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HUGE try on thrift haul for you babies!!!
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  • Hannah Wainwright
    Hannah Wainwright8 timer siden

    spent way too much money on threadsup bc it was all 30% off :)))

  • Zofia Falko
    Zofia Falko15 timer siden

    go to 8:40.. ok those jeans are stunningg does anyone know where they're originally from??

  • Christina P
    Christina P2 dager siden

    ok LOVE. I think the shirt you had to tie in the front is backwards? maybe tie in back with open back / flare vibe?

  • Gracie
    Gracie3 dager siden

    Omg the fishing vest with a skirt and heels omfg

  • Travelling with Mother
    Travelling with Mother5 dager siden

    I'd love to see more styling vids with thrifted things! I just found a local GEM of a thrift /vintage store and I need inspo! Also don't want to look like a granny tbh 🥴 ha!

  • Laura Brown
    Laura Brown6 dager siden

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  • Dwight Schrute
    Dwight Schrute9 dager siden

    Half way through the video forgets to put in the prices 🤣

  • Salamata Diallo
    Salamata Diallo9 dager siden

    yes to more fashion videos

  • Apples Oranges
    Apples Oranges10 dager siden

    Ughh Wilson’s leather truly is the best. Used to go there with my parents as a kid and the smell is embedded in my memory lol. Mom still has a 30+ year old jacket from there that still looks brand new!

  • Perla Alonso
    Perla Alonso10 dager siden

    Happy Birthday

  • Cait
    Cait11 dager siden

    This video gave me such BeyondBeautyStar vibes omg I love it!! You should do an OOTW but vlog style!

  • Cole
    Cole12 dager siden

    Okay but like, my question is how do you FIND these amazing pieces? I feel like I go to thredup and only find the old lady pieces

  • Lauren Buonomo
    Lauren Buonomo12 dager siden


  • Angèle Catherine
    Angèle Catherine12 dager siden

    you're giving me Angelina Jolie in the 00's vibes

  • Amanda Hyman
    Amanda Hyman13 dager siden

    Does anyone know where the dresser behind her is from? I need it!

  • MZM
    MZM14 dager siden

    I mean, as long as you're healthy.

  • jcmea13


    13 dager siden

    What is that supposed to mean? That’s shes gotten too skinny?

  • Trinidad Hernandez
    Trinidad Hernandez15 dager siden

    The one that has the tie at the top it would look cool tied in the back...

  • Karley Bayer
    Karley Bayer15 dager siden

    omg oG outfits of the week PUHLEASEEEE

  • Darla Mack
    Darla Mack15 dager siden

    Thank you do much for the code Claudia!!!

  • StamaTIA Dimitriou
    StamaTIA Dimitriou16 dager siden

    Your content is just always spot on!! Makes me feel like I’m sitting with a friend and I love seeing your creativity shine through- I’ll take any video you post any day!! ❤️

  • Jordan S
    Jordan S16 dager siden

    Your eyebrows look stupendous. Are you still tinting them yourself?

  • Izlu C
    Izlu C16 dager siden

    more fashion and styling videos please!!!

  • Its Nada
    Its Nada16 dager siden

    Obsessed! I’d love to see vlogs combined with fashion and thrifting. Just how you style your daily outfits and how you go about shopping! Thank you for yet another amazing video! Favorite channel at the moment without a doubt

  • Runa B
    Runa B17 dager siden

    I loved it and I would like to see more styling videos! You are a huge inspiration!

  • Kimberly Mahoney
    Kimberly Mahoney17 dager siden

    Super fun thrift haul, reminded me of “sex and city” with the passion for fashion ⭐️❤️

  • Channel M
    Channel M17 dager siden

    Did nobody notice this??? 4:58 She said "fit greats" instead of fits great And I relateeeeee hahahahhahaha Don't @me everyone makes mistakes

  • Kat T
    Kat T18 dager siden

    Love your necklace 💗

  • Grace
    Grace18 dager siden

    You’re taking me back to the beyondbeautystar days!! Loveeee

  • Daniel Radtke
    Daniel Radtke18 dager siden

    VT ran KZ 4images law VT hi Ute z

  • Kaitlyn Parker
    Kaitlyn Parker18 dager siden

    I love the fashion vidssss

  • Aquinnah !
    Aquinnah !18 dager siden

    Love the pieces but they’re way overpriced for thrift

  • Samantha Lorraine
    Samantha Lorraine18 dager siden

    Obsessed with this

  • Dawson DZ
    Dawson DZ18 dager siden

    So cheerful. I always love to watch how she explained anything around her. Gosh, those expressions.... ❤️

  • billie del rey
    billie del rey18 dager siden

    Cute :) !!!

