Minecraft 1.17 Snapshot 21w07a Grimstone & New Ore Generation


Minecraft 1.17 The Caves & Cliffs Update Playlist ► nolocal.info/section/PL7VmhWGNRxKixIX8tWEQn-BnYKE9AaAXk
Minecraft 1.17 snapshot 21w07a brings about new ore generation and a new block... grimstone! It comes in tiles, polished and brick varieties.
Minecraft 1.17 Snapshot 21w06a New Cave Generation & World Height Increased!
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00:00 Intro
00:42 Grimstone Added!
02:18 Mining & Grimstone Generation
03:57 Cave Generation Changes
05:36 Ore Texture Change
06:55 New Ore Generation
10:03 Other Changes
11:18 Bugs & Outro
#minecraft #grimstone #cliffsandcaves


  • Cosmos YT
    Cosmos YT4 timer siden

    Took minecraft long enough to do this

  • Bas Meijer
    Bas Meijer9 timer siden

    Where can I download that plugin that says like "Footsteps >" and stuff?

  • PC__ '
    PC__ '19 timer siden

    I don't like the ores textures

  • UF Sans.
    UF Sans.Dag siden

    How do I get this snapshot?

  • F D
    F DDag siden

    I actually really would like if you dont have to grind too much for the diamonds and can just go mine them and go back to your building business. Well you have to go deeper but thats actually great

  • James' WRLD
    James' WRLD2 dager siden

    will there be a new ore??? copper?

  • Bill Merrill
    Bill Merrill4 dager siden

    Every noticed that the deep slate is in mc dungeons

  • Haiden Leeth
    Haiden Leeth5 dager siden

    Maybe the grimstone thing is like one of those double smelt things

  • Vynnie v
    Vynnie v6 dager siden

    This just looks like modded minecraft and it's such a strange thing to see it officially implemented

  • LogicalHalt -
    LogicalHalt -7 dager siden

    I wish grimstone was more stone like

  • Clean Water
    Clean Water7 dager siden

    This is going to be epic

  • 𝐇𝐞𝐫𝐨𝐛𝐫𝐢𝐧𝐞
    𝐇𝐞𝐫𝐨𝐛𝐫𝐢𝐧𝐞7 dager siden

    I like the new ores but it’s gonna be really hard to see them change because ores is one of the first things I learned about when I started playing Minecraft years ago

  • Weezuz
    Weezuz8 dager siden

    Seems like below 0 is far more op for mining, they gotta introduce a danger down below or else mining is too easy

  • ThatOneGuy
    ThatOneGuy9 dager siden

    Digging straight down feels like a valid strat now.

  • Ridge Tran
    Ridge Tran9 dager siden

    Talks about new ore changes Me listening: what’s that noise

    NE0SPACE9 dager siden

    Wonder what sort of monolithic towers you can make with Grimstone and Blackstone.

  • Nepu-Tech
    Nepu-Tech10 dager siden

    We need CAVE BIOMES! Ice caves! Fire Caves! Water Caves! Underground Forests! PLEASE make it happen!

  • kettopontnulla
    kettopontnulla10 dager siden

    the ores are so ugly

  • Thorman 1107
    Thorman 110710 dager siden

    They should add copper

  • stitchgrl120
    stitchgrl12010 dager siden

    Personally I think that iron and gold farms are going to be a lot more important because not many people will want to mine for just iron and gold without having a chance to get diamonds and red stone. Personally, I would feel like I am not really optimizing my time if I was mining for things that have efficient farms without having a good chance of getting diamonds.

  • doire aintu
    doire aintu10 dager siden

    Looks like grian’s gonna make another dream house with these new blocks

  • xScitobor 123
    xScitobor 12310 dager siden

    Change the ore textures back

  • Mercy of the Living
    Mercy of the Living10 dager siden

    Well this feels more like a mod pack than an update at this point, so much is going on

  • doire aintu

    doire aintu

    10 dager siden

    You forced my hand to subscribe

  • BlackVoidGamer JB
    BlackVoidGamer JB10 dager siden

    i dont like the new ore texures

  • Kozuu
    Kozuu11 dager siden

    I don't think vanilla cliffs will reach build limit, I think that ore generation is for Amplified worlds to give something to mine that high up.

