Making Of | Derek Series One

Film og animasjon

Go behind the scenes and see how Derek was made.
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  • Duffington
    Duffington3 dager siden

    de trout spinners

  • Topper Daigle
    Topper Daigle5 dager siden

    Never imagined Ricky Gervais to be this kind of writer/director. After Life and Derek have some truly amazing storylines and emotion. The man's funny and he doesn't give a shit what people think. But these shows have some really thought provoking dialogue and scenes that touch your heart. Great, great actors (Gervais, Conaty, Godliman, Wilkinson, Pilkington and of course the amazing Penelope Wilton etc, etc) and you can relate and even if you can't, anyone with an ounce of humanity has to appreciate the balance between comedy and drama he's gifted us with here with these 2 shows. Bust a gut one minute-ball your friggin' eyes out the next. Brilliant TV. Can't wait for After Life season 3 to hit Netflix.

  • aroesynth
    aroesynth5 dager siden

    when you realize old people are babies with experience

  • TWITTER 1984
    TWITTER 19845 dager siden

    Ricky has aged so much since this. Don't go vegan!!!

  • dP
    dP6 dager siden

    Love ❤️❤️❤️ the show so freaking funny sad at times like a rollercoaster up n down lmao to whipping my tears away great concept great show love love love it 💞👍👏👏👏👏🙏 BTW I LOVE THE WIG LMFAO

  • Preesbill
    Preesbill9 dager siden

    18:05 love how the cameraman just turned the camera to film Ricky laugh his ass off :D

  • Paul Lomas
    Paul Lomas10 dager siden

    Derek is a masterpiece!

  • pallbull
    pallbull12 dager siden

    There is a lot of things you did..Office, Extras, Golden Globes, Afterlife and many more..I’ve seen them all, but the Derek is the best show I have ever seen..I just keep watching it over and over again. Thank you Ricky 🙌🏼

  • mcfcguvnors
    mcfcguvnors14 dager siden

    he was...PERFECT

  • Katie Lynch
    Katie Lynch20 dager siden

    I found it so hard to watch Derek after Karl left. He was my favorite character by far because he was so unapologetically himself. Especially the scene where he calls the residents daughter Mr T and a magpie as I was a carer in a nursing home at the time.

  • Helen mullane
    Helen mullane22 dager siden

    "Out of his Depth⁉️⁉️⁉️😮" Karl Pilkington YOU are Brilliant ❤️

  • Helen mullane
    Helen mullane22 dager siden

    The "Duran Duran "bit is so good So funny and lovely in the same scene❤️

  • Helen mullane
    Helen mullane22 dager siden


  • Jack Galtress
    Jack Galtress22 dager siden

    What do you mean do people still have cornflakes what world are you living in? ha ha ha ha Always Karl Pilkington is absolute utter gold!.

  • Theophrastus Bombastus
    Theophrastus Bombastus25 dager siden

    You CANNOT tell me he didn't rip off Karl, taking the inspiration (simple man, simple thoughts) along with the simple expressions. They're obvs parodied up by Rick. But one cannot *dare* deny that Karl was the inthesis Obvs exaggerated of course, but the idea remains...

  • Chris Namaste
    Chris Namaste26 dager siden


  • D.S.T Doing Stupid Things
    D.S.T Doing Stupid ThingsMåned siden

    21:23 hahaha

  • abandonship
    abandonshipMåned siden

    21:23 you’re welcome.

  • P P
    P PMåned siden

    I wonder if Ricky would be able to pull this off in today's world. He isn't autistic therefore the PC army would cry foul over this. Seems you can't make a flick about fags these days unless you are actually a fag. Insane.

  • Buzzy Trombone

    Buzzy Trombone

    2 timer siden

    Sure fuck it, leave it to me to bully the PC army and break them down one by one, saying that they're losers with special needs and that their mammies and daddies never loved them.

  • Ranger White
    Ranger WhiteMåned siden

    "I've a knackered Meerkat here to fix"... Nearly pissed myself laughing at that.

  • Stuart Britain
    Stuart BritainMåned siden

    Derek is absolutely outstanding.

  • Steine Trinder
    Steine TrinderMåned siden

    Thanks Ricky...

  • Diego Alonso Perez de Gracia
    Diego Alonso Perez de GraciaMåned siden

    Me emocioné hasta las lágrimas viendo Derek. #Riky Gervais tiene una visión muy particular de las situaciones, y muy acertada.

  • revol113
    revol113Måned siden

    Karl's cornflake bit! Haha.

  • George Evans
    George EvansMåned siden

    I found the old peeps so sweet. And Karl's love for food touches me on so many levels x

  • Mike Polo
    Mike PoloMåned siden

    Thank You! To ALL envolved in the series!

