"Is this a new meta? The M16? Lets find out." -Dr Disrespect
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  • N Gafary
    N Gafary19 timer siden


  • Emrah. ild
    Emrah. ild3 dager siden

    tell the truth ..u r freddie mercury..

  • JavichO
    JavichO3 dager siden


  • Vlad Kostin
    Vlad Kostin4 dager siden

    your mic is peaking though

  • Vegito 1087 [Leader Of Loli Clan]
    Vegito 1087 [Leader Of Loli Clan]4 dager siden

    How are people not taking fall damage

  • Volkov Seig
    Volkov Seig4 dager siden


  • Kai Diego Dias Bergheim
    Kai Diego Dias Bergheim4 dager siden

    Is Doc still playing with that cheater? Disappointing.

  • Trevoloution
    Trevoloution5 dager siden

    3:47:00 dead serious... At the tippity top and still only halfway up... Building a Universe

  • bassmekanik101
    bassmekanik1015 dager siden

    you back ?

  • Fallen Limits
    Fallen Limits5 dager siden

    4:48:40 😂😂😂🤣

  • Zachary Serrer
    Zachary Serrer5 dager siden

    Is the hair and mustache real lol

  • C H
    C H6 dager siden

    How do you donate to zlaner without having to sign up to anything

  • FatGuyGoesNutzoid
    FatGuyGoesNutzoid6 dager siden


  • Faladrin
    Faladrin7 dager siden

    Doc's so salty about the obvious choice to make zip lines have a disadvantage of having an unhooking animation. You can disagree with the choice, but to act like it wasn't on purpose is silly.

  • Risky
    Risky7 dager siden

    NOlocal gaming Omegalul

  • Notacrazy
    Notacrazy7 dager siden

    drippin in heat

    TIMATI GAMING7 dager siden

    doc is the worst player i have ever seen and he always blames the game

  • MAV45


    6 dager siden

    'The worst player i have ever seen' Sure dude. Sure.

  • Vreborn
    Vreborn7 dager siden

    Zzzzzzzzzz 4 in a row!!!! Doc not so much hahaha. Wake up doc!!!!

  • bob tony
    bob tony7 dager siden

    1:14:00 yayayayayaya

  • said rahal
    said rahal7 dager siden

    why the game sounds so awful? is it a glitch?

  • Yociel Vilchis
    Yociel Vilchis7 dager siden

    Triple threat challenge m16 and Mac-10 edition

  • Xbigmike17X
    Xbigmike17X8 dager siden

    Doc, your mic was still a little too loud. I could hear distortion when you talk.

  • Try Hard 77
    Try Hard 778 dager siden

    Hey bro I'm from Europe like & from me keep going 👍

  • soulexplosion007
    soulexplosion0078 dager siden

    Why is nobody talking about the beginning of the Video? 20:20 really cracks me up😂😂😭😭😭😭 whatever the Doc is trippin on..we need it😅

  • Overwhelming Tactician
    Overwhelming Tactician8 dager siden

    Ohhhhh baby baby 4 in a row?? Give em the loveeeeeee!!

  • LaidBackJetLife
    LaidBackJetLife8 dager siden

    It’s crazy youtuber post a certain gun then everyone wanna use it lol Like comment and viewers be your own self stop copying other geesh nobody was using the m16 but now look at everyone smh this gamer community is just bunch copy cats 🥱🤨

  • AKA SGSVirgil
    AKA SGSVirgil8 dager siden

    You haven't uninstalled this garbage game yet?

  • KrishDerp
    KrishDerp8 dager siden

    1:55:00 what does staring at his 4th monitor mean?

  • General Cornelius
    General Cornelius8 dager siden

    2:09:10 he rpgd the car. Can barely hear it. Can see the trail of smoke. And you can see him loading another rocket.

  • MistahWinston
    MistahWinston8 dager siden

    Can we get a great stream without a single complaint about sound or aim assist? Just deal with it man. You're choosing to play this game. Nothing is Gunna change. Poor Z is probably fed up with it too.

  • Olsbijack2
    Olsbijack28 dager siden

    Whenever Z yells, "WHHAAAAAAAT!?!?!?" it makes me laugh so hard hahahaha....

  • Daniel Davis
    Daniel Davis8 dager siden

    That commenter and Doc said it best... The viewing experience of Valorant is awful...

