Leaving YouTube | True Geordie Podcast #136


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  • Charley Horse
    Charley Horse4 timer siden

    Watch. Alex jones and learn from him and u ul be a. Giant in this business

  • N3rdDrama
    N3rdDrama5 timer siden

    I've never really watched twitch consistently, every now and then, but looking forward to becoming one to support you guys!

  • Aman Shah
    Aman Shah14 timer siden

    Yo who was the old sponsor??m

  • Aldo Walsh
    Aldo Walsh20 timer siden

    Love this mate 👌🏽

  • Cheyne
    CheyneDag siden

    If you ever drop your lady co-host, I’d love to know. YOU are so fun, entertaining and down to earth. She is everything I can’t stand. A woke, brat, waiting to swat at anyone who says anything remotely interesting, always worried about virtue signaling and saving strangers “feelings”. The minute you drop that annoying thing, I’ll watch, donate....whatever you need

  • luik
    luikDag siden

    Keep going guys! I remember Brian from times he did angry Newcastle rant videos and built from there. Awesome growth. The kickoff is the best football show in the UK. Watching your standard Skysport etc stuff wears everyone out. The element of honesty and no bs talk is what people look for and this channel provides it. Win.

  • ThePodcastBois
    ThePodcastBoisDag siden


  • ThePodcastBois


    8 timer siden

    @zijuiy wttuy ?

  • zijuiy wttuy

    zijuiy wttuy

    Dag siden

    which chanel are they talking about that had millions of pounds going into it?

  • Grumpy Grandad
    Grumpy GrandadDag siden

    The honestly regarding depression is raw awesome,i suffer from depression myself and have done for 3 years and my friends disappeared

  • zijuiy wttuy

    zijuiy wttuy

    Dag siden

    stressful because the decisions these politicians are making a such a critical time aren't very good.

  • Steve JM
    Steve JMDag siden

    Well done, both of you. I wish you the greatest success

  • Barrios Groupie
    Barrios GroupieDag siden

    These two guys talking openly about their mental health issues have probably saved a few lives down the years.

  • Olivier Laurent Carlos Miranda

    Olivier Laurent Carlos Miranda

    Dag siden

    Mental health awareness is femininising society

  • na sa
    na saDag siden

    Congratulations big lad and jack whitehall!

  • majed alotaibi
    majed alotaibi2 dager siden

    Poker up Spider-Man for mugs 😂

  • bofooit gojo
    bofooit gojo2 dager siden

    I actually love these guys 😂 “I’m not gonna lie, we deserve this” ahahaha

    AHSANUR RAHMAN2 dager siden

    Love True Geordie

  • The Agostinho Zinga Show
    The Agostinho Zinga Show2 dager siden

    "On the one hand, i'm grateful... but i deserve this. As much as i want to be humble, that's not who i am" God i love Bryan, never change sir, never change! 😂

  • Michael O'Connor
    Michael O'Connor2 dager siden

    Keep going lads. Love the show 💖

  • David Hamil
    David Hamil2 dager siden

    Can Geordie not still do his classic 10 min newcastle rants (original and best) on youtube and have the rest on twitch. Happily never see Lawrence again.

  • adam b
    adam b2 dager siden

    You finally realised you'll never be joe rogan

  • fouoii gyhh
    fouoii gyhh3 dager siden

    Could someone tell me if true news and the podcast is staying

  • Coowan
    Coowan3 dager siden

    Would love to see the Stoltman brothers on the podcast, might be a tough ask with them being from the highlands

  • Sean Daugherty
    Sean Daugherty3 dager siden

    Bro I love you guys but quit crying alot of people are hurting in this

  • Quality Ace
    Quality Ace3 dager siden

    Potential guests . Benzinga (How to be Benzinga) . Daniel Dubois or Joe Joyce (Popular UK prospects) . Jeff Mayweather (Viddals trainer) . Darren Till (UFC fighter) . Drew McIntyre (WWE champion) . Jack Whitehall (UK comedian) . Lewis Capaldi (a fucking legend!)

