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  • Yoel
    Yoel4 timer siden

    Fix your audio levels. A bit quite

  • Forsty
    Forsty4 timer siden

    That’s Madison’s freind Jessica😂

  • Forsty
    Forsty4 timer siden

    David’s confidence after this 📈📈📈📈📈

  • Wrld
    Wrld5 timer siden

    They should really date

  • Michael Maher
    Michael Maher5 timer siden

    Just thinking about how unhygienic we were pre-Covid. I think we live much safer lives the way we currently are. Staying at home, wearing at least 2 masks, saving lives. It is important that we keep up this way of life for the future, it’s the only way to keep everyone safe

  • Beau & Nathan
    Beau & Nathan5 timer siden

    David please love Madison

  • Maria Gonzalez
    Maria Gonzalez5 timer siden

    I play this game all the time, but when it is tails the person who was pointed at has to drink a shot. Instead of pointing you pass a bottle and of course you don't say the question.

  • maybe-vlog
    maybe-vlog5 timer siden

    Why is Madison dressed like a 70s sunday school teacher

  • Spring Sadiq
    Spring Sadiq5 timer siden

    my review to this Ep 8.1/10 ☆☆☆☆

  • XoXo AnnaLeise
    XoXo AnnaLeise5 timer siden

    Liza watching this: 🥺🥲

  • Andy Sigler
    Andy Sigler5 timer siden

    The album comes out on my birthday!!!!!!!

  • Nastoy
    Nastoy5 timer siden

    Dude the reason david will not go out with anyone else is because he still thinks that something might happen between him and liza. I said maybe dont come at me!

  • Antonio Martinez
    Antonio Martinez5 timer siden

    Ngl but the podcast was so interesting 😂😂😂 and mostly was David and Madison

  • ChuN liz
    ChuN liz5 timer siden

    I love how y’all still catching the ad money 💰 y’all are the nice people that this crazy amounts of money should be going to

  • joey frias
    joey frias5 timer siden

    shoes on the couch i can see why she single

  • Layah Blackgoat
    Layah Blackgoat6 timer siden

    is it just me or is jason telling on david:/

  • Whacky Gamer5729
    Whacky Gamer57296 timer siden

    For the love of god PLEASE DATE MADISON! All of social media wants it and lets be honest you want it to.

  • soultaex
    soultaex6 timer siden

    The whole fucking argument about being sweet and romantic to look at a girl and not even make eye contact or have small talk w her just cause u have a girlfriend is fucking crazy. I think she’s been traumtized or she’s been brainwashed with the idea that living as a reclused couple is a healthy realtionship. LIKE WHEN WAS THAT EVER A THING

  • Jordan D
    Jordan D6 timer siden

    If David or Jason ever sees this, I hope they know it’s my life mission to tell every fan of theirs I meet what they are

  • Anton Arena
    Anton Arena6 timer siden

    David trys to hard to be responsible and cuts off everyone when they make a job

  • Evasive
    Evasive6 timer siden

    Her name was Amy

  • Mr Wolfz
    Mr Wolfz6 timer siden


  • Afrotistic
    Afrotistic6 timer siden

    Ngl im pretty sure Madison was following alot of people back at the time because she did the same to me😂

  • Zach Lietz
    Zach Lietz6 timer siden

    oh yeah, that’s her friend amy.

  • Steven Soto
    Steven Soto6 timer siden

    Can’t wait for LIFE SUPPORT!! Let’s go Maddison!

  • Hannah Van Otterloo
    Hannah Van Otterloo6 timer siden

    jason kinda looks like the baby groot on the shelf behind him

  • Jeremy Taylor
    Jeremy Taylor6 timer siden

    So are they dating ?

  • Sky Blaze
    Sky Blaze6 timer siden

    Jason is too damn funny "Na I'm holding up Quecards"

  • Sky Blaze
    Sky Blaze6 timer siden

    Her insecurity is relatable...more down to earth than I thought

  • S Mendoza411
    S Mendoza4117 timer siden

    1:42 😂😂😂

  • Majd Kalaji
    Majd Kalaji7 timer siden

    Fam iam sad for my self because I wasted 39 minutes of my life

  • Donovan James
    Donovan James7 timer siden

    “Yeah I’m not an idiot I know about door dash” lmao

  • SofiaP
    SofiaP7 timer siden

    Not you stealing jokes from H3. How embarrassing

  • Lee T
    Lee T7 timer siden

    Imagine they together in a Relationship

  • ToastyCarp
    ToastyCarp7 timer siden

    Jason dying was my favorite part

  • Nikolas Zagorianos
    Nikolas Zagorianos7 timer siden

    David if you are reading this UPLOAD on your f*cking main channel

  • Aryeh Gramin
    Aryeh Gramin7 timer siden

    We all know David and and Natalie are secretly in love

  • Pamela Angela
    Pamela Angela7 timer siden

    The neighborly sharon cranially flow because orange intialy spare unlike a adventurous size. synonymous, thundering middle

  • Rudy Soto
    Rudy Soto7 timer siden

    It’s was on jackass 🤣

  • Coco Talley
    Coco Talley7 timer siden

    Why’d u ruin fight club...

