Monologue: Revved Up for Romance | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

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Bill recaps the top stories of the week, including President Trump's second impeachment trial and scandalous new allegations surrounding Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene.
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  • Fonce
    Fonce5 timer siden

    The nation of Israel DISPLACED a whole village of Tardigrades from the West Bank & relocated them on the Moon. There are NO Masques Or Synagogs What-So-Ever & who is going to Behead the wives who have been seen in public without their burqas? What is going to happen if an Islamic female Tardigrade finds the keys to the Moon-Rover that WE left up There? The USA could be responsible for a Tardigrade LOSING their HEAD!!

  • Mr. Nobody
    Mr. Nobody14 timer siden

    "The party of personal responsibility" Sure, ok.

  • Deanna Weaver
    Deanna Weaver22 timer siden

    I always wondered why karens wanted to see the manager. Maga Trainwreck Greasy answered that question while getting a manwich of three

  • Louie David
    Louie DavidDag siden

    The whole country should go independent

  • Louie David
    Louie DavidDag siden

    I don’t know how people can be so delusional to identify as a Republican or Democrat? Both parties are completely owned by the elite. We need a new system where money does not buy the president

    TOTSFR REAL3 dager siden

    I wonder, if Bill will ever speak some truth on the new administrationn LOL.. I think he would get lots of laughs. But he still ridin that Trump Train. I guess he is having a hard time with new material.

  • Dante
    Dante4 dager siden

    Bill was thinking that this year would be better???? With Biden There??? Dude, as a brazilian I'm Sad for the stupidity...not a total Bernie fan, but to think that this year was going to be better is a sign of brain damage

  • George Tashjian
    George Tashjian5 dager siden

    The mute mirror aerobically challenge because spy feasibly deserve qua a impossible look. secret, sordid athlete

  • bxxx9
    bxxx95 dager siden

    Gotta say there's something ironic about the Saudis sending stuff to Mars when they still make women cover their faces and stop them from driving because Allah

  • Dante


    4 dager siden

    Oh yeah, poor humanity...try to care about real issues please...Biden is almost starting a war with Venezuela and China and woman not been free to dress casual in a muslim country is an emergency??? That's why liberals in the U.S are stuck between a rock and a hard place, u guys are still thinking identitarism after what happened

  • Misses Hippy
    Misses Hippy6 dager siden

    Where are this week's uploads?

  • Misses Hippy

    Misses Hippy

    6 dager siden

    @Error Eliminator 2.0 Thanks. He just came back from a 2 month vacation! He is starting to lose me as a fan.

  • Error Eliminator 2.0

    Error Eliminator 2.0

    6 dager siden

    they have a week off

  • klfmc rjn
    klfmc rjn7 dager siden


  • derek west
    derek west7 dager siden

    Democrats deserve to pay for what they did to this once proud country

  • derek west
    derek west7 dager siden

    Your absolutely stupid! We’re fighting for freedom And your standing in the way with your propaganda

  • likes2poo
    likes2poo7 dager siden

    weazly daily kos guy profits from ignorance, wont see it coming when his fan base turns authoritarian and violent

  • qotsa4now
    qotsa4now7 dager siden

    Nothing but lousy jokes tonight. You can do better Bill

  • wonderlizz
    wonderlizz7 dager siden

    The liberal guy is a little wrong on tv ads. I live in Atl and unfortunately a lot of older people based their vote on tv ads.

  • Keith Dupree
    Keith Dupree7 dager siden

    Take notice how many times Beijing Biden uses the name” devil” He constantly is saying” I am working like the devil”. And devil this and devil that,,,, and we are in “ darkness “ and there is more “ darkness “ on the way ,,,, blah blah blah devil and darkness blah blah blah,,,,, the devil always tells on himself,,,,,,, and people are going to die die die ,,,,, wow,, how refreshing it is to have such a bright bubbly optimistically positive minded phony ass president,,,, wow,,, thanks a lot to all of you who voted for him,,, and your face diapers?? You better go out and buy a four year supply because he has no intention of fighting covid and allowing you to take your diaper off of your stupid faces ,,,,,, and Bill Maher needs dogface diapers !! Lol

  • 1okemes1
    1okemes17 dager siden

    I have my own hand sanitizer! Ok?

  • 1okemes1
    1okemes17 dager siden

    I’ll c u in Montreal!

