Leaving My Dog Alone with a Juicy Steak

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Leaving My Dog Alone with a Juicy Steak
What is the only thing that Tucker likes more than chimken??? JUICY STEAK! Tucker CANNOT resist! He loves it more than anything. I wanted to see what he would do if he is left alone with a delicious hot off the grill steak.
Will he pass the ultimate test?
What was your favorite part?
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  • Lay sopheap
    Lay sopheap5 timer siden

    Dog spells acwards is god ARE DOGS GODS!?

  • you lost bby gRiIL
    you lost bby gRiIL5 timer siden

    oh my god, i can smell the steak from out of my computer

  • Funtime sa Kusina ni Ate Zey
    Funtime sa Kusina ni Ate Zey6 timer siden

    I'm pet lovers 💖💖😘💖😘💖😘

  • Jasim Uddin
    Jasim Uddin6 timer siden

    If i was a husky and saw that i maybe eat it if my owner will not say not to eat it untill i come back but if she will not tell me then i would just eat it

  • Ethan Marcjaden 1413066
    Ethan Marcjaden 14130666 timer siden

    awww such a cute dog my dogs just eat the food when no one is there

  • NightinXgale
    NightinXgale6 timer siden

    I found out that girls poop today.

  • Savage_1x x
    Savage_1x x7 timer siden

    3:09 the way linda got scared

  • Doctor X
    Doctor X7 timer siden

    She is pretty juicy. 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • XRENEGADE87X Channel
    XRENEGADE87X Channel7 timer siden

    So cute

  • Mindful Souls - Meditation Relaxation Music
    Mindful Souls - Meditation Relaxation Music7 timer siden


  • Jonathan Biddings
    Jonathan Biddings9 timer siden

    Plot twist: There's someone behind the camera the whole time. Omg shocker.....

  • Marvel_ Boy
    Marvel_ Boy9 timer siden

    I garuntee I wouldnt be able to not eat that steak

  • Dawid SEMENIUK
    Dawid SEMENIUK9 timer siden

    can you please upload more?

  • Kk v
    Kk v9 timer siden

    I am buying dog

  • Kk v
    Kk v9 timer siden

    I eat both of u

  • Aya
    Aya10 timer siden

    wait, dogs can't eat steak?

  • Aya
    Aya10 timer siden

    that dog is so good, whenever i made fish and sat down to eat it, my kittens would literally try steal my food *as I'm eating* I always give them food

  • Angel Rodriguez
    Angel Rodriguez10 timer siden

    *tucker* not looks imeddeitly turns face at it

  • Kyna Stutesman
    Kyna Stutesman10 timer siden

    Tucker and Linda make da best videos EVERRRR

  • • x b o b a b e r y x •
    • x b o b a b e r y x •10 timer siden

    My dog would of straight up said “screw you” and eat it before I even leave- tucker a good boi

  • Seymour Gale
    Seymour Gale10 timer siden

    Flameo hotman

  • vice city dude 10 premium Mafia
    vice city dude 10 premium Mafia11 timer siden

    Dint leave your food unless u like cocoroches

  • DoBeCreatingTho
    DoBeCreatingTho11 timer siden

    *Good Doggo* he deserve belly rub- no he deserves EVERYTHING (Plus all dogs)

  • Bob Omb
    Bob Omb11 timer siden

    The way he approchée his paw then pulls it back is so cartoonish

  • Sarinity Howell
    Sarinity Howell11 timer siden

    Sometimes I forget he died am sad again frick you you mean pibull

  • Coco
    Coco11 timer siden


  • •Bunny bunny•
    •Bunny bunny•12 timer siden

    Tucker: bro what's this hmm smell chimkin?

  • Chi Azongwa
    Chi Azongwa12 timer siden

    My mouth is already drooling 🤤 😋 it looked so juicy hot and yummy!

  • Sanchia Cardoz
    Sanchia Cardoz12 timer siden

    He is so cute😍 I wish I had one too

  • M V
    M V13 timer siden

    What dog? That girl is... well, she's something alright... 😍

  • BrodyGamez
    BrodyGamez13 timer siden

    Rename him to Lion or Good Boi

  • Felix
    Felix13 timer siden

    This is just basically Dog Torture XD

  • Cole Rozyla
    Cole Rozyla13 timer siden

    Ngl that dogs owner got some juicy cake. 🍰

  • Naruto is the beast
    Naruto is the beast14 timer siden

    Wow that’s amazing ez sub and like

  • Roopa Harish
    Roopa Harish14 timer siden

    Tucker is litterrally the besttt he is soo cute ❤️❤️❤️ luv uuuuu😘😘😘

  • jon bon
    jon bon14 timer siden

    I call dibs on linda if her husband dies.