  • Quality Ace

    Quality Ace

    2 dager siden

    Hell yeah dude

  • The Resistance

    The Resistance

    3 dager siden

    Triple H

  • ct hoffman
    ct hoffman3 dager siden

    politics have raided everything in life now.. pun intended. that being said it's in my sports, in my tv shows, in podcasts, constant politics. it's starting to make a stressful time more stressful because the decisions these politicians are making a such a critical time aren't very good.

  • fouoii gyhh

    fouoii gyhh

    3 dager siden

    you not doing ultimate team on fifa 21

  • Starrman
    Starrman3 dager siden

    which chanel are they talking about that had millions of pounds going into it?

  • Ptao Tom
    Ptao Tom4 dager siden

    Can't wait to meet Jim Shark, sounds like a great guy.

  • Amit Mishra
    Amit Mishra4 dager siden

    Ah, time to download Twitch then. All the best chaps! Sending some love from India

  • Noddy
    Noddy4 dager siden

    Geordie tryna pull a Rogan

  • Tam1872
    Tam18724 dager siden

    Pity I don’t do Twitch but best of luck guys.

  • Blair The Baldy
    Blair The Baldy4 dager siden


  • Ptao Tom

    Ptao Tom

    4 dager siden

    All the best gentlemen, every continued success.

  • Christopher Olson
    Christopher Olson4 dager siden

    5 minutes of talking about how starting a business is hard, and something about advertising and sponsors, blah blah blah. Probably more, but I stopped watching. IDK why I even click on these videos anymore.

  • Banfyuk Boxing
    Banfyuk Boxing4 dager siden

    Clickbait unsubscribed

  • Samuel Parnis
    Samuel Parnis4 dager siden

    ian wright part 2

  • O J shaw
    O J shaw5 dager siden

    "I aint gonna be humble" what a prick, I stopped watching the video.

  • zijuiy wttuy
    zijuiy wttuy5 dager siden

    Great time to move to twitch when everyone is being banned and strikes by DMCA

  • Pauline Kacprzak
    Pauline Kacprzak5 dager siden

    Always enjoyed your ease with each other, now I understand where that comes from. Thanks for the chat.

  • Favewave
    Favewave5 dager siden

    48:00 what channel are they talking about?

  • brian maguire
    brian maguire5 dager siden

    you not doing ultimate team on fifa 21

  • Ivrish con-Abarth
    Ivrish con-Abarth5 dager siden

    Covid-1984 is a nondemic. But, fight on.

  • zijuiy wttuy

    zijuiy wttuy

    5 dager siden

    Wait wait wait, why not upload the Twitch later to NOlocal?

  • Stephen Pines
    Stephen Pines5 dager siden

    Rest easy wildman what a legend love from the scousers🙏🏻❤️🌹

  • bigmanRobbo
    bigmanRobbo5 dager siden

    Hero's!! So much unspiration taken from you lads, especially with being so open. Cant thank you lads enough

  • ILikeGAMESish
    ILikeGAMESish5 dager siden

    At least you're not one of the fannies going over to Gab and Parler.

  • Daniel Marshall
    Daniel Marshall5 dager siden

    All the best gentlemen, every continued success.

  • LImerickBoy1991
    LImerickBoy19915 dager siden

    Don't use twitch. Can you watch the kickoff afterwards or is it just only live and deletes?

  • Andy Carter
    Andy Carter5 dager siden

    Some actual truth about the abuse of our freedoms would be handy now!! You k ke the score Brian, it ain't no theory anymore as all the things that were supposedly conspiracy theories are coming true. So I hope you do speak YOUR opinions as the country are waking up and you guys have the chance to be on the side of good. Rather than playing along with this evil. God bless you guys 🙏❤🙏

  • Kaide Walsh
    Kaide Walsh5 dager siden

    So two people got rich, got famous somewhat. Now they can't be arsed with the stress and bother and want a relaxing life that will give them more money. Fair enough, I don't see the need for this video lol. Apart from these two moaning about fans getting annoyed about the adverts of games. I am self-employed, and you are entitled to £7,000 for every 3 months. So you do get self-employed money lol.