  • Parrot Studios
    Parrot Studios11 dager siden

    This update is a 1.8 2012 texture pack

  • KasVos
    KasVos11 dager siden

    The old ore textures will still be available, but only in the one built-in texture pack.

  • XSoulbound __
    XSoulbound __11 dager siden

    I feel like with the bigger caves, we're gonna need a bigger light source. A more end game item, of course, but I feel like trying to light up an area is just gonna get really annoying.

  • Housein Anani
    Housein Anani11 dager siden

    What is the new best mining level for 1.17

  • bilishu aliss
    bilishu aliss11 dager siden

    There are 2 types of people: “Moyang” and “Mojang”

  • That1neWeeb
    That1neWeeb11 dager siden

    Watch and Mumbo and Grian start building their house even higher

  • Silver’sPeak
    Silver’sPeak11 dager siden

    Can we get an F for Grimstone...

  • bilishu aliss

    bilishu aliss

    11 dager siden

    This gives a bigger purpose to the warden biome please vote for this feedback.minecraft.net/hc/en-us/community/posts/360077285632-Skulk-Scythe-Weapon

  • Salman Chughtai
    Salman Chughtai11 dager siden

    That’s a good point

  • sajid bashir
    sajid bashir11 dager siden


  • Ealtas
    Ealtas11 dager siden


  • Octo sponge
    Octo sponge11 dager siden

    I don't want the ore texture to change its ugly -_-

  • Peeble Kitty

    Peeble Kitty

    11 dager siden

    It's not nostalgic but it looks fine. It'll be helpful for colorblind folks or when you're in poor lighting. And you can bet people will make texture packs to reintegrate the old ore looks (i mean hell, there's already packs out there to make quartz, nether gold, lapis, emerald etc to be uniform with the diamonds' look, check out vanilla tweaks)

  • Navyspecter
    Navyspecter11 dager siden

    feedback.minecraft.net/hc/en-us/community/posts/360077294412-Change-deepslate-back-to-grimstone bring grimstone back

  • Max Schwartz
    Max Schwartz11 dager siden

    where can I get the ore generation spreadsheet you showed?

  • Omega Toto
    Omega Toto11 dager siden

    You forced my hand to subscribe

  • Vigontro
    Vigontro12 dager siden

    i dont like the new iron texture

  • Kitron
    Kitron12 dager siden

    Im veteran of mc tgay ruined caves

  • No one Cares
    No one Cares12 dager siden

    3:58 To be honest, I'm really disappointed in this news.

  • Soundiboi
    Soundiboi12 dager siden

    Hopefully they make bigger dungeons out of the brimstone brick stuff

  • aniruddha bhenki
    aniruddha bhenki12 dager siden

    Honestly, Mojang is spoiling us

  • Calvin Eld-Weaver
    Calvin Eld-Weaver12 dager siden

    Diorite. Prob: Die-uh-rite!

  • Petah Griff
    Petah Griff12 dager siden

    The grim stone is gonna make the deep dark cave blend in so we'll! Get your diamonds and andesite while you can

  • Jonathan Caraballo
    Jonathan Caraballo12 dager siden

    This gives a bigger purpose to the warden biome please vote for this feedback.minecraft.net/hc/en-us/community/posts/360077285632-Skulk-Scythe-Weapon

  • Major Miles
    Major Miles12 dager siden

    Mojang : **makes cool thing** People : Wow that's so cool! Love it! Mojang : **makes it rare and inaccessible**

  • William Dorsey
    William Dorsey12 dager siden

    I’m new and came to watch the very beginning of hermit craft, and might I say, you sound very different. Almost younger.

  • frognik79
    frognik7912 dager siden

    It's a "t", it's pronounced "teh".

