Make the Shot, I'll Buy You Anything Challenge!!

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  • Lamsa Gaming YT
    Lamsa Gaming YT3 dager siden

    imagine if rug was there

  • Bladimir Alvarez
    Bladimir Alvarez25 dager siden

    gucci always rap there things so good and well but the shoes had no raps no nothing

  • FLAM3 K2
    FLAM3 K2Måned siden

    Anyone else notice the little girl riding her scooter back and forward or was it just me

  • Serzel
    SerzelMåned siden

    Everyone here shoots like a 10 year old but Nikan

  • Top 10 Best
    Top 10 Best2 måneder siden

    The title should be giving my friends Christmas gifts.

  • Matthew Arreola
    Matthew Arreola4 måneder siden

    Sold souls.

  • Itzibbyz08 Da goat
    Itzibbyz08 Da goat6 måneder siden

    Teeqo got the form of mopi

  • That College Guy
    That College Guy7 måneder siden

    Ill take the el gato

  • Mustard
    Mustard7 måneder siden

    4:45 BRUH!!! The top yeezy box is empty

  • BabyAirDrop
    BabyAirDrop8 måneder siden

    3:27 what kind of form was that lol

  • Richard Carrera
    Richard Carrera8 måneder siden

    3:58 he high asl 😂

  • Jace Ryan
    Jace Ryan9 måneder siden

    Did y’all here at 1:44 Alex said Kobe 😢😭

  • Nour A
    Nour A9 måneder siden

    bro your 🔥 i am we the

  • Suma Hyp3rzz
    Suma Hyp3rzz9 måneder siden

    Jarvis: im trying FaZe clan: turn your aimbot on

  • Jewel Wauneka
    Jewel Wauneka9 måneder siden

    What so special about Gucci??

  • akingnick
    akingnick10 måneder siden

    2:58 accriate?

  • Aaron Krusen
    Aaron Krusen10 måneder siden

    how he said accurate lol 2:58

  • Hxllow2k
    Hxllow2k11 måneder siden

    Everything here I don’t have...

    ADILVLOGZ11 måneder siden

    I am really good at basketball 🏀

  • Eminem
    Eminem11 måneder siden

    bro did anyone else here the kid at 4:56. He did the best note ever

  • ExilitySpectre
    ExilitySpectre11 måneder siden

    This is how many times nikan said ooh 👇🏼

  • Joey Light
    Joey LightÅr siden

    The monitor wasn’t 240 HZ it is 144 HZ

  • AlwaysRezerv
    AlwaysRezervÅr siden

    Teqo jumper has me dead

  • Aqua
    AquaÅr siden

    8:22 that was mad satisfying

  • KYLE 15
    KYLE 15År siden

    Faze up

  • KYLE 15
    KYLE 15År siden

    Hi FaZe

  • Ibrahim Rafiq
    Ibrahim RafiqÅr siden

    The recording when Nikon does it is insane

  • Yami Sukehiro
    Yami SukehiroÅr siden

    Tenser was lucky!

  • kuri
    kuriÅr siden

    244hz? Is that new or something?

  • Arantino
    ArantinoÅr siden

    Bilan was saying they trash in the beginning then he didn’t even make shot in the beginning . He’s trash 🗑.

  • Mathew's every thing
    Mathew's every thingÅr siden

    The Swedish shot by Tico not sweetest

  • Random Yogurt123 B
    Random Yogurt123 BÅr siden

    It was the little Kid scramming distracting you guys !

  • Tempestz
    TempestzÅr siden

    Jarvis shoots with 2 hand lol I’m insane fortnite

  • Nite Stalker321
    Nite Stalker321År siden

    8:29, "That was wet"...... Ah haha

  • Novic X
    Novic XÅr siden

    I take the elgodo

  • AndrewFraley
    AndrewFraleyÅr siden

    Teeqos jumpshot tho😂😂😂

  • James Piskula
    James PiskulaÅr siden

    Anyone notice the camera had dirt on it LOL😂😂😂

  • Chrxs_13
    Chrxs_13År siden

    bro i thought most of em have been playing basketball but their jumpshots look worse than my moms??

  • champ
    champÅr siden

    Btw That was a 144hz gaming monitor

  • Affan Khan
    Affan KhanÅr siden

    You guys 🗑 trash you scream when someone makes a free throw what?

  • Kristin Guthro
    Kristin GuthroÅr siden

    This stuf is a lote of money

  • Jordan Bledsoe
    Jordan BledsoeÅr siden

    Can you get me a cheap gaming pc

  • Megatron
    MegatronÅr siden

    Damn that was fast

  • Őrn Arnason
    Őrn ArnasonÅr siden

    I Love your vids

  • Peter Tootle
    Peter TootleÅr siden

    And nit going to lie I wanted Jarvey to win the bag

  • Peter Tootle
    Peter TootleÅr siden

    Adapt kept saying “ Jarvey ”

  • New.Era_Crab
    New.Era_CrabÅr siden

    What is that shot javis

  • Azul Celeste
    Azul CelesteÅr siden

    is that hoomantv ??????

