we finally meet Steves mom, and the truth comes out as he tricks his mom into saying things that are not true. Nothing felt more at home then Mama D's cooking.
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  • Sahil Patel
    Sahil Patel2 dager siden

    oh my god

  • Noah Duesterhoeft
    Noah Duesterhoeft9 dager siden

    They should make a “brad is definitely on roids/SARMS” shirt.

  • Leonard Virtue
    Leonard Virtue11 dager siden

    Steve look after yourself and your balls.😗 Brad will help let's! !! Go joking 😗😗

  • Leonard Virtue
    Leonard Virtue11 dager siden

    Beautiful mum Steve 😆.💪

  • Kartik Trivedi
    Kartik Trivedi12 dager siden

    Brad was more happy than Steve's mom😂❤️👍

  • Lisa Thomas
    Lisa Thomas15 dager siden

    This almost made me forget you're his king pin 😜🤣

  • assassinsmonkey 27
    assassinsmonkey 2717 dager siden

    Guys what happen to brads family did something happen or not

  • Michael Tyree
    Michael Tyree21 dag siden

    Solid video guys👊👊

  • dame761
    dame76121 dag siden

    Bradley Martyn sold me lots of drugs!

  • Matthew Carlile
    Matthew Carlile22 dager siden

    Dame this dude steve is something else man this guy is cool as fuck he relly treats his friends and family good they are real lucky to have you steve I like your style bro you should be proud of yourself...rock on .I like the way your not stingy that's sick bro much love me...

  • Leonard Virtue
    Leonard Virtue29 dager siden


  • Bradley Clancy
    Bradley ClancyMåned siden

    Brad showed Steve's other best side, be more like Bradley!!

  • Bruiser613
    Bruiser613Måned siden

    Ha ha right on nice vidio 😀😀🇨🇦

  • Batlos
    BatlosMåned siden

    4:44 it's starting to smoke up bc brads smoking behind the camera

  • Swan Saws
    Swan SawsMåned siden

    Brad bud get a better camera bud lmao jk

  • Keepin It Real Sean Rosas
    Keepin It Real Sean RosasMåned siden

    No bullshit this was epic!!👍🙌👏💖

  • Mark Mark
    Mark MarkMåned siden

    Somebody that don't follow your channel, it's going to get confused by that video title.

  • PREMED Organic chemistry
    PREMED Organic chemistryMåned siden

    Can someone bail me out

  • Boots Kennedy
    Boots KennedyMåned siden

    The Legend SteveWillDoIts Mom . Sister of the Legendary ShoeNice .

  • Ejh Ejh
    Ejh EjhMåned siden

    Damn my rich friends said the same shit about me

  • Irving Sanchez
    Irving SanchezMåned siden

    Steve’s mom is a different thing all be Steve’s dad 😉😏

  • Kenneth Dueck
    Kenneth DueckMåned siden

    The truth they fed Bradley

  • Moneik Mcdonald
    Moneik McdonaldMåned siden

    5 mill likes Steve's mom smokes darts

  • A1a2a3 Abc123
    A1a2a3 Abc123Måned siden

    Bradley "shitty drug dealer" Martyn is a really kind hearted person.

  • Lucid Feeds
    Lucid FeedsMåned siden

    Keep up the Steve will do it and nelk videos

  • Koopa
    KoopaMåned siden

    brad and steve actually great team duo like batman and robin for real tho

  • Westsideblazee
    WestsideblazeeMåned siden

    All that smoke in the air from all the illegal drugs Bradley’s selling smh Bradley’s literally the main cause of global warming 😪

  • sampriti shome
    sampriti shome2 måneder siden

    Brad flirting with Steve's mom, forcing him to take an insane amount of roids,now i understand why Steve released a music video of him throwing tantrums on the beach. So much depression.Poor guy.