  • ji ribu
    ji ribu12 dager siden

    i came only for SS here. that the only thing im interested. subing just for that is out of question.

  • sokin jon
    sokin jon12 dager siden


  • Treviath
    Treviath12 dager siden

    I'm really going to miss the lava level if Mojang decides to ditch it entirely. I hope they implement a lava level at -48 but bump up the diamond rate below that by a vast amount while decreasing its generation above it. Force the players to do dangerous stuff for better loot.

  • AnnoyingDoggo
    AnnoyingDoggo12 dager siden

    I bet you this is where the biome for the warden is going to be at. the deeper you go, the better things you get. but somethiing is lurking there. In the dark. Watching you. Or should i say, *Listening for you* Edit: It would also be cool if the thing that happened in the warden trailer happens in the Dead zone (Like the one from subnautica. I like the name :) ) Where the lights will suddenly go dark and then light back uo eventually. The warden could then drop and item that lets you detect mobs that make sound so it will be worth it in killing the warden.

  • NedoTheWolf
    NedoTheWolf12 dager siden

    Please please PLEASE add a texture pack that brings back the old ores and a datapack that makes grimstone instamineable when 1.17 drops I'm BEGGING

  • Lukas Stofferis
    Lukas Stofferis12 dager siden

    I don't really like the new ore looks...

  • Rakan Alhalabi Alkilani
    Rakan Alhalabi Alkilani12 dager siden

    and the new ore textures *inhales* they got changed and that made me sad the ores : i raised that boy and many others as well rip OG ores

  • Alexander Wittrup
    Alexander Wittrup12 dager siden

    Either way, spending more time mining isn’t a bad thing.

  • Mr. Mannen
    Mr. Mannen12 dager siden

    no no no. They changed the ore textures?! Ok they kept diamond *humanity restored*

  • Hayden Gordon
    Hayden Gordon12 dager siden

    Black plus Brimstone would be so beautiful

  • StrayDevilFox
    StrayDevilFox13 dager siden

    I hope the biome ratio is fixed for xbox, kind of tired of seeing nothing but ocean.

  • Mycelium
    Mycelium13 dager siden

    This is great but im gonna have a hardtime adjusting and it will be kinda stressful for me

  • Dark Waters
    Dark Waters13 dager siden

    5:50 I really thought you were going to say "casue diamonds are forever, right?"

  • No Name
    No Name13 dager siden

    Mojang needs to increase the number of large caves, not decrease. The whole point of this update is better caves, and if they make them less common then it’ll be disappointing

  • Funny Man
    Funny Man13 dager siden

    1.19: *You can now get to the nether by just digging straigt down!*

  • roblox Chester playzYT
    roblox Chester playzYT13 dager siden

    Your the best snapshot explanationer :) sub like and click notification or you sux Love you

  • Ben Sanspiro
    Ben Sanspiro13 dager siden

    Ocean was insane, nether was every crazier, but this might just be the craziest yet:

  • Brande Lemke
    Brande Lemke13 dager siden

    Hate the ore update

  • Jaylen
    Jaylen13 dager siden

    We just going to ignore that by that diagram it shows Emeralds spawn much more, especially and y 256?

  • michael mark real rumahorbo
    michael mark real rumahorbo13 dager siden

    I used ro fear depth like entering earth mantle and wandering what inside. Now this impressed and scare me

  • Josiah Hartman
    Josiah Hartman13 dager siden

    I havent seen anyone say this yet but rip Lava rivers. Didnt see them in this video

  • Ennui Swim
    Ennui Swim13 dager siden

    It would be cool to see your character be temporarily covered in a soot type texture if you've been mining at really low levels

  • HereitcGaming
    HereitcGaming13 dager siden

    now we need a headtorch

  • Justinpro2314 Gaming
    Justinpro2314 Gaming13 dager siden

    I just need something that will imporve reality is COBBLESTONED ORES

  • Jesrel Damon
    Jesrel Damon13 dager siden

    this is gonna be one of the best updates in minecraft ever

  • BlitzenXmas
    BlitzenXmas13 dager siden

    New stripe mining for diamonds meta -60

  • Keimoj
    Keimoj13 dager siden

    At 05:52 I was waiting for "...are forever" .___.

