🔴LIVE - Triple Threat Challenge - WARZONE SOLOS


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  • John Nord
    John Nord11 dager siden

    @5:58:43 Jim Cornette ????

  • A pileup Of Raggs
    A pileup Of Raggs14 dager siden

    26 year ago two time chomp

  • Abang Haziq
    Abang Haziq20 dager siden


  • James Roskruge
    James Roskruge22 dager siden

    You ok man?,legit thought you were about to have a nervous breakdown there for a sec,take care out there

  • Ray Dawson
    Ray Dawson25 dager siden

    Go on doc go get em

  • Jonas Nielsen
    Jonas Nielsen25 dager siden

    taking a 21 tickrate game srlsy ? come on doc...

  • Stun Gun Stunna
    Stun Gun Stunna26 dager siden


  • Stun Gun Stunna
    Stun Gun Stunna26 dager siden

    Whole stream as the tiger king NOW.

  • Dylan 22
    Dylan 2228 dager siden

    At 2:24:57 I couldn't stop Laughing

  • SADRA k
    SADRA kMåned siden

    دمت گرم داداش

  • Dylan Salinas
    Dylan SalinasMåned siden

    The optimal venezuelan etiologically educate because lead splenomegaly ban per a boorish cardboard. murky, understood step-father

  • BlakeSupra
    BlakeSupraMåned siden

    The best a man can get.

  • Matice Koslovski
    Matice KoslovskiMåned siden

    Hast du maurice angerufen?

  • Dylan Salinas
    Dylan SalinasMåned siden

    The laughable trowel jelly supply because earth morphologically scream a a elfin palm. cold, absorbed peony

  • Ramu Kaka
    Ramu KakaMåned siden

    Hi man

    LE FRENCH DOCMåned siden

    Guys, everything is legendary about him! Not only thumbnails

  • Jumping John
    Jumping JohnMåned siden


  • Xbigmike17X
    Xbigmike17XMåned siden

    ChampionsClubGG: your items have been shipped! 😎🤘🏽

  • Roset03
    Roset03Måned siden

    3:38:33 Dang Doc, when will we see you at the Met?

  • whity iz back
    whity iz backMåned siden


  • Joshua Ginsberg
    Joshua GinsbergMåned siden


  • Jay Persi
    Jay PersiMåned siden

    Is dr not on twitch anymore?

  • Leon Kennedy666
    Leon Kennedy666Måned siden

    1:30:40 10/10

  • CDR Frost
    CDR FrostMåned siden

    Im in the guuuuulag Im in the guuuuulag Im in the guuuuulag

  • Joe Flo
    Joe FloMåned siden

    That riot shield guy can literally eat his controller and step on a lego for the rest of his life!

  • Anthony Hales
    Anthony HalesMåned siden

    Can you imagine being his neighbor. Would be interesting

  • Njbori973
    Njbori973Måned siden


  • Jake Wilkins
    Jake WilkinsMåned siden


  • NameDisPlay
    NameDisPlayMåned siden


  • 007
    007Måned siden


  • Paul Reoch
    Paul ReochMåned siden

    Trump’n 4 life

  • Chicken Dinner
    Chicken DinnerMåned siden

    Little did anyone know that this time today dr disrespect is bald playing hitman 3 this mans talent is purely unbelievable

  • Blake Sebring
    Blake SebringMåned siden

    Great (solo) duos gameplay as always Doc. Keep up the great work

  • stuartgangsta
    stuartgangstaMåned siden

    Ban all whom are better, cant stand the heat...ban the kitchen!!! loser

  • Aziz Raisi
    Aziz RaisiMåned siden

    2:32:06 Thanks me later

  • dx VEGAS
    dx VEGASMåned siden

    If I had a dollar for every name on Docs blocked list* 💰👌

  • AAzer1aw
    AAzer1awMåned siden

    Doc sniping ppl left and right

  • Dogomatic
    DogomaticMåned siden

    No stream tonight? (Wednesday?)

  • Billy Bobby
    Billy BobbyMåned siden

    actually really refreshing to see doc not know where everyone is with Zwaller. I turn off the stream every time that dude shows up and starts making callouts at teams 400m away and behind a hill.

  • VocalTranceUK
    VocalTranceUKMåned siden

    Violence, Speed, Momentum, all the way to the tippy top of the mountain!

