Khabib Nurmagomedov ragdolling opponents


Khabib Abdulmanapovich Nurmagomedov
The Eagle
MMA Record 28-0
Height 5'10
Reach 70'
About: In this series I highlighted a certain fighters unique move/style that makes them successful in the octagon or ring.
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  • Ali Khan
    Ali Khan7 timer siden

    Conor is an alcogolic guy😎

  • Bambus Björn
    Bambus Björn8 timer siden

    Trujilo was a beast. Normaly when khabib takes you down, you stay down and get choked out. Trujilo got up all the time and survived... he gets not enough credit for this.

  • Mita Ramlan
    Mita Ramlan11 timer siden

    Memang benar kayak burung elang, udah dapat mangsa tak dapat melepaskan diri mangsanya.

  • wasif sheikh
    wasif sheikh16 timer siden

    Legent habib

  • Naz. Tanzeem
    Naz. TanzeemDag siden

    Trujilo takes Habibi down once,Habibi is like oky you wanna play rough,i can do that all day,come and take some lol.😓😥

  • Ilham Mansiz
    Ilham MansizDag siden

    6:59 that crazy

  • SilverMustang920
    SilverMustang920Dag siden

    Any MMA fighter would agree that you CANNOT have a 29-0 streak competing with best of the best, if you're only good at wrestling. Khabib is exceptional in his stand-up game and striking as well. He IS *THE BEST* P4P MMA champion. Period.

  • Gilgamesh LFX

    Gilgamesh LFX

    Dag siden

    I think it all comes down to his background as Combat Sambo champion. Combat Sambo doesn't have the best striking technique nor the best wrestling technique. But it has both striking and grappling, and teaches how to switch from striking to grappling and vice-versa. All Khabib did is learn to box, and improve his ground. Combat Sambo ties both together.

  • Firoz Chawan
    Firoz ChawanDag siden

    I miss you khabib

  • oscar peña
    oscar peña2 dager siden

    Khabib Legend......

  • DevWhyte
    DevWhyte2 dager siden

    Wrestlers are good but there all boring khabib is over raited all his match ups are all missing matches an its funny no one sees it Its the ufc people lol just like any other sport its rigged for the rich white people to win out of anyone lol this world is jokes

  • DevWhyte
    DevWhyte2 dager siden

    All this man does is hug niggas he can stand an trade otherwise he would be done conner shows an displays this an soon as conner tags him he will just wrestle

  • Zelim Uzhahov
    Zelim Uzhahov2 dager siden

    Started and ended career with fathers favourite submission triangle choke from the full mount

  • Rahadian Putra
    Rahadian Putra2 dager siden

    Khabis just purely mad dog right there

  • Black Drop
    Black Drop3 dager siden

    That hit. At 1:39 ouch

  • TyKuMen2
    TyKuMen23 dager siden


  • akthar sahabaz
    akthar sahabaz3 dager siden

    That much of stamina and power

  • Darth Sher
    Darth Sher3 dager siden

    It's when they have been taken down, opponents realize that they're over!

  • SMM Education
    SMM Education3 dager siden

    Khabibs fight is similar to the hunting of Leopard in which he carried his prey according to his will.

  • SMM Education
    SMM Education3 dager siden

    In the ring no one can save you !

  • SMM Education
    SMM Education3 dager siden

    Outside the ring he was shouting just like idiots .Conor McGregor. In the ring he is looking the Eagle attacking on him.

  • Monzil Chakma
    Monzil Chakma4 dager siden

    Opponent after khabib took them down : My end is near😂

  • тебе какое дело
    тебе какое дело4 dager siden

    Вы говорили , что он не треугольник сделал впервые , вот он такой же прием в начале видео он сделал Мамедову

  • Josh W
    Josh W4 dager siden

    Everyone : '' Justin Gaethie has good wrestle skills" got choked in the second round Khabib : " i didn't want to break his arm in front of his parents"

  • Randa Sagita Juhlandes
    Randa Sagita Juhlandes4 dager siden

    MasyaAllah Khabib.

