KSI Almost Breaks His Leg....Again

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  • Krush Jones
    Krush JonesDag siden

    He does a really good Neymar! Take a bow son 👏

  • bob bobby
    bob bobby12 dager siden

    yup... he's got the free kick

  • Dawn
    Dawn16 dager siden

    KSI trying to get to the penalty box 🤣🤣🤣

  • Adib Jr
    Adib Jr17 dager siden

    Clown 🤡

  • runa sirpal
    runa sirpal22 dager siden

    Plot twist- Neymar learned his diving tactic from KSI

  • I argue against retards Idiot
    I argue against retards Idiot23 dager siden

    Pity he didnt

  • 2head メ
    2head メ26 dager siden


  • Gaming2Perfection
    Gaming2Perfection29 dager siden

    Legends say he is still rolling

  • Katie Adler
    Katie Adler29 dager siden

    The grace, the elegance...

  • Oz Wood
    Oz WoodMåned siden

    for anyone who wasnt at the game it was hilarious

  • BoredJustChillin
    BoredJustChillinMåned siden

    Karens when you almost run them over

  • jamaa
    jamaaMåned siden

    neymar taught him well

  • Tasty
    TastyMåned siden

    Why are all these dudes rolling around as if they’d been shot? If you’re gonna dive, make it look even a little bit convincing, Jesus 🤦‍♂️

  • George Biggs
    George BiggsMåned siden

    Someone show Roy Keane this

  • Lawn mower
    Lawn mowerMåned siden

    Nah that was the leap of faith for that free kick

  • Old KSI Videos
    Old KSI VideosMåned siden

    And then when he got the free-kick he gets up straight away without hesitation 😂

  • Drexx
    DrexxMåned siden

    love how joe weller went ''sorry what is he doing'' fucking wierdo

  • Ben
    BenMåned siden

    JJ: Diving at a charity match for a joke Joe Weller: “wHaT iS hE dOiNg”

  • Mehrdad Parthian
    Mehrdad ParthianMåned siden

    that feint would even shame a saudi arab football player off the ground !!!

  • RMredgrinch
    RMredgrinchMåned siden

    Time to roast jj in reddit

  • Tanaka Ronald
    Tanaka RonaldMåned siden

    he watched neymar at 2018 world cup

  • Rob Mays
    Rob MaysMåned siden

    So cringe

  • GM zohaib
    GM zohaibMåned siden

    "He might trying to get free kick ohh i think he got it"😂😂😂

  • Nathan Fox
    Nathan FoxMåned siden

    Why does the thumbnail look like saint maximim

  • K H
    K HMåned siden

    JJ are you a fish👌

  • Davo
    DavoMåned siden

    Mans got a lot of momentum in that roll

  • AngeKerr
    AngeKerrMåned siden

    “Rev up this fryers cuz I am sure hungry for one..help help my leg!”

  • Liam Playz
    Liam PlayzMåned siden


    FIFA CLIPS!Måned siden

    I Think that is Neymar

  • New star God
    New star GodMåned siden

    Why must I suffer

  • William Moffat
    William MoffatMåned siden


  • Isaac Muldoon
    Isaac MuldoonMåned siden

    Pathetic soccer

  • vivekamundan
    vivekamundanMåned siden

    Ksi jr

  • Abid Hussain
    Abid HussainMåned siden

    0:12 I love how he gets back up to fall again

  • meep beep
    meep beepMåned siden

    the guys on the other side of the pitch like what's he fucking doing

  • Adam Smith
    Adam SmithMåned siden

    “I think he’s...trying to get a free kick” 🤣

  • Robert Nguyen
    Robert NguyenMåned siden

    That’s me when my older sister taps me I try to scream s much as I can just to see her get whooped, yes I’m one of those dramatic younger siblings

  • Parth Kalia
    Parth KaliaMåned siden

    I think he's tryna get the free kick, I think he got it. I laughed so bad 😂😂

  • Jaymir Bergrok
    Jaymir BergrokMåned siden

    he looks like he's committing insurance fraud

  • Mohammed Durrah
    Mohammed DurrahMåned siden

    Neymar almostvlost his leg

  • Aaditya Chadha
    Aaditya ChadhaMåned siden

    The dude dived so far he went through immigration 😂

  • DuPpYmAnS
    DuPpYmAnSMåned siden

    Everyone just laughing at this clown

  • YN Gaming
    YN GamingMåned siden

    🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Salah learnt from JJ

  • Akshin Barathi
    Akshin BarathiMåned siden

    when the mermaid is out of water

  • Abbi x
    Abbi xMåned siden

    Simon getting him to keep rolling is true friends 🤣

  • ZK Fnd
    ZK FndMåned siden

    so jj was one of those kids in hugh laurie videos where he teaches children the art of diving

  • Nikhiel Sookoo
    Nikhiel SookooMåned siden

    Like a real cry baby

  • Mister Spazzy
    Mister SpazzyMåned siden

    I love KSI but I don't find this entertaining, just a passing opinion

  • Tim -_-
    Tim -_-Måned siden

    Maybe he's still rolling now

  • The Jungle
    The JungleMåned siden

    Yo, who knew that the sideman also used to be those losers who act like there hurt 😂

