Lily Collins's Day-to-Night French Girl Look | Beauty Secrets | Vogue


Produced by Vogue with Lancôme

Lily Collins walks us through her skin care routine and shares a simple, clean day-to-night look with a nod to Parisian glamour. Lily also talks about her obsession with essential oils and how she deals with dry skin.

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Lily Collins's Day-to-Night French Girl Look | Beauty Secrets | Vogue


  • Vogue
    Vogue12 dager siden

    Shop this beauty routine:

  • Lesley S

    Lesley S

    49 minutter siden

    Such a natural beauty ❤️❤️❤️ Her in Emily in Paris 😍 such amazing hair & eyebrows 😘🌈💚

  • Katerina Kardo

    Katerina Kardo

    5 timer siden


  • Katerina Kardo

    Katerina Kardo

    Dag siden


  • dav mon

    dav mon

    4 dager siden

    @🤍 saammeee

  • Jowee Jardinan

    Jowee Jardinan

    6 dager siden

    Please 🥺 Little Mix next!!!

  • Lynn Berger
    Lynn Berger40 minutter siden

    She is not pretty without makeup. Noone would look at her twice if she was an ordinary girl on s bus.

  • Eve Easy Recipe Diary
    Eve Easy Recipe Diary56 minutter siden

    Hi! new friend here..nice info.

  • Yvette Givens
    Yvette GivensTime siden

    A little too much brow for such a cute face. To me they take center stage ❤️

  • Esc With Vicki ....
    Esc With Vicki ....Time siden

    Loved this. Just finished watching Emily in Paris so this was perfect timing. Lily’s so naturally beautiful, a real life role model. Embracing real skin is so refreshing and because it’s rarely seen anymore, makes normal folks feel more insecure. This is delightful and much encouraged so thank you Lily x

  • Laura Viveiros
    Laura Viveiros2 timer siden

    I love you, you're a amazing Actress 😍

  • Tommi Rosenthal
    Tommi Rosenthal2 timer siden

    You’re ruining your skin barrier with this HORRIBLE BRUSH! I can’t watch this. Plus essential oils can give you a really bad rash and allergies when used regularly. Just saying.

  • Simple mortal
    Simple mortal3 timer siden

    an english doing a french beauty video? lmao

    BREANNA ESTRADA3 timer siden

    this doesn't even seem like a vogue video and I love it!

  • The Redhead Chronicles
    The Redhead Chronicles3 timer siden

    Why was this so relaxing to watch?

  • Eleni Pagka
    Eleni Pagka3 timer siden

    No one: A girl who went to Paris once in highschool and will not shut up about it:

  • เด็กชาย ออโต้
    เด็กชาย ออโต้3 timer siden

    She was born in 1989 oh my gosh i can’t believe she is 31 already

  • Laura Gutierrez
    Laura Gutierrez4 timer siden

    “It makes me feel like I’m in Paris all day who doesn’t want that? ” Everyone who *actually* lives in Paris.

  • Eliana Valdez
    Eliana Valdez4 timer siden

    Watching this after washing my face with soap

  • Katinka aa
    Katinka aa5 timer siden

    If you want to see a more accurate description of french girl make up you should watch camille rowes beauty secrets video...

  • Katinka aa
    Katinka aa5 timer siden

    why does she talk to us like we're 6 years old?

  • pinkette
    pinkette5 timer siden

    Why would you perfume before changing??

  • Santi Widiyawati
    Santi Widiyawati6 timer siden

    Omg she use witch hazel

  • Celeste K.
    Celeste K.6 timer siden

    You’re looking like you’re falling into the Hollywood female trap. Please be healthy! We want you HAPPY and HEALTHY. 💗💗💗

  • Nil su Kılıç
    Nil su Kılıç7 timer siden

    Emıly in Paris ?

  • snoop ods
    snoop ods7 timer siden

    Feels wathing her series on Netflix rn 😭

  • fitriana nurmansah
    fitriana nurmansah7 timer siden

    I like you so much...

  • Chie Cor
    Chie Cor7 timer siden


  • bethany Larenee
    bethany Larenee8 timer siden

    Omg she’s literally Emily in Paris

  • aisha ibrahim
    aisha ibrahim9 timer siden

    cant stop looking at her eyebrows ...they are amazing

  • Krystal Gazer
    Krystal Gazer9 timer siden

    I noticed her forehead wrinkles. Another couple of years and the Botox will have to be used to keep that young look.

