Memes that completely and accurately outline the female psyche and it's various stages


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  • MxR Plays
    MxR Plays2 måneder siden

    Install Raid for Free ✅ IOS: ✅ ANDROID: ✅ PC: and get a special starter pack 💥 Available only for the next 30 days!

  • Demitri Faanes

    Demitri Faanes

    Måned siden

    Why does he have makeup on? I mean hes leepic both with or without.....but why

  • Dominick The Weeb

    Dominick The Weeb

    Måned siden

    I was fully expecting Henry to go like and you know what else is fabulous ME

  • DarkWarLordHax


    2 måneder siden

    the y shouldd start linkin the reddits

  • goose


    2 måneder siden


  • SethPlayz 72

    SethPlayz 72

    2 måneder siden

    Raid shadow legends gave me a virus so I don’t want to talk about it

  • arie aprianur
    arie aprianur28 minutter siden

    wait. henrry is nezuko

  • F2 Fighter plane
    F2 Fighter plane4 timer siden


    GAVINLETSPLAY109 GamingDag siden

    In all honesty when I saw the first image of the video I cringed so hard I flew off my bed...I am now typing this waiting for the astronauts to come get me.

  • Tearstone Actual
    Tearstone Actual2 dager siden

    I need that last comic to send to a few people. :D

  • The Crimson Tide and Honeydew Cotton
    The Crimson Tide and Honeydew Cotton3 dager siden

    Mans got the full Nezuko outfit goin on

  • Skullthief .1985
    Skullthief .19853 dager siden

    I alway thought netflix & chill, was watching a movie while high, until one of my buddies invited me to join in... colour me suprised

  • Letener Terim
    Letener Terim4 dager siden

    4:00 this legit happens to me. I'm Argentinian. It's slightly annoying, but nothing I can't ignore.

  • Older Dog
    Older Dog4 dager siden

    Took me all of three seconds and I was like ?!?! Henry is wearing make up???

  • Savage Senpai
    Savage Senpai4 dager siden

    Wow,who's the girl next to u jeanie,shes a hotti

  • Fox Wild Show
    Fox Wild Show4 dager siden

    Is Henry wearing makeup in this vid?

  • Draven Fiori
    Draven Fiori5 dager siden

    4:07 It's a play on the english 'zoned' and the Korean word for 'brother.' Similar to "friendzoned" but somewhat different.

  • O G
    O G5 dager siden

    Not tryna be that person but flight to nowhere is just going in a big circle

  • Calo A
    Calo A5 dager siden

    Why do you look like a Mass Murder in charge of the Dark Army?

  • TheDiamond Mewtwo
    TheDiamond Mewtwo6 dager siden

    Okay, I'm not the only guy that genuinely wants to chill on the couch with their baby girl and just watch netflix and cuddle, right? Like . . . are men really that horrible?

  • Primal Predator
    Primal Predator7 dager siden

    Yeah, Henry is pretty awkward. Always a bit cringe when he tries to put his arm around her or show affection. It's all the hesitancy, just do it.

  • Le Extazy
    Le Extazy7 dager siden

    Damn that boi smexy

  • Renke Mj
    Renke Mj7 dager siden

    5:15 This "Nyah" kills me ...

  • Natural_Nagisa
    Natural_Nagisa8 dager siden

    Yo Henry's nails are better than Jeanie's (sorry if I misspelled)

  • Fallen Angel
    Fallen Angel8 dager siden

    At 8:20 of the video I just wanted to say, that is soooooo true it has happen in my life one time...

  • Shino - Ben
    Shino - Ben8 dager siden

    Its not a gecko, its a salamander you swine.

    ANIMYSTIC9 dager siden

    That voice over for bubbles felt real by jeannie

  • hawk4225
    hawk422510 dager siden

    Thumbnail 15:35

  • ODSTman 2

    ODSTman 2

    2 dager siden

    Ok but I need the Sauce

  • The Konq
    The Konq10 dager siden

    It took me a second to register the Nezuko cosplay.

  • Robert McKenna
    Robert McKenna10 dager siden

    Dog, “25 but still single.” Me, “Wow, look at who will never be 25 ever.”

  • dr. Ava Adenia Rahmi
    dr. Ava Adenia Rahmi10 dager siden

    What's the thumbnail sauce?

  • Timothy Henderson
    Timothy Henderson10 dager siden

    I think I only watch this channel because Jenny’s voice is the cutest 🥰

  • Jonny Bravo
    Jonny Bravo11 dager siden

    Is it bad that I reconize most of MxRs thumbnails

  • Jonny Bravo
    Jonny Bravo11 dager siden

    Why did it take me half the vid to realize Henry has makeup

  • Mr Cheese
    Mr Cheese12 dager siden

    And the first add with adds that arnt crappy nock off

  • Swagger Tagger
    Swagger Tagger13 dager siden

    Is everyone just gonna brush over the fact that Jeannie was so excited for the ball to say that she’d get married next year? 😂😂

  • Gara Von Hoiwkenzoiber
    Gara Von Hoiwkenzoiber13 dager siden

    7:55 when your man has a secret second phone :D

  • smiley
    smiley13 dager siden

    Why is he wearing makeup.?