  • Leann R
    Leann R5 dager siden

    Bare brick aesthetic and sitting with microphones around a wooden table.... as in Joe Rogan’s old set up 😅

  • factual press
    factual press5 dager siden

    This sounds like a dig at filthy fellas

  • Morgan B
    Morgan B5 dager siden

    Struggling to find how to subscribe on twitch via Amazon, can anyone point me in the right direction ? Thanks

  • Falcon Ranger311
    Falcon Ranger3115 dager siden

    Congrats lads!! I m a subscriber already. It's just that my mobile battery gets fvcked badly on Twitch

  • red men
    red men5 dager siden

    he doesnt grasp that 1ks of people suffer from depression and have lost jobs and homes etc. As well as dealing with illnesses etc.. He feels as if he is the only one and he deserves success! We all love the kick off but its hardly new. 4blokes speaking about football! Never heard of that before! Ill stick to kick off and ignore the self serving/adulation/centred diatribe

  • Doug Bairead
    Doug Bairead5 dager siden

    Wait wait wait, why not upload the Twitch later to NOlocal?

  • Aman Shah

    Aman Shah

    14 timer siden

    They have a deal with Twitch. Like Joe Rogan now has with Spotify.

  • Smsng2 Xprss
    Smsng2 Xprss5 dager siden

    TWITCH is draining battery AF

  • British Yoruba Tv
    British Yoruba Tv5 dager siden

    CONGRATULATIONS to you both & Can't wait to collab with you both

  • Tommy Green
    Tommy Green5 dager siden

    Why do they wear headphones when making a podcast ? I’ve always wondered nested what they listen to 😂😂

  • Ant & Ryan’s Analysis
    Ant & Ryan’s Analysis5 dager siden


  • sonnyreddevil69
    sonnyreddevil695 dager siden

    You forgot the “love me more or I’m “ bit

  • IQ 1985
    IQ 19856 dager siden

    @49:50 who are they referring to?

  • Joe K
    Joe K6 dager siden

    I really hope Lori was a mate and took that pay cut for yall

  • Ben Cifuni
    Ben Cifuni6 dager siden

    When are these 2 going to come out .....probably waiting for a platform to pay them to come out.......Blatantly obvious these boys are madly in love with each other 💖💖💖💖💖💓💓💓💓❤❤❤❤❤❤💋💋💋

  • vinasu maaj
    vinasu maaj6 dager siden

    Can't wait to meet Jim Shark, sounds like a great guy.

  • Samraj Basra
    Samraj Basra6 dager siden

    U lot are actually a fucking massive inspiration to man mums life u man really make sacrifices for your success and u man deserved for it to pay off CONGRATU-FUCKIN-LATIONS 👏🏽👏🏽

  • Angry monkey
    Angry monkey6 dager siden

    What tim is the twitch streams going to be?

  • Quintin Steer
    Quintin Steer6 dager siden

    Awesome stuff gentlemen! Congratulations for levelling up. You guys are true gents and keep the hard work going ! Loved your channel from the green screen days.

  • vinasu maaj

    vinasu maaj

    6 dager siden

    Fuck me my heart bleeds . Imagine having to do a days work

  • Boyd Bouf
    Boyd Bouf6 dager siden

    I love you guys, but tbf the JRE had the brick aesthetic with the mic and wood table first

  • Veljko Dragovic
    Veljko Dragovic6 dager siden

    I can not believe you are leaving. I am disappointed to hear this, you lost me as a fan, i am not moving to Twitch. Best of luck, regardless.

  • Scott From England
    Scott From England6 dager siden

    The kick off for me is fucking great 👍🏻 loving the banter, humour & chats, glad it's still on like donkey Kong 😜

  • Claude and the Bansta's
    Claude and the Bansta's6 dager siden

    Good luck with your new platform always enjoy your show

  • brian maguire
    brian maguire6 dager siden

    good luck mate

  • James Donnelly
    James Donnelly6 dager siden

    Are you able to rewatch the kickoff on twitch after the stream ends ?

  • N Z
    N Z6 dager siden

    Me and my Stone Island clad pals are hyped

  • warbabe1951
    warbabe19516 dager siden

    Please stop interrupting it is so annoying

  • beedsj roiue
    beedsj roiue6 dager siden

    Why does Lawrence look like he's wearing lipstick? 😅

  • electroflux
    electroflux6 dager siden

    Nice to see Laurence making an effort for Brian. 💄😂

  • AS alcott
    AS alcott6 dager siden

    Does twitch have a app?

