Life On The Road | Learn Guitar With David Brent


David Brent kicks off his new series of guitar tutorials with the song 'Life On The Road'.
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    LOUIS -YT4 dager siden

  • The S Word
    The S Word16 dager siden

    You are Ricky Gervais 1st Paternal cousin. Know it, don't believe Mum. You have my attention.

  • vishal Etwaroo
    vishal EtwarooMåned siden

    This Fucker can sing

  • Bouxesas
    Bouxesas2 måneder siden

    After watching this video, my guitar learned to play human.

  • kerry lavelle
    kerry lavelle2 måneder siden

    So bloody well done genious 😁

  • Povilas Stonkus
    Povilas Stonkus2 måneder siden

    Love the song man. Really. Great job if you would be Lithuanian we already had a f******* eurovisiont trophie.

  • Enno Trogemann
    Enno Trogemann3 måneder siden

    But I don’t fucking want guitar lessons!!

  • Sanket Das
    Sanket Das4 måneder siden

    This guy is a genius!

  • My2CΞnts
    My2CΞnts4 måneder siden

    David, what happened to that fantastic woman you met at the end of The Office? The one who laughed genuinely at all your jokes, and who finally made you grow balls to tell those assholes to fuck off? What happened to her? You both seemed so happy! It made ME happy! ;) (Ricky, we wanna see a movie about that...)

  • Mauritz Svalander
    Mauritz Svalander4 måneder siden

    Pretty good guitarplaying there

  • rdvgrd6
    rdvgrd65 måneder siden

    Thats my favorite David Brent song!

  • Jon LaFontaine
    Jon LaFontaine5 måneder siden

    I won't need B? But what if need be?

  • Wid Eye
    Wid Eye6 måneder siden

    Brent: the master of cringe.

  • Crixus2016
    Crixus20166 måneder siden

    70mph tops

  • Sped Spedding
    Sped Spedding6 måneder siden

    “You won’t need B.” 🤣🤣🤣

  • Thomas Fay
    Thomas Fay7 måneder siden

    Is this a PAL video being played back at NTSC speed? Or was his guitar tuned down a fret? Because I'm hearing a D chord when he's playing an E.

  • Danyal Medley
    Danyal Medley8 måneder siden

    I've always wanted to learn guitar... And now I won't have to worry about someone taking that away from me...

    LEAD BELLY8 måneder siden

    How does David Brent afford to own a Martin?.......oh eye he ain’t real !

  • Davide Mocci
    Davide Mocci8 måneder siden

    Just finished the movie and his chuckle makes me smile like an idiot everytime

  • David Sexton
    David Sexton9 måneder siden

    We love it !

  • Puerto Riconnect
    Puerto Riconnect9 måneder siden

    I love Ricky but this new laugh he kept doing for the character 00:47 It gets tiring really quick.

  • silverflashwillo123


    8 måneder siden

    Puerto Riconnect spot on. He ruined the film with that laugh.

  • Peter Warburton
    Peter Warburton9 måneder siden

    David is that a Martin D15 ??

  • Lightning's Crib

    Lightning's Crib

    8 måneder siden

    I am pretty sure its actually a Martin 000-15M

  • rider
    rider9 måneder siden

    "hard shoulder, coffee holder" i was dying of laughter

  • Debra Fogarty
    Debra Fogarty9 måneder siden


  • Paul Rose
    Paul Rose9 måneder siden

    Nice guitar Ricky

  • Ryan Stark
    Ryan Stark9 måneder siden

    A first step in learning guitar would be to make sure you can afford some new strings once in a while unlike this instructor.

  • H.E. Pennypacker
    H.E. Pennypacker9 måneder siden

    Hilarious! Lol

  • cpnd750
    cpnd75010 måneder siden

    I love the nod

    ASSMAN10 måneder siden

    This song truly captured the essence of "Life On The Road." Fantastic performance. This song is a lot of fun to play on the guitar as well as to sing. Outstanding tutorial.