  • Dan Clime
    Dan Clime2 måneder siden

    What’s Steve’s dad like I couldn’t find him on the internet

  • Lindsey Newton
    Lindsey Newton2 måneder siden

    Amazing video

  • Javier fuentez
    Javier fuentez2 måneder siden


  • Willymamoth07
    Willymamoth072 måneder siden

    Sad how they didn’t show his connections in Florida. Or even the truck load of coke he took with him

  • MyAmerica Forever
    MyAmerica Forever2 måneder siden

    MOMs are the best!! She sure is thankful & impressed with her boy💕🇺🇸

  • Chris Hammer
    Chris Hammer2 måneder siden

    omg, I'm so sick of joe biden commercials.... Yes dude, I know... you slur your words more than steve on a wicked bender

  • flipnotrab
    flipnotrab2 måneder siden

    Nice cover for Bradley Martyn Cartel to go inspect the 2 tons of cocaine shipment. YOU ARE NOT FOOLING ANYONE!!

  • Arsene Wenger
    Arsene Wenger2 måneder siden

    Bradley met Steve mom is a personal threat to Steve, you could see how scared Steve was the entire time.

  • Jacob Archuleta
    Jacob Archuleta2 måneder siden

    Brad, u make me want to drig deal n go to prison n join a gang n I'm 14

  • Sabertooth
    Sabertooth2 måneder siden

    “Maybe I can get a date” 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Will Rose
    Will Rose2 måneder siden

    Brads gonna have to be carful near Steve’s mom, other wise she’s gonna get her hooked on drugs

  • Riley Goolsby
    Riley Goolsby2 måneder siden

    why that garage so smokey lol

  • Ben Sloan
    Ben Sloan2 måneder siden

    Brad sold my 3 year old brother crack on the playground

  • Sean Eisenhower
    Sean Eisenhower2 måneder siden


  • ayymadrid
    ayymadrid2 måneder siden

    You know Bradley trying to get at Steve’s mom lol 😂

  • Nick` Servin
    Nick` Servin2 måneder siden

    Is it just me or does she sound like Eleanore (Whitey's Sister) from 8 crazy nights.

  • Timathy Stevens
    Timathy Stevens2 måneder siden

    You’re really sick brad. First the drugs then the jokes about his mom, what’s next???

  • Fernando Jose
    Fernando Jose2 måneder siden

    Guys let's give brad a brake the only reason his weights are heavy is because he puts his drugs in them

  • Jose Castellanos
    Jose Castellanos2 måneder siden

    Brad sold me drugs

  • Mopar Strong
    Mopar Strong3 måneder siden

    Brad : I’ll be back! I’m going to get some sugar booger.

  • Mopar Strong
    Mopar Strong3 måneder siden

    Slick move Brad! Spreading the drug business!

  • Isaiah fenelon
    Isaiah fenelon3 måneder siden

    Fight him for tazing you

  • David Smith
    David Smith3 måneder siden

    1 million subscribers you get steves mom in on taking like semi scandalous pics with you for like a magazing shoot and get the magazine printed 🤣

  • DRONE review man of all drones
    DRONE review man of all drones3 måneder siden

    What a beautiful house!

  • Johan Ghost
    Johan Ghost3 måneder siden

    Such a wholesome video

  • E.T. Mayer
    E.T. Mayer3 måneder siden

    I almost cried when she called him steven

  • __Last
    __Last3 måneder siden

    What does Steves GF actually do than just stand about with a resting "cant be arsed" face and doing nothing?

  • Kevin Larson
    Kevin Larson3 måneder siden

    Finally brad untucked his ears from his hat

  • Postman Prat
    Postman Prat3 måneder siden

    Brad did you smash Steve's mom like you smash the weights lol

  • TripEEEz
    TripEEEz3 måneder siden

    You're such a GREAT Bro, Brad!

  • X Xx
    X Xx3 måneder siden

    Thats great man that he suprised his mom like that ❤️ I wish i could do something like that for my mom

  • Wavy Pahkz
    Wavy Pahkz3 måneder siden

    all jokes aside brad is a very good friend

  • Noah Ridley
    Noah Ridley3 måneder siden

    “Good place to do PCP” lmao

  • Crackerstyleproductions Thatkidtodd insta link
    Crackerstyleproductions Thatkidtodd insta link3 måneder siden

    Good moms deserve the most

  • Johnny Shaughnessy
    Johnny Shaughnessy3 måneder siden

    Good content happy 4th of July.

