Meet My 1-Day-Old Foster Puppies!

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Meet my 1-day-old foster puppies!
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Ahh good day everyone! My name is Joey Graceffa and welcome to my official daily vlog NOlocal channel where I like to film my daily life with my puppies. You can find videos on my life with puppies, puppy first times, cute puppy moments, and SO much more! Join the family and make sure you are subscribed! I love you, until next time, good damn bye!


  • Joey Graceffa Vlogs
    Joey Graceffa Vlogs6 dager siden

    What should we name these little guys?!

  • Sidonie Franklin

    Sidonie Franklin

    2 dager siden


  • Lazulite


    6 dager siden

    @Boipelo Pela 45 BIRTH STONES YES

  • [Joey-Graceffa-shorts ]

    [Joey-Graceffa-shorts ]

    6 dager siden

    @Lacey Gerten YASSSS

  • Zanah


    6 dager siden

    What about candy/candy bar themed names?

  • Idk


    6 dager siden

    coffee drinks! macchiato Brulé cappuccino espresso etc.

  • Iulia Bianca
    Iulia Bianca17 minutter siden

    I was a pile of anxiety when she was sitting on them...!! 😬😬 My dog had 7 puppies, but she killed 3 by sitting on them during the night... It's very unfortunate... And yes, she had a quite wide open space, so that wasn't a problem

  • Natasha Moloney
    Natasha Moloney45 minutter siden

    if you call the mom Rue you should name the babies after Hunger Games characters like Gale, Cato, Prim(rose), Katniss, etc.

  • Ashley Leclair
    Ashley LeclairTime siden

    Sakura's a WAP.

  • Master Prankers
    Master Prankers2 timer siden


  • Adara Nova Tse
    Adara Nova Tse6 timer siden

    Make a big collar from the all the colors u used in the babies :)

  • Nina Markač
    Nina Markač8 timer siden

    I L O V E THIS

  • Robert Phillips
    Robert Phillips9 timer siden

    When the mama sat on the baby did one of them get hurt

  • WindWoman 3
    WindWoman 310 timer siden

    Actually, Joey, when she stretches out her neck - she reminds me of a dingo!

  • Rachel Sharp
    Rachel Sharp11 timer siden

    Since you call the mama Roo, maybe you should name the puppies after Winnie the Pooh characters.

  • TheLife OfDorian
    TheLife OfDorian12 timer siden

    You should totally name them after trees! Like Oak, Ash, willow, juniper, and more! So adorable! Like so he sees!

  • Odeta Cukanova
    Odeta Cukanova13 timer siden

    The puppies make really cute sounds

  • Sadie Granger
    Sadie Granger14 timer siden

    You should name them after either *planets* (Pluto would be super cute for the runt!) or different *constellations* (Dipper would be adorable!) :)

  • Sadie Granger
    Sadie Granger14 timer siden

    Joey: She is the best mom! Mother dog: Oh you think that do you? Also the mother dog: *Sits on her puppies* Sakura and the mother dog have been plotting-

  • Jacob Cook
    Jacob Cook15 timer siden


  • Ruby Schlafer
    Ruby Schlafer15 timer siden

    When she sat on the puppies I died laughing

  • callmebubbles
    callmebubbles16 timer siden

    Malison ?

  • Erin Hughes
    Erin Hughes17 timer siden

    He would be such a great parent

  • KrípTø ThéñĪgHt
    KrípTø ThéñĪgHt18 timer siden

    Pls name 3 coda and Kira Kylo plss

  • Deryn Young
    Deryn Young18 timer siden

    Or u should call the after the Weasleys

  • Deryn Young
    Deryn Young18 timer siden

    Joey u need to name one bear like u need to 🥺💗

  • valencia pandavill
    valencia pandavill20 timer siden

    Joey you ARE the new stacyplays i knew it

  • Ailish McElroy
    Ailish McElroy20 timer siden

    Name them all after flowers like : Primrose,Daffodil etc.

  • Orlaith Murchan
    Orlaith Murchan20 timer siden

    Name one milly

  • Emelia O'Brien
    Emelia O'BrienDag siden

    This is amazingly beautiful and special. I love all of it. Thank you for saving her and her pups, thank you for the content. I am here from Colleens page and a new fan!

  • Crystal Chavez
    Crystal ChavezDag siden

    The chunky guy on top gave me major Rolly from 101 Dalmatians vibes!

  • cyberkilos
    cyberkilosDag siden

    each color matched their personality so well lol

  • Emster234
    Emster234Dag siden

    It's kinda of bittersweet how much she has taken a liking to you. Sweet because she feels safe and found a good human, bitter because human is not temporary

  • Mia Borders
    Mia BordersDag siden

    You should name them after planets🥺

  • le davis
    le davisDag siden

    she is so trusting of joey with her puppies even though he’s only had her for a couple of days. it’s so wholesome.

  • Beautybri14
    Beautybri14Dag siden

    These types of videos help my mental health.