  • Laura
    LauraÅr siden

    Don’t remind me adapt😖 6:20 Toronto fo life

  • P.A.H
    P.A.HÅr siden

    You're not buying them anything. You're just giving them away

  • Michael Thomas
    Michael ThomasÅr siden

    Bro hit your shots

  • mresequie14
    mresequie14År siden

    Isn't this the place rudy Mancuso filmed his Hispanic basketball video

  • Fresniido
    FresniidoÅr siden

    these jumpers make me shake my damn head

  • C7K Elijxh
    C7K ElijxhÅr siden

    Who else heard the little kid

  • Christopher Viverito
    Christopher ViveritoÅr siden

    Adapt bro tell the boys to stick to making dope content, sports are not for them 😂😂😂

  • David Dibeneditto
    David DibenedittoÅr siden

    My favorite person with the prizes has to be Jarvis I need shoes and better internet

  • Javed Imran
    Javed ImranÅr siden

    If you put the playback speed on .25 around the time Alex said acriet he sound high

  • Carlos Garcia
    Carlos GarciaÅr siden

    Holly jarvis your insane

  • Javed Imran
    Javed ImranÅr siden

    Did he say “ you pretty accriet though honestly”

  • Siri Vatne
    Siri VatneÅr siden

    Look at those kids in the back 5:04

  • U don't know me
    U don't know meÅr siden


  • Alex_jt.25
    Alex_jt.25År siden

    Anyone see those kids in the background

  • JG
    JGÅr siden

    You always take rugs videos it’s not cool

  • Janet Needham
    Janet NeedhamÅr siden

    Adapts car holy

  • ST _ Zift
    ST _ ZiftÅr siden

    “244 hz monitor”

  • Ye
    YeÅr siden

    How do ywall shoot i know an 8 year old better than ywall no hate tho

  • Prophet Riftz
    Prophet RiftzÅr siden

    FaZe Rug btw

  • faze boss
    faze bossÅr siden

    5:21 tenser is gonna upload a video saying my new car

  • Jon Melendez
    Jon MelendezÅr siden

    Faze adapt saying “idk how should we do this?” made me laugh so hard 😂😂😂 Edit: he pronounce *accurate* so wrong 😂😂😂

  • Hehe Hehe
    Hehe HeheÅr siden


  • Millow YT
    Millow YTÅr siden

    I wish I had enough money for this stuff

  • Clim
    ClimÅr siden

    “I’ll buy you anything challenge” means Gucci shirt with a hole in it A week with your Range Rover Used camera, laptop, and monitor

  • Boah -_-

    Boah -_-

    8 måneder siden

    That laptop is from Walmart lmao

  • Rage X-ray
    Rage X-rayÅr siden

    I’d go for all of them and if they aren’t good as in Elgato I’d just sell them

  • SniperLyfe9807
    SniperLyfe9807År siden

    I like how it says “clean” in the description lol

  • Mark Ancheta
    Mark AnchetaÅr siden

    Your pretty acuriate tho- Faze Adapt

  • FunnyMonkey uwu
    FunnyMonkey uwuÅr siden

    U guys are all dawg 💩

  • Tony Rod
    Tony RodÅr siden

    Do u know what I just notices about the guy on the camera he sounds like Jake Paul

  • Keith Fernandez
    Keith FernandezÅr siden

    Please idol give me a shoe anything shoe even its old please

  • Ben Da god
    Ben Da godÅr siden

    Someone should go for the bottel

  • Brian Aaron
    Brian AaronÅr siden

    Faze adapt is the type of guy to say what did u say i didnt hear you on a message

  • Anderson Estrada
    Anderson EstradaÅr siden

    Everything does not have nun in it it’s fake

  • Anderson Estrada
    Anderson EstradaÅr siden

    It’s fake

  • Jaek
    JaekÅr siden

    everyone give the video a like so he can pay for that shit lol

  • Cuuch
    CuuchÅr siden

    shit i’ll take the elgato if y’all don’t...

  • DêÃñdë Šçöøtt
    DêÃñdë ŠçöøttÅr siden

    So I’m not the only one who calls Jarvis jarvy

  • Kr3 Gaming1
    Kr3 Gaming1År siden

    My boy tenser got the range rover lets goooo

  • Aquafic Gamer
    Aquafic GamerÅr siden

    I really want a gaming pc because I want to be a streamer and a gamer but I have a computer that lets me have around 60 FPS and it got cracked so it’s starting to go really slow I really hope I get a pc soon

  • Sub To Attako On YT
    Sub To Attako On YTÅr siden

    I would of went for the Elgato gaming capture card...I've been wanting one to start BO2 VIDEOS IN 2019...

  • Cristian Murguia
    Cristian MurguiaÅr siden

    Faze adapt: your pretty acreite. 2:57

  • Lifeinatorr
    LifeinatorrÅr siden

    When u see faze rug's vid of dis and first released before adapt. Me: hmmm who did adapt get his idea from??

  • Anthony Rios
    Anthony RiosÅr siden


  • Aliii
    AliiiÅr siden

    It should be ninja faze Kay tfue to join the game

  • Jojo
    JojoÅr siden

    Man this car is never ever worth 142000 maybe without the 1

  • TacomaBoyCole
    TacomaBoyColeÅr siden

    U can afford all this gucci and Louis Vuitton but I don’t even got an iPhone xs

  • btzke
    btzkeÅr siden

    clean your damn lens 😂

  • Johnathon Jagodzinski
    Johnathon JagodzinskiÅr siden

    Nobody: Not a single dinosaur: Nikan: “ooooh”

  • Fabian Valdez

    Fabian Valdez

    År siden


  • Ab Editzz

    Ab Editzz

    År siden

    Johnathon jagodzinski *OHHHHH

  • Antonio Banda
    Antonio BandaÅr siden

    Bro I was the kid in the bike

  • Ryan Z
    Ryan ZÅr siden

    Put it in 2x speed

  • Thad Smyser
    Thad SmyserÅr siden

    And I would like to play a games of fortnite with faze

  • Thad Smyser
    Thad SmyserÅr siden

    I had a dream of faze giving me 1000$ dollars I was the happiest thing on earth