Mbappe DESTROYS Bayern Munich | Champions League Highlights


Kylian Mbappe stole the show as PSG outscored Bayern at the Allianz and Rory saw his beloved Chelsea make light work of Porto as they won 2-0 away from home.
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  • The Kick Off
    The Kick OffMåned siden

    Can Bayern turn it around?

  • -TruthSeekerUK-


    29 dager siden

    No but they can try for a reach around!

  • Vedant Panse

    Vedant Panse

    Måned siden

    @jamie slack it's working so doesnt matter😂

  • Vedant Panse

    Vedant Panse

    Måned siden

    No and hurts a lot to say this as a bayern fan

  • Jung Bolosse

    Jung Bolosse

    Måned siden

    No PSG will win.

  • Vasile Mihai

    Vasile Mihai

    Måned siden

    @Jude Taylor and why is that? Not our fault that people here dont believe in liverpool what youre saying is dumb and ilogical why is it toxic to suport bayern

  • Boris Johnson
    Boris Johnson2 dager siden

    We Stan Rory

  • rocky mars
    rocky mars19 dager siden

    bayern would have literally destroyed them with lewandowski, lucky psg

  • bilishu aliss
    bilishu aliss25 dager siden


  • hoiy vinosa
    hoiy vinosa26 dager siden

    I’m loving these more intimate streams. Feel like it’s less people just screaming at each other

  • Will Weaver
    Will Weaver27 dager siden

    The fact Rory was/is an actor and was in an episode of doctor who boggles the mind

  • bilishu aliss

    bilishu aliss

    25 dager siden

    Where’s the normal kick off?

  • John Ross
    John Ross27 dager siden

    I imagine the geezer on left is 5 foot tall and loves farm foods beef curries

  • hoiy vinosa

    hoiy vinosa

    26 dager siden

    because they scored over 30 goals one season in the FRENCH league because they're quick. He's not the new Messi, noone is.

  • General Destiny
    General Destiny28 dager siden

    We need more of Rory and Laurence

  • R69NiX
    R69NiX28 dager siden

    8:10 "he hasn't even got a proper position" He's SO fucking good and unique they had to come up with a name for his role; Raumdeuter. You know you're good when that happens.

    CLIPPED29 dager siden

    Manuel Neuer is that sort of player who has 1 bad game then comes back and kills it. Watch second leg hes keeping a clean sheet

  • -TruthSeekerUK-
    -TruthSeekerUK-29 dager siden


  • Morgan Phillips
    Morgan Phillips29 dager siden

    Funny podcast😂😂😂

  • JP Holt
    JP Holt29 dager siden

    Love the cuts to Rorys reactions

  • Lord Alister
    Lord Alister29 dager siden

    The Mbappe is The Ninja Turtle! 😏😎🔥⚔⚔


    Destroyed?? Lmao idk about that

  • AJ
    AJMåned siden

    People still wear Fila?

  • Soaw Tillie สาวทิลี
    Soaw Tillie สาวทิลีMåned siden


  • Will AV
    Will AVMåned siden

    Bayern nearly turned it around in the first leg. I think they will come back.

  • Colm Freeman Smyth
    Colm Freeman SmythMåned siden

    Loz looking hench in the PSG jersey

  • JakeC4
    JakeC4Måned siden

    Laurence backing Chelsea? I love this 🤩

  • Jake Williams
    Jake WilliamsMåned siden

    Where’s the normal kick off?

  • Lord V1LE
    Lord V1LEMåned siden

    How did Mbappe "destroy" bayern. He scored a fluke and a bog standard, through the defenders legs so they kepper can't react goal. That's all he did. Stop overhyping people because they scored over 30 goals one season in the FRENCH league because they're quick. He's not the new Messi, noone is.

  • LK Gaming Reviews
    LK Gaming ReviewsMåned siden

    Still prefer harland to mbappe

  • Gozlet
    GozletMåned siden

    7:22 spitting nuthin but fire 🔥💯😤

  • Jago Godden
    Jago GoddenMåned siden

    near enough every goal lawrence questions for offside, this is everyone’s reaction to goals now cause of VAR. rather sad note: this is no disrespect to lawrence, just a decent example

  • Keegan Murphy
    Keegan MurphyMåned siden

    7:19 What just happened 😂👏👏👏

  • FantasyDad
    FantasyDadMåned siden

    McKenna is boring. He sux. Rory is a star

  • glenn symmons
    glenn symmonsMåned siden

    Ahahaha this was a bit of a laugh

  • Paulo Briff Cado
    Paulo Briff CadoMåned siden

    Chelsea weren't that good against Porto. Porto were better and deserved the dub.