  • General Cornelius
    General Cornelius8 dager siden

    2:01:40 = GOLD

  • Eikichi Onizuka
    Eikichi Onizuka8 dager siden

    I agree, pc should have their own servers

  • Kieran R
    Kieran R8 dager siden

    PPV model would be best for tournaments

  • Ronin tv
    Ronin tv8 dager siden

    975.36 mil

  • Hajo Pai
    Hajo Pai9 dager siden

    Hey Champions-Club! Whats the song name when Doc and Z landed Superstore at 3:22:00 ?? Does anyone know? Loved it 😎

  • Matheus Felipe

    Matheus Felipe

    5 dager siden

    Want to know too hheheh

  • TheBinarySon
    TheBinarySon9 dager siden


  • rohit singh
    rohit singh9 dager siden

    Abey saale😂😂

  • dannyboyFin69
    dannyboyFin699 dager siden

    Z dude is amazing

  • Samas R Counts
    Samas R Counts9 dager siden


  • Shiva RamaKrishna
    Shiva RamaKrishna9 dager siden

    4:28:53 to 4:28:55 what happened here???? Is this a youtube glitch. Anyone noticed this !!!! Some part of the stream went missing !!!!!! I wonder if the same happened during the live stream as well !!!

  • Aszthrotep
    Aszthrotep9 dager siden

    turn off the ESP cheatlaner

  • bob lep0nge
    bob lep0nge9 dager siden

    seriously doc need to find some cover he keep dying in open field it's pure madness!

  • JordanTJackson
    JordanTJackson9 dager siden

    When the 2x back to back goes 2x back to back back to back

  • Moby
    Moby9 dager siden

    PSA: If you make a comment saying Zlaner cheats in Warzone, you're publicly admitting that you're absolute garbage at games and extremely insecure about it :)



    8 dager siden

    @moby should admit he has a crush on zlamer and come out the closet already

  • Ridalia


    9 dager siden

    He is a cheater Period. Even if he caught cheating and ban, his simp follower will still think he is not.

  • Satori Moto
    Satori Moto9 dager siden

    If everyone is playing on the same tik then does it really matter

  • bob lep0nge
    bob lep0nge9 dager siden

    2:41:55 i mean the hole scene is just pure gold and z just poping out of nowhere, that fool me as well :)

  • Luis Velez
    Luis Velez9 dager siden


  • LaidBackJetLife
    LaidBackJetLife9 dager siden

    I been using m16 for hen cod war zone drop now it’s popular 😂

  • Tyrell Woodford
    Tyrell Woodford9 dager siden

    Man first game complaining about wanting to play with just mouse and keyboard players when your teammate plays on controller.... So you got beat legitimately but because you're a big streamer you think it's a controller that beat you??

  • doT03
    doT039 dager siden

    Doc cast at 4:43:26 🔥🤔

  • MasterGhost187
    MasterGhost1879 dager siden

    1:55 get that mac10 out of here dc FFAR game!

  • Philip Thompson
    Philip Thompson9 dager siden

    3:37:00 - Right that's because that's what Call of Duty has always been like... Arcady and quick and shallow.

  • sam samson
    sam samson9 dager siden

    cant watch this with Zlaner in srry bye

  • Ric DV

    Ric DV

    7 dager siden

    Buh bye! 😊

  • Spencer Hildebrand
    Spencer Hildebrand9 dager siden

    I don’t like it because I don’t know 🤷

  • Justin Coonce
    Justin Coonce9 dager siden

    Doc! Just want to stop in and say you are an inspiration to me for real! You are always a man with attention to detail when you stream and i just want to help that case for you... it would be badass if when you enter scene at 20:17 with the left screen and it was like the old arcade coin with your logo on it spinning, and above it it said one credit and below it, it said 25 cents... you may not even read this lol but just want to help

  • jka291
    jka2919 dager siden

    So EVERY death is due to 90 plus ping... so what about the kills during your 90 ping- you getting lucky?? Come on doc, you are discrediting your kills by blaming your deaths on uncontrollable issues. Lol

  • Rusty Shackelford
    Rusty Shackelford9 dager siden

    Z says "sorry" like such a Canadian Soreeeey

  • zac west
    zac west9 dager siden

    song at 4:50:50

  • Lucas Pineiro
    Lucas Pineiro9 dager siden

    Where do you get your music it reminds me of some dancing with dead, I LOVE it!

  • Woke_Legend
    Woke_Legend9 dager siden

    Every time Z goes "WWWWHAAATTTTT!?!?" When he gets killed I cringe so hard... he acts like he’s never been killed before, he’s so annoying. I don’t care if he cheats or doesn’t cheat, he’s annoying af, his fanboys are annoying and childish af, he doesn’t know how to handle the BBB thing like an adult, the guy is a child.

  • Fred Richardson
    Fred Richardson9 dager siden

  • Alexsandwich Mateo
    Alexsandwich Mateo9 dager siden


  • Niitroxyde
    Niitroxyde9 dager siden

    Making parts of the stream sub only is not giving something to the subs, it's taking something away from non-subs to make subs feel privileged. Feels corny if you ask me. Point of subbing in the first place is not to get stuff, but to support the streamer for their work. If people want to buy stuff they have your merch store or your books or whatever.

  • azfam520
    azfam5209 dager siden


  • evan osthus
    evan osthus9 dager siden

    M16 fully leveled up with correct barrel and bruiser grip/silencer is a beast. A lot of fun

  • Brendan Doyle
    Brendan Doyle9 dager siden

    Doc I have an idea for a show, get this it takes place in the 80's.