  • Recon
    ReconMåned siden

    minter got him the free kick u told him to keep rolling 😀

  • 17estroyer
    17estroyerMåned siden

    Twitter users when someone has a different opinion to them

  • You Dont Need To Know This
    You Dont Need To Know ThisMåned siden

    Simon literally says "keep rolling, keep rolling" 😂

  • Telinho
    TelinhoMåned siden

    He almost broke his leg while rolling on the floor

  • Mandy
    MandyMåned siden

    Legend has it he is still rolling😂

  • LiFE of an OREO
    LiFE of an OREOMåned siden

    Neymar: First Mbappe now this guy, everyone's stealing my spotlight.

  • Amit Varghese
    Amit VargheseMåned siden

    jj rolling towards th pen box for getting a penalty

  • Sam Burgess
    Sam BurgessMåned siden

    Joe sounded angry

  • Tyla Fitzimmons
    Tyla FitzimmonsMåned siden

    That was the same dive as the one where he jumed into a canal

  • D1nesh._22
    D1nesh._22Måned siden

    "He's got the free kick" lmao

  • Adhyatma Capoor
    Adhyatma CapoorMåned siden

    Wait that's draco

  • slacher blamo
    slacher blamoMåned siden

    Jj over acting

  • M O
    M OMåned siden

    That was a foul tho.

  • Random Human
    Random HumanMåned siden

    When you spray the bug spray on the cockroach

  • FireNinja
    FireNinjaMåned siden

    Next video Rice Gum has his leg intact

  • Dragon
    DragonMåned siden

    ksi you notty notty

  • Texerez
    TexerezMåned siden


  • TrentSZN
    TrentSZNMåned siden

    Simon: Keep Rolling JJ!! But on me ok?

  • UpTheReds 123
    UpTheReds 123Måned siden

    Sorry to break it to you Joe lad but I think it was a joke ; man sounds so serious 😂 “WHAT IS HE DOING!”😡

  • Jeffy
    JeffyMåned siden

    He's just over exaggerating

  • //
    //Måned siden

    Meanwhile Simon: Keep rolling! Keep rolling!

  • saz19s8
    saz19s8Måned siden

    JJ doing his best Neymar impression

  • Danish Khan
    Danish KhanMåned siden

    You can see the people sitting on the bench smiling lol.

  • TJ Playz
    TJ PlayzMåned siden

    Barely touched him

  • akasyahkfl
    akasyahkflMåned siden

    and this dude says he can knockout a horse....

  • Sick Boi
    Sick BoiMåned siden

    Ohh Wow Never seen that Mermaid Video ! 😳

  • Amad Agar
    Amad AgarMåned siden

    Me: *touchs my little bro* Him:

  • ANS
    ANSMåned siden

    Damn it must hurt

  • m.r popo
    m.r popoMåned siden

    a really good actor

  • Saumya Singh
    Saumya SinghMåned siden

    That's how your younger brother traps you in front of mom😂

  • d3AtH_l0Rd
    d3AtH_l0RdMåned siden

    Slightly less fat KSI take a tumble... Again

  • AllGeorgedUp
    AllGeorgedUpMåned siden

    He did more spins than the break dancers in Sidemen got talent

  • Iraj Ahsan
    Iraj AhsanMåned siden

    Looks like raheem sterling

  • MonsterGamer728
    MonsterGamer728Måned siden

    When you tryna get that insurance

  • Jahshshdhdgsh
    JahshshdhdgshMåned siden

    Jesus Christ died on the cross for your sins repent and turn to Christ .

  • U Adarsh
    U AdarshMåned siden

    Neymar - Hmm...this kid has outdone me...

  • boocha
    boochaMåned siden

    When your leg falls asleep and it makes you fall:

  • Martin
    MartinMåned siden

    His acting here was worth an Oscar nomination

  • DWSGaming
    DWSGamingMåned siden

    “He’s got the free kick...😐”

  • Shantiv Monga
    Shantiv MongaMåned siden

    The acting is impeccable.

  • Jimmy Vee
    Jimmy VeeMåned siden

    Mission success

  • Brandonj21 -gaming
    Brandonj21 -gamingMåned siden

    0:06 that's me when the

  • Conall Daly
    Conall DalyMåned siden

    Weller having none of it

  • Skydrym
    SkydrymMåned siden

    Everyone say it with me: “Neymar”

  • Swrve
    SwrveMåned siden

    Tbf, that was a professional type of dive

  • Double M On Tha Beat
    Double M On Tha BeatMåned siden

    nolocal.info/have/video/hml_pMqzuaWktqY ....................................................

  • jack hello
    jack helloMåned siden

    Mans rolled halfway down the pitch

  • FTMWS 29
    FTMWS 29Måned siden

    Someone put this on his reddit.

  • The Light
    The LightMåned siden

    This is the funniest, cringest thing ever

  • Dylan1350nl Youtube
    Dylan1350nl YoutubeMåned siden

    Bollywood actress 🤣🤩