Kyrie Ejected! Lakers Beat Nets Without LeBron, AD! 2020-21 NBA Season


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  • Jarrett Spurlock
    Jarrett Spurlock2 dager siden


  • eioshen boboi
    eioshen boboi28 dager siden

    Vogel deserves credit, he has been a terrific coach.

  • Traubo Bis
    Traubo BisMåned siden

    Thats why lebron he will never be a goat all of 4 championship on stacked team or superteam compare to Mj kobe first championship not superteam

  • Bdag TheSauceGod
    Bdag TheSauceGodMåned siden

    Kyrie shoes are spicy

  • Jung Kook
    Jung KookMåned siden

    La and blake trashhh cannn older

  • jessica garcia
    jessica garciaMåned siden

    Lakers in 5

  • XtraUnormal
    XtraUnormalMåned siden

    LeLakers vs DurNets

  • MR. AF
    MR. AFMåned siden

    The Lakers D is something that needs to be discussed. Vogel is some CotY material rn

  • EJ25
    EJ25Måned siden

    The frist time i buy a NBA game, Kyrie gest his frist ejection of his whole career. What a great timing!

  • aiden powell
    aiden powellMåned siden

    Lakers blow out nets in, what a squad

  • Baller Doge
    Baller DogeMåned siden

    Kyrie getting himself ejected with a below-average player shows his level of maturity

    GT GOKUMåned siden

    How y'all nets fans feel 😂👀

  • kiDavid
    kiDavidMåned siden

    Kyrie wanted that ejection so he could load manage a bit more

  • Hamiisii M.
    Hamiisii M.Måned siden

    the incense got him high

  • Gang M Gang
    Gang M GangMåned siden

    You know Shannon Sharpe is going to have a field day with what happened 😂

  • Rosdy Dimaporo
    Rosdy DimaporoMåned siden

    brooklyn nets trade compilation failed

  • Death Row
    Death RowMåned siden

    Note, kyrie was there when lakers had the lead so he didn’t matter. Nets got their assses whooped

  • Daya Kishor
    Daya KishorMåned siden

    I wonder how the lakers would do if they never even had LeBron and Davis they would still have Drummond and the other players

  • TheGreatest Pokemon Fan
    TheGreatest Pokemon FanMåned siden

    How Drummond should've played in his first game as a Laker

  • Curt Anderson
    Curt AndersonMåned siden


  • Deshaun A. Virinia
    Deshaun A. ViriniaMåned siden

    Schroder- The Earth is roundd!!!!!! Kyrie- The Earth is flat!!!!!!!!!!! Ref- Technical foul!

  • Muhammad Arya Maulana
    Muhammad Arya MaulanaMåned siden

    when your beard soo big that even your mask can't cover your nose 0:04

  • Ádám Holler
    Ádám HollerMåned siden

    It's just so funny to hear the excuses from Nets fans...😂😂

  • shugbz1
    shugbz1Måned siden

    KD mom dancing for that loser! #getheramap

  • David da Cunha
    David da CunhaMåned siden

    Ever since kyrie left Cleveland he has been nothing but a 🤡

  • Q D
    Q DMåned siden

    Dennis said bro you need a cut kyrie went ballistic

  • Keith CookII
    Keith CookIIMåned siden

    Damn that’s crazy......nets in 5

  • Kidus Tessema
    Kidus TessemaMåned siden

    apparently dennis called kyrie a n word

  • Junior Hernandez
    Junior HernandezMåned siden

    We'll see both at full capacity, everyone healthy and of course the nets NEEEEEEEDDD to fix they're defense! Nets in 6!

  • Wagwan 6ix - Topic
    Wagwan 6ix - TopicMåned siden

    Let's go

  • mike
    mikeMåned siden

    Lakers In 4

  • Ugo Ricci
    Ugo RicciMåned siden

    Lakers in 5

  • Jesus Christ
    Jesus ChristMåned siden

    Dennis aint shit

  • armando nava
    armando navaMåned siden

    Djmecchy does fake voiceovers

  • Lascelles Powell Jr.
    Lascelles Powell Jr.Måned siden

    Well it means nothing!!! Just a regular season irrelevant game

  • DoubleDipYT
    DoubleDipYTMåned siden

    Is it just me that don’t see the point of wearing a mask if you’re not covering your nose?