  • TSM_ DEMON666
    TSM_ DEMON66614 dager siden

    Pause at 15:49 and tell me what is in red at the top right😳 Me: So this isn’t a family friendly channel Henry: * points gun at me * never has been

  • frossassin213
    frossassin21314 dager siden

    everyone knows Dobermans have no soul everytime i see one i imagine a german accent

  • GachaAndrew The Saiyan
    GachaAndrew The Saiyan14 dager siden


  • nick landak
    nick landak14 dager siden

    I think jeannie would do great at dubbing Japanese anime and in one episode she was speaking perfect Chinese

  • Ruby Hobbit
    Ruby Hobbit14 dager siden

    *Me new to the channel and only 3 seconds into the video* "Jenny get off your phone. Its time for some settle Asian dating." me: Wait what? *video proceeds to ask what's different about Jenny to which the guy answers the best answer* me: I hope he doesnt die from that later knowing how the media usually shows how that question goes. *Jenny shows off her nails and then gets overshadowed Raid Shadow Legends* Me: I think thats the 2nd best way to introduce your advertisements *Brags about collecting pokemon, digimon, and magik the gathering. gets slaughtered by Jenny with Yugioh* Me: Jenny even though you brag about your nails you know how to come out on top.

  • cuzl
    cuzl15 dager siden

    There, I clicked it. Are you happy NOlocal algorithm?

  • KirinoK
    KirinoK16 dager siden

    omg!!! that dog tore my heart to shreds!!

  • DArk WOLFen
    DArk WOLFen16 dager siden

    MXR‘s gf is perhaps one of the most annoying gf we have even seen, hands down. I have to be honest, not mean, but honest. I study behavior and I know he‘s not going to keep her. Not around his channel or his life. He would dump her for a stupid reason he‘d just made up but I guess he wants to take the easy path then thats his choice. Maybe has her around be the dump anime sounding girlfriend, whatever gives mlp dreams at night. Regardless, annoying as she is a youtube can‘t be great with so campyness. So ... Go figure. #dumpMXRgirlfriendtheory Puppy and Kitty wins battle with AK-47s.

  • Anon ymous
    Anon ymous16 dager siden

    15:45 im sorry my man but Jeanies face looked puzzled as she tried to imagine what her reactions might be like hahaha

  • Whisper XK
    Whisper XK16 dager siden

    Henry:"Skip the dating, straight to the house" Jeannie: *crafts, cooking, games, cuddles, movies, snacks* Henry: "straight to the bedroom" Jeannie: "huh"

  • Dudeist Preist
    Dudeist Preist16 dager siden

    I dont get the long nails thing. Really. Why have those fake long ass nails?

  • Mariosaurus
    Mariosaurus17 dager siden

    8:12 that do be me in a nutshell.

  • Captain Hawking Republic Forge
    Captain Hawking Republic Forge17 dager siden


  • MrUsoutlaw
    MrUsoutlaw17 dager siden

    so are we just going to ignore that he moved the thing when she said "im geting married next year"?

  • Emery Mackey
    Emery Mackey17 dager siden

    I can't help but try to look at everyone's phones

  • tropical_fill 69
    tropical_fill 6917 dager siden

    Damm 😳

  • Alex Willett
    Alex Willett17 dager siden

    took me about 24-25 seconds to realize he was wearing makeup

    FEI WILD18 dager siden

    "Henry non-stop nuts"

  • Kacper Dz.
    Kacper Dz.18 dager siden

    I love this kind of videos yet i still dont understand how it makes me sad and laugh at the same time

  • fatman 8008
    fatman 800819 dager siden

    Huh so that's what he looks like as a girl (the more you dont need to now)

  • DarkTeen
    DarkTeen19 dager siden


  • MasterRed Essens
    MasterRed Essens19 dager siden

    Dam Henry lokking fine... Genie get out of the picture!

  • Synth Wolfe
    Synth Wolfe19 dager siden

    My parents actually had an argument about him not noticing her nails. So he started paying extra attention. He came home one day from work, looked REALLY close at my mom's face and said one thing that kind of became an inside joke in the family... "What's wrong with your face?" Because she had done her make up.

  • Nekopol
    Nekopol19 dager siden

    Over 35 and still Singel... has someone a heart to transplant?...

  • ollie teko
    ollie teko19 dager siden

    Who else was tripping at the little mouth guard that he had for the cosplay like I couldn't tell if it was edited on there or not 😂😂😂 I just spent the entire video trying to figure it out

  • lord Powell
    lord Powell20 dager siden

    R there not apples in California apples grow all over the place here

  • DrZeroToHero
    DrZeroToHero20 dager siden

    ngl the girl in the thumbnail looks almost like an orange haired sayori for ddlc

  • Krunkerplayz
    Krunkerplayz20 dager siden

    Out of all of those magic is the best

  • jordy plays games
    jordy plays games21 dag siden

    Nice nails bruh, very manly

  • TrillPaint
    TrillPaint22 dager siden

    "This is a Christian channel" 30 seconds later 13:40

  • stephen stonge
    stephen stonge22 dager siden

    15:35 this is accurate. Also hypocritical if she doesn't allow any pics of her.. only issue is the acceptance is skipping the adjustment phase.... like ear piercings, you just don't jump sizes, and it's depressing.

