King Von (feat. Polo G) - The Code (Official Video)- REACTION w/ King Von & Polo G


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This is our reaction to King Von (feat. Polo G) - The Code Official Video
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  • ZIAS!
    ZIAS!2 måneder siden

    BOW !!!

  • Mante 105x

    Mante 105x

    19 timer siden


  • jumpman_1k_joseph Smith

    jumpman_1k_joseph Smith

    23 timer siden


  • Andre Cuncev OFFICIAL

    Andre Cuncev OFFICIAL

    3 dager siden


  • Lil V

    Lil V

    6 dager siden


  • Josue Avila

    Josue Avila

    6 dager siden


  • Sophia Sample
    Sophia Sample35 minutter siden

    This was hard to watching shit awkward asf 😭

  • BronxFan2
    BronxFan2Time siden

    Zias was BAKED

  • Ray Brown
    Ray Brown2 timer siden

    Zias gay

  • Explaiin
    Explaiin3 timer siden

    Who else trying SO hard trying to understand what vons saying when zias said, "what is you doin with that" HAHAHAHAHA

  • N3ll0
    N3ll05 timer siden

    man rip von shi sad asf

  • Jarrell Madison
    Jarrell Madison5 timer siden

    King von got the longest dreads in there

  • MB TV
    MB TV6 timer siden

    4:43 till 4:52 wtf King Von even say? 🤣🤣 nigga spoke in reverse

  • 410_ybt_tyonn
    410_ybt_tyonn8 timer siden

    Wats the beats they using

  • Cdeez XD
    Cdeez XD9 timer siden

    Being on zias channel = death

  • Paul Tarlton
    Paul Tarlton11 timer siden

    why does every black person have all the same hairstyles

  • Zaxify ;-;
    Zaxify ;-;12 timer siden

    Holy shot LlKV LlVR

  • Alan Benigno
    Alan Benigno12 timer siden

    This the dude that got popular after he died

  • oran
    oran14 timer siden

    respect to zias for checking von when von was lowkey clowning blou. Starts at 7:04 and zias checks him at 7:11

  • SUPERDUDE!!! Luevano
    SUPERDUDE!!! Luevano14 timer siden

    Weird how von wouldn’t look at blou

  • Marceles Simmons
    Marceles Simmons15 timer siden


  • ZhariaBear :-)
    ZhariaBear :-)22 timer siden

    Everybody got dreds 😭

  • Sqeem
    Sqeem23 timer siden

    7:09 Polo stopped smiling so fast it looked like when the teacher catch you laughing 😂

  • Andrea Ansere
    Andrea Ansere23 timer siden

    I keep coming to watch this video cuz it’s just such a vibe 😔

  • TMS_ Rattlers61
    TMS_ Rattlers6123 timer siden

    Von low key look tired and polo look cautious

  • SouKey
    SouKeyDag siden

    How was zais acting different Polo and von not used to NOlocal entertainment stuff They take it more serious

  • Adam
    AdamDag siden

    rip von

  • LeoBruv
    LeoBruvDag siden

    5:39 polo looks like a nerd whacking he's teacher learning math

  • Dat nigga justin
    Dat nigga justinDag siden

    RIP von man to tragic. 😔😔😔

  • yktravis
    yktravisDag siden

    “Is you from 63RD” that nigga was tryna die😂😂

  • E3Tree Raider
    E3Tree RaiderDag siden

    dang man. rip von you lucky to meet both of them tho

    ÚŃØAVIONDag siden


  • Tyrique Henry
    Tyrique HenryDag siden

    Rip king von 🙏🏾

  • Bad As G
    Bad As GDag siden

    No racism intended but my first time seeing black people be awkward with each other.