  • Diana Hill
    Diana Hill8 dager siden

    Throughout history governments, military and law enforcement and other organizations have difficulty comprehending that a narsicitic sociopathic and/or psychopatic manulative person(s) invented religion(s). And, throughout history people who have any of these characteristics participate, teach, learn, promote, support, and fund religion. It allowed/ gave them a means and ways of conning, threatening, bullying, antagonizing, annoying and harassing other people, without being required to stop or be told that it's fiction and a crime. It allowed people to use, abuse and manipulate people emotionally, mentally, pyschically, financially and verbally without being held accountable for any crime(s). It allowed people to impose, imply and allude to religion in their lives or someone else's; without these people being diagnose as narcissistic, narsistic sociopathic, narsistic psychopathic, or manipulative people. Many businesses have a variety of people that own or manage or are employees that are narsistic....etc. Throughout history it has been a means and ways for people to control other people without being told that they are narsistic....etc. That is why throughout history governments, military and law enforcement, legal system and others allow religion. Because they themselves have these characteristics, or are working for or involved with people that are narsistic...etc. And, since religion is fiction and the behavior(s) of these mental health issues were not diagnosed two thousand years ago. It was and is still being allowed today. Religion is manmade. These subject(s) can be expounded upon. Example: people today don't want or allow a person(s) to inform a person involved with religion....that it's a narsicitic quality of controlling people....etc. Once others know your involved with religion it's easier to control you....etc. Religious people are essentially narsistic....etc. Factors: age, gender, education, parents, government, law enforcement, legal system, military, relationships and country you are in....etc.

  • Keith Dupree
    Keith Dupree8 dager siden

    While Texas is suffering today Kamala said it was a slow day in the WH so she made some insignificant foreign calls,,, so idiot Biden supporters? When is enough going to be enough?

  • Anthony LoDuca
    Anthony LoDuca8 dager siden

    Bill Maher is a punk

  • Jacob Gilbert
    Jacob Gilbert9 dager siden

    The accusation of incitement is bullshit. Everyone knows it. It doesn’t come close to legal incitement and it honestly goes to show that the left is scared of him. If they’re this desperate to make sure he never can run for office again. And it’s not just in the whitehouse, it’s everywhere. The left wants to silence the right. They’re so desperate to make sure we don’t have a voice. And it’s sad because I believe most Democrats are better than the radicals that want to pull this stuff.

  • Max Albert
    Max Albert9 dager siden

    Wow those audience laughs are so fake

  • F
    F9 dager siden

    Trump is no longer the president but he still on Bills monologue. He has no other act. He has no material if it wasn’t for Trump.

  • Debra Gandler
    Debra Gandler9 dager siden

    Show me you're really politically incorrect. Feature Dr. Zach Bush, He has the best answer for the pandemic, he is a true visionary Worth sharing with your viewers.

  • Sharon Pittman
    Sharon Pittman10 dager siden

    That comment about the Chinese and coughing might get you in trouble again. Be careful.

  • Victor Johnson
    Victor Johnson10 dager siden

    Bill Maher is George Carlin with a nice suit on....real facts.

  • Shadow Realm
    Shadow Realm10 dager siden

    Where's the pic with trump's bald head

  • MisogynyExposed
    MisogynyExposed11 dager siden

    Bill Maher has a lot of nerve accusing people of stealing his bit when I've caught him, several times, stealing my posts and reciting them verbatim on his show. He needs to stop with his hypocrisy. Markos Moulitsas is full of shit too. He's shut down the accounts of women who spoke out against the onslaught of feminine males in their spaces and he refuses to allow for the TRUTH on Daily Kos as he silences all radical feminists who speak the truth about this infiltration. He acts in a fascistic way by shutting down free speech and the exchange of ideas that Steve was talking about. Markos is just as culpable as the people he claimed were problematic. He needs to stop with his hypocrisy as well.

  • Mimi 78
    Mimi 7811 dager siden

    Impeachment votes should be cast in private. If each person could vote on evidence instead of party politics, these last two Impeachment trials would've ended differently.

  • curly Al Qubaisi
    curly Al Qubaisi11 dager siden

    Am Emirati , proud of my country’s accomplishment in launching the hope probe ( Arabs to Mars ) , but as a woman from the Emirates we don’t do much of the face covering no more #outdated

  • Los Carlito
    Los Carlito11 dager siden


  • Los Carlito
    Los Carlito11 dager siden


  • Marly Hanson
    Marly Hanson11 dager siden

    If Republicans weren't religious Bill would be conservative.