  • stephen stonge
    stephen stonge22 dager siden

    9:45 not so subtle flex...

  • Dusan Paunovic
    Dusan Paunovic24 dager siden

    Nezuko so cuute

  • Konniptionz
    Konniptionz24 dager siden

    " Don't talk to me if your height starts with a five. " Me, a 5'8" man: " My height is 4'20"

  • ooStuStu *
    ooStuStu *25 dager siden

    speak for yourself on the nails ... girl with nice nails is always a plus -

  • Umar umar1000
    Umar umar100025 dager siden

    Hey Jeannie who's your new friend 😉

  • Gavin Hollingsworth
    Gavin Hollingsworth25 dager siden

    Magic for me

  • Gene Pozniak
    Gene Pozniak25 dager siden

    There is a certain perfect combination IQ/EQ level, above which women stop doing anything to their nails except trimming them short and clean. Same goes for coloring/bleaching hair except touching up gray close to natural-born color. It's SCIENCE!

  • Kim Smith
    Kim Smith25 dager siden

    Any one else think henry looks like a hot chick until he opens his mouth and you realize he is a dude.... i mean seriously if someone saw this as first vid theyed think hot girl... which is kinda funny...

  • Julius Flynn
    Julius Flynn26 dager siden

    Immediately saw Henry was like 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣. Just saying you ever go single Henry. 😉😉😉😉😉

  • Re88eN
    Re88eN27 dager siden

    "Yo Shalimar got a new girl in there man, that Girl fine like a __________r!"

  • Bad Wolf
    Bad Wolf27 dager siden

    Definitely pick some apples there is a spot in California entirely about apples apple hill or something I think

  • the memeist
    the memeist27 dager siden

    Care providing the thumbnail sauce?

  • theCatholicgamer
    theCatholicgamer27 dager siden

    "25 but still single." Me: 18 never been on a date or had a girlfriend.

  • XerasDezarrys


    12 dager siden

    It's overrated unless you find someone worth dating. Don't just date for the sake of dating. Same with sex. It's awesome but not what everyone thinks it is

  • laughy jacky
    laughy jacky28 dager siden

    What`s a dm

  • BLAIR s
    BLAIR s28 dager siden

    Henry looking fire 🤣

  • e-quable
    e-quable28 dager siden

    10:17 Don't take that back anime sucks well I don't really like anime at least.

  • Jeremiah Moore
    Jeremiah Moore29 dager siden

    He is a fucking loly

  • Galaxy Wolf597
    Galaxy Wolf59729 dager siden

    Nice Nezuko outfit Henry

  • Anime Pics
    Anime PicsMåned siden

    8:06 i feel like id be that kinda guy...

  • Qusay Maddox
    Qusay MaddoxMåned siden

    y is henry nesako

  • Joseph Rafiq
    Joseph RafiqMåned siden

    Nah my gf came to my place with red nails, that shit sexy af. I gotta disagree with Henry here

  • Devin Cruz
    Devin CruzMåned siden

    Dayum Henryko be asking for it.

  • Friendlyghost Host
    Friendlyghost HostMåned siden

    They sound like pewdiepie and marzia

  • Master Starkiller
    Master StarkillerMåned siden

    12:42 and 13:28 I feel attacked rn....

  • Christian Bredow
    Christian BredowMåned siden

    Well... what people do for money.

  • TheNerd
    TheNerdMåned siden

    Is he wearing eye shadow or is it just me?

  • Benton Taylor
    Benton TaylorMåned siden

    I'm chubby and married so yea lol

  • Sumponeigh KnotYew
    Sumponeigh KnotYewMåned siden

    Is Henry cosplaying as a demon?

  • Sumponeigh KnotYew
    Sumponeigh KnotYewMåned siden

    Is Henry cosplaying as a demon?

  • Cameron Swartz
    Cameron SwartzMåned siden

    The click bait☹

  • Gra'nz III
    Gra'nz IIIMåned siden

    11:00ish Henry, my brother... Abandon this fucking ship right God damn now...

  • Stando Powah
    Stando PowahMåned siden


  • Random Guy
    Random GuyMåned siden

    Raid has offically taken over NOlocal

  • Gacha_Anime Fan
    Gacha_Anime FanMåned siden

    Literally, the first thing I noticed was Henry wearing Nezuko's outfit and the little pink bow thing in his hair. It is so adorable! 😂🥰 You guys make amazing content and I love watching it every day.

  • Elias Ho
    Elias HoMåned siden

    you know th enaime where its say me trying to flirt the anime nam ei s ONLY YESTERDAY

  • Angel Wytch
    Angel WytchMåned siden

    I wanna go apple picking with my SO now.....