  • itsme luvly
    itsme luvly5 dager siden

    Dustin a kind and genuine opponent of Khabib like Justin ...Dustin looksalike of Channing tatum handome guy

  • Penees Longchamp
    Penees Longchamp5 dager siden

    Nur = Noor / Lights Magomedov = Mohammed

  • flanker
    flanker5 dager siden

    You can see that last guy is thinking about all his life decisions that got him to where he's repeatedly slammed to the ground by Khabib lol. Just when he's slammed to the ground he's like "shit, again?"

  • A Karim
    A Karim5 dager siden

    its absolutely unfathomable how freakin dominant Khabib is .... I keep watching the Connor fight and as though im seeing it for the first time, the dominance is overwhelming the way he walks away unscathed, in almost complete control the entirety of his fights ... brutalizing every opponent ... cleared the entire division ... retired in his prime .... 1 in a lifetime i tell u

  • A Karim

    A Karim

    5 dager siden

    look how he stood in front of Connor, so loose with his hands ... completely neutralized the notorious

  • Gauhar Ashraf
    Gauhar Ashraf6 dager siden

    For me no.1 fighter ever = Muhammad Ali No.2 = Tyson, GSP and Khabib. No.3 = Your favorite fighter. No.1 and no.2 spot will be acquired by these legends till eternity and i guess everyone will agree with me.

  • Helmut Alexander Rubio Wilson
    Helmut Alexander Rubio Wilson6 dager siden

    every khabib oponent after the first round is like: ooooooooo shit I hope not to die here 😓

  • Alan attack
    Alan attack6 dager siden

    Brings a whole new meaning to the phrase "I'm a Human blanket"....

  • Ratlas
    Ratlas6 dager siden

    I knew he ragdolled guys but seeing it in a compilation like this just really shows how much of a monster he really is

  • oussama d
    oussama d6 dager siden

    His cardio is on the top 👌

  • Ahsan Akhlaq
    Ahsan Akhlaq6 dager siden

    Khabib the eagle

  • Xrhstos A.
    Xrhstos A.6 dager siden

    khabib sucks...only graple and nothing scared barbarian 2000 bc

  • Maviash


    5 dager siden

    wait...khabib or his opponents is suck? are u kidding me? as*hole

  • Jonah Segura
    Jonah Segura6 dager siden

    It’s really beautiful to watch this man’s grappling ability he truly is one of one of the best fighters in the world 💯👏🏽

  • Paul Bentley
    Paul Bentley6 dager siden

    What a relentless demoralising machine

  • Muhd Hariz
    Muhd Hariz6 dager siden

    @Martial Liam whats your ending song that beat drop is satisfying can you tell me whats the name of the song?

    ANTI VENOM6 dager siden

    28 takedown

  • Jaffar Nk
    Jaffar Nk6 dager siden fighting is HARAAM..

  • Maviash


    5 dager siden

    How about doing sport?

  • Malik Rashid
    Malik Rashid7 dager siden

    Khabib took some fighters to Drowning zone, Mauled some & also took some to Suplex City 🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓.G.O.A.T

  • imnot yourdad
    imnot yourdad8 dager siden

    Rockbottom@17 seconds

  • Dion Recht
    Dion Recht8 dager siden

    Khabib IS A MONSTER

  • Young Khalifah
    Young Khalifah8 dager siden

    Mann look at the khabib when the the referee ring the bell. He really look like "omg what did i do to this guy, I shouldn't beat him like that" to Johnson. He really look so disappointed and regret after the fight

  • Young Khalifah
    Young Khalifah8 dager siden

    Hello haters are u here?? U r welcome to khabib haters turn into fans club.

  • Colonel.Exe
    Colonel.Exe8 dager siden

    The worse part about Trujilo fight is he can't tap out but to endure the full 3 rounds

  • Adrian Aska
    Adrian Aska8 dager siden

    Kasian trujillo di banting2 gitu tanpa ada perlawanan,ibarat raja singa mainin mangsa yg g berdaya..

  • J RA
    J RA8 dager siden

    Khabib is the most violent fighter that I’ve ever seen. He’s an absolute savage.

  • Bradi The Unicorn
    Bradi The Unicorn8 dager siden

    That shit don't work on the street. You just let him take you down.then stab him behind the ear lights out.