  • Elias Pap
    Elias Pap10 måneder siden

    Lol 😂 you dont need the B chord!! Didn’t he just preach that you should do your own thing play around with chords?? Why restrict yourself then. What a hypocrite

  • T0pMan15
    T0pMan1510 måneder siden

    That high pitch laugh he does gets me all the time

  • Adam Rasmussen
    Adam Rasmussen10 måneder siden

    1:30 that would be right if he wasnt tuned down a full step, but I feel like thats half the gag...

  • Mr Tambourine Man
    Mr Tambourine Man10 måneder siden

    Nice Martin, if you wanna sell it let me know coz I'm after a new acoustic guitar. Cheers

  • James Doyle
    James Doyle10 måneder siden

    Am I the only one who thinks that is genuinely some of best advice to beginners for guitar, so much is over complicated and yes it should be about feel! There is no wrong or right, genius so so funny with a decent message!

  • Tetlee
    Tetlee10 måneder siden

    Love the "hard shoulder, coffee holder" hahaha. These are genius.

  • Phil Gray
    Phil Gray10 måneder siden

    True. B was never anyone's favourite.

  • Eric ORourke
    Eric ORourke10 måneder siden

    I am so bummed this is the first time I’ve ever seen surprised. I have spent hundred hours listening to him and Karl interviews and never saw this.

  • Joshua Ashton
    Joshua Ashton11 måneder siden

    It’s actually a tune...

  • Guitar Lessons Online
    Guitar Lessons Online11 måneder siden

    Rock On!

  • Hubble Tribe
    Hubble Tribe11 måneder siden

    Ricky, Thank you for all that you do. Your mind is golden. My life is better cause you exist making this shit that makes me laugh so fucking hard when life gets me.

  • human being
    human beingÅr siden

    Thanks to David...I have found joy in selling toiletries and many other items as well.

  • bartofilms
    bartofilmsÅr siden

    2 things: 1st it is nostalgic to see Brent pan the eyes from one camera to the next before it is ready. 2nd: A Martin, (even the cheapest Martin guitar) can make a twat sound good. 😀.

  • Honest Abe
    Honest AbeÅr siden

    What a legend

  • Mark Harper
    Mark HarperÅr siden

    Gotta say, the songs he does ain't bad....just wonder if "real " bands did them.....????

  • R


    År siden

    He was in a real band, Seona Dancing. But obviously he has some musical ability, which I imagine is where these songs came from. Dont think theses are the work of other bands.

  • Stuart Hossack
    Stuart HossackÅr siden

    Very Neil Young .....

  • Jolly Good
    Jolly GoodÅr siden

    I'm not saying this ironically but, he's bloody good!!

  • Nt4ubs


    År siden

    Jolly Good the Brent is pretty good, funny bit good songs. Quite Bowie-esque in places

  • Victory Mansions
    Victory MansionsÅr siden

    What are you going to do with them? Anything you like... within reason. That is actually a fundamental truth to playing guitar. And is basically why guitarist like Kurt Cobain or Richard Benson sounded terrible.

  • tdurbo


    År siden

    S Well, that makes it hard to argue with you! 😊

  • Victory Mansions

    Victory Mansions

    År siden

    @tdurbo not at all. Analytically Kurt could never have been good, owing to his tastes, playing technique and drug problems. I like this sentence because it is talking about finesse and study. Two things Cobain lacked.

  • tdurbo


    År siden

    Just imagine how good Kurt Cobain could’ve been, is that genuinely what you’re saying? 🙄

  • romanemul1
    romanemul1År siden

    2:16 Showing a finger on all your G's. That is all you need.

  • Graham Black
    Graham BlackÅr siden

    He should do a 'how to dance' video - fusing Flash Dance with MC Hammer shit.

  • Artuur Dupont
    Artuur DupontÅr siden

    Fr tho the chords are Em-D-Em-D-Em-D-C and you need to tune a whole step down

  • J Muzz
    J MuzzÅr siden

    Reppin', bloody reppin'

  • Chuffmuffin
    ChuffmuffinÅr siden

    This is great

  • Rebecca Lynn
    Rebecca LynnÅr siden

    Adore. Ricky!! ❤️


    Non merchant material even better. Good riddance to dead wood. Gervais is a genius.