  • Alexsandwich Mateo
    Alexsandwich Mateo9 dager siden


  • Jack Bushong
    Jack Bushong9 dager siden

    6:03:10 is what you came here to see.

  • SourBogBubble
    SourBogBubble9 dager siden

    Nah the Gain or whatever is spiking.

  • Qwa nie uwierzysz
    Qwa nie uwierzysz9 dager siden

    check my actions guys 😀 tell me what you think

  • Anna
    Anna9 dager siden

    The two time back to back getting the job done. VSM all day.

  • Joe Luna

    Joe Luna

    5 dager siden

    U mean getting carried

  • joe kennedy

    joe kennedy

    8 dager siden

    @86Chevelle68 ooo

  • 86Chevelle68


    9 dager siden

    I know hey! 🙂

  • Cramy
    Cramy9 dager siden

    6:02:19 is where the troll video was 😂

  • Harry and riri Dyi adopt me egg
    Harry and riri Dyi adopt me egg9 dager siden

    Play rogue company

  • Phil
    Phil9 dager siden

    1:13:54 song?

  • human being

    human being

    9 dager siden

    Lazer punk black lambo

  • RecklessViper
    RecklessViper9 dager siden

    How does z buy him back so quick

  • Chance Sorrell
    Chance Sorrell9 dager siden

    Always incredible...shout out to the 6 monthers yayyayayayaya

  • A Claye Jones
    A Claye Jones9 dager siden

    He had stopping power and complains about it when he had it on two different guns in the previous match. smh

  • Archie Stiglitz

    Archie Stiglitz

    9 dager siden

    It's in the game, of course he gonna use it. Why would he put himself at a disadvantage. That doesn't mean he likes it and want it in the game. If you actually listen to him you would know this.

  • Bowl Frog
    Bowl Frog9 dager siden

    For anyone wondering, Doc reacts to the Nickmercs and Huskers stuff at 1:06:23.

  • Inigo Montoya
    Inigo Montoya9 dager siden

    "Doc Chat" should be an actual thing like Doc Cast and the Arcade and have a background like Doc sitting in a chair next to a fire place. Just spit balling. Can't wait for Wednesday Valorant stream.

  • Mike Murzanski
    Mike Murzanski9 dager siden

    The best 🙌🏻

  • Ephraim Left
    Ephraim Left9 dager siden

    3:47:40 This is why i love Doc!!! VSM

  • ooPapa Smurfxx
    ooPapa Smurfxx9 dager siden

    I’ve never seen a more psychotic individual besides myself🤣

  • whadafunk
    whadafunk9 dager siden

    Zlaner is a wild man.....so are you Doc.

    xX NEVERMORE Xx x9 dager siden

    Does he talk to Z about his hacker videos?

  • Dane Piontek
    Dane Piontek9 dager siden

    BATTLEFIELD. Yessir doc

  • Slick Dimitri
    Slick Dimitri9 dager siden

    4:48:40 hahahaha!!

  • Hectic Gerva
    Hectic Gerva10 dager siden

    Hey Doc, just one request if you can do. i want to see if you can down a player with the M16 further then 250 meters Thanks.

  • USS_Alex
    USS_Alex10 dager siden

    4:03:40 AAAAAAAaaaaaahhhhhhhhh

  • Nick vd B
    Nick vd B10 dager siden

    DOC USE MORE HIPFIRE ! Trust on that. Loosing to many close gunfights that the 2time should have win !!!!!!!

  • Hectic Gerva
    Hectic Gerva10 dager siden

    They need to do a hardware ban on if those who use Cronus or Strikepack devices.

  • Mike Ernst
    Mike Ernst10 dager siden

    Doc pretending Valorant is fun...... LOL!

  • G Porr
    G Porr10 dager siden

    I was never a fan of pulse rifles. I like. Steady automatic. Just feels better imo

  • Gustavo Fring
    Gustavo Fring10 dager siden

    Somebody knows the song at 3:22:00

  • Gustavo Fring

    Gustavo Fring

    9 dager siden

    @Pawel T Hey man thank you so much 🙏🏼

  • Pawel T

    Pawel T

    9 dager siden

    It’s Glass Cities - Mitch

  • Sal xx
    Sal xx10 dager siden

    Childish lol 😆

  • Brandon Bowden
    Brandon Bowden10 dager siden

    3:46:20 my favorite part

  • THE 2 TIME
    THE 2 TIME10 dager siden

    Just found out I have the same birthday as doc. Born to be in the arena.

    NYC MONSTER10 dager siden

    Lol, he goes up the zip...blind knowing there’s a guy up there?! - shot in the face is what to expect.

  • Callum Grantham
    Callum Grantham10 dager siden

    Song @10:02 please?