  • Benj3 3n
    Benj3 3n3 måneder siden

    Brad make Steve chug 50ml of spirytus it is 96% alcohol and 150 You have been challenged to this almost impossible task #fullsendspirytus

  • Pedro Bautista
    Pedro Bautista3 måneder siden

    Dam wish I could do that for my mom.

  • Bolton Caleb
    Bolton Caleb4 måneder siden

    I love how brad is like a older brother towards Steve 💯❤️

  • RK fishing
    RK fishing4 måneder siden

    he said lemme get a date

  • Brenden Marker
    Brenden Marker4 måneder siden

    Brad ur a good man, truly.

  • Alec P
    Alec P4 måneder siden

    You’re a good guy, brad

  • ToniAnn Carriere
    ToniAnn Carriere4 måneder siden

    Awh :) - that’s sweet 💚

  • i iExiiLeD
    i iExiiLeD4 måneder siden

    Brad why don't you hangout with nelk anymore

  • Ty-Fly
    Ty-Fly4 måneder siden

    Real talk tho, it is so cool how they can joke around with each other, but are fr best friends and looking out for each others family. Mad respect

  • jack b
    jack b4 måneder siden

    Ohhhhh Steven oh my god

  • Keegan Krutsch
    Keegan Krutsch4 måneder siden

    That’s incredible

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    nick holmes4 måneder siden

    AYE! WAWA!! Definitely your first wawa experience

  • Pearcey111
    Pearcey1114 måneder siden

    Steves mum just told Brad her husband was fixing parts of the house and Brad starts to talk about dating her lmao

  • Burnell Brown
    Burnell Brown4 måneder siden

    ProBaBly Steve, Brad, and Nelks Best video ever. Great shit Bro

  • nicholas macrino
    nicholas macrino4 måneder siden

    The ending 😂😂😂😂

  • Onyx
    Onyx4 måneder siden

  • Anotheruser
    Anotheruser4 måneder siden

    Is he really a dealer ? I fell like he is

  • Sentier FN
    Sentier FN4 måneder siden

    Cmon brad Steve’s mom is sweet plz don’t get her to be an addict like you

  • Eric Saucedo
    Eric Saucedo4 måneder siden

    Bradley: “He’s huge..” Dog: “He’s huge..”

  • G3MiNi


    Måned siden


  • Mr Watto
    Mr Watto4 måneder siden

    What da fook is an ARM BLASTER??

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    Ben Satow4 måneder siden

    Good to see the boys shining

  • Pain
    Pain4 måneder siden

    So I hear you’re a drug dealer message me on insta asap please I need something

  • Will Beilein
    Will Beilein4 måneder siden

    drugs are bad

  • slim pickinsworld
    slim pickinsworld4 måneder siden

    Mother is everything:>) I knew Steve was a real man and a great son, mad props and much respect and LOVE from I Am The Internet just like all of you. "All Lives Matter" especially Mother's.

  • Gone
    Gone4 måneder siden

    Bradley isn’t lying he really trying smash Steve’s mom

  • Brandon Cochran
    Brandon Cochran4 måneder siden

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    box dod4 måneder siden

    Token black chick

  • fijicivic24
    fijicivic244 måneder siden

    What’s up with the outro music

  • Blake Lindler
    Blake Lindler4 måneder siden

    no one gonna talk ab how much this man Steve has gotten for his mom, u can tell he has always wanted to do that for her

  • xns on claw
    xns on claw4 måneder siden

    I could blow up because of fake weights to

  • JzD Productions
    JzD Productions4 måneder siden

    Everyone: BrAd TaKeS DrUgS [-_-]

  • Priscilla Hernandez
    Priscilla Hernandez4 måneder siden

    Am I going blind or is brads camera dusty ash

  • Seb
    Seb4 måneder siden

    It’s sad to see the effects black tar heroine has had on brad, he truly hasn’t been the same since

  • Ham Peragine
    Ham Peragine4 måneder siden

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  • John Alden
    John Alden4 måneder siden

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    Alex Crowley4 måneder siden

    Omg i can't believe you would say that about a women

  • Luis Lozano
    Luis Lozano4 måneder siden

    Jokes aside, Bradley and Steven are good bros and they're both such nice people