javey
    Javey17 dager siden

    we know this is staged so this is just funny

  • Pearson Ningombam
    Pearson Ningombam17 dager siden

    First was Machine Gun Kelly and then it's Logan Paul

  • Mohammed A.Al-Tai
    Mohammed A.Al-Tai17 dager siden

    What a joyful moment .. I come here everyday just so I can see Logan Paul get Stunned .. Fake or not IDC .. it's a relief In both ways

  • Evan Graichen
    Evan Graichen17 dager siden

    Lol when Logan Paul is going to smack talk it's going to be funny

  • Lirics
    Lirics18 dager siden

    How can people BELIEVE this 😂😂😂

  • Ashleybradbury
    Ashleybradbury18 dager siden

    Who's here after Logan and Mayweather got announced

  • Gaming Paban
    Gaming Paban18 dager siden

    Semi Zane changed a lot...

  • Still Unconventional
    Still Unconventional18 dager siden

    Was that Dani his assistant running in as ref?!?!?!

  • sugar honey iced tea
    sugar honey iced tea18 dager siden

    The fact that people are still crowding and not wearing their face mask during covid 🤦‍♂️

  • tremblind
    tremblind18 dager siden

    Sami should get that Tessi brat as a guest of honor.

  • Vanessa Knight
    Vanessa Knight18 dager siden


    JOSEPH TAHAN18 dager siden

    I love Sami zain though

  • roo bear
    roo bear19 dager siden

    Just wish wrestling wasn't scripted and that was done for real

  • LAZ3R
    LAZ3R19 dager siden

    0:25 that guy in line T-shirt and a hat is always at a wwe fight I saw him since 2017 he’s always there

  • Odeh
    Odeh19 dager siden

    they got female referee for the SJW

  • fdfdfdfd dffddf
    fdfdfdfd dffddf19 dager siden

    Who wants to see Logan Paul and brock lesnar on a segment?

  • jrockthahouse
    jrockthahouse19 dager siden

    Seeing someone else do the stunner just feels wrong. Especially some short chunky dude in basketball shorts...

    BANDZ20 dager siden

    I watched it it was crazy

  • Shikhar Chauhan
    Shikhar Chauhan20 dager siden

    Which company are Logan’s sunglasses from?

  • Anth8ny
    Anth8ny21 dag siden

    Thanks Kévin Owens

    JFK_BRIGADE21 dag siden

    Lmfao dude said " I'm going to subscribe to Logan Paul just so I can unsubscribe " lmfao he got jokes

  • Anu Sharma
    Anu Sharma21 dag siden

    Kevin Owen did was right

  • Joker Midoriya
    Joker Midoriya21 dag siden

    For some reason, Logan Paul reminds me of Orange Cassidy with that outfit on

  • Akeem McCollin
    Akeem McCollin21 dag siden

    He was so scared

  • India001
    India00121 dag siden

    Commentator - "I subscribed to Logan Paul just to unsubscribe" *Damn that hit differently*

  • Dylan Warddd
    Dylan Warddd21 dag siden

    Haha finally some entertainment 😆