  • VIRI Media
    VIRI Media2 måneder siden

    Emotional series

  • VIRI Media
    VIRI Media2 måneder siden

    Brilliant love all the characters ❤️

  • Fenris B
    Fenris B2 måneder siden

    I relate so much to Carl, that i wish i had a friend like Ricky. Always trying to involve you, even though youd never ask, he busts his balls a LOT but its obvious he cares about the fellow, and thats fucking rad. Id hand over money to get rick Karl and Steve back together for just a season, the world needs it lol.

  • robgreen1818
    robgreen18182 måneder siden

    Karl is an excellent actor and he has no idea!

  • Robert Keating
    Robert Keating2 måneder siden

    Hands down best show ever made

  • SquiralNutkins
    SquiralNutkins2 måneder siden

    Derek is the best program you ever made. It was funny to the extent I had tears. It was sad which made me cry too. Such a mixture of feelings all thru the series but all were spot on. The people at the top making cuts. The lack of care from old peoples family ( the Mr T scene where the fat woman comes for her Mothers belongings and is so heartless). Great acting espeially on Dereks part - and lots of truths about what happens. This really is the best (to me) you have ever done. BRILLIANT. Never tire of watching this.

  • beetalius
    beetalius2 måneder siden

    Karl is method

  • Connor Fernandes
    Connor Fernandes2 måneder siden

    He’s like Arthur Fleck

  • Simon Thomas
    Simon Thomas2 måneder siden


  • Jaideep Sagar
    Jaideep Sagar2 måneder siden

    Any chat with Karl becomes super funny somehow

  • Simon Olsson
    Simon Olsson3 måneder siden

    does anyone know the song when they are at the beach? :)

  • Peter Johansson

    Peter Johansson

    2 måneder siden

    Steal my sunshine - LEN

  • Buzzy Trombone
    Buzzy Trombone3 måneder siden

    The first season of Derek was probably the only good season in the show because of Karl's character playing off of Ricky's. Both of them in this show managed to capture a sort of father/son relationship in terms who they played, Karl playing a hard working balding chimp who would get the job done and Ricky playing some autistic guy who's wife presumably died in a car accident and his only option is just a care home. And I do feel that was sadly lost in the second season when Karl left the show. I mean if Steve was on this show then I think he would've played the role of an uncle who isn't an uncle.

  • Revo55
    Revo553 måneder siden

    RIcky: "The Mank Whisperer" 😂

  • lisa davis
    lisa davis3 måneder siden

    OMG! There will be a season 2- AWESOME! I'm all a flutter! I will get out the kleenex for the laughing and the crying as well! Dereck is all LOVE. Much like down syndrome people, and even more so Asperger's autistics, they are just so blunt and loving, there is no evil in them. It teaches us so much, as a nurse I learned so much from these people. I wish I could say I was like the nurse in "Derek"" but I wasn't as sweet. No nurse Ratchett though. I was pretty nice all in all. It's hard to be unhappy around the patients except when they are dying or in pain, or "code browning", etc. I LOVE you, Ricky!!! You give so much to our world.

  • Dylan E
    Dylan E3 måneder siden

    Love it

  • Peter Jowett
    Peter Jowett4 måneder siden

    Karl is such an elemental force, I love this man. The scene with the ring was fucking epic.

  • Jaime Reynolds
    Jaime Reynolds4 måneder siden

    I just finished the series, and I am going to start it again. I loved it that much lol. Such a show

  • Billy


    4 måneder siden


  • Hannah J
    Hannah J4 måneder siden

    @rickygervais (if you ever see this) the episode with Ivor hit me the hardest, and watching Derek go through the pain of having to witness an animal he loved being euthanized somehow gave me strength that I know I will one day need. You’ll never know how much this impacted me. Thank you, so very much, for pursuing your passion projects to the fullest. Thank you for this show.

  • Hannah J
    Hannah J4 måneder siden

    the best show ever to grace television.

  • Jaime Reynolds

    Jaime Reynolds

    4 måneder siden

    @Hannah J Right?! How can you not smile when you hear that laugh LOL. There are 3 seasons of the show animated on NOlocal. Just type in The Ricky Gervais Show. It is really funny. I hope you enjoy it. It was nice chatting with you too. I hope you have a nice week. Love from Phoenix 🙂

  • Hannah J

    Hannah J

    4 måneder siden

    Dude that’s such a good idea, when I feel the same I’m gonna look up clips of him laughing LOL, and thank you for the recommendation, I didn’t know he had an animated show! I feel so behind on this front but then again I don’t think I would have appreciated these shows when I was younger. You’re pretty cool my dude, always nice to know there’s like minded people somewhere in the world!! 😺