  • A. S
    A. SMåned siden

    Destroys? LOL

  • DzNtzRonFyre
    DzNtzRonFyreMåned siden

    Not trying to hate, but I don’t think I could bring myself to put on a shirt of another team. Especially on camera

  • Sukhdev R34

    Sukhdev R34

    Måned siden

    Liverpool fans for you.

  • Praz
    PrazMåned siden

    If Havertz or Werner did that turn for the first goal, he would have dismissed it like nothing.. But cause its Mount his tongue is up his ass

  • John Maddin
    John MaddinMåned siden

    Bayern had a crazy amount of shots on PSG's goal whilst simply the French side managed to convert half of the shots they managed on Munich's goal. This game is far from over and there's a small chance if Robert Lewandowski gets over his knee injury quickly could start the second leg. If Bayern had converted even a fifth of their chances they'd have put 5 goals past Paris. This game is far from over, PSG won but despite the score, Bayern was clearly the better side.

  • K M D 123

    K M D 123

    27 dager siden

    You can’t be the better side if you loose 😂

  • James O'Gorman
    James O'GormanMåned siden

    Bayern didn’t get destroyed they loft surprised at the start and went 2-0 down quick. Hans Flick reacted by putting on Alphonso Davies to deal with Mbappe and were ten times better and brought it back level. And probably should’ve won. Having Lewandowski on the end of some of the balls would’ve made a significant difference in my opinion

  • Tom Baldwin
    Tom BaldwinMåned siden

    Looks like Laurence is doing a Gervinho 👀

  • Falcon Ranger311
    Falcon Ranger311Måned siden

    "April does what April wants"

  • zeba dee
    zeba deeMåned siden

    Rory "wow, I mean we know home and away doesn't count just as much but.............. it does count just as much"

  • Kenny Norrie
    Kenny NorrieMåned siden

    Everything Lawrence says sounds condescending.

  • Jose Hernandez
    Jose HernandezMåned siden

    Let’s be honest without Neymar They loose 2-1 Without Navas It’s 7-1

  • Nada
    NadaMåned siden

    Why does Rory look like some one from a 90s indie film

  • Stephen Prendergast
    Stephen PrendergastMåned siden

    This isn’t highlights you tossers !!

  • luke van zyl
    luke van zylMåned siden

    Sorry but Mbappe did not destroy Bayern, Bayern dominated the game and they just made stupid defensive decisions but it was a fair game

  • Kevakazii
    KevakaziiMåned siden

    That jumper is very chavarific Rory.

  • Arthur Davie
    Arthur DavieMåned siden

    Really enjoyed the Roy hodson bit 👌😂

  • King TB3
    King TB3Måned siden

    Nobody: Rory: in the Nou Camp

  • Ant
    AntMåned siden

    How on Earth has Choupo Moting ended up at Bayern Munich! I just don't get it.

  • LewisMck19
    LewisMck19Måned siden

    More good content guys

  • Abdullaahi Ahmed
    Abdullaahi AhmedMåned siden

    Why wasn't the roof at Allianz Arena closed?

  • Tøm
    TømMåned siden


  • Tashrif Alam
    Tashrif AlamMåned siden

    I don't think they destroyed Bayern at all. Because Bayern could have easily won 6-3 if they were clinical. Having said that PSG really did do two thinga well, get that ball over the top of the highline and then be ruthless in front of goal

  • Dean Tierney
    Dean TierneyMåned siden

    Don't usually buy football shirts but that PSG one is niiiice! Might be on the look out for that

  • Dan95
    Dan95Måned siden

    Mbappe was brilliant but pretty much everything PSG did went through Neymar.

  • Honest Bob
    Honest BobMåned siden

    I watch this show for Rory.

  • Anthony Sasmita
    Anthony SasmitaMåned siden

    rorys reaction to chilwells goal is priceless, love it!

  • Vasile Mihai
    Vasile MihaiMåned siden

    Bayern deserved to win more they where a far better side it was the defence that let them down

  • The Life Of Cal
    The Life Of CalMåned siden

    bayern had 64% of the possession and had 31 shots to PSG's 6. they will most likely turn it around in the second leg

  • Benedict Schwarz
    Benedict SchwarzMåned siden

    What on earth is this title ? He had two shots and scored them both, hardly call that destruction.