  • Zarmad Kasi
    Zarmad Kasi9 timer siden

    Love you Lily Collins you are my favourite actress and I am your biggest fan and girl you don't need makeup to look amazing

  • Shirley
    Shirley9 timer siden

    What throat spray did she use? I didn't catch it.

  • Kezia Silva-netto
    Kezia Silva-netto10 timer siden


  • Moitree
    Moitree12 timer siden

    Step one: good genes

  • C'mon Kay
    C'mon Kay12 timer siden

    she is so chatty and interactive, that's sooo good.

  • dinah
    dinah12 timer siden

    even her talking just like reading script

  • lunejeon.
    lunejeon.13 timer siden

    lveee her eyebrowss !

  • just lamie
    just lamie13 timer siden

    Which spray did she use in the first step?say me brand name please?)

  • Nataliya Lobacheva
    Nataliya Lobacheva14 timer siden

    Очень много болтовни

  • Tania Hemmings
    Tania Hemmings15 timer siden

    I love genifique too 💖

  • Fleur Conway
    Fleur Conway16 timer siden

    She’s very pretty.

  • Jenna Hopkins
    Jenna Hopkins17 timer siden

    She's a bit.... much. Lol

  • AmateurBeautyAddict
    AmateurBeautyAddict18 timer siden

    No one noticed the cut at 5:57 where her skin all of a sudden gets flawless?

  • isa;bel
    isa;bel19 timer siden

    she's so adorable, I love her !!

  • Lynnzilla
    Lynnzilla21 time siden

    So refreshing to watch a beautiful young woman who doesn’t ruin her vids using the word “like” every fourth syllable. Lily, your gorgeous.

  • Renata Reenaataa
    Renata Reenaataa22 timer siden

    How much Lancôme paid ?

  • Katherine Garcia
    Katherine Garcia22 timer siden

    Sí sigue haciendo facciones así cuando con su frente, en unos años se verá super arrugada 😬

  • Luna-Bella.50s
    Luna-Bella.50s22 timer siden

    I'm here for the brows ❤

  • ESPES Lifestyle
    ESPES Lifestyle22 timer siden

    She's Gorgeous 💄

  • Virginia Vanni
    Virginia Vanni23 timer siden

    there was such a change in the coverage of the foundation at 5:58 like her (or somebody else) retouched it off camera...

  • 미야미야
    미야미야23 timer siden

    I just love this human being she's so cute and bubbly omg

  • Jacklyn Dougherty
    Jacklyn Dougherty23 timer siden

    Absolutely beautiful thank you for sharing

  • CheekyLibraryon
    CheekyLibraryonDag siden

    I detest when these are sponsored. It would be so much more interesting to know what she actually uses in real life. boo.

  • Manjari Saha
    Manjari SahaDag siden

    PLEASE use Mayur Naturals Elixir Serum. It works miracles!!! All those dark spots will be gone and you won't have to use so many products. And it will hydrate all day long. All those chemicals you are pushing into your skin is cringe-worthy!

  • Flis Emanuela
    Flis EmanuelaDag siden

    Why everything she uses is perfect lol

  • Hermes Skyy
    Hermes SkyyDag siden


  • Paj Yeej
    Paj YeejDag siden

    I think the eyebrows got to go...its too big and thick.🤔

  • S c
    S cDag siden

    Did I miss where they disclosed that this was sponsored by lancome? Also she totally applied way more foundation in the two second transition. I hate these types of videos because they don't feel genuine at all.

  • HannahRachel Xo
    HannahRachel XoDag siden

    Wait,, just a flick without finishing it? I dunno about that part... but she obviously is stunning no matter what!

  • Read Along with Me
    Read Along with MeDag siden


  • The vvv Channel
    The vvv ChannelDag siden see my brand!

  • Romina Castillo
    Romina CastilloDag siden

    you could make one by Josephine Langford

  • Nerma Bajramović
    Nerma BajramovićDag siden

    We'll If the Parisian glamour is aa same as the one in the show, I don't think it is worth it! Sorry, but no.

  • LemonEyes
    LemonEyesDag siden

    What's the brand of her sunscreen?

  • Tia Worsham
    Tia WorshamDag siden

    Me gasping at the fact that she doesn't use a moisturizer, only spf 😩

  • Katinka aa

    Katinka aa

    5 timer siden

    she uses a serum, if you don't have really dry skin then you don't need a moisturizer on top of that

  • Instafedebeauty
    InstafedebeautyDag siden

    but is this a Lancome #ADV video?

  • Амина Габдолла
    Амина ГабдоллаDag siden

    ни хрена не поняла

  • Ada & Yaya
    Ada & YayaDag siden

  • A A
    A ADag siden

    I was distracted by her perfect eyebrows throughout this video.