  • Royal Jesters
    Royal Jesters11 dager siden

    Right on Bill....... 😆 Lol.

  • Jesse Bryant
    Jesse Bryant11 dager siden

    Bill, revved up for romance? That probably involves a sheep! EGAD!

  • Ashley Beasley
    Ashley Beasley11 dager siden

    Hiking is fun and romantic.

  • Joanne Charging hawk
    Joanne Charging hawk11 dager siden

    Bill you are the best!!!

  • M C
    M C11 dager siden

    There's a line from an Alan Sherman song (You Went The Wrong Way, Ol' King Louie): "The people are revolting, Louie, because you're pretty revolting yourself."

  • Frank Jimenez
    Frank Jimenez11 dager siden

    Wasn't cuomo in the news? No wait they refuse to talk about him but Taylor grene now thats important

  • Freedom One
    Freedom One11 dager siden

    It's because of TV personalities like Maher,Colbert,fallon and kimbell people stay filled with hate and lies,these Democrats are a disgrace to the human race.

  • AbstractM0use
    AbstractM0use11 dager siden

    The Constitution clearly says if your preferred party doesn't win an election then you must revolt and take power by force, so even if the majority wins, you get your way anyway. I'm sure that's what they think it says, but they didn't bother to actually _read_ it. lol

  • Nature lover
    Nature lover11 dager siden

    Obviously bill hasn't been to the united Arab emirates

    MA CODEPAGE12 dager siden

    Wait I don't like Greene but Shaming her for running a gym is stupid considering AOC was a bartender.

  • Keith Dupree
    Keith Dupree12 dager siden

    Wonder why bill does not talk about why crime and murder rates are so high in the states of democratic control ,,,, I guess you get what you ask for huh,,, where BLM scum go mayhem and murder follow ,Bill dies not talk about it because he could not care less about anyone except his narcissistic self ,,, he is truly a devil

  • Keith Dupree
    Keith Dupree12 dager siden

    It’s funny to see how fearful bill is of Trump The Bible says that demons will tremble at the name of Jesus.,,,, All of the democratic senators literally piss in their pants at the name of Trump who loves Jesus,,,and fights against this’d laws which go against the word of God,,,, like baby murder and same sex immorality

  • Bart Meep
    Bart Meep12 dager siden

    Just remember at end of day bill is a millionaire living extremely well. It’s quite funny. He tries to downplay this. Ore power to him but.... he doesn’t represent his fan base version of USA, he’s a capitalist and he also carries a firearm legally. The laugh is on his audience at the end of the day. They’re f ing idiots.

  • Mark Eldridge
    Mark Eldridge12 dager siden

    The Democrats literally made false evidence up. they should be in prison

  • Shannon Hillbom
    Shannon Hillbom12 dager siden


  • Patrick Bailey
    Patrick Bailey12 dager siden

    one of the lasts to openly and bravely make fun of china

  • shary k
    shary k12 dager siden

    Melania wish the verdict was guilty. Freedom.

  • earlygail
    earlygail12 dager siden

    Hahahahha! Last line was a gem.

  • SuperJohn12354
    SuperJohn1235412 dager siden

    The link below shows you the truth about the trial , information frees you from your censored media, view it and make up your own mind, I’m not going to tell you what to think

  • SuperJohn12354
    SuperJohn1235412 dager siden

  • MoreWeight Media
    MoreWeight Media12 dager siden

    A month after inauguration and Bill still makes every story about Trump. Bill you need a girlfriend, Trump's just not that into you bro.

  • GGR TheMostGodless
    GGR TheMostGodless12 dager siden

    He rusty!!

  • SuperJohn12354
    SuperJohn1235412 dager siden

    If you bother to actually go watch this bull shit, you‘ll be surprised to learn the house representatives got caught fabricating evidence, maybe next time you photoshop tweets from the start of 2020 you remember to change the dates

  • Rachel Grenadier
    Rachel Grenadier12 dager siden

    Bill is right, again. Why does Congress want to give $3000 monthly to parents during the pandemic? How about us women who practiced safe sex for years and DIDN"T contribute to the population explosion worldwide?