  • Reiss HD
    Reiss HDMåned siden

    last season byan blown psg this season meh but they can still win them

  • Jack Boyle
    Jack BoyleMåned siden

    Chelsea would get smashed in the other side of the draw

  • Giga100
    Giga100Måned siden

    Destroys btw he missed 1v1 withthe goalkeeper

  • Parmar 2104
    Parmar 2104Måned siden

    Mounts turn for the goal was beautiful! Rory acting like Chilwell is Roberto Carlos because he went around the keeper?! SMH

  • BillUnited
    BillUnitedMåned siden

    “Mbappe destroys Bayern” he hardly destroyed then Bayern Munich were all over them just got caught in the counter attack

  • King APO

    King APO

    29 dager siden

    @Uyema I think u got a agenda against Mbappe lol if lewandoski or Halaand scored that 1st goal u would he milking it lmao and say a goal is a goal lmao the guy was amazing and shutting up the haters like u mark my word he’s gonna knock Bayern out on Tuesday

  • Uyema


    Måned siden

    @practiceyourart Mbappe being better than Neymar is debatably not true. This PSG team is only going to succeed as long as Neymar is healthy. Last years UCL run was done to him, and this one will more likely down to him too. If Neymar didn't play well yesterday, Bayern would have comfortably won. That being said, if you still think Mbappe has been better this season due to Neymar's inability to stay healthy, fine. But to suggest he has been better than Leo or Lewandowski this season, is a lie. Mbappe had a great game at Camp Nou, but was non-existent in Paris, despite his penalty goal. In Ligue 1, he has been incredibly inconsistent. Partial reason why they may lose is this year.

  • practiceyourart


    Måned siden

    @Uyema Neymar is a better player, but his issue is injuries. A Neymar with Mbappe's fitness is probably top 2, but his injuries are the only reason Mbappe is better this year.

  • Uyema


    Måned siden

    Thank you! His first goal was down to and Neuer error more than anything, also created by Neymar. His second was a great goal to be honest, by Neymar was far deadlier. They are pushing for the 'Mbappe for Balon D'or' narrative which is honestly annoying considering, Lewandowski and Messi have all been by far better than Mbappe. Hell i'd argue Neymar and De Bruyne are ahead of him.

  • Rory Jennings
    Rory JenningsMåned siden

    Loved this so much, thanks for having me...

  • Toby Sanders

    Toby Sanders

    29 dager siden


  • Shaun GlynDwr

    Shaun GlynDwr

    Måned siden

    Loving that Fila jumper my guy

  • Bailey Jepson

    Bailey Jepson

    Måned siden

    Rory is a top bloke

  • Lol Funny

    Lol Funny

    Måned siden

    What a man 👏👏👏

  • Fatsmellyneek cheeks

    Fatsmellyneek cheeks

    Måned siden

    Only Chelsea fan I can stand

  • Dominic Bosco
    Dominic BoscoMåned siden

    is it just me who thought Neymar was better than Mbappe yesterday?

  • lewisyates_ 1021
    lewisyates_ 1021Måned siden

    The difference between mbappe and Haaland is unreal.

  • Nino Dino
    Nino DinoMåned siden

    3:2 is now destroying..... what nubs

  • Sid
    SidMåned siden

    Slightly misleading title. PSG got away with one tbf

  • CG
    CGMåned siden

    Rory “case study” Jennings

  • Mr Gold
    Mr GoldMåned siden

    Amar - sometimes it snows in april Banger!

  • cian garrehy
    cian garrehyMåned siden

    Rory is a top guy

  • Beefy
    BeefyMåned siden

    People say Liverpool won't turn the tie around, mabye they will, mabye they won't, no one thought we would come back against Barcelona but we did, we will just have to wait and see

  • Beefy


    29 dager siden

    @Abdirahman Idris I can agree with you at times but we weren't playing well and then we beat arsenal 3 nil, we just have to give it our all and see I guess

  • Abdirahman Idris

    Abdirahman Idris

    29 dager siden

    But that was a Liverpool that went all thr way with city in a title race and a side who just knocked out bayern and destroyed porto. And anfield had fans. Its possible but the comback in 2019 was down to form and character more than anything which Liverpool severely lack at the moment.

  • dymd3z
    dymd3zMåned siden

    PSG lucky as all hell! Every break went their way. Who gets away with 3 handballs!? The stats and score line read like a scripted game of FUT

  • K M D 123

    K M D 123

    Måned siden

    No such thing as luck

  • Chris Zardo
    Chris ZardoMåned siden

    Very clickbaity title

  • Finn Murden
    Finn MurdenMåned siden

    Rory ‘Case Study’ Jennings

  • William Aston
    William AstonMåned siden

    I hate chelsea + Chelsea Fan's, but rory gets a pass.

