Making A Cardboard Great Stuff Boat #Shorts


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  • Trisha Schmecker
    Trisha Schmecker3 timer siden

    So one day

  • Ethan10kane
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  • Kilimator
    Kilimator14 timer siden

    Why does that shis look like a Rice Krispie

  • Ashley Renee
    Ashley ReneeDag siden

    Baby you can make up part 2!

  • LaShad leake
    LaShad leakeDag siden


  • Taryn Adamek
    Taryn AdamekDag siden

    So one day I....

  • Melinda Henry
    Melinda HenryDag siden

    Why is the boat so good but yet it looks like macaroni

  • Ben Haag
    Ben HaagDag siden

    That boat looked like a cake

  • teh gaming dude
    teh gaming dudeDag siden

    Legend has it hes still floating down that creek to this day.

  • Sgt Davis
    Sgt DavisDag siden

    Legend has it he just kept going and never stopped and to this day they still don’t know where he went

  • Marlon Taylor8hj
    Marlon Taylor8hjDag siden

    I just kept going ... BYE BYE 🙋‍♂️🤣

  • Inky
    InkyDag siden

    Idk why but I love this short For once in my life I feel like a tiktok vid didn’t give me any type of cancer, that started to get exhausting

  • CorkX L
    CorkX L2 dager siden

    Poor camera man

  • NoPro Youtube
    NoPro Youtube2 dager siden

    His finale word was : I just kept going ........

  • Mellys. XBL
    Mellys. XBL2 dager siden

    “and i just kept going...”☹️

  • John Giallanza
    John Giallanza2 dager siden

    My dude… you’d lose you mind if “one day I order this stuff called fiberglass”. You’d build a submarine

  • Matias obel
    Matias obel2 dager siden

    U should use flex tape

  • black
    black2 dager siden

    theodd1sout must be so happy if he see this

  • Aksel
    Aksel2 dager siden

    I know that

  • Lyla paige
    Lyla paige3 dager siden

    Omgg I feel so stupid. Idk if everyone else realized this and people in the comments are probably going to call me stupid but he starts every video with “So one day...”

  • Namzy
    Namzy3 dager siden

    It's the voice for me

  • Ashton Guard
    Ashton Guard3 dager siden

    How much do you weigh? I'm asking for a weight comparison ratio to alter design for huskier guy

  • Wolf_Gotcha_777
    Wolf_Gotcha_7773 dager siden

    If I had stuff to do this I would do it

  • Shelby Patton
    Shelby Patton3 dager siden

    he knows too much

  • Dominick Gaines playz games
    Dominick Gaines playz games3 dager siden

    Why does this lowkey remind me of building a boat in Minecraft. But in real life...

  • Zsa Zsa Umbra
    Zsa Zsa Umbra4 dager siden

    It really is great stuff.

  • Dats What I was tryna Tell Yall
    Dats What I was tryna Tell Yall4 dager siden

    He is now in the indian ocean

  • Becky B
    Becky B4 dager siden

    4000th comment

  • RyRyDy
    RyRyDy5 dager siden

    Gotta use garbage bags as well

  • Bombastic Bag Man
    Bombastic Bag Man5 dager siden

    Imagine drinking past and just seeing this guy in his cardboard box covered in foam

  • Marcos Garcia
    Marcos Garcia5 dager siden

    Damm i still remember this guy always getting sunk he finally did it. A useful boat that seems to hold up

  • Danny DNA
    Danny DNA5 dager siden

    Just flex seal it. Easy

  • Ali Allahibat
    Ali Allahibat5 dager siden

    Nice boat great job

  • North Carolina
    North Carolina5 dager siden

    I just kept going........ They say the FBI is still looking for him

  • Danielle Noble
    Danielle Noble5 dager siden

    "And I just kept going" XDD YOUR GONNA GET LOST

  • Isaiah Gerard Fontanilla
    Isaiah Gerard Fontanilla5 dager siden

    "and then i just kept going" The most heartwarming story ever

  • Janelle Victoria Bunag
    Janelle Victoria Bunag5 dager siden


  • Janelle Victoria Bunag
    Janelle Victoria Bunag5 dager siden

    are you sure you mite fall there 🤣🤣🤣😂🤣😅

  • Seamus Ross
    Seamus Ross5 dager siden

    It looks like a massive rice crispy treat

  • DJ tv gang
    DJ tv gang5 dager siden

    Make a car out of cardboard

  • Tracy the Tasmanian Tiger
    Tracy the Tasmanian Tiger5 dager siden

    Woah. It’s rare to find wholesome stuff on NOlocal shorts that doesn’t involve cute animals but now I know it exists.

  • Rock girl

    Rock girl

    5 dager siden

    I don’t get out

  • BlurryBoi
    BlurryBoi5 dager siden

    Should’ve used flextape

  • Huddyinnit
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  • Unfortunate Gamer
    Unfortunate Gamer5 dager siden

    I work with a insulation called spray foam insulation, I could 100% make a fucking huge boat out of it 😂😂

  • Ze very cring boi 1
    Ze very cring boi 15 dager siden

    Legend has it he still on the creek today

  • impocop
    impocop5 dager siden

    famous last words

    COINSIIE WELDZ5 dager siden

    Cool story bro can you tell another one lol? Good stuff really entertaining to me 🔥

  • I like memes Ok?
    I like memes Ok?6 dager siden

    This is like inside edition using the flex paste

  • demon_ gamer0727
    demon_ gamer07276 dager siden

    Bye have a great time 😃

  • Salted Shrimp44
    Salted Shrimp446 dager siden

    He finally succeeded... legend says he’s still going after his success

  • Richard Messer
    Richard Messer6 dager siden

    It's a really good idea 💡

  • iqra
    iqra6 dager siden

    i aspire to have the kind of determination this man has for making a boat

  • Aimee.fatise Hawkes
    Aimee.fatise Hawkes6 dager siden

    Goodbye :3

  • MelonChats
    MelonChats6 dager siden

    ALRIGHT BOYS SEA SHANTY CONTINUE IT IN THE REPLYS There once was a ship that put to sea The name of the ship was the Billy of Tea

  • Treasure Brinkley
    Treasure Brinkley6 dager siden

    I don’t get out

  • bouytt guyt
    bouytt guyt6 dager siden

    I was expecting a twist.. but I'll settle for a "happily ever after".

