Moms Guess Who's High | Lineup | Cut


We asked moms to determine if strangers are under the influence of marijuana. Here are the results.
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Moms Guess Who's High | Lineup | Cut
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  • Kaan
    Kaan6 minutter siden

    6:45 He was so happy and cheerful but she’s being disrespectful for what?

  • Bryan Chavis
    Bryan Chavis24 minutter siden

    bruh id die if the black lady was my mom

  • bobby acosta
    bobby acostaTime siden

    I hate the mom with six kids she always right it’s pissing me off

  • Erin Hendrickson Marley
    Erin Hendrickson Marley2 timer siden

    Ok so everyone thought that girl in the green was high but actually she was just ADD!! The amt of times I have been mistaken has high ...

  • Kelsey L
    Kelsey L2 timer siden

    i’ve literally never been high but i got nervous af just watching these moms

  • Pitiful Rock
    Pitiful Rock3 timer siden

    grrr they laughed they must be high

  • Samantha Hernandez
    Samantha Hernandez3 timer siden

    I like how they are trying to see every detail.

  • Cari Fantabulous
    Cari Fantabulous3 timer siden

    poor girl on the addies, i get asked all the time about if i’m stoned but i’m just trying to get thru the day lmaoo

  • xoxsarah
    xoxsarah3 timer siden

    the older man was so sweet I hope he is having a great day

  • not so long, babe
    not so long, babe4 timer siden

    oh it broke my heart when the woman with six kids told that girl to try not to have any 🤧

  • not so long, babe
    not so long, babe4 timer siden

    when that women say that the asian girl was high just because of her eyes 💀💀💀

  • not so long, babe
    not so long, babe4 timer siden

    dO you know who uses the word vibe??!?!? DO YOU?!? 😡👊🏻🤬

  • not so long, babe
    not so long, babe4 timer siden

    god I'm so high and WORRIED now 😫

  • not so long, babe
    not so long, babe4 timer siden

    I feel like this moms know just a little too much about marijuana 👀

  • not so long, babe
    not so long, babe4 timer siden

    omg now I feel that my mom knew every single time I was high

  • Monica Z
    Monica Z5 timer siden

    Omg the guy with the suit kinda sounds like Wreck-it-Ralph

  • SlayedByJasmine
    SlayedByJasmine5 timer siden

    Well I'm 12 and I guess I smoke because because I say "vibe"

  • Scott Shoe
    Scott Shoe6 timer siden

    I’m just trying to figure out where the dad’s are?

  • Yamzilla The Third
    Yamzilla The Third6 timer siden

    8:25 when she based her judgement solely off of her eyes👁👄👁 like she’s an Asian woman wot

  • brenna
    brenna6 timer siden

    anyone know if the first person has a youtube channel?

  • Ashland Brooke
    Ashland Brooke7 timer siden

    Sometimes high is people's normal it's so natural.

  • Ashland Brooke
    Ashland Brooke7 timer siden

    "that weed did some permit damage"

  • Ashland Brooke
    Ashland Brooke7 timer siden

    4:09 me on the daily

  • Kaitlyn Street
    Kaitlyn Street7 timer siden

    I knew Amalia was high immediately because she was SO MUCH calmer compared to other videos🤣🤣

  • french toast
    french toast7 timer siden

    She likes to smoke the weed and *VIBE*

  • amara t
    amara t8 timer siden

    that older man was so nice. the lady in the cheetah shirt was such a bitch to say that to him.

  • Abie
    Abie8 timer siden

    lady w tha cheetah sweater fucking sucks

  • Abie
    Abie8 timer siden

    “...are you high?” “no” “🙄😡nooo,, fuack no bc then how she will do the 💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽doot doo do”

  • ceerw buty
    ceerw buty8 timer siden

    someone's arms being behind their back, or a nervous laughter or a gaze... geez. tough.