  • Alexander The Great
    Alexander The GreatMåned siden

    A storm is coming only us lakers fans know about🌪️👑🔥

  • Tyler
    TylerMåned siden

    Nets are overrated

  • Jonathan milton
    Jonathan miltonMåned siden

    I sit back and say I told you so😊 folks got on me and laughed saying the Nets are better I said okay. The Lakers are way better and for us to beat them without our two Superstars and y’all had all of yours cmon bruh

  • ワHades
    ワHadesMåned siden

    Heat vs Nets in the Conference Finals...

  • ワHades


    Måned siden

    @Death Row attack? what you gonna kill them?

  • Death Row

    Death Row

    Måned siden

    Heat would beat them. All they have to do is attack nets bigs

  • Ben Henderson
    Ben HendersonMåned siden

    Even Kuzma was sitting out 💀

  • Jeff Desir
    Jeff DesirMåned siden

    Greenstreet cafe

  • nick T
    nick TMåned siden

    Lakers are most stacked team in nba

  • Daniel Madrid
    Daniel MadridMåned siden

    panis irving😂😂

  • Edgardo Rodriguez
    Edgardo RodriguezMåned siden

    That shows the nets are beatable with or without the superstars

  • Sexy Gemini Man
    Sexy Gemini ManMåned siden

    "The world is round Kyrie" LOL Smdh 🤷🏾‍♂️🙂

  • ItsNoahGF -_-
    ItsNoahGF -_-Måned siden

    It is 1 game so don't really mean anything

  • Vidal Solis
    Vidal SolisMåned siden

    Lakers are chip

  • C
    CMåned siden

    Lakers in 6

  • The Fun -_-guy
    The Fun -_-guyMåned siden

    That’s some CHEESE

  • woadie woe
    woadie woeMåned siden

    Our depth is insane 🔥🔥🔥

  • Iason k
    Iason kMåned siden


  • Vinz Mata
    Vinz MataMåned siden

    It shows that Harden is the most important player for the Nets. The presence of James creates a lot of difficulty for the other team defensively. Harden attracts multiple defenders thereby freeing up the other players to easily score..

  • jdelgado216
    jdelgado216Måned siden

    Huge firepower with awful defense, nothing new

  • NbaGod
    NbaGodMåned siden

    The nets not tryna show off in the regular season

  • What's So Good About Indy ???
    What's So Good About Indy ???Måned siden

    LeBron put a battery in Schroder.

  • Gee Boi
    Gee BoiMåned siden

    Chris smoove is sad right now cause he loves kd so much.

  • Stephen A Wrong here is why
    Stephen A Wrong here is whyMåned siden

    Smooth: that was a Crazy layup Kyrie: Ah man I am oppressed stop playing with me I’m not a Gayfish

  • Tamir Hall
    Tamir HallMåned siden

    If kyrie was a fighter, he would whoop that noob easy.

  • Dez Wattronica
    Dez WattronicaMåned siden

    Drummond was a great pick up for the Lakers.

  • Rico McCard
    Rico McCardMåned siden

    Nets are the storm!

  • Eric
    EricMåned siden

    What’s his momma dancing about now?

  • Showtyme Ty
    Showtyme TyMåned siden

    2 game for in months for Kd he also came off bench kyrie ain’t playing all game you know he gets crazy in the 4th and no harden.....

  • Deandre Jackson

    Deandre Jackson

    Måned siden

    What who did Lakers have lol?

  • My City Sucks
    My City SucksMåned siden

    Nets are now interested in Luka, Vince Carter is coming out of retirement and Phil Jackson will coach

  • I'm gay but

    I'm gay but

    Måned siden

    So funny 😐😐😐

  • Black Titan
    Black TitanMåned siden

    Not even Kd could of saved that 2nd half

  • Mohamedlamin Donzo
    Mohamedlamin DonzoMåned siden

    *No kuz

  • George Irizarry
    George IrizarryMåned siden

    Lake show. Born a genius. Irving knew they were not coming back from that whooping

  • I'm gay but

    I'm gay but

    Måned siden

    It was literally a 4 point game what whooping?

