Lil Yachty OFFICIALLY Joins FaZe Clan

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  • Buffum Auto racing team
    Buffum Auto racing teamMåned siden

    Adapt has always been the underated member

  • Larry Hernandez
    Larry Hernandez3 måneder siden

    Who is here in 2020

  • Wilson Cooldude
    Wilson Cooldude3 måneder siden


  • Swype -_-
    Swype -_-4 måneder siden

    Wow I never know lil yatchy was in faze congratulations guys

  • Yo crXsh
    Yo crXsh9 måneder siden

    can i join

  • MeT ReaDy
    MeT ReaDyÅr siden

    0:27 you gotta let me down like that

  • Daniel Hi
    Daniel HiÅr siden

    I’m happy that lil yachty is in faze but he dose not play Fortnite that much

  • Trilogy Duck
    Trilogy DuckÅr siden

    Call him faze boat

  • WolfBeasty
    WolfBeastyÅr siden

    I miss the old faze 😥

  • Kieran Meyer
    Kieran MeyerÅr siden

    FaZe Boat/ Lil Yachty/ Lil Boat

  • blin
    blinÅr siden

    2012: kicking pro players 2019: lil yachty joins faze 2021: lil yachty is the leader

  • Ditto Tiu
    Ditto TiuÅr siden

    8:07 tHe tFues oF thE WoRldD Now: Dear Tfue

  • Julius Schürmann
    Julius SchürmannÅr siden

    what’s the song when they threw their water in the air

  • Jóë
    JóëÅr siden

    What song is that

    TAYLSE MUSICÅr siden


    RALUCA BOTEZÅr siden

    Whait wtf why?

  • NGHS Kell
    NGHS KellÅr siden

    I ment faze adapt best faze member

  • NGHS Kell
    NGHS KellÅr siden

    Still no cap best faze member

  • Roblox Person
    Roblox PersonÅr siden

    FaZe Boat

  • Jackson Woods
    Jackson WoodsÅr siden

    What song was that

  • Kayto Acosta
    Kayto AcostaÅr siden

    Yachty is high as fuck

  • Glimmer Skin
    Glimmer SkinÅr siden

    I got an ad at 10:00

  • Misu
    MisuÅr siden

    Haha 0:51 Bossley And Haunted Tunnel Shi* hshs The fuc*ing FazeRug shi*

  • Hastytkd
    HastytkdÅr siden

    Bro he is the one that took yo Chains and stuff! 😂

  • Alex Boucher
    Alex BoucherÅr siden

    lil yachty:make some noise for faze clan Crowd:

  • Mr_skunk.
    Mr_skunk.År siden

    Lil yachty owns a yacht ?


    Can you subscribe to me

  • itslukex
    itslukexÅr siden

    2:54 song?

  • Ice Pineapple
    Ice PineappleÅr siden

    Faze logic 😭

  • Tefff dF
    Tefff dFÅr siden

    I only have one question, WHY?

  • Temptation Gaming
    Temptation GamingÅr siden

    What? No. This is why I only watch the old videos from New York back when they were legit.

  • Ebanks Studios

    Ebanks Studios

    År siden

    Haven't been on their channels in years, they all just think they're slick because they have money now.

  • Suck a neck
    Suck a neckÅr siden

    All i heard was *beep*

  • aaron nguyen
    aaron nguyenÅr siden

    85 10

  • faKe _Moisty
    faKe _MoistyÅr siden

    #Before200k by the way

  • XD cloud8 xX
    XD cloud8 xX2 år siden

    Surprised that uzi or playboy cardi were there

  • Gabe M.
    Gabe M.2 år siden

    If I ever join faze I’ll be FaZe Starr

  • Max L
    Max L2 år siden

    Remember when you had to be good at cod to get in

  • Hamza Ahmed
    Hamza Ahmed2 år siden

    7:50 faze changed.....ill just scoot back to optic

  • Andres Mondragon
    Andres Mondragon2 år siden


  • Carson Floyd
    Carson Floyd2 år siden

    Lil boat

  • Ronald Putra
    Ronald Putra2 år siden

    Faze apex wouldnt be 180 because lil yatchy is 180. Apex will be like around 170 +/-

  • Hazbaz _
    Hazbaz _2 år siden

    0:58 it a snow man not a reindeer

  • Marti Kaalahunttiseawabuosa
    Marti Kaalahunttiseawabuosa2 år siden

    a channel crazy Asians yeah!!!

  • Leonidas Sabr
    Leonidas Sabr2 år siden

    Cucked You guys are spineless

  • r0skiii
    r0skiii2 år siden

    I still dont get why hes in faze lol definitely isn't because of his gaming skills lmao

  • stefan gregorc
    stefan gregorc2 år siden

    Did yacht trickshot

  • TTV Rexy
    TTV Rexy2 år siden

    Damn Yachty Is the only black nigga in faze g

  • Radical Ryan
    Radical Ryan2 år siden

    Yathy is faze

  • King Lucas
    King Lucas2 år siden

    I see apex with the yeezys😂💀

  • Pantelas 9
    Pantelas 92 år siden

    I miss Juju

  • nateee
    nateee2 år siden

    7:25 s1mple?