  • Maviash


    5 dager siden

    in one take down..u would be dead..when ur head hit the ground...! with bad landing..u cant even breath normaly..

  • ********
    ********8 dager siden

    the power Khabib has is insane

  • Denis Carrillo
    Denis Carrillo9 dager siden

    every bitch will complain about his style but can't handle his concentration and adaptation skills

  • HW2800
    HW28009 dager siden

    Nurmagomedev opponent’s should alway try to do a take downs on him! Give him a taste of his own medicine!

  • Emm K

    Emm K

    7 dager siden

    Able T did that and that night Khabib set the record for most takedowns

  • bmoneymasta
    bmoneymasta9 dager siden

    The last one was like a wrestlers first time at bjj practice. "How do i stay safe? Uhhhhhh Takedown. Takedown. Takedown. Takedown."

  • Maxxx Modelz
    Maxxx Modelz9 dager siden

    Hate to say it, but I think Conor did the best out of any of the 29 opponents Khabib has had. Dustin did about the same effectiveness as Conor, but didn't last as long.

  • Maxxx Modelz

    Maxxx Modelz

    9 dager siden

    @Mister Donkey "you understand little of this sport". Those are your words, kid. You don't know me. You don't know what I know or what I do not, so you are in fact doing exactly what you just accused me of. Making idiotic assumptions based on thin air. My OP was an opinion. I based it on visual evidence that I see in these fights. Only a biased child would assume I know little of the sport based on what I said. Get it?

  • Mister Donkey

    Mister Donkey

    9 dager siden

    ​@Maxxx Modelz child? biased? you like to do only idiotic assumption based on thin air i see.

  • Maxxx Modelz

    Maxxx Modelz

    9 dager siden

    @Mister Donkey Hahaha. And you are a biased moron with little understanding of the world. Move along, child.

  • Mister Donkey

    Mister Donkey

    9 dager siden

    lol, you understand little of this sport.

  • zayn 55
    zayn 559 dager siden

    literally i got goosebump saw his fight with dos anjos..amazing

  • Mojima Channel
    Mojima Channel9 dager siden

    Trujilo 😆😆😆

  • Niyn
    Niyn9 dager siden

    9:58 Putting this time stamp here to watch that big body slam on repeat

  • now you know
    now you know10 dager siden

    This guy is like that hacker that always kills you no matter what you try

  • Sun Mountain
    Sun Mountain10 dager siden

    Habib anakonda. Хабиб анаконда

    ABDELLATIF ESSAIL10 dager siden

    Everyone :this guy well beat khabib Khabib : I'm gonna finish this guy's entire career

  • Ivan Valladares
    Ivan Valladares10 dager siden

    Instead of the "eagle" he should be called the lizard, cant do other than ground

  • Azlisham Mohamed
    Azlisham Mohamed10 dager siden

    Trujillo becomes Teddy Bear 😂

  • Dino caster
    Dino caster10 dager siden

    Trujilo like chiken🤣🤣

  • Alvin Marvellus
    Alvin Marvellus10 dager siden

    Khabib + mario = fight or die

  • The Fight Business
    The Fight Business10 dager siden


  • M M
    M M10 dager siden

    Don't ever send location.

  • Aristyo
    Aristyo10 dager siden

    Submissions and ragdolls require great strength. This man cardiovascular strength is crazy

  • King Charles
    King Charles10 dager siden

    Imagine fighting this dude

  • barcawy 0
    barcawy 011 dager siden

    legend 👑

  • Walker Of Paths
    Walker Of Paths11 dager siden

    I picture this is how he moves the sofa around the room

  • First Name
    First Name11 dager siden

    Khabib really wanted to break connors neck lol....kept on cranking it even tho he tapped

  • Mahsoom Sediqi
    Mahsoom Sediqi11 dager siden

    Khabib is on other level

  • Imran Klair
    Imran Klair12 dager siden

    In First fight of this video he used the same triangle choke he used against Justin , love you brother you are the true champ MashaAllah