  • greg 777
    greg 77712 dager siden

    People who printing $ can buy everything - Including Bill. Sad

  • Jen T
    Jen T12 dager siden

    Lunar New Year is not only celebrated by Chinese.

  • cbrockabilly
    cbrockabilly12 dager siden

    T rU mP 20 24 for PREZ

  • Matias V.
    Matias V.12 dager siden

    I love the way he thanks “real people “ what if Pinocchio is in the crowd and high

  • vonsuthoff
    vonsuthoff12 dager siden

    *Don't know much about "tantric two-timing," but, I have been called a "cunning 😜 linguist" a time or two!*

  • Gina Hill
    Gina Hill eleanor@wavecable.com12 dager siden

    Hilarious! So spot on!

  • De Fuk
    De Fuk12 dager siden

    They want to overthrow and destroy our current form of government.

  • Sharon Ann Rees
    Sharon Ann Rees12 dager siden

    Happy Valentine's Day Bill! Good one!

  • Shara Harden
    Shara Harden12 dager siden


  • Spirit7862
    Spirit786212 dager siden

    is bill writing his own jokes????

  • aaron m
    aaron m12 dager siden

    I can't believe Bill has turned into a corporate mouthpiece :(

  • W O
    W O12 dager siden

    Funny I was there and am antifa so they were right but

  • W O
    W O12 dager siden

    this guy is a hard democrat

  • Goldenrod636
    Goldenrod63612 dager siden

    I really want to see him tear into how stupid everybody is for acquitting Trump next week.

  • W O
    W O12 dager siden


  • Jake Offenhymer
    Jake Offenhymer12 dager siden

    Whatever trump was for 4 years the only he accomplished was to show US and the World how utterly ridiculous Our congress is... useless, unnecessary, incompetent, unethical, extortionist, who have mismanaged this county for 244 ...whatever years now. Not one thing out of Congress has been worth a damn.

  • Lionel Hardcastle
    Lionel Hardcastle12 dager siden

    2:17 "You said it, they stink on ice!"

  • Mason Schwalm-[The Architect]
    Mason Schwalm-[The Architect]12 dager siden

    I also heard the right say that besides antifa it was also BLM that attacked the Capitol. Wow, if that’s the case then talk about commitment, how “method” of them to not only dress up like Trump supporters, but bleach their skin, get white power and anti-Semitic tattoos, create and maintain social media accounts for years spreading extremist rhetoric, and just generally staying in character so that the charade isn’t exposed 🙄 I mean, come on, how do people rationalize these things?

  • o Rebelo
    o Rebelo12 dager siden

    Found the magic button the the little man in the boat 🚣‍♂️ the Claton

  • K K
    K K12 dager siden

    Joe Xiden stole the election through fraud

  • K K

    K K

    12 dager siden

    @L D Joe Biden is Xi's lapdog. Joe Biden stole the election.

  • L D

    L D

    12 dager siden

    You poor thing. Bless your heart.

  • Jake Be
    Jake Be12 dager siden

    The MAGAts can't call the rioters BLM for obvious reasons but say it's ANTIFA dressed up as MAGAts. Yea, Roger Stone was caught hanging with ANTIFA.

  • Darryl Joudrey
    Darryl Joudrey12 dager siden

    I don't know why Bill dismisses someone owning a Gym. At least she's not a Bartender. I joke I joke, I kid, I kid.

  • S3itch Bl1ng
    S3itch Bl1ng12 dager siden

    Bill, have you had a chance to check out Tom Macdonald yet....he reminds me of you [your Political Incorrect son]--in fact he has a song address this.....

  • S3itch Bl1ng
    S3itch Bl1ng12 dager siden

    Lastly, heard the expression--Go Woke and go Broke. You love what you do. Currently you are not funny, your audience knows because they are Force laughing. This is NOT you. Currently you are Politically Correct and it shows--very lackluster and listless. Wake Up and start holding you Left and the Biden Administration accountable (as you did before). Otherwise, you will be just another Left Puppet!

  • S3itch Bl1ng
    S3itch Bl1ng12 dager siden

    Now, Bill, ypu are SILENT on the Biden administration. What about the 52 executive actions (and counting) Biden signed? What about the attack on Free Speech? You know that Trump said: peacefully and Patriotically during his Jan 6th. Lastly, what about the Cancel Culture and Gina this week? You are oddly silent nowadays. Updating us on a politician cheating on their spouse (its 2021--not surprising) instead of what's truly going on with this country

  • Layda d.A.
    Layda d.A.12 dager siden

    You can feel the joy Bill has to be back in front of an audience.

