Last To Stop Eating Hot Wings Wins $3,000


Last To Stop Eating Hot Spicy Chicken Wings Wins $3,000 With The Fortnite Pros featuring @FaZe H1ghSky1 @FaZe Sway @FaZe Dubs @FaZe Kay and @FaZe Nikan
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  • Youi Gamer2010
    Youi Gamer20107 timer siden

    I will eat that holl plate easy

  • Epic Gamer
    Epic Gamer12 timer siden

    The carry

  • Cairo Koy
    Cairo Koy15 timer siden

    is sway 3v1ing???

  • Pancho Rojo
    Pancho Rojo15 timer siden

    Sway your funny I love you bro

  • suto
    suto16 timer siden

    2:40 him bout to die bro eat the wing it’s not that hot

  • Antonio Moraga
    Antonio Moraga17 timer siden

    Nobody is going to talk about Sway’s massive voice crack?😂😂😂

  • imthenajetaak __
    imthenajetaak __20 timer siden

    Please join me to FaZe clan

  • HL vax
    HL vaxDag siden

    how tf did sway go back team b shouldve lost

  • CREED ay Non
    CREED ay NonDag siden

    Big wing issss sway

  • Gamezer Buds
    Gamezer BudsDag siden

    Faze Sway: “licking his fingers” Indonesians:Hold my beer “eats the entire plate in seconds”

  • ab gaming
    ab gamingDag siden

    The hottest wings in the world in la Jarvis 2020

  • Yeetus Mcbeetus
    Yeetus McbeetusDag siden


  • Code uojared
    Code uojaredDag siden

    Sway just dont care


    Team: ah its hotttt me: am fine

  • B n B Twins
    B n B Twins2 dager siden

    I could win tis challenge :3

  • Marlan Mccowan
    Marlan Mccowan2 dager siden

    Sway is the new spice king lol

  • jordanXamazing
    jordanXamazing2 dager siden

    I searched it up and me and sway have the same b day

  • Leand Lahu
    Leand Lahu2 dager siden

    Dude why do u hate faze rug like I thing his videos are also cool

  • YoItsJxuice
    YoItsJxuice2 dager siden

    In the thumbnail, highsky looks like he is eating one of thos giant takis you get in a bag

  • Marty on ttv
    Marty on ttv2 dager siden

    Worlds hottest wings.... in LA, knowledge

  • Aggro FlyQzy
    Aggro FlyQzy2 dager siden

    *FaZe Kay : "Its Stinging Man"* *FaZe Sway : (:|)*

  • selami ferizi
    selami ferizi2 dager siden

    you are the bed of the youtubers

  • Leon Hain
    Leon Hain2 dager siden

    that's so little chicken wings chili better 100 pieces you have 15

  • Shawn Plays
    Shawn Plays2 dager siden

    Jarvis: Today we have the worlds hottest wings in LA

  • Jamie Abellan Felix
    Jamie Abellan Felix3 dager siden

    Worlds hottest wings in L.A! Wtf

  • hyper gamer
    hyper gamer3 dager siden

    Me:I m hungry because i see this video MOM:The food is ready!!

  • Benai Melchiorre
    Benai Melchiorre3 dager siden


  • David Campbell
    David Campbell3 dager siden

    Highly said he was going to go crazy he only ate two

  • Luis Tiempos
    Luis Tiempos3 dager siden

    We got the world’s hottest wings in LA🤔huh?

  • Kr!sBoy
    Kr!sBoy3 dager siden

    Feel bad that FaZe sway had to pretend it was spicy in the thumbnail

  • Penny King
    Penny King3 dager siden

    I love spicy chicken so flNorth Carolina and

  • W0lf_f33rd
    W0lf_f33rd4 dager siden

    I am like h1ghsk1 XD

  • Alex Costea
    Alex Costea4 dager siden

    Did my man Jarvis just said the worlds hottest wings in L.A? 😂

  • Nathanael Torres
    Nathanael Torres4 dager siden


  • Triza Figueras
    Triza Figueras4 dager siden

    i was craving for wings well i was watching

  • Ash_loves_malo
    Ash_loves_malo4 dager siden

    Me being hungry and now wanting some

  • Tru1x
    Tru1x4 dager siden

    Sway makes that money off of one creative zone wars game

  • More TeaterHyper
    More TeaterHyper4 dager siden

    Famous NOlocalr: Today we will try 10 Spiciest Chips in the World NOlocalr vs Me -NOlocalr Eats 1 Chip- NOlocalr: OMG!!! -Eats 3 chips- NOlocalr: WHAT!!, bra are you ok?! Me: 1:40

  • Aqauzy yt !
    Aqauzy yt !4 dager siden

    Who else came back to this vid just to watch sway again. 😂

  • Jason Benitez
    Jason Benitez4 dager siden

    they don’t even look that bad

  • claire Vanspall
    claire Vanspall4 dager siden

    Out of ten how hot ??

  • BackMega
    BackMega4 dager siden

    “The WORLDS hottest wings IN LA”

  • Nah Navi
    Nah Navi4 dager siden

    Netflix: Are You Still Watching? Someone's daughter: 2:19

  • Rakeem Chisolm
    Rakeem Chisolm5 dager siden

    imagine being full

  • AdamTubeUnleashed
    AdamTubeUnleashed5 dager siden


  • Akhil Sure
    Akhil Sure5 dager siden

    How did Sway get to go 2 times but everyone only once. Sway cheated. Jarvis Kay and Nikon should have won

  • ツpixzy mixzy
    ツpixzy mixzy5 dager siden

    faze sway said its bad it aint i just took 40 rn its hot but not to hot

  • Adam _weeb
    Adam _weeb5 dager siden


  • Niko Guenther
    Niko Guenther5 dager siden

    my name is niko

  • Rehab Hanboly
    Rehab Hanboly5 dager siden

    I love sawy to mutch

  • Rehab Hanboly
    Rehab Hanboly5 dager siden

    Hi sawy

  • John Gaming
    John Gaming5 dager siden

    I love spicy more than sway😎 I can eat 30 hot chicken in 50 seconds

  • John Gaming

    John Gaming

    5 dager siden

    Like bruh

  • Michael J Abildgaard
    Michael J Abildgaard5 dager siden

    Everybody: we need a New vibe. Jarvis: the worlds hottest wings in L.A...