  • αmarαn†hinε ŕόsίs

    αmarαn†hinε ŕόsίs

    6 timer siden

    ​@jon bon I try to keep my cool as much as possible. I'm not one of those people that start useless arguements. I'm gonna take this as a form of advice, thanks, I guess! *Have a nice remaining day/night, sir.*

  • jon bon

    jon bon

    7 timer siden

    @αmarαn†hinε ŕόsίs u should take that attitude forever and a day earlier.

  • αmarαn†hinε ŕόsίs

    αmarαn†hinε ŕόsίs

    7 timer siden

    ​@jon bon Alright? Not gonna start any drama down here. I said my thoughts on this comment and I'll keep shut lol

  • jon bon

    jon bon

    9 timer siden

    @αmarαn†hinε ŕόsίs dont get mad at me...... i didnt name u......

  • αmarαn†hinε ŕόsίs

    αmarαn†hinε ŕόsίs

    10 timer siden

    That's pretty disrespectful to say.

  • Ruzuchi
    Ruzuchi14 timer siden

    What a good boy!

  • some guy
    some guy14 timer siden

    That looked raw, it was so damn pink in the middle.

  • Down bad Police

    Down bad Police

    11 timer siden

    That’s called a rare steak...not raw at all

  • Shivam yadav
    Shivam yadav14 timer siden

    you are so beautiful

  • Josey's Channel
    Josey's Channel14 timer siden


  • me got bonked
    me got bonked15 timer siden

    Fun fact: Linda's real name is Courtney

  • say macaroni
    say macaroni15 timer siden

    Tucker in a bow tie is so adorable i wanna hug him

  • Gigi Boy
    Gigi Boy15 timer siden

    Linda idk none ever thought of this but other people will be seeing this and copying but u should do tucker listenin to asmrs ppl pls dont copy this.

  • Down bad Police

    Down bad Police

    11 timer siden

    I copied this

  • Country Boy Magic
    Country Boy Magic15 timer siden

    This was absolutly delicious Tucker is such a lovely dog praying for him

  • Miguelangel Alba
    Miguelangel Alba15 timer siden

    I love how dogs drool over steak, its so cute! I ALMOST DIED WHEN HE SLOWLY TURNED HIS FACE TO THE STEAK 😂😂😂

  • Ab_Rahim
    Ab_Rahim15 timer siden

    ayo my kittens and my alskan mamute would fight to da death for that

  • Mega Glyndwr
    Mega Glyndwr15 timer siden

    That's the perfect dog!

  • Crystallized Gaming
    Crystallized Gaming15 timer siden

    Tucker eats everything

  • Chris Aguilar
    Chris Aguilar15 timer siden


  • Darshika Bandularatne
    Darshika Bandularatne15 timer siden

    Aww 🥰.....Cuteee!!!!😍🥰Wish my pup would be like TUCKER!!🥰

  • Shobha Kn
    Shobha Kn15 timer siden

    I don't think no one can understand tucker so neatly like linda mam even hekk u

  • Top Jimmy
    Top Jimmy15 timer siden

    Why do you force your dog to wear a frikkin bow?

  • αmarαn†hinε ŕόsίs

    αmarαn†hinε ŕόsίs

    14 timer siden

    ​@Top Jimmy Certainly not a noose. I actually agree with your comment, I wasn't hating, that bow is actually pretty dumb.

  • Top Jimmy

    Top Jimmy

    14 timer siden

    @αmarαn†hinε ŕόsίs A noose?

  • αmarαn†hinε ŕόsίs

    αmarαn†hinε ŕόsίs

    15 timer siden

    What else did you expect a *female* dog owner to make her dog wear?

  • Bradley Boyer
    Bradley Boyer16 timer siden

    I could have gone without seeing a hot chick have diarrhea.

  • Isha Bhaumik
    Isha Bhaumik16 timer siden

    Oh my dog

    MR_ SUPREME16 timer siden

    i love STEAK

  • Hamsty24
    Hamsty2417 timer siden

    Once I left the dog with the cat alone. guess what happened to the cat ...

  • Micheal Hazel
    Micheal Hazel17 timer siden

    The terrible mint perinatally start because house optionally bang unlike a chemical banker. cultured, jobless believe

  • Zay
    Zay17 timer siden

    Ima buy da beautiful merch

  • Tim Davies
    Tim Davies17 timer siden

    and i am achly a girl

  • Tim Davies
    Tim Davies17 timer siden

    i do have cats one time my cat did not eat it it allwas hapns there wereed

  • Simon Sez
    Simon Sez17 timer siden

    The bubble gut sound took me out 😅 lol. Skid mark mcgee pwahaha!

  • Amit Gottstein
    Amit Gottstein17 timer siden

    I hope you leave me with that steak😋

  • qqiias_
    qqiias_18 timer siden

    if i was tucker id eat half and go “the rats did it 👁👄👁 “

  • Sofia y Ovadi Aleman
    Sofia y Ovadi Aleman18 timer siden

    1:13 I’m sorry he’s just too cute 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺

  • Irvyne
    Irvyne18 timer siden

    Da goodest boi!!