  • Danielinks Links
    Danielinks LinksDag siden

    Von not even smoking

  • John Grealy
    John Grealy2 dager siden

    Bruh it’s the ZIAS CURSE. Everyone on his show dies. First juice now von

  • Sahib Gill
    Sahib Gill2 dager siden

    R.I.P von 💔💔🕊🕊

  • On Bd
    On Bd2 dager siden

    They wasn’t fucking with fbg duck on the right

  • Slattman Tym
    Slattman Tym2 dager siden

    rip von man

  • Juice WRLD 9 9 9
    Juice WRLD 9 9 92 dager siden


  • Xevenways •
    Xevenways •2 dager siden

    I wanted to hear what polo g had to spit on 0:59

    CARLOS JOSE BAUTISTA2 dager siden

    It’s sucks that this was close to his death these were his last days on earth

  • Eazy-E


    Dag siden

    Faxs I remember watching this when first came out shit crazy

  • Etxzion
    Etxzion2 dager siden

    Polo g king of rap 💯💥💥

  • pack
    pack2 dager siden

    rip von man

  • Elvis Prempeh
    Elvis Prempeh2 dager siden

    Rip king von

  • CrimZon RayZ
    CrimZon RayZ2 dager siden

    Bruh wtf is sad seeing some of these dudes dead

  • Black Titan
    Black Titan2 dager siden

    I hate when the post a vid with a rapper and then they die shortly after

  • Quincy Dentmond
    Quincy Dentmond2 dager siden

    My dawg 👑 KING VON was a Salvage

    FT SLTN2 dager siden

    6 days after this vids realease he died man rip king von just like popsmoke he couldnt get to show the world more of his talent

  • ziare
    ziare2 dager siden

    These dudes friends wit every rapper

  • More TXITI-_-YT
    More TXITI-_-YT2 dager siden

    R.I.P King Von 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Mal Find
    Mal Find2 dager siden

    just imagine blou and how he felt when they was editing soooo tuff

  • SouKey


    Dag siden

    Man!! I STILL DONT GET WHY HE GET CLOWNED FOR WHAT IT CUZ SIAS ASKED HIM 6rd or what! I felt like they both acting normal

  • Sincere Grant

    Sincere Grant

    Dag siden

    Faxxxx man

  • ItzBundz


    2 dager siden

    Fr man that make me so mad he just being himself fr

  • almightybass god
    almightybass god2 dager siden

    Scary how this guy died 7 days later

  • Dick Dad
    Dick Dad2 dager siden

    1:37 Dyaamm’

  • Smith 2K
    Smith 2K3 dager siden

    Zias was acting like a whole different person and B Lou was the same

  • dc wantsmoke

    dc wantsmoke

    Dag siden

    I think they was just high

  • QDie
    QDie3 dager siden

    how?! After week Von is dead. with Juice, too, this situation...

  • Obi-Wan Kenobi
    Obi-Wan Kenobi3 dager siden

    Bruh rip Von tho

  • 2Drip2Fly 2YVNG
    2Drip2Fly 2YVNG3 dager siden

    How do they always meet the rapper before death #RIPKINGVON #RIPJUICEWRLD

  • Jbee Sayiah
    Jbee Sayiah3 dager siden


  • L O S T S T A R
    L O S T S T A R3 dager siden

    MORGENSHTERN - CADILLAC Hello from Russia 👋

  • Marcus Kalta
    Marcus Kalta3 dager siden

    React to Onna come up by lil Eazzyy

  • jaiiYN
    jaiiYN3 dager siden

    if these boys dont drop a vid I'm finna walk to there house and knock on there door and force them to make a video

  • Matt Melanie
    Matt Melanie3 dager siden

    Can you do a reaction video to Bugzy Malone and Chip - notorious

  • Conta Reserva
    Conta Reserva3 dager siden

    Escuta teto PayPal

  • Fa Ke
    Fa Ke3 dager siden

    Teto PayPal

  • Alessandro Silva
    Alessandro Silva3 dager siden

    Reagi ao teto PayPal

  • Amier Parkinson
    Amier Parkinson3 dager siden

    It’s crazy cuz they did a reaction wit juice he passed and now von rip bro

  • Maria das dores
    Maria das dores3 dager siden

    reacted to teto paypal 🇧🇷🇧🇷

    BLINDADO FF3 dager siden

    Reagi ao teto paypal

  • Alerrandro Br50
    Alerrandro Br503 dager siden

    reacted to teto paypal

  • Kelo Myers
    Kelo Myers3 dager siden

    This nigga post one time and goes ghost For months crazy thought u care about us but its cool

  • G Shiesty.30
    G Shiesty.303 dager siden

    7:05 🤣I feel bad for b lou

  • yani sani

    yani sani

    4 timer siden


  • Stephen Curry
    Stephen Curry3 dager siden

    POLO G looking like he stuck clowning Blou even though he doesnt want to because Von keeps turning to him for a reaction every time he cracks a joke

  • Bruh crankyn
    Bruh crankyn4 dager siden

    R.I.P VON!