  • Tommaso cognome
    Tommaso cognome13 dager siden

    Mc community: "can we get a cool big cave update with all the cool stuff?" Mc: ok *gives what they want* Mc community:"noo we didn't want a cave update you guys don't listen to us D:"

  • A marketable Salmon
    A marketable Salmon13 dager siden

    I really don’t like the textures, feels VERY modded

  • orangenal name
    orangenal name13 dager siden

    chiseled grimstone is my new favourite block

  • AlephNull
    AlephNull13 dager siden

    you know what these caves are missing? massive lava pools spanning the floor of entire caverns

  • G Rodriguez
    G Rodriguez13 dager siden

    I'm planning to make just a mining base at the very bottom, but they've yet to explain how the deep dark is going to change things. Right now, there's nothing stopping us from just digging straight there to the bottom and loading up with diamonds

  • Taiyo Tsuki
    Taiyo Tsuki13 dager siden

    I’m waiting until the full update to play Minecraft, this is torture§

  • Talon968
    Talon96813 dager siden

    I just found out that the Armor Stands can be moved if you place down a water block. My two armor stands one has a full set of Iron armor on it and the other one is empty. And both of them were sliding around like an ice skater.

  • Nolan Burke
    Nolan Burke13 dager siden

    Reminds me of the betweenlands

  • Osiris The Fallen
    Osiris The Fallen13 dager siden

    the ore table generation is great, i love the idea of having to set up minecart trails, outposts, and nether portals to get from mining camp to mining camp. Emeralds finally being worthwhile to mine for a very casual player is nice too

  • Reyzha abdillah Edy pratama
    Reyzha abdillah Edy pratama13 dager siden

    Why the chiseled grumstone like a face or if you rolling it sideways it just like pe pe ;)

  • Lloyd B
    Lloyd B13 dager siden

    Some nice updates and info, looks like my mining is going deeper... and different shafts at different levels

  • Hunter
    Hunter13 dager siden

    What are the purple blocks at 3:04 ?

  • Dragonfan96
    Dragonfan9613 dager siden

    Hey Xisma got a question, do you know or think if the Nether or End going to get the height difference change? (y: 326 , y -64)

  • SomeRandomHuman
    SomeRandomHuman13 dager siden

    iron ore looks like poop

  • SomeRandomHuman
    SomeRandomHuman13 dager siden

    gold ore looks like cheese

  • Splaggle Splat
    Splaggle Splat13 dager siden

    I have a question with the new update will my current world (which is on 1.6.2) will it update and then become 1.17 but with unloaded chunks becoming 1.17

  • Jay Hill
    Jay Hill13 dager siden

    my question is will you still be able to strip mine? 🤔

  • Waterloos
    Waterloos13 dager siden

    Grimstone should have a higher blast resistance than stone. Currently it's the same value

  • MikaMk47
    MikaMk4713 dager siden

    Am I the only one that thinks that grimstone and its variants really look like those smeltery blocks from tinker's construct? Especially the chiseled grimstone reminds me of that part where the liquid comes out. (forgot the name of that block)

  • Lizcatmeow6
    Lizcatmeow613 dager siden

    0:39 the slim bricks are a builders dream

  • Tyler Harper
    Tyler Harper13 dager siden

    every part of this snapshot was bad imo.

  • Wil
    Wil13 dager siden

    I don’t like the new ore textures

  • BirdBoy
    BirdBoy13 dager siden

    I don’t like the grimstone texture. Looks too much like bricks rather than raw stone. Also the transition between stone and grimstone is way too jarring. Reminds me of how swamps used to be before they added color gradients to grass. What I think would make more sense is if stone’s texture got darker as the depth increased, like how biome boundaries work. You still have grimstone as a separate block, but it would look more like stone with the texture darkened all the way.