  • Karl Sylvain
    Karl Sylvain6 dager siden

    just signed up for twitch right now!

  • beedsj roiue

    beedsj roiue

    6 dager siden

    Does anyone know the football live shows that they are referring to?

  • Jan Hojnik
    Jan Hojnik6 dager siden

    Love the show , keep up :)

  • Leebo 1
    Leebo 16 dager siden

    Claiming a tough life and trying to justify selling arse to more money in turn wanting money off the man on the street ... just be fucking honest

  • Leebo 1
    Leebo 16 dager siden

    Fuck me my heart bleeds . Imagine having to do a days work

  • Leebo 1

    Leebo 1

    6 dager siden

    Kick off . Fc Ucking bore off

  • Omar Alkharraz
    Omar Alkharraz6 dager siden

    which channel is he talking about buying views and getting multi million pounds?

  • Callum D

    Callum D

    6 dager siden

    Was just about to comment saying I bet it's Copa 90

  • Andrew Genuardi

    Andrew Genuardi

    6 dager siden

    copa 90 i believe

  • Witz End
    Witz End6 dager siden

    Laurel and Hardy on twitch, hahaha no fucking thank you.nerds the lot of ye.

  • Damian O' Sullivan
    Damian O' Sullivan6 dager siden

    2 biggest drama queens on NOlocal

  • Lee White
    Lee White6 dager siden

    Title should be let me blag about how well I’ve (we’ve) don’t for an hour... 🥱

  • Piers Woodford
    Piers Woodford6 dager siden

    Twitch is owned by jeff bezos oh dear :(

  • Ric119
    Ric1196 dager siden

    Not a good thing, Twitch is falling into the youtube of old and being controlled more by media companies than ever before.

  • Mark Rickard
    Mark Rickard6 dager siden

    Ethan would be a great guest

  • Lulu Adapa
    Lulu Adapa6 dager siden

    We stopped watching when the original (and still the best) True Geordie drunken rants. I clicked because I thought he was going to sack off that vague excuse for a man.

  • James Skills
    James Skills6 dager siden

    Get in gordie

  • bilisha coli
    bilisha coli6 dager siden

    There isn't a single NOlocalr who deserved it more.

  • Mei!
    Mei!7 dager siden

    Does anyone know the football live shows that they are referring to?

  • JoshXdosh
    JoshXdosh7 dager siden

    Pardon my ignorance but wtf is twitch?

  • Dan Gulino

    Dan Gulino

    6 dager siden

    looks terrible mate. Like it's made for teenage gamers 😅

  • Caffeine Java Code
    Caffeine Java Code7 dager siden

    Could you provide eng subtitles?

  • OptimusRenick
    OptimusRenick7 dager siden

    Also slag people for wanting brick walls with a wooden table claiming originality.. because joe rogan didn’t do that first. God these guys are fucking deluded.

  • bilisha coli

    bilisha coli

    6 dager siden

    why Twitch doesn't have that...

  • OptimusRenick
    OptimusRenick7 dager siden

    Lol imagine coming up with the name “the kick off” bet you really dug deep for that sort of originality. Fml

  • Cj Maher
    Cj Maher7 dager siden

    Fair fucking play boys , grinding your arses off for years. Nothing less than you deserve

  • Amr Hosny
    Amr Hosny7 dager siden

    Hmm so a job of watching football matches once a week is now considered hard work

  • Lcvilla
    Lcvilla7 dager siden

    Thank fuck for that

  • mijuo roui
    mijuo roui7 dager siden

    50:00 Football Daily & Sky if you were wondering

  • Phil Jones
    Phil Jones7 dager siden

    Give it 2 years and he'll be back slagging off Twitch.

  • Phil Jones
    Phil Jones7 dager siden

    What a self absorbed twat. Oh, I had to sell loads of very expensive cars. Oh! My heart bleeds.

  • Nic Norm
    Nic Norm7 dager siden

    This was a really cute podcast to watch xx