  • RPG Gaming
    RPG Gaming12 dager siden

    Would have loved to have seen him fight in the weight class up from lightweight

  • Ariez Weatherford
    Ariez Weatherford13 dager siden

    different classes but theoretically, would love to see matt hughes vs khabib

  • Haikal Izzul
    Haikal Izzul13 dager siden

    9:59 When you fight with your lil brother😂😭😭😭

    MFIREM13 dager siden

    No tattoos, no trash talk, no alchol. He folow his words. What a beast

  • kali Lahn
    kali Lahn13 dager siden

    Yo, could you make a highlight of Gaethje vs Cerrone? I never actually saw the fight, it’d be interesting to see Gaethje’s KO

  • Kyle Konopka
    Kyle Konopka13 dager siden

    I give a lot of credit to Trujillo. He had some good rolls in there. He also didn't stop getting up. Yeah he got took down 28 times, but he got up 28 times too

  • Kamal el orch

    Kamal el orch

    13 dager siden

    no he got up 27 times, he ended the fight on his back lol

  • Rahul As
    Rahul As13 dager siden

    Khabib big boss his really real hero hamara

  • SirDavidPaladin
    SirDavidPaladin13 dager siden

    Rumor has it, whenever Trujillo sees Khabib, he falls to the ground out of habit.

  • Zenzu pah
    Zenzu pah14 dager siden

    The way he drag some of his opponents was crazy. He dragged them like one of his punching dummies at AKA gym.

  • 4ortune400 CEO
    4ortune400 CEO14 dager siden

    Khabib fights the only way I play ufc 😭😭😭 takedown, mount ,ground and pound GAMEOVER!!

  • REAL G
    REAL G14 dager siden

    DC said Khabib did not want to hurt Gaetjhe in front of his parents, if Conor has a rematch he will say "Not only have I brought mummy a daddy but also my great great great grandfather Rob Roy Mcgreggor, granted he died four hundred years ago and betrayed William Wallace but it made him king of Scotland and that led to the downfall of the English King, so Khabib don't break his heart"

  • Sakkeer hussian Haya fathima
    Sakkeer hussian Haya fathima14 dager siden


  • William Clarke
    William Clarke14 dager siden

    So I get people saying " yeah but wrestling is shit" to which I reply "just as well it's controlled or perhaps that boring wrestler might have killed him!" Here's fighting at its most potent.

  • wheatley
    wheatley14 dager siden

    8:17 well hello there, hows your day goin

  • eazybred
    eazybred14 dager siden

    So your telling me Khabib actually didn't lose a round because Conor basically cheated by grabbing his gloves and his shorts and illegal punches

  • Black Orchid
    Black Orchid15 dager siden

    Bruh when Khabib does that wrap around the two legs it looks like he is mauling a malnutritioned child

  • The royal fam Jamba
    The royal fam Jamba15 dager siden

    Please don’t say lost one round 29 0

  • pak Army zindabad
    pak Army zindabad15 dager siden

    KHABIB inside octagon like wild animal...✌✌✌✌✌

  • Beta Simp
    Beta Simp15 dager siden

    Barboza was like "Can't we just box and swing"?

  • Momo Ben
    Momo Ben15 dager siden

    Khabib Winner

  • Doffy Itachi
    Doffy Itachi15 dager siden

    Khabib "29 - 0" Nurmagomedov

  • Ghufron Harun
    Ghufron Harun16 dager siden

    Amazing Khabib.... two thumbs up

  • Yannick Joshua
    Yannick Joshua16 dager siden

    I am wolf brother

  • Oussama- Creed
    Oussama- Creed16 dager siden

    man I swear the god I watch this one 7or 9 time's 9:57 spicily hearing the crowd what a beast 💪🔥🔥🔥

  • jaden mitchell
    jaden mitchell16 dager siden

    Joe -“trujillo is 4 time NAIA all American wrestler.” Khabib throws him and takes down 28 time No one- Not a single bear- Khabib-“boorger”

  • Saim Shaikh
    Saim Shaikh16 dager siden

    He almost broke Johnsons arm and then gave him a hug. What a legend. Johnson didn’t even resist the hug.

  • Qsam M. Montana
    Qsam M. Montana16 dager siden

    9:58 is how I pick up my wife to the bed 🛌 😂