  • Prashanth Prashanth
    Prashanth PrashanthMåned siden

    I am ready for u r stream can u start the stream quick

  • Mountain Bike Addict
    Mountain Bike AddictMåned siden

    Says solos are easy, can't win one solo match in 6.5 hours.

  • Sanjay M
    Sanjay MMåned siden

    This stream's clips r gonna be nice snipes

  • kartik pranjal
    kartik pranjalMåned siden

    Hey , Doc ! Come on !! Please challenge that kid ferg to 1v1 you on any cod (just because he said he can beat you in console/pc gaming too) Prove yourself ! prove yourself to him that he can only play mobile kid games!!

  • Ben Savage
    Ben SavageMåned siden

    I would rather watch 6 hours of stress and entertainment then back to back wins from a boring streamer dropping 30 kills with the same meta day in day out

  • Charles Benson
    Charles BensonMåned siden

    Never heard someone cry as much as this dude🤣🤣🤣

  • Ben
    BenMåned siden

    When we getting a 4k stream ?

  • Daws_Garage


    Måned siden

    @Blake Sebring no reason to jump to higher resolution in fps. The frame rate is king that’s why pros play 1080p at 240hz refresh

  • Blake Sebring

    Blake Sebring

    Måned siden

    He plays on a 1080p monitor for some unknown reason, so I wouldn't hold my breath

  • Sanjay M
    Sanjay MMåned siden

    Doc reduce ur maximum acceptable ping :DD

  • Rameez bhaii
    Rameez bhaiiMåned siden

    Where is the tiger 🐅

  • mine69
    mine69Måned siden

    Doc is by far the most entertaining streamer!! He genuinely cares about his community and that is why he is so GREAT!!!!

  • Mariano Verdú
    Mariano VerdúMåned siden

    Nice initial songs...

  • Cody Azure
    Cody AzureMåned siden

    Came to click like for the thumbnail

  • Syed Kumail Abbas
    Syed Kumail AbbasMåned siden

    "The two time world camp" did not pull up a win huh

  • Aszthrotep
    AszthrotepMåned siden

    Doc: either get Z to help you out, or play something easier like CS. And dont bother with tarkov, its way out of your league.

  • Wolfie132
    Wolfie132Måned siden

    No stream today folks

  • Wolfie132


    Måned siden

    Or maybe a stream

  • Eric Moody
    Eric MoodyMåned siden

    all you do is whine the whole match. TIMBO would destroy you in a 1v1.

  • Andrew 10
    Andrew 10Måned siden

    Hey Doc, Mike Tyson just called me on the flip phone and said he needs his Tiger back ASAP!

  • Harold Nerona
    Harold NeronaMåned siden

    What's the intro song?

  • MortemCustos
    MortemCustosMåned siden

    Def unsubbing after that thumbnail. Giving joe as little time of day cuz hes a garbage human being.

  • Маннй Сингченко
    Маннй СингченкоMåned siden

    Doc we want to see pylot outro more

  • Apex
    ApexMåned siden

    Warzone is a great game and Doc is making it even greater

  • Go Hawaii Outdoors
    Go Hawaii OutdoorsMåned siden

    Stream snipers were on another level today lol

  • monwara begum
    monwara begumMåned siden


  • lizardMen 123

    lizardMen 123

    Måned siden

    How to 1v1?????

  • lizardMen 123

    lizardMen 123

    Måned siden

    Sory but freg is mobile player

  • Mike M
    Mike MMåned siden

    That was a rough stream, does DOC not have it anymore?

  • Timothy Toth
    Timothy TothMåned siden

    Thermite one shots riot shields every time. Roit shield fix you can only have it on your back and it doesn't take up a weapon slot. Most shots are from the front any way and people can make shots at feet from the backside and sides are still open.

  • Suicidalavenger8 Daniel
    Suicidalavenger8 DanielMåned siden

    Doc we need a new game to play

  • Asheesh Kumar
    Asheesh KumarMåned siden

    Thumbnails that Doc uses are legendary like him 😂

  • MBM ForLife
    MBM ForLifeMåned siden

    it would be your left my right

  • Nathan Drake
    Nathan DrakeMåned siden

    Check mark’ss

    ALEXIS NEFFMåned siden

    just give damage limit to shield before it breaks if they wont remove it.

  • Sheev MuhQueen
    Sheev MuhQueenMåned siden

    I don't care what the scoreboard said, Doc was on fire today. Looking forward to him bringing that to duos.