  • Nt4ubs


    År siden

    INSPECTOR FROST what’s your beef with Smerch? I love Ricky but as a pair they are outstanding


    Just brilliant

  • Angelica Smith
    Angelica SmithÅr siden


  • Suna Kara
    Suna KaraÅr siden


  • JC Van Damme
    JC Van DammeÅr siden

    I dont know what it is but that smile he does at the start always makes me laugh LOL

  • Nick Neblo
    Nick NebloÅr siden

    waiting for 'Learn how to moan with Karl Pilkington'

  • Craic Dealer
    Craic DealerÅr siden

    I wonder why hes playing in dropped tuning?

  • Doug Harvey
    Doug HarveyÅr siden

    Who does your tampons

  • c j
    c j2 år siden

    Hahah i know where Ricky got this idea like many of his comedy ideas - Karl Pilkoid, the bald manc twat. Remembe? Karl on xfm once mentioned if yoiu left a child in a room with a guitar, they could come up with Hey Jude (in reference to monkeys typing Shakespeare). He needs to give Karl more credit.

  • c j

    c j

    2 år siden

    You hear me, Gervais?? Lol. Also, nice song cheers.

  • mark taylor
    mark taylor2 år siden

    chords please David!!!

  • Nigel Gervais
    Nigel Gervais2 år siden

    Hi, this is handy vid

  • Ronnie Nimer
    Ronnie Nimer2 år siden

    worst guitar lesson ever seen. Love it!

  • Tom Attah
    Tom Attah2 år siden

    \ o /

  • Bruno Baba
    Bruno Baba2 år siden

    David Brent is the man!

  • Skaiste Pukyte
    Skaiste Pukyte2 år siden

    Ohh... This is just a perfect amount of cringe. Brilliant!

  • de chenmo
    de chenmo2 år siden

    [cheeky smile and shrug]

  • glen campbell
    glen campbell2 år siden

    David, is a Bm7 a real chord or is it a zany conspiracy theory. Cheers

  • Andrew Bowen
    Andrew Bowen2 år siden

    This is actually genius lol,it’s like Brent can play the guitar but his taste is somewhat embarrassing lol

  • Charles Desmonda
    Charles Desmonda2 år siden

    R I C K Y!!!!!!!!

  • Dave Wol
    Dave Wol2 år siden

    But I don’t want guitar lessons 😠

  • dcs10291
    dcs102912 år siden

    Is that a d15?

  • James Porter
    James Porter2 år siden

    He went home to get it...

  • wayne gilroy
    wayne gilroy2 år siden

    And you wanna know something really funny.........that's a good song.

  • Luke Wealthall
    Luke Wealthall2 år siden

    Life on the road, nice tune, can I use it for my band!! 😀

  • Rob Steele Music
    Rob Steele Music3 år siden

    Oh David, thanks for this. It was so informative. There are so many other so-called guitar teachers that spend ages with boring chord structures and repeating over and over again... duh 🙄.. but you show the real meaning of your songs and life.. you move me man 😊❤️🎸🎶

  • Keats Beats
    Keats Beats3 år siden


  • ProjectFlashlight612
    ProjectFlashlight6123 år siden

    "I fill her up and then down to Sidcup" THAT is rock n roll!!

  • Nika
    Nika3 år siden

    😂😂 hi from Uzbekistan 🤠 you're so funny and adorable 💖

  • Holding On, Letting Go
    Holding On, Letting Go3 år siden

    Fuckin amazing. Years later and Rick snaps right back into Brent mode with no problem. One of, if not, the best comedians in the world.

  • BlackRaven156
    BlackRaven1563 år siden

    I know this song is not meant to be taken seriously but I actually really like this song. I think of it as a power pop anthem that genuinely encapsulates the sometimes bleak existence most of us share day to day. It reminds me of Paul Collin's Beat.

