Launching FNCS with 50 eliminations


This is how we start our FNCS, with a 50 elimination win! How did you guys do? Did you qualify? Let me know!
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  • Max Ruiz
    Max Ruiz12 timer siden

    Give him rocketss

  • Eyad Razar
    Eyad RazarDag siden

    iam better in fight that is easy i win very much i die only 4 times for the all time i play because i was beginner but now i don't die in every time iam strong than you

  • Chemical_ Worldzy
    Chemical_ Worldzy3 dager siden

    Lengend has it Mr Savage still says cracked,dead till this day

    MANCITY 4LIFE103 dager siden

    Do u know what dying in video games is like?

  • saku games
    saku games4 dager siden

    11:36 casi xd perfect time

  • Philip Krone
    Philip Krone4 dager siden

    Iwasn´t 50 kills it was 48 kills

  • Landon Sunley
    Landon Sunley5 dager siden

    He has 9 peppers what the fuck like Who has 9 peppers what the shit fuck dame

  • Dalen Myles
    Dalen Myles5 dager siden

    dont contest here *chihuahua noises*

  • Lil Brawly
    Lil Brawly6 dager siden

    3:24😂😂😂🤣🤣 Savage think i isn't apeks😂

  • ZrBkY 9
    ZrBkY 97 dager siden

    48 kills👍🤬😡

  • merciless_hunter66
    merciless_hunter668 dager siden


  • jonathan sääker
    jonathan sääker8 dager siden


  • Kryštof Šebestík
    Kryštof Šebestík8 dager siden

    chhhhhh tfuj

  • Archie Leggett
    Archie Leggett9 dager siden

    fun fact n season 6 my squad got theworld kill record but no one knew it was 44

  • Rodzz
    Rodzz9 dager siden

    Casi xd

  • ExcelSoma
    ExcelSoma10 dager siden

    Who else remembers when we were watching fortnite news or something and they had gameplay of MrSavage?

  • Ladarius James
    Ladarius James10 dager siden

    Mr Savage sCaR gEtS StOlEn 2:33

  • Karol Pikul
    Karol Pikul10 dager siden

    Ale ten Mrsavage to gówno on gra FNCS A takich botów mu dodaje

  • Naveed Chaudhry
    Naveed Chaudhry10 dager siden


  • jesperiwnl
    jesperiwnl10 dager siden

    me: thinks im good cuz i got a 14 bomb in fncs savage: gets a 50 bomb

  • Dexter Bowdidge
    Dexter Bowdidge10 dager siden

    This was first game then die of spawn then got 20 elims

  • Pete Parfijewicz
    Pete Parfijewicz10 dager siden

    this is what you call quality fucking entertainment

  • Mark Mcdaniel
    Mark Mcdaniel10 dager siden

    0:13 whta song is this????

  • SpExzFN ψ
    SpExzFN ψ10 dager siden

    I love how MrSavage casually gets 70+ points. But me, i cant even get 70 points in 10 matches. It’s bcz i cant find a good trio.

  • Prophet
    Prophet10 dager siden

    Nobody noticed at 0:30 he fully auto sprayed with a AK?

  • Alvaro Andr�s Botero Mendoza
    Alvaro Andr�s Botero Mendoza11 dager siden

    who knows the name og the introducction song plis dm me thx!

  • Hypwaffle
    Hypwaffle11 dager siden

    casual 50 bomb like its nothing

  • Itz_ Ghost
    Itz_ Ghost11 dager siden

    i am better

  • TheYisus GTA

    TheYisus GTA

    11 dager siden

    No, you are not.

  • 106 Negão
    106 Negão11 dager siden

    X1 bot

  • Frosty Dean
    Frosty Dean11 dager siden

    Drop one if them for benjy

  • Gamer S
    Gamer S11 dager siden


  • Valmig EL
    Valmig EL11 dager siden

    savage is a beastttt

  • Matouš Mazurek
    Matouš Mazurek11 dager siden

    i killed you

  • k21x_901
    k21x_90111 dager siden

    Can you show us your preparations?

  • Andy Woodland
    Andy Woodland11 dager siden

    You are so cracked!!! I just subbed! GGs m8

  • Mario Gaming
    Mario Gaming11 dager siden

    Like who thinks that Savage is the best FORTNITE player in the WORLD

  • Crytex
    Crytex11 dager siden

    Savage is soooooooooo gooooooooooooooooood

  • BDJ IQ
    BDJ IQ11 dager siden

    Savage on fire bro u are so good

  • Nduka Ethan UGUNA
    Nduka Ethan UGUNA11 dager siden

    How is he so fast ?

  • free_candy2.o
    free_candy2.o11 dager siden

    The best in the world

  • JrJson
    JrJson11 dager siden

    Bruh you tried to shoot your teammate

  • Hassen Chattaoui
    Hassen Chattaoui11 dager siden

    Do you changed your trio

  • Crypt
    Crypt11 dager siden

    Follow for follow

  • Abdul FN
    Abdul FN11 dager siden


  • Giuseppe Lo Grasso
    Giuseppe Lo Grasso12 dager siden

    Next video, came on👍

  • Luck
    Luck12 dager siden


  • Toby Chen
    Toby Chen12 dager siden

    Wasn't tayson in mongraal trio?

  • The Big Flu
    The Big Flu12 dager siden

    What happened to Benjy are you guys still a duo?