  • convert313
    convert313Måned siden

    fired from burger king.. SECOND TIME HAHAHAHA

  • Sylent Muchacho
    Sylent MuchachoMåned siden

    What a miserable stream. Doc needs a new game asap.

  • TheBuffalo22
    TheBuffalo22Måned siden


  • Kalpesh Fatangare
    Kalpesh FatangareMåned siden

    1v1 ferg

  • beezybaby101


    Måned siden

    @Kalpesh Fatangare who plays COD on their iPad? Mommy can I use your iPad before bedtime

  • lizardMen 123

    lizardMen 123

    Måned siden

    @Kalpesh Fatangare i play cod mobile i think 1v1 doc vs freg just a joke

  • lizardMen 123

    lizardMen 123

    Måned siden

    @Kalpesh Fatangare yes I've watched it but in my opinion it's unfair if the doc has to 1v1 with freg in codm because doc is not used to playing codm even with an expensive pc if freg he is used to playing codm in my opinion if you want 1v1 freg you have to find new games that you can play on mobile and pc

  • Kalpesh Fatangare

    Kalpesh Fatangare

    Måned siden

    @beezybaby101 so....what is there to laugh? I don't see any reason to laugh on *ipad*.

  • beezybaby101


    Måned siden

    @Kalpesh Fatangare haha his iPad

  • Universal Dweller
    Universal DwellerMåned siden

    Does anyone else lowkey feel bad for Doc?, not being able to game with any of his friends over at purple snake. Dude had hardly no one

  • Illmatix 1

    Illmatix 1

    Måned siden

    @Goober Goblin P.C. CULTURE is the most prevelant it's EVER been....

  • Goober Goblin

    Goober Goblin

    Måned siden

    I feel bad because it is very clear the whole situation is odd. Not only did he lose friends but he had to lose deals, money and years of work on that platform. Imagine being on a site for 7 years and one day they kick you out that's whats crazy because he lost more then just friends.

  • Bruce White
    Bruce WhiteMåned siden


  • maulstar1


    Måned siden


  • Steve Qazwsx
    Steve QazwsxMåned siden

    Warzone Without The Two Time is Just a Waste of Time!! Love ya DOC!!

  • ريفيو review
    ريفيو reviewMåned siden

    See as you are or Be what you see

  • riccardo stucchi
    riccardo stucchiMåned siden

    Love u doc

  • Janneau Botha
    Janneau BothaMåned siden

    Riot shields are so lame D- plays...

  • Ekomsingh1
    Ekomsingh1Måned siden

    What’s your level Sir

  • Shreyes Simha JR
    Shreyes Simha JRMåned siden

    1v1 ferg

  • Anthony p51
    Anthony p51Måned siden

    Looks like tiger king isn’t getting a pardon 😒🐯

  • Debangshu Das
    Debangshu DasMåned siden

    this stream was a average.Doc wasn't in his full momentum...I very much like to that old man with a energy of a 21 yrs old.....yayayayaya!!!!

  • jordan crichton
    jordan crichtonMåned siden

    Fact is the Doc doesn’t have the patience or tactics/play style to consistently play well in Solo’s. Just expand your group of people beyond Z Laner and play in duo’s or squads 90% of games, then just play solos for a change of pace to warm up etc.

  • Brogan


    Måned siden

    Agreed. I think days like today he would obviously rather be playin with Z. But schedules conflicted and he likely already had Tarkov set for Thurs. So he just threw this together.

  • Jimmy G

    Jimmy G

    Måned siden

    Zlaner is a cheater so completely avoid him.

  • Gregor
    GregorMåned siden

    I can't help wondering: when was the last time Doc actually won the Triple Threat Challenge?

  • S.T.M
    S.T.MMåned siden

    Doc is one of the best snipers in Warzone 💪

    NEON LEGENDMåned siden


    NEON LEGENDMåned siden


    NEON LEGENDMåned siden


    NEON LEGENDMåned siden


    NEON LEGENDMåned siden


  • Aaron Burnett
    Aaron BurnettMåned siden

    That first game.....

  • Thomas Everard
    Thomas EverardMåned siden

    How do they even make a thumbnail like that?

  • joel ellie
    joel ellieMåned siden


  • joel ellie
    joel ellieMåned siden

    That nitch carol baskins

  • Ayush Wable
    Ayush WableMåned siden

    The thumbnail got me here🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Apex
    ApexMåned siden

    Why is iferg so scared to 1v1 Doc

  • Bret B
    Bret BMåned siden

    Full of little