  • famous I am the

    famous I am the

    Dag siden


  • Gwen
    GwenDag siden

    for a girl- Nika , Daisy, Cloe or belle for a boy- Benji, Finn, Pepper, Dexter, Bentley

  • famous I am the

    famous I am the

    Dag siden


  • Buttercup1958
    Buttercup1958Dag siden

    I have a Jack Russell.terrorist named POPEYE

  • famous I am the

    famous I am the

    Dag siden


  • Alicia cruz
    Alicia cruzDag siden

    So beautiful 😍

  • famous I am the

    famous I am the

    Dag siden


  • Mrv Cond
    Mrv CondDag siden

    Ohhh babys❤🐶❤🐶

  • famous I am the

    famous I am the

    Dag siden


  • Geneese Avalos-lara
    Geneese Avalos-laraDag siden

    when she sat on them omg

  • Oliviah Glidewell
    Oliviah GlidewellDag siden

    I got it right I guessed that she was going to have six puppies

  • SaRi SoLu
    SaRi SoLuDag siden

    I just wanna give them cubbles and kisses

  • SaRi SoLu
    SaRi SoLuDag siden

    THEY SO CUTE !!!

  • Chelle Nalehp
    Chelle NalehpDag siden

    sorry but i'm claiming the one i want so i'm adopting; pink,lime,yellow,blue,orange &purple that's the one i want lol

  • Chelle Nalehp

    Chelle Nalehp

    Dag siden

    oh and Momma! duh

  • harry stevens
    harry stevensDag siden


  • hannah bottes
    hannah bottesDag siden

    Or name them after memes like doge and crasont

  • Alacia Davis
    Alacia DavisDag siden

    Name them after greek deities Mars Aries Hercules Diana Aphrodite Hera Zeus Atlas Persephone Ajax

  • hannah bottes
    hannah bottesDag siden

    Name them after like food or something, like little nugget and donught

  • Kelsie Gooch
    Kelsie GoochDag siden

    They are soooooo cut3

  • Sarah-Louise Heritage
    Sarah-Louise HeritageDag siden

    Wolfie has the same coloured eyes as me xxxx

  • Jasmine's Jam
    Jasmine's JamDag siden

    When she sat on them and the little guys were squealing my heart cried a little.

  • Carlee Elyse
    Carlee ElyseDag siden

    Okay hear me out: Harry Potter character names

  • Heather Bonelli
    Heather BonelliDag siden

    When cats drool is generally a sign of dental issues or tooth pain

  • Heather Bonelli
    Heather BonelliDag siden

    You are so gorgeous Joey... Inside and out. Love your vibe, great energy ❤️

  • pentaholic obsessed with ptx and bts and more
    pentaholic obsessed with ptx and bts and moreDag siden

    You should name one peanut butter

  • Mikayla Sanchez
    Mikayla SanchezDag siden

    ok like no cap my cat looks like your the color and they eys and everything

  • 1•Cloudy•tears•1 •cherry•1
    1•Cloudy•tears•1 •cherry•1Dag siden

    the way the mama sitted on its on chlindren

  • Lexus Heck
    Lexus HeckDag siden

    To me she looks like a Pitbull and German Shepherd

  • Dogo
    DogoDag siden

    I know other people have said this,but you should name them whinny the Pooh characters and make momma Kangaroo and 1 baby Roo and the rest Piglet exc..

  • Joel Arnold

    Joel Arnold

    4 timer siden

    100% yes

  • Mar O
    Mar ODag siden

    That precious dog mama is so beautiful, and she resembles my own dog too much for me to not be emotionally implicated in this video 😭😭 thanks for sharing her story Joey ❤️❤️❤️

  • Alejandra Landaverde
    Alejandra LandaverdeDag siden

    The baby dog in blue color you name is blueberry

  • Alejandra Landaverde
    Alejandra LandaverdeDag siden

    The mom dog name can be buttercup

  • Alejandra Landaverde
    Alejandra LandaverdeDag siden

    Can I help I saved a cat and baby dog and a 🐭

  • Elionora Latvian
    Elionora LatvianDag siden

    Can you name one of the girls Kali?

  • Lazy Wolf
    Lazy WolfDag siden

    You should definitely name them Winnie the Pooh themed because in Winnie the Pooh there is a baby kangaroo called Roo 😂

  • felice dirienzo
    felice dirienzoDag siden

    This channel has turned into rescuing animals and that’s good :)

  • Tay's Tings
    Tay's TingsDag siden

    I swear that purple puppy said no after Joey put on the collar

  • Maya Angel
    Maya AngelDag siden

    I think you should name them after desert so.... - Cookie - Donut - Cupcake - Sweety - Candy - Marshmallow etc..... 👍 if you agree

  • Maya Angel

    Maya Angel

    Dag siden

    Or flower names so - Sunflower - Rose - Tulip - Daisy - Bluebell - Foxglove

  • Tiana Walker
    Tiana WalkerDag siden

    You can just see how much Mumma appreciates you 🥺

  • Jewls DD
    Jewls DDDag siden

    You should name them after crystals

  • Paige Crellin
    Paige CrellinDag siden

    Name them after like Winnie the Pooh, piglet, tigger, Christopher Robin, Eeyore, kanga etc!!!