  • talia
    talia19 dager siden

    WTF how do you find the cutest things?? was everything that you didnt get from threadup from depop?

  • Bridget
    Bridget19 dager siden

    Once again Claudia just showing us ugly clothing that she can only rock because she's skinny

  • EjEmSi
    EjEmSi19 dager siden

    ThredUp is overpriced and you can't change my mind.

  • Carly Horton
    Carly Horton19 dager siden

    you look so good in green wow

  • Courtni Peterson
    Courtni Peterson19 dager siden

    Her quirky side came through in this video and WE ARE HERE FOR IT 🥺❤️

  • Danielle Del Rosario
    Danielle Del Rosario19 dager siden

    loookbooklookbooklookbook: "DRESSIN UP .. TO GO FROM THE LIVING ROOM TO THE KITCHEN" :)

  • Echo Atkins
    Echo Atkins19 dager siden

    You look so beautiful, your style is sooooo amazing please do more of thesee.

  • Raeesah
    Raeesah19 dager siden

    Ok but how is no one else sad she didn’t like comments this time? 🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️😢

  • Jada Coronado
    Jada Coronado19 dager siden

    yesss more fashion vlogs 🤍

  • Danae Anap
    Danae Anap19 dager siden

    Perioddd i love you

  • Kristína Ješková
    Kristína Ješková19 dager siden

    "a vintage dior. thank you 💃" i love the energy in this video 😂❤️

  • aya ahmed
    aya ahmed19 dager siden

    So cuttttttte

  • mayhit
    mayhit19 dager siden

    The late 90s/early 00s vibes are INTENSE omg.

  • Zuzana Kloudová
    Zuzana Kloudová20 dager siden

    I feel like this is the clothes I was getting rid of when I started watching you and buying forever 21 instead of it and now I'm regretting it :d

  • Irene Stamier
    Irene Stamier20 dager siden

    Can you please make a vlog telling us how you met Finneas please Ms Claudia. ❤

    RIOZIC20 dager siden

    this is nice but I'm missing those random natural vlogs.. please bring it back :)

  • الاء الحربي
    الاء الحربي20 dager siden

    Yesssssssssss we need more of this video I love it 💗💗💗💗💗💗💗

  • Emma
    Emma20 dager siden

    I feel like whatever thrift store you shopped at for this video was actually just a time machine back to 2004

  • Sabina Pucarevic
    Sabina Pucarevic20 dager siden

    Please share where that butterfly necklace is from? :) LOVE

  • Maggie Nowakowski
    Maggie Nowakowski20 dager siden

    Would love to see a video on how you thrift and find the right sizes for you! I feel like I always struggle with that, and I'm sure you have some tips :)

  • Shiloh Powers
    Shiloh Powers20 dager siden

    Yessss more fashion

  • Aifei Kaili
    Aifei Kaili20 dager siden

    I love how she is dating a millionaire and still going to thrift stores that is a real queen right there 😌😏

  • Lena P
    Lena P20 dager siden

    This might be a little weird but I love how her lipstick matches the color of her bra straps!

  • Amalia Mihaila
    Amalia Mihaila20 dager siden

    Fashion videos please

  • Aru Bodykova
    Aru Bodykova20 dager siden

    honestly literally everything suits her perfectly

  • Leena Baig
    Leena Baig20 dager siden

    Pleasseeee make another painting video!!!

  • Emma Nelson
    Emma Nelson20 dager siden

    You should do a week-long style "challenge" by dressing up inspired by a different decade each day or different styles within 1 decade!

  • inuu
    inuu20 dager siden

    we love!

  • PMV
    PMV20 dager siden

    Why are you the only one able to pull all that off? Loveeee everything on you

  • Takara Oneá
    Takara Oneá21 dag siden

    Thrifting is such a lifestyle 💕😍 love everything you got!

  • C A
    C A21 dag siden

    Id love to see your fashion photography process in a video! I've been obsessed with your more editorial Instagram shoots lately

  • Karolina Wneta
    Karolina Wneta21 dag siden

    Claudia playing with brats dolls as kid explains why she a bad bitch now

  • Tin Bernas
    Tin Bernas21 dag siden

    Find and contact vloggers/influencers through PHLANX's directory, they are categorized based on niche & location

  • annie m
    annie m21 dag siden

    YES i love styling/fashion vids!!!!