  • Mari Smith
    Mari Smith4 dager siden

    von nd polo g high asl

  • Vervzヅ
    Vervzヅ4 dager siden

    R.I.P King Von

  • DG
    DG4 dager siden

    9:58 why he sound like that lmaoo

  • V V
    V V4 dager siden


  • V V
    V V4 dager siden

    React to Gherbo

  • Iansaniti Tha MF
    Iansaniti Tha MF4 dager siden

    I miss old zias when they didn’t wear fully iced out chains and there hair lookin like a Godamn rapper

  • DeshawnToo Live

    DeshawnToo Live

    Time siden

    Yeah that’s true but that was when they didn’t have money. Now they’re rich off this stuff so it makes sense why they’re iced out now.

  • K/D GAM1NG

    K/D GAM1NG

    Dag siden


  • Boss Lady
    Boss Lady4 dager siden

    Von crazy as shit, he was straight clowning dude, talking about with the cashmere on...I'm weakkkkk...Von stayed clowning my type of guy, I'm tha same way...all out of love tho. LLVKINGVON 🙏

  • Etzer Charite
    Etzer Charite4 dager siden

    Rip kingvon

  • B.L.Y
    B.L.Y5 dager siden

    this was so cringy

    ITS ALEX5 dager siden

    Von just playin wit his hair while they spittin bars😂

  • LeFeï DaRager
    LeFeï DaRager5 dager siden


  • rawwduck
    rawwduck5 dager siden

    These 2 dipped on us 😕

  • Jordan
    Jordan5 dager siden

    0:50 where can i find that beat rip von 💔

  • 410_ybt_tyonn


    8 timer siden

    @Wockpharma wats the other beat ?

  • Wockpharma


    2 dager siden

    lil yachty - coffin

  • Uly1e Lol
    Uly1e Lol5 dager siden

    Rip von 😭😇

  • Justj_Music
    Justj_Music6 dager siden

    This is sad that their last video is with king von 😪

  • Animorda
    Animorda6 dager siden

    this nigga made 10 vids this whole year

  • Justj_Music
    Justj_Music6 dager siden

    Where y’all go? 🥺

  • Livid God
    Livid God6 dager siden

    What’s the first instrumental that they freestyle to? Nobody know?

  • Andrew Barber
    Andrew Barber6 dager siden

    R.I.p von

  • Cow
    Cow6 dager siden

    They look like a gang of Disney villains

  • Kolby Spainhour
    Kolby Spainhour6 dager siden

    react too the spoken assaasian

  • NotPolo G
    NotPolo G6 dager siden

    Polo G look like he was enjoying his feature in the song so much

  • Remapz
    Remapz6 dager siden

    Can y'all react to the mome boys

  • Matt Torres
    Matt Torres6 dager siden

    I’m not gonna lie Von was low key bullying B Lou

  • Bomboclaat


    2 dager siden

    Matt Torres yea he a goof for that

  • Matt Torres

    Matt Torres

    2 dager siden

    @Call Me Relish watch the end

  • Call Me Relish

    Call Me Relish

    2 dager siden


  • saesae134
    saesae1346 dager siden

    Von really not here no more 😔

  • Keshawn Bradley
    Keshawn Bradley6 dager siden

    Wassp wit the merch niggas be waiting dn 2 months

  • J S
    J S6 dager siden

    "riding niggas like a scooter" gah damn blou what the fuck

  • Maxwell Vitkow
    Maxwell Vitkow6 dager siden

    These dudes weirdos now days or I grew up

  • Hosie Kiflom
    Hosie Kiflom6 dager siden

    i think they forgot thier passcode

  • BHDx vFX
    BHDx vFX6 dager siden

    Man then Von passed away.... Pain

  • Peter Mitrev
    Peter Mitrev6 dager siden

    Man I beg you guys react to the uk drill wtf bars shit funny at