  • Riskyforever
    Riskyforever8 timer siden

    that girl in the black sweater was easily the most obvious

  • Alicia Brownlee
    Alicia Brownlee9 timer siden

    Random drug test lady is a nutcase

  • Mariana
    Mariana9 timer siden

    SO MUCH LOVE TO THE OLDER GENTLEMAN!!!! If the moms won't match his energy, I WILL 😭

  • Jamie Swales
    Jamie Swales9 timer siden

    These mums are so judgemental and close minded 🙄

  • ceerw buty

    ceerw buty

    8 timer siden

    dante kinda sounds like seth rogen lmao

  • beem boom
    beem boom9 timer siden

    cheetah mom was the absolute worst

  • Maxima Panda
    Maxima Panda10 timer siden

    4:02 dat foo sent me. bro had me dying

  • Abby Hughes
    Abby Hughes10 timer siden

    Cheetah mom was ruining the high vibe like calm down. She made me mad.

  • Ainsley Morgan
    Ainsley Morgan10 timer siden

    this annoyed me. like parent your own kid however you want but its not your job to parent these people

  • MA Kim-k
    MA Kim-k10 timer siden

    ...he seriously looks and sounds like Seth Rogan's half black brother...

  • Siana Lagro
    Siana Lagro11 timer siden

    “Ooooo she said viiiibeee. You know who says viiibeeee? People who smoke weeeeed!”

  • Just Luna
    Just Luna11 timer siden

    Plot twist all these moms probably smoke😂 Also I love when the lady said “ you’re older than me to buy weed you’re old enough to pay rent”

  • K Honeyy
    K Honeyy11 timer siden

    Yeah...i don't like this video at all.

  • Victoria Ann
    Victoria Ann11 timer siden

    26 with a 17 yr old.... what the fuck man

  • Cristina German
    Cristina German11 timer siden

    Amaia was tweakingg LMFAO

  • Pearl Jade Steele
    Pearl Jade Steele11 timer siden

    im under the age of smoking and vibe is a daily word for me

  • Manon Oudenampsen
    Manon Oudenampsen12 timer siden

    The second lady came in and emeadiatly i thought she's either high or has adhd haha

  • Kari Podrug
    Kari Podrug12 timer siden

    As soon as I saw Curtis I was like “yep stoned.” 💀

  • booty bandit
    booty bandit13 timer siden

    dante kinda sounds like seth rogen lmao

  • Lori West
    Lori West13 timer siden

    Kinda a lot of judgement from them

  • MasonHasLowIQ
    MasonHasLowIQ14 timer siden

    Plot twist, there all high

  • skoolco83
    skoolco8314 timer siden

    3rd Dude sounds like Seth Rogan

  • v
    v14 timer siden

    Dante is exactly like Seth Rogen

  • tastyfpv
    tastyfpv15 timer siden

    Wish the mom with the leopard print was my mom

  • Kinsley Ortega
    Kinsley Ortega15 timer siden

    i hate the moms😀😐

  • bluefoz
    bluefoz16 timer siden

    I would love to hang out with Daaaante

  • Gamer Mary
    Gamer Mary16 timer siden

    All of these moms look as old as their kids

  • Larissa Thacker
    Larissa Thacker16 timer siden

    Dante sounds like Seth Rogan💀

  • ALIcIA fAE
    ALIcIA fAE16 timer siden

    Do the high people rewatch this not knowing what they themselves are going to do next?

  • fishhusbando
    fishhusbando16 timer siden

    I love orange guy, I feel like he's under-appreciated

  • Mone V
    Mone V17 timer siden

    I’m about to get the dude in all black’s outfit in different neutral colors . Lmfaoooooo

  • cute girl
    cute girl18 timer siden

    dante is seth rogan

  • Lopez Wilson
    Lopez Wilson18 timer siden

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  • Layla Labazanova
    Layla Labazanova19 timer siden

    I hate this moms🤩

  • Antonio de la Torre
    Antonio de la Torre19 timer siden

    They should've told the moms everyone was a weed smoker but not that everyone was high so they could've focus on who was high instead of who smokes and the stereotypes.

  • Kelsey Peters
    Kelsey Peters20 timer siden

    The last girl is literally me when I'm high 🤣🤣

  • Aloschk
    Aloschk20 timer siden

    4:10 🤣

  • Deonna Fletcher
    Deonna Fletcher20 timer siden


  • brown batman
    brown batman21 time siden


  • Ezra Thomas
    Ezra Thomas21 time siden

    why does Dante sound like Seth Rogen?