  • Justin Brown
    Justin BrownMåned siden


  • Jamie Canada
    Jamie CanadaMåned siden

    I can only imagine how Skip feels.

  • Dugis
    DugisMåned siden

    every team have bad games

  • kazu kyo
    kazu kyoMåned siden

    One game don't make a difference. But gud on the LAL

  • Joe'l Fofana
    Joe'l FofanaMåned siden

    The nets are a fluke, just wait till the Lakers are healthy, then there’s gonna be silence and a change of the narrative

  • The Dynamic Flashy
    The Dynamic FlashyMåned siden

    Durant's mom is a little too prominent. Does he not have any other family members, girlfriend, wife etc?

  • flashinthepan1
    flashinthepan1Måned siden

    Ha Ha,, kyrie will need some personal time off now!!!

  • Garrick Carpenter
    Garrick CarpenterMåned siden

    Why am I just now noticing Ben Mclemore on the lakers?

  • Garrick Carpenter

    Garrick Carpenter

    Måned siden

    Everyone is getting a buyout🤣

  • Sorrow City Bandit

    Sorrow City Bandit

    Måned siden

    Because the lakers just got him in the buyout

  • NV
    NVMåned siden

    Harden > KD

  • Harry Bito
    Harry BitoMåned siden


  • Nick Medeiros
    Nick MedeirosMåned siden

    Brons old work getting in to it w his new work lmao

  • Kelvin Lee
    Kelvin LeeMåned siden

    Lakers in 7

    CBE DAYDAYMåned siden

    Dennis: the worlds round Kyrie: and I took that personal

  • Henry
    HenryMåned siden

    Nets are a joke!

  • Bakari McAllister 41
    Bakari McAllister 41Måned siden

    That Kyrie fro is nuts

  • maxwingame_619
    maxwingame_619Måned siden

    Cant wait for skip and Shannon first take 😂

  • IBRAHIM Alowonle
    IBRAHIM AlowonleMåned siden

    Kyrie getting ejected'when have you seen that.🤔

  • Dollar & A dream
    Dollar & A dreamMåned siden

    FOR THE PEOPLE WHO WAVENT READ THE COMMENT DONT there all Lakers fans so it’s biased

  • Srikar Velavarthipati
    Srikar VelavarthipatiMåned siden

    Is it me or is it just weird seeing a center wearing #2

  • ItsMeMario
    ItsMeMarioMåned siden

    Still got nets in 4 when nets fully healthy

  • Usapang Basketball
    Usapang BasketballMåned siden

    KYRIE told schroder Earth is Flat!!!! :)

  • HT - 11ZZ 673994 Louise Arbour SS
    HT - 11ZZ 673994 Louise Arbour SSMåned siden


  • zoren mataro
    zoren mataroMåned siden

    I think Nets need 2 more Allstar.

  • JusSick24
    JusSick24Måned siden

    It doesn't matter.

  • KOT1Q
    KOT1QMåned siden

    Lakers in 6

  • Baniu Gameplay
    Baniu GameplayMåned siden

    Nets are beatable... Lakers is incomplete in lineup! And have a great game... Hope Nets Don't choke in playoffs.. But I am a warriors fan :D

  • George Jeffery
    George JefferyMåned siden

    Goes to show u that Durant can’t carry a TEAM!!!!!

  • Brad Butler
    Brad ButlerMåned siden

    What.. for real.. damn

  • Jesse Sowah
    Jesse SowahMåned siden

    Ben McLemore lol 😂

  • Romer Castellano
    Romer CastellanoMåned siden

    Nets soft

  • Diogo Teixeira
    Diogo TeixeiraMåned siden

    smoking that Nets pack

  • NJM


    Måned siden

    You right we are

  • I'm gay but

    I'm gay but

    Måned siden

    Without their 2 best players and KD on a minutes restriction 👍👍👍

  • Mike The_Tigir
    Mike The_TigirMåned siden

    Nets: No D needed Drummond: They can’t guard me

  • Anthony Zoldork
    Anthony ZoldorkMåned siden

    So why is Kyrie such a brat?