  • shabeeb Usa
    shabeeb Usa6 dager siden

    Swy arab on top

  • Srxlty Fn
    Srxlty Fn6 dager siden

    Sway had that voice crack

  • Edit FC
    Edit FC6 dager siden

    highsky: oh i got a bag faze sway : i got money on my back

  • Iced 456
    Iced 4566 dager siden

    Who’s mouth is watering for the whole video

  • King Kullen
    King Kullen6 dager siden

    TELL me y he has more views on this vid than his subs?

  • Wrld Kakashi
    Wrld Kakashi6 dager siden

    Faze Kay tried so hard to pull of that joke in the beginning lmao 😂

  • Tiktok Lol
    Tiktok Lol6 dager siden

    Faze hisky GOT THe ICE 😫

  • Ilyas Ilyas
    Ilyas Ilyas6 dager siden

    Is this video about or spicy but im a fan

  • maikvasquez10
    maikvasquez106 dager siden

    sway outside :it taste like a$$ sway inside:fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck

    OGAJGPLAYZ7 dager siden

    Sway go crazy wit the wings he would prolly go craze like blu face friend

  • Evan Duclos
    Evan Duclos7 dager siden

    the worlds hottest wings in LA????

  • Amy and Chance Shepherd Wijohn
    Amy and Chance Shepherd Wijohn7 dager siden

    Sway 2020 " would've already been done but the meat taste like ass"🤣

  • Nali Kurdi
    Nali Kurdi7 dager siden


  • Kidzishere .-.
    Kidzishere .-.7 dager siden

    Lmao those aren’t hot. There not even spicey

  • Devin and jhon Alex
    Devin and jhon Alex7 dager siden

    Iate the hottest wings

  • Greenville god
    Greenville god7 dager siden

    That looks so delicious 🤤

  • Ashley Rivera
    Ashley Rivera7 dager siden

    Instead of talking just eat like sway

  • Ashley Rivera
    Ashley Rivera7 dager siden

    4:09 pause sway

  • Jamike-baller8 J
    Jamike-baller8 J8 dager siden

    Yo I want to join Faze when I grow up

  • Quentin Hamilton
    Quentin Hamilton8 dager siden

    i can eat that

  • Quentin Hamilton
    Quentin Hamilton8 dager siden

    so good

  • Hydrogen
    Hydrogen8 dager siden

    I thought nikan can’t handle anything spicy

  • TryMe YT
    TryMe YT8 dager siden

    sway needs to go on hot ones

  • Hyper Axel
    Hyper Axel8 dager siden

    Faze sway the only one alive not complaining about spice

  • VisionLD
    VisionLD8 dager siden

    4:35 lol I’m just testing this to see if it works

  • Vince TME
    Vince TME8 dager siden

    Imagine spiceking

  • Stacey Seedorf
    Stacey Seedorf8 dager siden

    Faze sway can you put a shout out to me that would make my day

  • Mikey Perry
    Mikey Perry8 dager siden

    “The worlds hottest wings... in LA”😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • BOILED eggs
    BOILED eggs8 dager siden

    Why is highsky1 short?

  • Clare Robinson
    Clare Robinson8 dager siden

    Nikan is a beast

  • msx dxnger
    msx dxnger8 dager siden

    What is that dirt on sways face

  • Anibal Gonon

    Anibal Gonon

    8 dager siden

    Hahaha it’s his mustache

  • Infinite Gamer
    Infinite Gamer8 dager siden

    Jarvis make a new accost

  • Dv Nightmares_
    Dv Nightmares_9 dager siden

    kay; yeah Javis being pu... nah im just kidding, wait where he go. Yah he a being pussy me: WTF LMAO

  • ProCow
    ProCow9 dager siden


  • Abbe Alexander
    Abbe Alexander9 dager siden

    Can I have one

  • Boommytheasian YT
    Boommytheasian YT9 dager siden

    Meanwhile I’m drooling in bed

  • sudo
    sudo9 dager siden

    I would destroy that (im craving wings rn)

  • RFMX iv4n
    RFMX iv4n9 dager siden

    This means papi sway has a Mexican part 👌🇲🇽🇲🇽

  • Ethan Young
    Ethan Young9 dager siden

    Do 15,000 thousand dollars

  • Ethan Young
    Ethan Young9 dager siden

    Do 15 Frozen

  • videogamer244YT
    videogamer244YT9 dager siden

    i watched this while eating wings

  • Omar Vega
    Omar Vega9 dager siden

    I ate a big bag of doritos but big bag

  • Rivalツ
    Rivalツ9 dager siden

    i think sway was dying but didnt show it thats why he didnt eat many wings lol.

  • Roblox master Roblox cool
    Roblox master Roblox cool9 dager siden

    He Leeds some milk

  • Aiden Lipari
    Aiden Lipari9 dager siden

    Who else thought the person who could eat the hottest out of the 3 should go last.

  • Brady Simmons
    Brady Simmons9 dager siden

    Sway is cracked at eating and fortnite

    ELIJAH ROBERTS-POWELL10 dager siden

    Sway might go vegan after dis vid 😂😂