  • A M
    A M21 time siden

    “If you got enough to smoke you have enough for bills” sis I’m pretty

  • ItzYoGyalCuTiE
    ItzYoGyalCuTiE22 timer siden

    Sevina is gorgeous!😍💖

  • ItzYoGyalCuTiE
    ItzYoGyalCuTiE22 timer siden

    2,3, and 4 is legit me when I am.😂 Usually, no one can tell if I am or not.

  • Delilah Alonso
    Delilah Alonso23 timer siden

    I don’t like this because Miriam pick the video 😓

  • Tori Kayy
    Tori Kayy23 timer siden

    The guy in the suit reminds me of Seth Rogan a little bit 😂😂

  • pxrtlyclxudy
    pxrtlyclxudyDag siden


  • Sandeep Dey
    Sandeep DeyDag siden

    If that old man was an example of permanent 'damage' for weed... Danm thats some good damage

  • Zasha Lugo
    Zasha LugoDag siden

    It's annoying how they are stereotyping

  • Zasha Lugo
    Zasha LugoDag siden

    They think that all of them are high. Smh annoying

  • $toLo$tee
    $toLo$teeDag siden

    Dante reminds me of seth Rogan

  • Lando Richter
    Lando RichterDag siden

    The cheetah print mom is mean asf, im guess one of her kids have a high job there or something otherwise why would they let her talk to people like that?

  • Ally Forbes
    Ally ForbesDag siden

    why do i say vibe constantly and ive never been high??

  • Irena Garcia
    Irena GarciaDag siden

    3:50 this guy is giving me extreme seth rogan vibes haha i love it

  • Navdeep Grewal
    Navdeep GrewalDag siden

    The cheetah shirt mom needs to stfu..

  • ilove weed420
    ilove weed420Dag siden

    “that weed did some permanent damage” like uh that’s rude asfk bruh. like who says that ? he seems so nice and joyful. she needs to respect others.

  • PitPat
    PitPatDag siden

    adhd superpower of the day: always appear high af

  • Ava Loren
    Ava LorenDag siden

    I love the first high dude

  • paula evens
    paula evensDag siden

    weed is a herbal medicine not a toxic drug

  • Eva Devis
    Eva DevisDag siden

    The dude wearing the sun hat in all black is capping. Homie is not high bro. We all know it's true ain't it?

  • Outside World
    Outside WorldDag siden

    Imagine Dante being your teacher

  • Naomi K
    Naomi KDag siden

    Me on this show “no my eyes are just red because I’ve been crying for seven and a half hours 😘👍”

  • Rinkubear
    RinkubearDag siden

    Why the ppl in these vids always dressed like that 🤣😂😂

  • Leena T
    Leena TDag siden

    “That weed did some permanent damage” 🤣🤣🤣

  • Vanessa Clark
    Vanessa ClarkDag siden

    Cheetah print lady... my blood is boiling

  • Middle of Nowhere
    Middle of NowhereDag siden

    dante is secretly seth rogen

  • Marie
    MarieDag siden

    The girl w the cut jacket that just left w/o saying bye lmao

  • BigBrainPlays
    BigBrainPlaysDag siden

    Lol I just act like that and I am never high ngl

  • Jasmine Jenkins
    Jasmine JenkinsDag siden

    The older man reminds me of my grandma, also, curly hair suit guy... Reminds me of seth rogan..

  • Stella Loreley
    Stella LoreleyDag siden

    “If you have enough money to smoke weed you have enough money to pay bills” Feel like I’ll tell that to my kids someday (only when they are living with me, afterwards they can do whatever they want)

  • Leonidas
    LeonidasDag siden

    4:11 seth rogan vibes have entered the room

  • gia
    giaDag siden

    the mom with the cheetah print shirt made me sad. if you have enough money to smoke you can pay bills? between two people a gram blunt is 5 each and if you don't smoke often that will get you high. and thinking weed smokers aren't put together or smart or successful is such a harmful stereotype to kids who just want to have a little bit of fun in their teenage years. it just depends on who you are as a person, but she was kinda rude.

  • Hannah G. Bird
    Hannah G. BirdDag siden

    "if you have enough money to smoke weed you have enough money to pay bills" ???? bills can be anywhere from $50-$600 and u can buy an eighth for $25 easily if you save up some spare money here and there,. what kind of logic