Making a Song from Scratch Challenge

Courtney and Tommy were challenged to make a hit song from scratch in a week- is it a bop or will it flop?
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  • Addie Lundberg
    Addie Lundberg22 timer siden

    It’s the pink sparkly hat and blue bandanna for me.

  • J J
    J J2 dager siden

    Anyone else get some mad Lonely Island vibes? Lol

  • Goozman
    Goozman3 dager siden

    I love the Rhett face on the apple logos

  • Goozman
    Goozman3 dager siden

    Imagine someone not seeing the they changed the music as to not spoil the fun text

  • Emma K
    Emma K7 dager siden

    The little Link over Tommy’s Apple logo is amazing

  • Cianieous
    Cianieous8 dager siden

    Need another Tommy and Courtney song writing video in my life

  • georgie roberts
    georgie roberts14 dager siden

    I'm not good at music etc and I've tried to make my own music and lyrics I found it easier to write the lyrics first and make a beat to fit it because then you don't need to find lyrics that fit the beat instead but I'm sure this will be great. (haven't gotten to the end yet)

  • The Great Amida
    The Great Amida21 dag siden

    Courtney 💘 😍

  • Niko ET
    Niko ET24 dager siden

    OML when corntny laughed after her Arianna impression. That sounds so much like catras laugh i was like 0-0

  • comilltopp
    comilltopp24 dager siden

    Keith and Courtney need to make a duet

  • Queen Bee
    Queen BeeMåned siden

    This was actually good in a fun kind of way

  • Trash Goblin
    Trash GoblinMåned siden

    Is that link’s face on the apple logo on Tommy’s computer.

  • Tae Tae
    Tae TaeMåned siden

    this is the best thing ever

  • Molly M
    Molly MMåned siden

    Is that Link from gmm on the bottom of Tommy’s computer?? Kept watching and Rhett is there too lol.

  • Adhyeta Sharma
    Adhyeta SharmaMåned siden

    The song is actually pretty good

  • Andrew Sawyer
    Andrew SawyerMåned siden

    give me keith vocals please that's all i want in this equation

  • Rman Nayr
    Rman NayrMåned siden

    LIFE'S A PARTY, YOU'RE A BOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Nicholas Ortega
    Nicholas Ortega2 måneder siden

    I feel bad cuz im sure Courtney talked to the camera a lot but she got fast forwarded

  • Death_ UponDeath_A27
    Death_ UponDeath_A272 måneder siden

    Please do more

  • Alexandra Daws
    Alexandra Daws2 måneder siden

    i really want more of these they are the best!!!

  • Anna Galitzine
    Anna Galitzine2 måneder siden

    Super duper wanna know what recording/ music/ mixing programs y'all are using...

  • Super Sweetheart
    Super Sweetheart2 måneder siden

    I was so distracted by how FABULOUS Tommy’s hat was

  • Wikke Van den Brande
    Wikke Van den Brande3 måneder siden

    ''let's not have it be like a dance song'' *makes a dance song*

  • alien girl
    alien girl3 måneder siden

    still need more singing courtney content pleaseee😩

  • Lardomations
    Lardomations3 måneder siden

    Ok at first I thought they would just make giorno's theme with lyrics and then stranger things

  • Eleah Leng
    Eleah Leng3 måneder siden

    Tommy this is so good with just your ear, you should totally learn some music theory, it’ll just make your work that much better!

  • thicchicc
    thicchicc3 måneder siden

    Dude. This is... GOOD. please make more tommy and Courtney!!!

  • CrystalButterfly13
    CrystalButterfly133 måneder siden


  • The real Jesus Christ
    The real Jesus Christ3 måneder siden

    that intro sounds like something out of Jack Stauber’s Micropop

  • Nicolas Moscoso
    Nicolas Moscoso3 måneder siden

    You Should Totally Make Another Song

  • Nicholas Ortega
    Nicholas Ortega3 måneder siden

    My favorite part is tommy missing the space bar when he's finished with the dream sequence transition

  • D B
    D B3 måneder siden

    Love these two together 🥺❤️

  • Jane Waddell
    Jane Waddell3 måneder siden

    as a band student i was dying when tommy was explaining arpeggio

  • Kolak Pisang
    Kolak Pisang4 måneder siden

    Can we have more of this

  • aeellerson 29
    aeellerson 294 måneder siden

    More more!!