  • Jaime Reynolds

    Jaime Reynolds

    4 måneder siden

    @Hannah J Whenever I am having a bad day, I will watch something that has Ricky laughing. His hard loud crazy laugh, is one of my favorite things in the word LOL. The animated Ricky Gervais Show is a lot of fun too. Such a great human😃

  • Hannah J

    Hannah J

    4 måneder siden

    @Jaime Reynolds yes!!! That’s what I started on, then I became obsessed with Ricky and found Derek. I will definitely watch both again after some time has passed but now I’m watching Extras. something about Ricky’s delivery and down to earth attitude gets me, like he’s a regular guy feeling all the things we feel. I don’t ever feel like his shows are better than reality like Tv makes us think, instead it all seems so realistic. And there’s really no pandering to the audience. Never really does anything for cheap thrills or an attention grab, at least of what I’ve watched so far. Derek though is by far my favorite show. Afterlife is right up there with it.

  • Jaime Reynolds

    Jaime Reynolds

    4 måneder siden

    @Hannah J Did you watch Ricky's Netflix show After Life? That one gets you right in the feels too

  • Matthew Stephens
    Matthew Stephens4 måneder siden

    21:18 for the fart. :)

  • jack cloud
    jack cloud4 måneder siden

    I love Karl in this just watching him comment on things around him could be the whole thing

  • Parker Anderson
    Parker Anderson5 måneder siden

    Another season or two of Derek would be great!

  • Snap Dragon
    Snap Dragon5 måneder siden

    21:00 - "Ye dirty bastard"

  • Melanie Jecker
    Melanie Jecker5 måneder siden

    it must be crazy to be an actor on a set and have the director be the one who keeps losing his shit and laughing like a hyena while everyone else is standing around all professional. i love watching these behind the scenes clips and , really, anything to do with derek and ricky gervais.

  • Zuri Fairley
    Zuri Fairley5 måneder siden

    Ricky so Amazing

  • Alex Anderson
    Alex Anderson6 måneder siden

    The wife and i have just watched 5 episodes, honest to dog ,weve laughed and cryed Love it xxx

  • tmenzella
    tmenzella6 måneder siden

    Genius of our time. Very lucky to watch his work.

  • mickey munkchunk
    mickey munkchunk6 måneder siden

    Apparently Karl has just bought a house in Sandbanks for £3, 000,000.

  • Elsie Marina

    Elsie Marina

    5 måneder siden


  • tony n
    tony n6 måneder siden

    i love the fart on the head oh did i laugh.

  • Chuck Wagon
    Chuck Wagon6 måneder siden

    If this was the first thing I'd seen Ricky Gervais in I'd probably love it. But it wasn't and I don't, sorry. At the same time it's still amazing writing and has, other, great characters.

  • neil johnson
    neil johnson6 måneder siden

    Karl, Ricky and Steve is what worked get back and do something new

  • Paula Bradley
    Paula Bradley6 måneder siden

    derek is the best of rickys stuff

  • Me
    Me6 måneder siden

    I wish they would make more episodes. I miss them. Beautiful serie

  • Send-it Dave
    Send-it Dave6 måneder siden

    Karl and David played the best characters on this show. Without them, Derek wouldn't have hooked me in at all...

  • Meggy Alcedo
    Meggy Alcedo7 måneder siden

    Oh gosh Karl's just playing himself on the show 😂 And Ricky's lookin' smashin'!!

  • hdhd jdjd
    hdhd jdjd7 måneder siden

    @21:20 thank me later

  • Laurent Bodnar
    Laurent Bodnar7 måneder siden

    That scene with Shelly = best acting ever

  • Laurent Bodnar
    Laurent Bodnar7 måneder siden

    Karl is just fantastic in Derek, shame he didn't stick after season 1

  • Ro Sinchen
    Ro Sinchen7 måneder siden

    So funny, but still emotional and sad at the same time. Loved it.

  • Rogemama
    Rogemama7 måneder siden

    Karl being sassy lol. It's brilliant.

  • Deb C
    Deb C7 måneder siden

    Ricky your laugh cracks me the fuck up!!! 😂😂😂😂💀

  • Kieran Pugh
    Kieran Pugh7 måneder siden

    Worked in nursing homes and within the mental health sector for years and this was a wonderful series Ricky's portrail as Derek is outstanding I've worked with so many individuals similar to him bravo Ricky great series

  • Dave Lewis
    Dave Lewis7 måneder siden

    Karl is a class actor. Holly wood class. Makes Bradley pitty look like Tom Daley

  • Kelly Alves
    Kelly Alves7 måneder siden

    I love how they all rise up against Ricky over cornflakes.