  • Marcella Moura
    Marcella MouraDag siden

    The prettiest woman in the world

  • dana dani
    dana daniDag siden

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  • Hailey K
    Hailey KDag siden

    so is this lily or emily i don't get it ?!

    ALIA OUTSIDERDag siden

    her eyelashes are goals

  • Charlene Yu
    Charlene YuDag siden

    is anyone here after watching Hyram's reaction?

  • Jade Rodrigues da Silva
    Jade Rodrigues da SilvaDag siden

    She uses the same perfume that I use! OMG, now I´m feeling like so lucky, because I´m with Lily`s aroma.

  • Jun Jalapeño
    Jun JalapeñoDag siden

    Her eyebrows are freaky

  • abhavya chand
    abhavya chandDag siden

    Can we just talk about how beautiful and flawless she is!!!

  • khushboo shah
    khushboo shahDag siden

    Emily is her! They are the same

  • Wiya Andretti
    Wiya AndrettiDag siden

    luvvv banget.. tonernya emang juaraa

  • Mary Harutyunyan
    Mary HarutyunyanDag siden

    She's cute and all, but that lipstick color made her skin look gray.

  • Shani


    5 timer siden


  • Rssmayo
    RssmayoDag siden

    I love Lily so much 🥺🥺❤️

    JINYU ZHANGDag siden

    Hyaluronic Acid Acne Treatment Face Serum

  • Chris Van Hanswyk
    Chris Van HanswykDag siden

    She numba 1

  • Spark & Wild Branding and Creative
    Spark & Wild Branding and CreativeDag siden

    I thought Juicy Tubes were discontinued?!

  • Estreya Finnigan
    Estreya FinniganDag siden

    Who would want to look french especially these days

  • Thea
    TheaDag siden

    Will never not believe she's American. I've always thought she was British

  • Thea


    5 timer siden

    @NEENAH ohhhh okay.

  • Ruxandra Bucovineanu

    Ruxandra Bucovineanu

    6 timer siden

    she s both



    6 timer siden

    Infact she is British but she grew in America with her mum

  • Satori Matsuzaka
    Satori MatsuzakaDag siden

    Why are people dragging celebrities for not having perfect skin?!

  • Jessica Watson
    Jessica WatsonDag siden

    I feel like she’s acting the whole video. Comes off fake, disingenuous and rehearsed. Also, eyebrows are a natural human feature. Not a quality.

  • Chrizia May Alad-ad
    Chrizia May Alad-adDag siden

    Im using the toner she used ..

  • Elly Rose
    Elly RoseDag siden

    But like can we get a bathroom tour😍

  • Lyka Niña Pason
    Lyka Niña PasonDag siden

    I did not know that Lily Collins is very talkative

  • Tabatha Lira
    Tabatha LiraDag siden

    she's perfect omg

  • Daniela m
    Daniela mDag siden

    Emily nooo please do not use a brush for your face 😭😭😭 its not good at all

  • Alyssa 1209
    Alyssa 1209Dag siden

    No moisturer? Yikes!

  • Kimberly Rodriguez
    Kimberly RodriguezDag siden

    she uses reasonably priced products (for a celebrity) and lets me know she's interested in the benefits of them, not just branding.

  • Adesari Aviningtyas
    Adesari AviningtyasDag siden

    so beautiful

  • Vanita Rampersaud
    Vanita RampersaudDag siden

    1 eyebrow is round shaped whiles 1 is square ...

  • Mariana C
    Mariana CDag siden

    Why the blush there???

  • 유니리카
    유니리카Dag siden

    Taehyung watching this char HAHAHAHh Lmao

  • Zainab Saeed
    Zainab SaeedDag siden

    What was that lipstick? Need!

  • Eva Luna
    Eva LunaDag siden

    Is it odd to feel bad for her. She looked so pretty in Emily in Paris, it was shocking to see her bare skin. My skin is probably better than hers on an average day and I don’t do nothing. Just apply Nivea moisturiser after showers and that too because I have dry skin. I would be happy to skip that too if my skin was better.

  • Irma Di Simone
    Irma Di Simone2 dager siden

    my dad is in def leoapard

  • Kate
    Kate2 dager siden

    Great video! I love her, she's so gorgeous! Her energy in this video is infectious, I'd love it if she had her own YT channel :D

  • Felicity Ho
    Felicity Ho2 dager siden

    I have to tell myself she is not EMILY COOPER in this video lol she is so cute