  • Dreamparasite
    Dreamparasite4 måneder siden

    It's so much funnier that they changed the music when Courtney was first listening. lol

  • Jos7h
    Jos7h4 måneder siden

    Ok but iconic...

  • Jake Reynolds
    Jake Reynolds4 måneder siden

    Keep doing this 😂

  • Diane N.
    Diane N.4 måneder siden

    You can sing!!! I love it! 💗💗💗

  • Alexe L
    Alexe L4 måneder siden

    Ok but i keep coming back only for the harmonies on “i’ll sleep the sleep if you can walk the walk” like holy crap those harmonies are BEAUTIFUL 😩💙

  • LinguaPhiliax
    LinguaPhiliax4 måneder siden

    Courtney: We got some meat on these bones. Tommy: Oh-- oh, these bones are coated. My brain: LeT mE iNtRoDuCe MySeLf, mY nAmE iS "BoNeLeSs..."

  • Stranger Things
    Stranger Things4 måneder siden

    Honestly.... FIRE

  • LaLa Jones
    LaLa Jones4 måneder siden

    Everyone write a song with Tommy.

  • Jocelyn Caban
    Jocelyn Caban4 måneder siden

    I loved thisss I need MoRE!!!!!!

  • mark bales
    mark bales4 måneder siden

    Why is no one talking about Darfur?

  • Koki Kaz
    Koki Kaz4 måneder siden

    Why have Damien and Courtney not made a duet together they both sing so gooood!!!!!!

  • Potato Chip
    Potato Chip4 måneder siden

    I love this video so much!

  • AlyMetz
    AlyMetz4 måneder siden

    Yes, I want more of these videos

  • Elizabeth Castro
    Elizabeth Castro4 måneder siden

    The song is 15:26

  • justchillin
    justchillin4 måneder siden

    The opening for the mech is so good😭 I love Tommy's voice

  • Ladi Goos
    Ladi Goos5 måneder siden

    Make another channel called smosh tunes or something

  • E E
    E E5 måneder siden

    wait what does Tommy use to make music?

  • Nathaniel Johnston
    Nathaniel Johnston5 måneder siden

    Put me in the dirt I dont even need to eat, Im lost in this world You don't seem to defeat me, I wanna eat. Tell me that I'm like dog whos just lookin for love, It's just stupid because, the world don't care about it. Tweet about it, tell me how I'm not good enough about it. Etc...

  • Max
    Max5 måneder siden

    I would love next song to be with Damien and Courtney on vocals, I think they both have great voices and vocal skills. And add a Rap part in the middle with Ian. Everyone else can make backing vocals! Kevin on Guitar! Bring the whole band!

  • flowellx
    flowellx5 måneder siden

    ahh i’d love to see more song videos!! maybe a full version of life’s a party, you’re a boy by THE olivia sui? 😳

  • Shoto Todoroki
    Shoto Todoroki5 måneder siden

    Dis a Bop bruh whyyyy

  • black and yellow 1-10
    black and yellow 1-105 måneder siden

    More music

  • Vic Cromwell
    Vic Cromwell5 måneder siden

    Courtney has a beautiful voice.

  • Sarah Hash
    Sarah Hash5 måneder siden

    Extremely 80s

  • Bizzare Human Breed
    Bizzare Human Breed5 måneder siden

    please make more i laugh so hard at crab

  • Gabo de Jesus
    Gabo de Jesus5 måneder siden


  • Sherquan Jn Baptiste
    Sherquan Jn Baptiste5 måneder siden

    this was a bop tbh i kind of want them to do it again but fr

  • kool kid
    kool kid5 måneder siden

    15:26 for song

  • George Banks
    George Banks5 måneder siden

    Do one with Damian. Such a good voice!