  • Maguire Kirkham
    Maguire Kirkham6 dager siden

    Make a canoe out of the foam

  • Sammy Boy
    Sammy Boy7 dager siden

    'You'll float too' 😭😭😭

  • christian tapia
    christian tapia7 dager siden

    wow dady

  • Jonny H
    Jonny H7 dager siden

    Normal persons do that with flex tape

  • bouytt guyt

    bouytt guyt

    6 dager siden

    He went into the unknown

  • Dzed16 ゼッド16
    Dzed16 ゼッド167 dager siden

    He then got stranded on an island and somehow found boxes lying around everywhere. He then made a ship out of and set sail to the seven seas.

  • Safwan Fathi
    Safwan Fathi7 dager siden

    Legends say he is still on the boat and kept going on forward.

  • king
    king7 dager siden

    Use the waterproof spray that you used on one of your videos and then make the ultimate ultimate boat

  • Rauls Games GG
    Rauls Games GG7 dager siden


  • dragonmaster3731
    dragonmaster37317 dager siden

    Wow that was amazing.

  • Joe Mama mama
    Joe Mama mama7 dager siden

    Oh yeah squirt that in a parcel and send it to me imma eat it YEAH

  • Jared Melseth
    Jared Melseth7 dager siden

    If you would've just ducktaped the entire think it woulda worked too, did this for a physics project of just cardboard and duck tape

  • Lilly Goessl
    Lilly Goessl7 dager siden

    :0 weoww dat so cooll

  • Jock joe He mwn
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  • Jock joe He mwn
    Jock joe He mwn7 dager siden

    Love this guy

  • Keiliann Catalan
    Keiliann Catalan8 dager siden

    Omg 😯😯😯

  • qopoy dnon
    qopoy dnon8 dager siden

    I was scrolling thru the shorts and was irritated and cringed coz of tiktokkers and then I found this...😗😗👍

  • Kristen Hart
    Kristen Hart8 dager siden

    I love riding on boat s

  • Hiyori Iki
    Hiyori Iki8 dager siden

    He went into the unknown

  • Ian Cloud Nabus
    Ian Cloud Nabus8 dager siden

    That’s cool! Now I want one XD

  • mr. ninja
    mr. ninja9 dager siden

    Looks like a rice krispy treat

  • qopoy dnon

    qopoy dnon

    8 dager siden

    Why did you order it, you can buy a whole case at Home Depot or

  • Projais 11
    Projais 119 dager siden

    I'm going to sub and like because: 1. i love your content and this video 2. You don't do Part 2's

  • Mike
    Mike9 dager siden

    say i won’t make a widebody kit from this

  • asioe kiou
    asioe kiou9 dager siden

    This was surprisingly wholesome unlike most TikToks where they just yell.

  • Top of The lamp
    Top of The lamp9 dager siden

    It looks like a Rice Krispie Treat

  • Lunaart
    Lunaart9 dager siden

    Looks like instant ramen lol

  • Aurora Soto
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  • Agnes Och Det Konstiga Livet
    Agnes Och Det Konstiga Livet10 dager siden

    Can you build a bigger boat?🚣‍♂️

  • asioe kiou

    asioe kiou

    9 dager siden

    wait for him to become a japanese horror legend

  • SHw0pe 2,0
    SHw0pe 2,010 dager siden

    Would’ve been easier with FLEX TAPE

  • RykerBlake
    RykerBlake10 dager siden

    Keep doing rubber band ball

  • soiung toiue
    soiung toiue11 dager siden

    I was scrolling thru the shorts and was irritated and cringed coz of tiktokkers and then I found this...😗😗👍

  • Phillip The Third
    Phillip The Third11 dager siden

    Then, I floated to the Wabash, into the Ohio, to the Mississippi to gulf of mexico, now I'm adrift in the ocean..... Next update......

  • Jabba da House
    Jabba da House11 dager siden

    just use flex tape

  • Florian Linder
    Florian Linder11 dager siden

    Hm. You just produced rubbish. But it is floating... and will end up somewhere on a waste incineration plant. What a stupid time and earth wasting hobby.

  • soiung toiue

    soiung toiue

    11 dager siden

    I was expecting a twist.. but I'll settle for a "happily ever after".

  • Tweety
    Tweety11 dager siden

    What is the backstory behind "great stuff"?

  • malou Macadildig
    malou Macadildig11 dager siden

    Minecraft boat be like

  • Edarlina Quinto
    Edarlina Quinto11 dager siden

    Bruh bruh bruh you be doin that while I be chilling bro

  • RaZa
    RaZa11 dager siden

    "I just Kept going"

  • Tomas Venegas
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  • Hassan Khan
    Hassan Khan12 dager siden

    Love it. ❤️

  • • Djwolfyy •
    • Djwolfyy •12 dager siden

    wait for him to become a japanese horror legend

  • Officialjonez
    Officialjonez12 dager siden

    “I just kept goin”

  • Annamieka Ulman van Deur
    Annamieka Ulman van Deur12 dager siden

    I love this vid so much idk why tho

  • MrBeast darling
    MrBeast darling12 dager siden

    I need someone to help me live in a foreign country،