  • anthony allan
    anthony allanDag siden

    Thank you identify them by putting baby dog collars and the different colours

  • anthony allan

    anthony allan

    Dag siden


  • anthony allan
    anthony allanDag siden

    So so cute 🥰🐕

  • kyuranger Rider
    kyuranger RiderDag siden

    My dog is a pomeranian Chihuahua Yorkie I Named her smoky because I've had bonfires that was the colour of a white for

  • kyuranger Rider
    kyuranger RiderDag siden

    One question how to prepare for stuff like that

  • Sarah Gotfredson
    Sarah GotfredsonDag siden

    i liked roo for the mama and if you wanna stick with the theme, winnie the pooh characters could be very cute

  • Foxxi’s girl3678
    Foxxi’s girl36782 dager siden

    Red, Varsity orange, Camden yellow, starlight green, Kiko blue Rae, purple Buttercup

  • Renee Ferrantino
    Renee Ferrantino2 dager siden

    I wanna just come hang out to enjoy the animal snuggles! I am somewhat new to watching NOlocal (thanks pandemic)...and heard a few other seemingly good-hearted YTs mention what a great person Joey is...then I see all his animal outreach and it solidifies it! Thank you for using your fame towards something so positive and uplifting!!

  • Recetas 4 Mayanellie
    Recetas 4 Mayanellie2 dager siden

    8:50 the way she got soo excited to see her babies is too precious 🥰

  • Ashley Rose
    Ashley Rose2 dager siden

    Sakura is enjoying your pets and love so much she forgets to swallow. My kitty does the same thing anytime i pet or love on her, always drooling on me. The first time she did it was worried too. Didn't know that cats can enjoy our affection so much they forget to swallow. 🤣🤣

  • TylerRose Hanley
    TylerRose Hanley2 dager siden

    Am I the only one who would find it cute to name them after studio Ghibli characters? (Like calcifer, mai, etc.)

  • McKenzie Lachapelle
    McKenzie Lachapelle2 dager siden


  • María José Vargas
    María José Vargas2 dager siden

    The sound effects are good 🤧😂

  • Oriana Mejia
    Oriana Mejia2 dager siden

    Named them as Winnie The Pooh characters 🥺

  • Natalie Berry
    Natalie Berry2 dager siden

    Name them spice like pepper and chilli

  • KaylaMarie
    KaylaMarie2 dager siden

    Sweet little baby potatoes! And Mamma clearly trusts you, she just seems like such a sweetie pie!!

  • Grace Campbell
    Grace Campbell2 dager siden

    You should name the dogs after the seven dwarfs

  • Faith Bloomquist
    Faith Bloomquist2 dager siden

    my family reserved a puppy and a day later she died because the mom sat on her. we have her brother now and we love him 🥰 btw she was the runt. beautiful babies :D

  • Leslie Johnson
    Leslie Johnson2 dager siden


  • Christie
    Christie2 dager siden

    You should shout out the rescue that you got them

  • Doggie :D
    Doggie :D2 dager siden

    One of the girl puppies with the pinkest nose should be named pinkie :D

  • Audrey Cena
    Audrey Cena2 dager siden

    The mother: bruh shut up kids *sits on them* Joey: whoah how about we don't sit on them Me: XD

  • Jacks S
    Jacks S2 dager siden

    Joey “ She’s a great mamma” Momma continues to sit on her babys

  • Molly Craven
    Molly Craven2 dager siden

    Joey name on Moon

  • Natali Mier
    Natali Mier2 dager siden

    My dog die can you name one pepe

  • Natali Mier
    Natali Mier2 dager siden

    She had 6 babys

  • Simone Lorrain
    Simone Lorrain2 dager siden

    Name them after the Characters on Grey’s Anatomy

  • Stacey Andrews
    Stacey Andrews2 dager siden

    The first thing you said about them was that they looked like bears so I think you should call them different types of bears! Like grizzly, kodiak

  • Sarah Gordon
    Sarah Gordon2 dager siden


  • theKILLAword
    theKILLAword2 dager siden

    Mario, Luigi, Toad, Bowser, Peach, and Koopa Troopa

  • Snake Vods
    Snake Vods2 dager siden

    (for a bit of context...) my dog gave birth over the weekend omg, i just watched the intro where she sits on the puppies and i felt that... the struggle is real... lol

  • Clancy
    Clancy2 dager siden

    You should name the mama show white and the little pups after the dwarfs of snow white

  • Kawai Kuailani
    Kawai Kuailani2 dager siden

    Lol your relationship with Sakura is hilarious and cute!

  • Christine Ma
    Christine Ma2 dager siden

    sakura: I hid from you joey: where are those stupid collars joey fids them sakura : *shakes tail* joey LOOK WHAT I FOUND LOOK WHAT A FOUND sakura: AHHHHHHHHHH RUNNN