  • lovely iza
    lovely iza5 måneder siden

    10:45 - 11:36 Oh my... THAT Voice tho- IM SHOOK

  • lovely iza
    lovely iza5 måneder siden


  • Muhd Haris
    Muhd Haris5 måneder siden

    I wanna see keith do it gonna be lit

  • Lucas Marquez
    Lucas Marquez5 måneder siden

    um, i fucking love this. you guys work so well together and and i love you both, please make more

  • Jenny Kisa Chalupa
    Jenny Kisa Chalupa5 måneder siden

    Gimme the merch in the store songs as their own videos tho

  • GorillaGlue B
    GorillaGlue B5 måneder siden

    I need more Tommy Courtney friendship

  • Something Over The Rainbow
    Something Over The Rainbow5 måneder siden

    8:18 Courtney’s inner Brianna boho

  • essidro vital
    essidro vital5 måneder siden

    0:34 Goldeneye n64 intro sound

  • Hector Garza
    Hector Garza5 måneder siden


  • ellebanna mi
    ellebanna mi5 måneder siden


  • Madison Smith
    Madison Smith5 måneder siden

    honestly my favorite part of this is seeing them get excited after hearing each others bits

  • Jake Kalp
    Jake Kalp5 måneder siden


  • Zahava Kaplan
    Zahava Kaplan5 måneder siden

    12:03 those socks doe

  • Jessica Campbell
    Jessica Campbell5 måneder siden

    I love this. So much. Wtf.

  • Phoenix
    Phoenix5 måneder siden

    The song was amazing, I really hope you guys do more!

  • chris meenach
    chris meenach5 måneder siden

    I actually really thought this was cool. Very good job both of you. Would honestly love to see more. Glad I recently subbed to yall:)

  • Hysterity
    Hysterity5 måneder siden

    Don't forget to sidechain

  • Echo
    Echo5 måneder siden

    Do more of these videos!

  • Mackenzie Melo
    Mackenzie Melo5 måneder siden

    Imma need court court to come out with sum music pleaseee

  • Buildabuck
    Buildabuck5 måneder siden

    Anyone else realize she has Rhett on her laptop? And Tommy has link on his computer

  • Endecon -DS
    Endecon -DS5 måneder siden

    I suddenly heard megalovania 4:23

  • Cassandra Hunt
    Cassandra Hunt5 måneder siden

    This feels like a Lonely Island kind of song and I love it. I would totally be caught singing this at work because it's stuck in my head. Such a good job both of you! 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

  • Avantika Kulkarni
    Avantika Kulkarni5 måneder siden


  • MyMy Williams
    MyMy Williams5 måneder siden

    This was amazing!!! MORE SONGS PLEASE AND PUT SOME OF THE OTHER SMOSH MEMBERS IN THEM! It would be soooo cool😆

  • emily gheewalla
    emily gheewalla5 måneder siden

    Bro does anyone know where Courtney got all these “legalize gay” sweatshirts I NEED one

  • Lauren Elise
    Lauren Elise5 måneder siden

    I’m obsessed with all of those 70’s disco and 80’s hits, but court always manages to impress with her absolute BOPS

  • S Van
    S Van5 måneder siden

    YES MORE!!!!!!

  • ORO -
    ORO -5 måneder siden

    Courtney has such nice socks

  • Vika
    Vika5 måneder siden

    How was she not the one on Disney?

  • thebadpoet
    thebadpoet5 måneder siden

    I know the Rhett and Link stickers are on the computers to hide logos, but it’s kind of dystopian that their bosses are constantly staring at them with unblinking eyes.

  • Unboxing Unicorns
    Unboxing Unicorns5 måneder siden

    "And here is the song" An Add: **no**

  • Z R
    Z R5 måneder siden

    I know its an ad..... But Merch in the Store fucking slaps and I want a full version

  • Ella Leitenberger
    Ella Leitenberger5 måneder siden

    Skip to 15:26 to listen to the song for the tenth time

  • Lillie Jackson
    Lillie Jackson5 måneder siden


    JFRED TIELL5 måneder siden

    ngl that was really entertaining

  • Silver Screen Productions
    Silver Screen Productions5 måneder siden

    This was AMAZING! I'm giving you likes & subscribed! P.S. I sing too! 😀Check out my YTube.