  • esat gokcen
    esat gokcenMåned siden

    this was the calmest kickoff I’ve ever seen

  • Natnaeal Mergia
    Natnaeal MergiaMåned siden

    Chelsea and PSG going through the semis next week

  • Ali TEM
    Ali TEMMåned siden

    Rory's cute lmao

  • beatriz
    beatrizMåned siden

    looks like this sort of stream it's more entertening than the main one i might start watching instead

  • Patrick Morales
    Patrick MoralesMåned siden

    Keylor Navas deserves more credit as one of the beth goalkeepers in the world

  • Imad Ahmad
    Imad AhmadMåned siden

    loz needs to plant this fact in his head that mbappe aint joining liverpool and playing in the europa league next season slapped liverpool all round the park and mbappe is destined to come to Real ..

  • ANDWHAT991
    ANDWHAT991Måned siden

    It's not called the European Cup anymore

  • Slapped me on the Bum bum
    Slapped me on the Bum bumMåned siden

    NOlocal subtitles at 3:45 translates to “I do rape pochetino”

  • Stefanos Poumpouris
    Stefanos PoumpourisMåned siden

    Chelsea vs PSG Final!

  • Kirill Oldenburg
    Kirill OldenburgMåned siden

    take it easy with the title lad

  • João Lourenço
    João LourençoMåned siden

    Rory is underestimating Porto so much, they were on the ropes but Porto couldn't score

  • RQuiaios


    Måned siden

    @João Lourenço A única merda que me deixa fdd é com os ingleses a acharem que foram superiores. Mas sim ainda faltam 90 min, espero que o Porto vá com tudo e tombe outro "Gigante". É enervante quase como as pessoas em Portugal dizerem que o Sporting teve sorte este ano, isso para mim é ofensivo, ganharam justamente foram a equipa que melhor futebol praticou em Portugal este ano, especialmente tendo em conta o plantel jovem e renovado que têm

  • João Lourenço

    João Lourenço

    Måned siden

    Eu por acaso até sou sportinguista e não gosto nadinha do Porto, mas tenho que lhes tirar o chapéu, estiveram muito sólidos ontem, pena foi 2 erros individuais terem lhes custado o jogo, mas se calhar há males que vêm por bem, porque agora o Porto não tem nada a Perder.... Eliminatória que ainda não acabou, vamos ver

  • RQuiaios


    Måned siden

    Bro infelizmente os media estrangeiros não viram o jogo. Apenas viram os golos e assumiram que o chelsea ganhou e bem. Na realidade foi o contrário, eles nem cheiraram mais de metade do jogo, o Porto falhou na eficácia. Sei bem que será dificil o Porto passar mas espero bem que se fodam na segunda mão para os ver a chorar crl. Tantos milhões do lado deles e claramente não são superiores.

  • Rodrigo Sousa
    Rodrigo SousaMåned siden

    Congrats to the referee. he played great for Chelsea. did everything so Porto would not win

  • Kieran Zues

    Kieran Zues

    Måned siden


  • rizzla7
    rizzla7Måned siden

    delusional young chaps here, we they watching the chelsea game??? Lucky to get a 2 nil result and looking at them in the prem obvious to see they are out of form. Wont make top 4

  • Football Picks
    Football PicksMåned siden

    Can someone explain to me how Germany don’t pick Muller, he’s Germany’s best player and an absolute legend.

  • A wild Falbo

    A wild Falbo

    Måned siden

    Jogi Löw is the answer

  • James Stewart
    James StewartMåned siden

    Rory looks like he should be clenching his fists for photos and drinking buckfast

  • Rory Jennings

    Rory Jennings

    Måned siden

    I do both. Regularly.

  • Black Star
    Black StarMåned siden

    “Not OUR center forwards but a center forward” lmaooo As a Chelsea fan this is both hilarious and gut wrenching 😭😂

  • Rory Jennings

    Rory Jennings

    Måned siden


  • Blue
    BlueMåned siden

    Bit misleading title bayern were all over PSG but they missed 2 much. I dont care tho since im a Mbappe fan:)

  • Loulou Chris
    Loulou ChrisMåned siden

    3 but a l'extérieur.. Aie aie

  • bri
    briMåned siden

    I love Rory

  • Football Picks
    Football PicksMåned siden

    Bayern may be top of the German league and play great football, but they’ve been very vulnerable defensively all season, if you play such an aggressive press like Bayern your gonna get caught on the counter and be punished by better players like Mbappe.

  • Magic Ziyech
    Magic ZiyechMåned siden

    Rory freestyle 👌

  • Jo Maddaford
    Jo MaddafordMåned siden

    Lawrence gets way too much hate. He doesn’t deserve it

  • F1Bro
    F1BroMåned siden

    I absolutely love these champions league streams!

  • Elijah Mwanga
    Elijah MwangaMåned siden

    The psg bayern second leg will be nuts👀

  • Nishaan Singh
    Nishaan SinghMåned siden

    Big fan but never rap again