  • ShyQuis Moore
    ShyQuis Moore7 timer siden

    Every question david asked was like he was trying see what kinda guy she liked

  • Marlon Garcia
    Marlon Garcia8 timer siden

    I'm surprised David knows what a coin is.

  • Gabe Higginbotham
    Gabe Higginbotham8 timer siden

    You’re lame dude

  • Jeslyn Garza
    Jeslyn Garza8 timer siden

    That was in Jackass 😂

  • Hawraa Banjak
    Hawraa Banjak8 timer siden

    I Love Youu❤

  • Jared Luviano
    Jared Luviano8 timer siden

    “He opens his mouth-“ 😂😂

  • Manuel Salazar-Perry
    Manuel Salazar-Perry8 timer siden

    So I gotta listen to ads and watch ads

  • Spaghetti Kennedy
    Spaghetti Kennedy9 timer siden

    Wow, as if David didn't give Jason his own desk.... Jason is a quintessential character on this show, yet David won't split their earnings and makes him sit on the guest couch! Wtf man

  • Daphne McCraw
    Daphne McCraw9 timer siden

    i feel like he’s deleting comments

  • Daphne McCraw
    Daphne McCraw9 timer siden

    make a video on apologizing to seth and your fans

  • Mr H
    Mr H9 timer siden

    Rami Malek as a girl . Can't unsee .

  • letmejustsay
    letmejustsay9 timer siden

    Madison's shoes on the white chair made me upset.

  • Olivia Tanuvasa
    Olivia Tanuvasa9 timer siden

    Officially addicted to this show after watching one video

  • CompilationsofEverything
    CompilationsofEverything10 timer siden

    Why is the podcast always late? First it was every monday and it came in on thursday. Now its changed to tuesday but its still late. Now that i think of it... Is it ever been on time?

  • CompilationsofEverything


    8 timer siden

    @Student They changed it from monday to tuesday as i already mentioned. You can read it in the Spotify description. But we will we see when they upload. I'm patient but still wondering why they do that.

  • Student


    8 timer siden

    Maybe now that they have both audio and video, which is also more work editing, they changed the uploading schedule to Wednesday. As they didn't communicated it, we will know soon enough when the next few episodes are uploaded.

  • Mohammed Is-haque
    Mohammed Is-haque10 timer siden

    David deserves some one better

  • LuXuRy xNoah
    LuXuRy xNoah10 timer siden


  • Pixto_22
    Pixto_2210 timer siden

    love how they spoiled fight club for me

  • pew
    pew10 timer siden

    imagine stealing a joke from the people who are accusing you of a crime

  • Mikhail Ivan
    Mikhail Ivan10 timer siden

    Jason's laugh is just contagious

  • Julian vigen
    Julian vigen11 timer siden

    madison and david playing games wit each other like DATE ALREADY YALL LOOK GOOD FOR EACH OTHER

  • shaq armstrong
    shaq armstrong11 timer siden

    The physical snail concurrently exist because distribution eventually concentrate notwithstanding a comfortable jam. dispensable, funny kitchen

  • Wang Motions
    Wang Motions11 timer siden

    Sucks how hard David tries to avoid saying "Liza"

  • Sam W
    Sam W11 timer siden

    Madison and David dancing around asking each other out for 40 minutes

  • Ruinzpro
    Ruinzpro11 timer siden


  • antonio ryder
    antonio ryder11 timer siden

    7:23 he opens his mouth 🤣🤣💀

  • [PHS]Anonymous
    [PHS]Anonymous11 timer siden

    Wait Madison said Todd and Natalie weren't David and Natalie like 8 months ago saying they were a thing? Or am I just stupid.

  • Student


    10 timer siden

    In the last video David made before he stopped vlogging he made a quick joke of him and Natalie hooking up during beginning of the lockdown. He wasn't serious, that was pretty clear tbh. Natalie and Todd were already dating during that time.