  • S3itch Bl1ng
    S3itch Bl1ng12 dager siden

    I learned so much of what Trump administration were doing through you and I would contact my legislators. You held the Trump administration accountable and also the Woke Left

  • S3itch Bl1ng
    S3itch Bl1ng12 dager siden

    Bill, I'm disappointed 😞in you. I got my husband to listen to you last Summer because 1)you are one of the few "sane" "liberal" (you and Joe Rogan) left and 2) you were calling out both the Left and the Right.

  • Tube Aholic
    Tube Aholic13 dager siden

    Yeah let me get the refrigerator door for you while you go grab our children baby blood drink😂😂😂

  • Fleck Smugbrother
    Fleck Smugbrother13 dager siden

    This trial, once again, simply demonstrates the difference between a sycophant & a human being.

  • MI24
    MI2413 dager siden

    720p? What year is this? 2010?

  • Joseph Darby
    Joseph Darby13 dager siden

    Why doesn't someone suggest that DC file a wrongful death charge against everyone involved. Or why don't the families of everyone who died get together and sue for wrongful death. Remember OJ Simpson they had SO much PROOF that he did it but he was found NOT guilty of murder but then Ron Goldman's family filed a wrongful death suit and won. Everyone seems to keep forgetting that people died.

  • The Editor
    The Editor13 dager siden

    How abt democrats doctored evidence in impeachment trial?

  • Pardis Navi
    Pardis Navi13 dager siden

    The coughing "joke" (3:52) is awful. When 45 said similar things, it wasn't a joke; his comments resulted in our Asian American friends being attacked. Ask yourself why you laugh at such a racist nonsense.

  • SeEpiN


    5 dager siden

    I missed the part about it being from the Chinese. Now I will laugh harder. China is not all of Asia.

  • Miseur Luci Fer Diablo
    Miseur Luci Fer Diablo13 dager siden

    tinkle tinkle little czar putin put you were you are

  • Natha Hadad
    Natha Hadad13 dager siden

    The true headline prenatally doubt because felony explicitly colour across a abandoned toy. enormous, caring venezuela

  • Annie C. Kelly
    Annie C. Kelly13 dager siden

    Why the hell did bill have the smartest man in politics, Steve Schmidt on his show, and then continually interrupting him and stopping him from answering the question??

  • Faccia Brutta
    Faccia Brutta13 dager siden

    Humor....its just what the doctor ordered, I don't care what side of the political aisle you're on!

  • Tom Lakosh
    Tom Lakosh13 dager siden

    This post attack Tweet establishes DJT’s intent in organizing the “March To Save America” from registered voters: “These are the things and events that happen when a sacred landslide election victory is so unceremoniously & viciously stripped away from great patriots who have been badly & unfairly treated for so long.” He repeatedly refused to send help to the besieged Capitol and only more than three hours later gave his TV message to the cop killing mob: “we love you, you’re very special.” This proves he intended the insurrection when he organized the crowd and whipped them into frenzy with multiple speakers he selected demanding violent action to stop the steal before sending the mob in riot gear to the Capitol. His supporters attribute their seditious actions to his orders to “fight like hell” to “stop the steal” and they are all clearly unrepentant for the deaths, injuries and damage DJT incited. He should be tried together with the other insurrectionists in federal court, charged with seditious conspiracy, insurrection, conspiracy against rights, violation of civil liberties under color of law, intimidating election officials and felony murder pursuant to: . Once convicted for insurrection, the 14th Amendment automatically applies:

  • Jeff Tatus
    Jeff Tatus13 dager siden

    Valentine's Day is the real reason that they stopped from "having witnesses" in the 2nd Impeachment of #45. Why continue an impeachment of Trump... when these scumbag GOP Senators are going to acquit #45?

  • Casting da Depressão
    Casting da Depressão13 dager siden

    Bill Mahr: “this family-centric rhetoric is offensive to singles”. Also Bill Mahr: “Singles are losing precious dating time, women’s biological clocks are ticking!”

  • Daniel Björkman

    Daniel Björkman

    11 dager siden

    Yeah, I felt like there was a sudden swerve somewhere in the middle there...