  • James Harland
    James Harland7 måneder siden

    Derek is a terrible character ... hes as bad as rosie odonnells simpleton .... without merch gervais is corny as hell

  • deb bourke
    deb bourke7 måneder siden

    Just saw this - one of the best series I have ever seen. Wish there were more episodes

  • Rae Wise
    Rae Wise7 måneder siden

    I have fallen in love with Derek. He is perfect. Thank you, Mr Gervais for this character, who has changed my life. For the better.

  • Graham Yates
    Graham Yates7 måneder siden

    Get involved in acting if you like food.

  • Robert Bryant
    Robert Bryant7 måneder siden

    This was a great series I think Ricky should of won something for he's portraying of Derek he probably did and I missed it but brilliantly played.

  • ST Bob
    ST Bob8 måneder siden

    Kerry Goodman is an incredible actress.

  • Thirst 4 Life
    Thirst 4 Life8 måneder siden

    I've only just watched Derek and I can honestly say that it made me seriously think about how I could be nicer to people rather than the horrible cunt I normally am.

  • Bianca Sterling
    Bianca Sterling8 måneder siden

    This show was so good (Karl or no Karl) I was upset when this video was my friends were leaving. Definitely one of my top five T.V shows.

  • Heidi Quayle
    Heidi Quayle8 måneder siden

    what I love about Ricky Gervais' writing is that he can show the whole of humanity. You can laugh and cry and feel all within a half an hour. Laugh SO hard...cry and have that lump in your's a rare talent. Kudos to the actors also who bring his ideas to life.

  • JMUDoc
    JMUDoc8 måneder siden

    If only Karl had managed to stay in character when Ricky guffed on him...

  • horny Lorney
    horny Lorney8 måneder siden

    What's interesting about this is Karl was likely already "done" with Ricky mentally at this point. During the filming of s1 Ricky farted on his head and he's mentioned how he wasn't happy about it... He came back for the 1st episode of S2 just to write out his character and after that he hasn't done anything with Ricky since

  • jrb1802uk
    jrb1802uk8 måneder siden

    929 comments .... and not one comment dedicated to how good Kerry Godliman is in this also. Yes, Karl and Ricky ate great but the whole cast bring a little something to their characters

  • Noelia Jaime
    Noelia Jaime8 måneder siden

    Why did Karl leave after series 1?

  • Tracey Stent
    Tracey Stent8 måneder siden

    Karl Pilkington is very arrogant. I didn't like his character and i don't like who he seems to be either.

  • sophiebophiex
    sophiebophiex8 måneder siden

    “I’ve been living a lonely life” *Shows Karl*

  • TheShmoo123
    TheShmoo1238 måneder siden


  • Boofer T. Washington
    Boofer T. Washington8 måneder siden

    Derek and After Life are amazing shows. Rickey has two shows that pull my heart strings. He has the dramedy thing down.

  • Kla Ra
    Kla Ra8 måneder siden

    omg Ricky looks so handsome in this interview 😍

  • Demona Viking

    Demona Viking

    7 måneder siden

    Yes, absolutely!! 🙂👍

    DARTH MONG8 måneder siden

    12:08 I get the feeling that the conversation could have gone in another direction. Well dodged/edited.

  • Maurizia Burlando
    Maurizia Burlando8 måneder siden


  • Wolfgang Hendery
    Wolfgang Hendery8 måneder siden

    Karl Pilkington was easily the best part of this series.

  • Jason Caldwell
    Jason Caldwell8 måneder siden

    I absolutely love this show.

  • Thomas 84
    Thomas 848 måneder siden

    How adorable is Kay Noone? Everyone must see their Nan in that wonderful woman.

  • thebigbeard
    thebigbeard8 måneder siden

    Still can't watch anymore of Derek, after four episodes of the first season it just broke my heart. I cannot watch it without bursting into uncontrollable tears. The innocence and kindness and sincerity just breaks me. Even watching this making of I was in tears twice. It's a credit to the acting directing and writing and I feel bad for not watching it. Maybe one day I'll be emotionally capable of watching it all.

  • MK
    MK8 måneder siden

    Ricky makes me laugh when i watch him laugh! hahahahahahahahaha

  • leo ryan
    leo ryan8 måneder siden

    Dougie was my favorite character in the series, It wasn't the same for me after he left...

  • C Dan5
    C Dan58 måneder siden

    Does Carl just play himself with an odd hair style?

  • ausmerican89
    ausmerican898 måneder siden

    When Ricky laughs, the sun shines on my soul.

  • Steven Borg
    Steven Borg8 måneder siden

    Manc whisperer lol

  • iwantmycountryback kg
    iwantmycountryback kg8 måneder siden

    Only gervais. Brilliant.