  • cracking official
    cracking official12 dager siden

    Nice savage u are beast

  • Blitz Shorts
    Blitz Shorts12 dager siden

    Yo anyone know a controller player that is as good as savage. Because im finding it hard to do high sensitivity edits on controller

  • Oliver Speight
    Oliver Speight12 dager siden

    carry me in arena duos

    KURD MJ12 dager siden

    MR kurdish

  • Diego Aguado
    Diego Aguado12 dager siden

    bro I like your outro song whats the name of your outro song

  • Diego Aguado
    Diego Aguado12 dager siden

    mrsavage:get 50 kills in fncs with 0%of power me : getting 20 kills in normal with 100% of power

  • MattPlayGamez
    MattPlayGamez12 dager siden

    mr. Savage change your name to. mr. Smart you're so GREAT

  • aboud Gaming
    aboud Gaming12 dager siden

    50 kills woooooow 😱

  • tekkerz luke
    tekkerz luke12 dager siden

    Trio too good

  • alavunkal mathew
    alavunkal mathew12 dager siden

    You make the best players look like A I so according to my calculations ur the best player

  • Adam O shea
    Adam O shea12 dager siden


  • Pxrify
    Pxrify12 dager siden

    reason why they’re so good is because they can take their ones

  • Team Chasin
    Team Chasin12 dager siden

    I disliked Sike i liked but try putting dis after like it will get you this i like dis

  • Xd JoeyRey9
    Xd JoeyRey912 dager siden

    When you see a gold Midas You should leave the game.

  • Maniek Zborowski
    Maniek Zborowski12 dager siden

    Imagine having 40 kills and not having rockets xD the same should be with sniper bullets Change my mind

  • Seb Skeide
    Seb Skeide12 dager siden

    Vi do love to see it haha smil

  • Ahmed marzouq
    Ahmed marzouq12 dager siden

    يسطا اعتق السكن

  • Yilmaz Bingol
    Yilmaz Bingol12 dager siden


  • bxedbyraider
    bxedbyraider12 dager siden

    Follow my instagram RaiderEU 🏆🤩

  • bxedbyraider
    bxedbyraider12 dager siden

    Follow my instagram RaiderEU 🏆🤩

  • TheYisus GTA

    TheYisus GTA

    11 dager siden

    Lame af

  • bxedbyraider
    bxedbyraider12 dager siden

    Follow my instagram RaiderEU 🏆🤩

  • Griff
    Griff12 dager siden

    shouldnt of shot at this trio, immediate invitation to the lobby if you do

  • Shko Mustafa
    Shko Mustafa12 dager siden


  • 2xLyrik
    2xLyrik12 dager siden

    I drop is a lot better than I thought

  • TXE Cyprian-Yt
    TXE Cyprian-Yt12 dager siden

    Do yu know you killed me proof on my montage😅😁👍

  • Ts AnAs
    Ts AnAs12 dager siden

    the best trio in the world ofc

  • Dream_Bomber _
    Dream_Bomber _12 dager siden

    I honestly think that no pros have even been comparable to savage lately

  • Alex Velita P.
    Alex Velita P.12 dager siden

    Me parece o dijo : "Facilitruo"

  • Chex 9
    Chex 912 dager siden

    Your lucky your WiFi is good

  • Abod. A
    Abod. A12 dager siden

    انت سوح انزال لي اوت لاو المشهور يجلد جدك

  • Ahmed marzouq

    Ahmed marzouq

    12 dager siden


  • Rocket_baboon
    Rocket_baboon12 dager siden

    Comment 666

  • mathew mercer
    mathew mercer12 dager siden

    This is a top 3 trio in the world atm tbh they unstoppable

  • Rupom Rahaman
    Rupom Rahaman12 dager siden

    48 kills not 50

  • AbD
    AbD12 dager siden

    8:45 tiggerbot?

  • LearnItFromMe aka Krack
    LearnItFromMe aka Krack12 dager siden

    land it will 100 eliminations now !

  • muisje_7
    muisje_712 dager siden

    Mr savage And his trio when they are playing: White, dead, 50, cracked, 100, dead !! Me And my trio when we are playing: why is the moon round?

  • G4LXY
    G4LXY12 dager siden

    U rock

  • ReflexyEu
    ReflexyEu12 dager siden


  • Jmm 123
    Jmm 12312 dager siden

    Me without a duo 😔

  • rajae harris
    rajae harris12 dager siden

    i love your vids plz make more yull do better in ea sports

  • Claudio sbn
    Claudio sbn12 dager siden

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  • Tatiana Stoltz
    Tatiana Stoltz12 dager siden

    Savage must have more than one w key ⌨️

  • tajgell herbert's
    tajgell herbert's12 dager siden

    Tayson and savage is not fair it should not be allowed

  • Ahmad Tallaa 2
    Ahmad Tallaa 212 dager siden

    Why don't you play with him benjyfishy

  • Axel NE
    Axel NE12 dager siden

    you are so cracked

  • Neffix
    Neffix13 dager siden


  • Solus The King
    Solus The King13 dager siden

    ngl savage kinda clickbaited the title but its kinda true they did drop a 48 bomb, thats close enough ;)

  • Ryan Cox

    Ryan Cox

    12 dager siden

    It was 50

  • سعيد رشيد
    سعيد رشيد13 dager siden

    ديم مستر سافج💃💃💃💃💃💃💃

  • Hector Emiliano
    Hector Emiliano13 dager siden

    Savage can you do a video playing on controller i am excited do see that video

  • DJ
    DJ13 dager siden

    I qualified week 1 can’t wait for semi-finals

  • MikalsFriend ,
    MikalsFriend ,13 dager siden

    Is it just me or is tac extremely chill to use in champ league?

  • Jacoob
    Jacoob13 dager siden

    Hahaha you are do bad. You make 50 kills in opens and you didnt get qual for heats 🤣🤣🤣🤣