  • LeBoss YT #GẋϾ
    LeBoss YT #GẋϾ18 timer siden

    She didn’t wash her hands

  • Miquel Blanquer Illa
    Miquel Blanquer Illa19 timer siden

    Salt after cooking

  • Teun Titaan
    Teun Titaan19 timer siden

    Thats the trained dog ever! Litterly every other dog would eat the steak in 0,000001 sec

  • ahmet tanın
    ahmet tanın19 timer siden

    i pray

  • Kawaii Kitty
    Kawaii Kitty19 timer siden

    Good boi

  • Therese Marie CONNER
    Therese Marie CONNER19 timer siden

    Damn he a good dog

  • Fearless .8
    Fearless .819 timer siden

    2:41 my dog does that too 😂😂

  • Caramel Cake
    Caramel Cake20 timer siden

    Tucker when he wants juicy steak Tucker: GIMME CMON

  • Horsey_ Wonderland
    Horsey_ Wonderland20 timer siden

    I had a steak for dinner !

  • Supriya Rajesh
    Supriya Rajesh20 timer siden

    Tucker has white hair

  • Supriya Rajesh

    Supriya Rajesh

    20 timer siden

    On his ear

  • Monica Klapp
    Monica Klapp20 timer siden

    Why is she ysing this dog to make her selfish ass money?

  • s b
    s b20 timer siden

    Give him a whole steak for being such a good boi hooman.

  • CAT
    CAT20 timer siden

    tucker has a new sub me! And no i am not tuckers rival

  • Phileas Fogg
    Phileas Fogg21 time siden

    Aaah si les chiens faisaient les mêmes choses avec les humains mais fort heureusement ils ne sont pas des humains et ne sont qu’amour et tendresse et fidélité... Aaah if dogs did the same things with humans but fortunately they are not humans and are only love and tenderness and loyalty ...

  • Maria Raluca
    Maria Raluca21 time siden

    How old is Tucker?

  • mcworld999


    17 timer siden

    2.5 yrs old

  • Phileas Fogg
    Phileas Fogg23 timer siden

    Spending his life exploiting his dog to make the buzz with his unbearable, pathetic voice! I feel sorry for you doggie, it should be forbidden to piss off like that! You will have had a glimpse of the greed and stupidity of some humans... a shame these videos.

  • Phileas Fogg
    Phileas Fogg23 timer siden

    Passer sa vie à exploiter son chien pour faire le buzz avec sa voix insupportable, lamentable ! Je te plains Toutou, ça devrait être interdit de te faire iėch comme ça ! Tu auras eu un aperçu de la cupidité et la stupidité de certains humains... une honte ces vidéos.

  • ItzBlxu
    ItzBlxu23 timer siden

    This dog has more restraint around food than me

    TYHON23 timer siden

    She is literally milking this dog for content...

  • Ragini
    Ragini23 timer siden

    Hey, I love ur vids keep up the good work P.s small youtuber here

  • TheAsiaCentury
    TheAsiaCentury23 timer siden

    have kids rather than dogs

  • Ylea Ibarra
    Ylea IbarraDag siden

    my dog will eat my food whilst staring into my eyes

  • Shrey
    ShreyDag siden

    She is looking damm cute with that earrings.

  • Indu Vashistha
    Indu VashisthaDag siden

    Linda's Voice Is So Smooth

    RUNA MUMBAIDag siden

    Tucker good boy

  • lucky gamers yoga channel
    lucky gamers yoga channelDag siden

    I will pray for you 😂😂😂

    CHIKU : THE DOGDag siden

    I am inspired from your youtube channel and i also opened my dogs youtube channel , Tucker is a very good boy and i love his videos !

  • Anders Termansen
    Anders TermansenDag siden

    tucker is better at english grammar than polar bear maya!

  • mcworld999


    23 timer siden

    Well, Polar Bear Maya's owner is form China. Broken english to begin with... *welp*

  • yusuf khan
    yusuf khanDag siden

    Please make video that Tucker reacts to iphone or other phone.

  • JustGuess :P
    JustGuess :PDag siden

    Such a good boy!

  • Your Casualty
    Your CasualtyDag siden

    awww I love your vids when you gonna make another?

  • Aarav Reddy
    Aarav ReddyDag siden

    Next: Leaving my dog alone with a wagyu

  • FuzzyDancingBear
    FuzzyDancingBearDag siden

    Forget the steak I'm tryna eat what's in them jeans

  • the waffle
    the waffleDag siden

    Hey what breed is tucker and how do you brush him

  • AmigoMichael
    AmigoMichaelDag siden