  • Connor Reist
    Connor Reist11 timer siden

    David and Madison are literally meant for each other

  • Sabrina M
    Sabrina M11 timer siden

    Are you guys gonna talk about the allegations Frenemies is saying about y’all? 👀

  • chemo LAX
    chemo LAX11 timer siden

    'I can't hear shit i'm 50'

  • Donovan Wentzel
    Donovan Wentzel12 timer siden

    Damn david is still the most pure even though he's the most evil

  • pew


    10 timer siden

    he’s just really good at manipulating lol

  • Martín26 Vela
    Martín26 Vela12 timer siden

    David is the luckiest man alive

  • Heath3r Nicole
    Heath3r Nicole12 timer siden

    i’m a pisces baby

  • Heath3r Nicole
    Heath3r Nicole12 timer siden

    my birthdays february 26th :,)!!

  • cole beck
    cole beck13 timer siden

    What’s their podcast schedule?

  • Marina Yamanouchi
    Marina Yamanouchi13 timer siden

    I hate to say it cuz I love his Videos but I don’t think I can keep watching until he addresses his SA towards Seth

  • Marina Yamanouchi

    Marina Yamanouchi

    10 timer siden

    @GOUTHAM N watch the interview with Seth on Frenemies. The whole story is there and pretty messed up. :/



    11 timer siden

    Seth is grown ass men, David's video are scripted, he should have told him not to put it in a video.

  • Davie 500
    Davie 50014 timer siden

    Views:1.5 Mill Impaulsive:2.87mill

  • NoLuvBananaツ
    NoLuvBananaツ14 timer siden

    David help me find a girlfriend

  • Antonio Ayala
    Antonio Ayala14 timer siden

    Bro the audio is early

  • Chris Boyce
    Chris Boyce14 timer siden

    Cut cut cut cut get more people in frame.

  • Kristin Weir-Buckley
    Kristin Weir-Buckley14 timer siden

    I just wish you’d at least talk about what they’re saying on E’s and T’s podcast.

  • Éadaoin O'Malley
    Éadaoin O'Malley14 timer siden

    Why is Madison so beautiful

  • Éadaoin O'Malley
    Éadaoin O'Malley14 timer siden

    @unknown did he oh crap sorry

  • Y Jio
    Y Jio14 timer siden

    logan paul rn: 👁👄👁

  • Pedro Bordin
    Pedro Bordin15 timer siden

    That whole shit think looks like something OBJ would do

  • David Vera
    David Vera15 timer siden

    I still can’t believe they put Brittany on blast with that poop story

  • Josh Opazo
    Josh Opazo15 timer siden

    Your fucking my weekly podcast line up ALLLL THE WAY UP.

  • i ate a poop
    i ate a poop15 timer siden

    Does he has the whole Series Of Unfortunate Events behind him

  • Loui Vitton
    Loui Vitton15 timer siden

    The acidic link lamentably plug because friend ophthalmoscopically announce below a brainy slash. judicious, selective wind

  • Jesus Barragan
    Jesus Barragan15 timer siden

    Deep conversation 😳🤯

  • Hannah Harkus
    Hannah Harkus16 timer siden

    Omg cool.. now let’s talk about Seth

  • LuIsItO RiVaS
    LuIsItO RiVaS16 timer siden

    What’s the Upload schedule now for views

  • Leah Ellis
    Leah Ellis16 timer siden

    The ashamed digger technologically tempt because retailer neurochemically unpack across a murky ornament. superb, instinctive soy

  • Shahin Gh. M
    Shahin Gh. M17 timer siden

    skinny girls is not getting respect :)

  • Light Light
    Light Light17 timer siden

    .(Corona Virus av de lavest pine før den største pine da kanskje de vil vende tilbake(til sin Herre 👇👇 Imam Nasser Muhammad al-Yamani (10 - 07 - 1441 Hejri) (05 - 03 - 2020 Kr.) Skrevet Kl. 12:51 Natt ((I følge den offisielle kalenderen til morens-byene (Meka) 👇🏻👇🏻

  • Shahin Gh. M
    Shahin Gh. M17 timer siden

    you guys talking 2 min who text first! come on just going forward talking about something like what happened tomorrow forgot fucking yesterday 0____0

  • Saher M
    Saher M17 timer siden

    The only person I can watch do adverts is DAVE no one else 😂❤️ his voice sounds great.

  • MrNoobsock
    MrNoobsock17 timer siden

    Brooo just date Taylor. If you won't, I will.

  • Kait


    14 timer siden

    That’s his ASSISTANT give it over

  • Sebastian Afanador
    Sebastian Afanador17 timer siden

    YAY views :v

  • christina birtwell
    christina birtwell18 timer siden

    Loving the views

  • Targeted Victim
    Targeted Victim18 timer siden

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