  • Pork Pie
    Pork Pie2 år siden


  • Bryce Wade
    Bryce Wade2 år siden

    #faze yuchty

  • DontTrustTimmy
    DontTrustTimmy2 år siden

    FaZe Clan Pulls A Steve Aoki Live

  • Carlos Castro
    Carlos Castro2 år siden

    FaZe boat

  • Lazer lazer Rosas
    Lazer lazer Rosas2 år siden

    Yachty usa My dad

  • Lazer lazer Rosas
    Lazer lazer Rosas2 år siden


  • Sunni Kumar
    Sunni Kumar2 år siden

    What a load of BALLS

  • 666999
    6669992 år siden

    Me: I got clout Faze: Welcome to the team Me: I don't have to submit any trickcocks I mean trickshot clips Faze: Nah bruh your family now welcome to Faze

  • miguel
    miguel2 år siden


  • Diego Sanchez
    Diego Sanchez2 år siden

    Can I Join faze clan pls I am good faze up

  • Fortnite Fortnite
    Fortnite Fortnite2 år siden

    Make more champion hoodies

  • Name is SyCo
    Name is SyCo2 år siden

    2035 anyone ??? 😂😂

  • News Vev
    News Vev2 år siden

    What’s the point of faze anymore it used to be you try to get in now it’s if you have clout or not how stupid

  • yeah
    yeah2 år siden

    everyone likes this shit?

  • Lou Town
    Lou Town2 år siden

    Yachy should be in clout gang

  • David W
    David W2 år siden

    he said u gotta be lit but what about blazikan smh

  • Nite_Lit3
    Nite_Lit32 år siden

    Why the fu** is yachty in faze

  • Jdog Blank bros
    Jdog Blank bros2 år siden

    did anyone see when he said a rain deer on the piono it was a snowman

  • yuttus
    yuttus2 år siden

    No one liked faze clan until yachty joined... Gold diggers jk

  • Benjamin Fox
    Benjamin Fox2 år siden

    This guy funny 😂 he really called the snowman on the piano a rain deer!😂💀

  • Aniluh Aragon
    Aniluh Aragon2 år siden

    The only good ones are testy kitty agony and jev It’s not even faze anymore

  • Alex D
    Alex D2 år siden

    Cringe af

  • Them meme Show
    Them meme Show2 år siden

    What. About. Faze. Thunder god

  • Crack Pot
    Crack Pot2 år siden

    Really this is just sad you use the most useless ever as a faze member

  • Daniel Robb
    Daniel Robb2 år siden

    No one fucking cares because you don’t play cod. Y’all fell off because of it

  • LeoFTW
    LeoFTW2 år siden

    Do a mocking faze banks episode

  • Kanye North
    Kanye North2 år siden

    2:16 look at apex

  • Lamborghini centenario
    Lamborghini centenario2 år siden

    #Faze lil boat

  • Tyzif
    Tyzif2 år siden

    What would adapt be without faze??

  • Armada Ukiyo
    Armada Ukiyo2 år siden

    And theres my respect for faze lost...its just becoming a clout farm

  • Dio !

    Dio !

    År siden

    There viewers dropped

  • Dio !

    Dio !

    År siden

    Lol faze is dead

  • khan lmao
    khan lmao2 år siden

    Does he even game ??

  • Haydnn2
    Haydnn22 år siden

    What’s the second song ?

  • Joe Estades
    Joe Estades2 år siden

    Just take faze out ya name half of you guys don’t Evan game no more

  • You played Yourself
    You played Yourself2 år siden

    What’s the song he was singing in the beginning

  • Markus Shehu
    Markus Shehu2 år siden

    FaZe yachty

  • GorillaGlue 4
    GorillaGlue 42 år siden

    This nigga adapts hella ugly in the thumbnail 🤣🤣🤣

  • Modi Qaism
    Modi Qaism2 år siden

    lul s1mple 7:23

  • x Midge
    x Midge2 år siden

    Is anyone having a problem with this complaining ya dick too big, and it makes their box hurt?! Issa problem

  • K Sun
    K Sun2 år siden

    Lil yachty dope but this is the gayest thing ever

  • Bash Garcia
    Bash Garcia2 år siden

    Bruh I can't tell who's more dumber, Lil Yachty or Adapt 😂

  • boat4l


    År siden

    I think it's you

  • Brian Arebalo
    Brian Arebalo2 år siden

    You’re going to RL Miami?

  • Emiliano Calderon
    Emiliano Calderon2 år siden

    The interview part is so awkward but I’m pretty sure that was their goal😂

  • TortaSyTacos
    TortaSyTacos2 år siden

    What is that song he was singing before one night ?

  • n1ck_pwnz
    n1ck_pwnz2 år siden

    2.54 song?

  • Timmy Turner
    Timmy Turner2 år siden

    What was the yachty song at 3:15

  • Lewy D
    Lewy D2 år siden

    You say you have idea every vid and post once and month

  • BandBoy Chris
    BandBoy Chris2 år siden

    Apex would drown if he was in the crowd. Jeez

  • BandBoy Chris
    BandBoy Chris2 år siden

    First black member of FaZe. Feel offensive?

  • Justin Charlton
    Justin Charlton2 år siden

    This is dope, but Logic is the OG FaZe clan rapper