  • Saia Win
    Saia Win21 dag siden

    Love this vid! Thrifting is great for reducing the environmental impact of fashion. I know you are probably in a long term contract with them, but when your Fabletics contract is up for renewal, it would be awesome if you considered ending that partnership because it promotes the constant release of new styles and new purchasing, rather than reuse like thrifting!

  • aimee ro
    aimee ro21 dag siden

    Can we get Claudia on Celsius more often please? 😂 Thank you *bows

  • Taylor King
    Taylor King21 dag siden

    i LIVE for the b-roll dance moves

  • Bailey Renee
    Bailey Renee21 dag siden

    Am I the only one that thinks she looks like Angelina Jolie?

  • TheGirlsClub
    TheGirlsClub21 dag siden

    GOOD FINDS 😍😍😍😍

  • Sara Laird
    Sara Laird21 dag siden

    Would love to see a outfit of the week video! Your style is just 🔥🖤

  • Celine
    Celine21 dag siden

    I would feel like Harry Styles in the gold button up

  • Taylor Morrison
    Taylor Morrison21 dag siden

    Could you wear the "front-tie" shirt (8:00) backwards?? Has anyone else already suggested this? Maybe it won't work. But maybe it will.

  • Samuel Montoya
    Samuel Montoya21 dag siden

    how I tell Finn that I like his girlfriend. 😅🥺

  • brenda camacho
    brenda camacho21 dag siden

    Claudia, I would love to see your WHOLE closet!!! 😂😍

  • Kamryn Foster
    Kamryn Foster21 dag siden


  • liv5776
    liv577621 dag siden

    If he would be up for it you should do a video where Finneas styles you

  • Royal Spirit
    Royal Spirit21 dag siden

    Patrząc na te rzeczy stwierdzam, że polskie secound-handy byłyby dla Ciebie rajem xdd

  • Erika Diego
    Erika Diego21 dag siden

    Claudia’s gonna party like it’s 1999 🥳😄

  • Jherlene Cargill
    Jherlene Cargill21 dag siden

    That green cargo vest gave such Lara Croft/IndianaJones vibe... living! 💚

  • Samantha Mitchell
    Samantha Mitchell21 dag siden

    claudia the MODEL

  • Treazure Jiles
    Treazure Jiles21 dag siden

    loving this era

  • Anja
    Anja21 dag siden

    you rock all of these pieces but boooy are they expensive for "thrifted" clothes

  • Ruby
    Ruby21 dag siden

    would love to see more fashion pieces! Maybe even styling tips , thanks loved the video!

  • Hicham Elbakkali
    Hicham Elbakkali21 dag siden

    You are super

  • Cristina Alejandra Vargas Zavala
    Cristina Alejandra Vargas Zavala21 dag siden

    It's me or everything looks good on Claudia ;)

  • Amina Nafesa
    Amina Nafesa21 dag siden

    Norville “Shaggy” Rogers is fashion goals

  • Khaylah Wentworth
    Khaylah Wentworth21 dag siden

    pls do more try on hauls pls

  • Roblox TOH Bro
    Roblox TOH Bro21 dag siden

    You should include billie more in your vids! c:

  • ashley strayhorn
    ashley strayhorn21 dag siden

    Where is your makeup storage unit behind you from 😭 I can’t find where you said it ! Also love everything

  • Ti'Lon Paige
    Ti'Lon Paige21 dag siden

    You should check out Blazed & Glazed here on youtube if you have not. Mace would LIVE for that gold shirt (her signature shimmy shake top)

  • Phoebe Rocher
    Phoebe Rocher22 dager siden

    Love how she's so enthusiastic

  • Magalí Gómez
    Magalí Gómez22 dager siden

    The white mules OMG. They're in my dreams 😍

  • agirlnamedally
    agirlnamedally22 dager siden

    the denim shirt at 5:31 is serving me HUGE Chessy from The Parent Trap vibes 😍

  • Lydia
    Lydia22 dager siden

    pleasee do more fashion videos!! 😍 i love ur style!

  • BreakfastWithLucy (Desayunando Con Lucy)
    BreakfastWithLucy (Desayunando Con Lucy)22 dager siden

    Claudia does Billie ever ask you for clothing advice?

  • Jayla Smith
    Jayla Smith22 dager siden

    outfit of the week!!!