  • Wordsandmusic
    Wordsandmusic3 år siden

    If being like me and not being like David Brent is his advice, doesn't that mean I am in fact being just like David Brent when I am being like me? I'm only a beginner guitar player so maybe that's why I am confused. Maybe if I start with being like David Brent I can branch out and be like me later on, although everyone will probably spot the David Brent influence. But that could be what makes me unique. I would be the only guitar player songwriter who is like David Brent, apart from David Brent.

  • Geoff James. UK.
    Geoff James. UK.3 år siden

    And old Saying goes. " Nobody can teach anybody anything. People have to decide to learn."

  • Tom
    Tom3 år siden

    deez nuts

  • Music Teacher Guy
    Music Teacher Guy3 år siden

    Guitar tuned down to D-G-C-F-A-D. Don't Go Crazy For A Dollar!

  • Happy Thoughts
    Happy Thoughts3 år siden


  • Joanna Slusarewicz
    Joanna Slusarewicz3 år siden

    Please do David Brent's Guide to Dating. I need some hot tips.

  • Lew Buckles
    Lew Buckles3 år siden

    The guy's a British comedian and actor. This is his sense of humor. If you really want to learn guitar online, go to

  • Laurent D'Hondt
    Laurent D'Hondt3 år siden

    You won't need B. So true :)

  • glen campbell
    glen campbell4 år siden

    Thanks again David! I've been practicing, cheer's!

  • Raiken Xion
    Raiken Xion4 år siden

    Shame Stephen Merchant didnt co-write life on the road.

  • cristina M Hubner Beal
    cristina M Hubner Beal4 år siden

    Sorry misspell several words ,I just want to Thank you for doing this ,love your sense of humor ,,uncanny and please keep doing ,You are marvelous, carinho,always ! c

  • glen campbell
    glen campbell4 år siden

    Great lessons David

  • Adam Mercado
    Adam Mercado4 år siden

    I worked in Slough (pronounced Sluff) for three years. It's shit. Better off on the road. At least you get to see Ipswich

  • Jake Dearden
    Jake Dearden4 år siden

    I love this humour

  • The Alwills27
    The Alwills274 år siden

    How was the film not made in 2013???!!!!

  • LisaSimpson2
    LisaSimpson24 år siden

    Haha glad I'm not the only one who really enjoyed Ricky's work too. Me and my hubby used to bond over watching The Office and we'd laugh hysterically for hours and hours watching it. Infact we still crack up over it and have little impressions of David and like little in jokes that are all to do with the Office (people must think we're mad lol). Often watching The Office and Extras, etc we'd literally have tears rolling down our faces cause the humour, mannerisms and social awkwardness was just so hilarious and spot on. He was the first person to laugh at these little social things we can all relate too. Probably the most real thing on TV when it comes to the closest thing on TV to real life social interactions I can really relate to it. You might also like his other series called Extras as it's the same type of humour but for some strange reason isn't as well known which is strange cause it's equally good writing and so so funny honestly best thing I've ever seen. I can't tell you enough what an inpact these series had on our life, they have brought so much laughter and joy to us so thanks Ricky, Steve and Karl. Keep doing what you do. Now we can't wait to see Life on the Road next yaaay! I also love to listen to there radio shows and podcasts as well as the Ricky Gervais Show with Steve and Karl, they are so funny and entertaining to listen to, just three friends shooting the breeze, having a laugh and being themselves. You might also like the series they done called 'Lifes Too Short' (again not as well known which is a tradegy) we were also in tears at, it's the same sort of humour as The Office and Extras but instead stars Warrick Davis who's just as good as Ricky Gervais character and equally as funny (the facial expressions had me cracking up!) you should all watch it. These guitar lessons are also amazing I just love that he's incorporated his love of music into his work as we love the guitar and music too. Keep up the great work Ricky! Have been a fan of yours for years way before most people. When I first watched The Office I thought it was a documentary and I think that's the best way too watch it rather than expecting a comedy just look at them as real people. Anywho I'm yabbering on now but just love all you're TV series and podcasts. You've made my life more bearable by making social awkwardness funny rather than just debilitating and cringy. You've saved my life! Hope you're reading this :-D

  • tim yo
    tim yo4 år siden

    i really enjoyed your new movie