Most Beautiful Climbing Destination in the World!


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Marte ► @marteknibe
Music and Sound Effects:
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- Loose Bolts
- Window Weepin'
- Country Gold
- Car Song
- West of the Seul
- Suddenly Deeply Interested
- Seabury Avenue
- Grifting in Vegas
- No Hooks
- The Mission
- Crate Digging
- You'll Get It
- As Bad as They Come
- Keep Me Hanging On
- By the Trainyard
- Psychedelic Dirt
- Lemon Wedge in The Sky
- Hot Rod Rebels
- Deep Southern Dirt
- Stil Fly
- Nobody Has Many
Lofoten must be the most beautiful climbing destination in the world!
- Toyota
- Scarpa


  • Luke Philpot
    Luke Philpot3 dager siden

    You should DEFINITELY climb Federation Peak in Tasmania, Australia.

  • endogeneity
    endogeneity5 dager siden

    15 minutes is the longest I've every seen a shirt stay on Magnus

  • R David Robinson
    R David Robinson9 dager siden

    Aside from your many climbing and NOlocal accomplishments, you have globally popularized the expression, “Niiiiiice!” anew.

  • R David Robinson
    R David Robinson9 dager siden

    Great choice for the music.

  • steve escher
    steve escher10 dager siden

    "Speak from the liver" aka brutally honest and "they swear a lot". those 2 things usually go hand in hand. swearing a lot can be a good sign of honestly, they don't hold back or take the time to think about what they are going to say so they have no time to be phony or come up with lies

  • makastone
    makastone10 dager siden

    I love you guys ❤🔥👌👏

  • Markus Winter-Hjelm28
    Markus Winter-Hjelm2811 dager siden


  • greg jorda
    greg jorda14 dager siden

    crazy watching his skin tone change as the blood rushes around to different areas

  • עדי פוקס
    עדי פוקס17 dager siden

    nu nu

  • Inge Liechtenfeld
    Inge Liechtenfeld19 dager siden

    Great video, thanks for taking me along on this journey. Pretty cool up there.

  • A
    A20 dager siden

    Du er norsk jo det er kuuult

  • Тамерлан Рахимбердиев
    Тамерлан Рахимбердиев20 dager siden

    Surprise birthday trip for Marte - Magnus having fun, Marte behind the camera 😂

  • Andy Hughes
    Andy Hughes21 dag siden

    enjoyed that, great video!

  • Luvin Itall
    Luvin Itall22 dager siden

    man alive … your self-awareness of your own body shape, size, flexibility and strength is just nuts - plus your ability to read the rock and fit your body around it. And then you add to that your total humility and the way that you focus on supporting and encouraging others to build their confidence. I love watching your content. Thanks for sharing this :)

  • Eric
    Eric22 dager siden

    Hey Magnus, are you picky at choosing what types of shoes to wear for certain climbs? Or do you think that a really good climber can make do with what he is wearing?

  • Zach27pack
    Zach27pack24 dager siden

    12:22 I’ve never seen him in that much pain before

  • S Λ M U R Λ I
    S Λ M U R Λ I27 dager siden

    Magnus please be more careful i think we almost lost a legend at 1:20

  • Irving Brown
    Irving Brown29 dager siden

    That sounds like my kind of place and my kind of people! It is also very beautiful. Magnus you are so incredibly talented! It’s obvious most places you go everyone marvels at your abilities and how quickly you pick up new things. And best of all you are so humble and down to earth! No pun intended. So glad that this platform exists, NOlocal has brought exposure of incredible people like you and others and made it available for anyone to be a part of. Truly inspiring to see what’s possible for a human being. As I get older I realize it’s like any passion that I’ve observed that someone is extremely good at. You have to love what your doing and you dedicate most of your life to it. I wishing things like this were available when I were young. I can see some young people watching you and decide they are going to try it and it becomes their passion and your passion grows into a career, I watch another channel called Ants Canada, obviously a channel about ants, I never thought in a million years I’d ever be interested in ants but I love the channel and his content as do I yours and even though you couldn’t be more different than he is, you both share the same thing in the way your passion became your life and career, your channel is growing fast and will continue to because you are very likable and insanely talented and do things most people on the planet can’t do. I’m sure it took many years of training and discipline. Do you get scared if your high above the ground climbing? For the most part you don’t show any fear but I guess fear if not controlled could get you killed. When I first heard the term influencer , I didn’t like it for some reason, but when I watch such talented people like yourself I understand although not all influencers are positive or influence at all. Great job and Awsome your sharing your life on NOlocal because no doubt you will be a role model for many youth and older people to push themselves to achieve greater things. Also she’s really brave trying that what you made look so easy, I think that boulder is high enough you would get hurt if you fell , man it takes such strength and focus she did awesome!! At my weight and current shape I could never make that. Thanks again and take care and stay safe and healthy.

  • RG3D - Animation studio
    RG3D - Animation studioMåned siden

    7:05 She fell just watching :D :D .. that's how hard it is

  • High Quality Muffin
    High Quality MuffinMåned siden

    hei jeg er fra norge

  • Escalada Segura A Mi Manera
    Escalada Segura A Mi ManeraMåned siden

    realmente lugares impresionantes. gracias Magnus por compartir

  • Nate Higgers
    Nate HiggersMåned siden

    In Arabic Marte means my wife if u know what i mean magnus wink wink

  • Suze
    SuzeMåned siden

    That girl is like the most adorable thing. So sweet but goofy. She seems so super’s a treat to watch you guys do your thing...

  • Måned siden

    Du er jo norsk.

  • Viktor Pospíšil
    Viktor PospíšilMåned siden

    1:10 *I SCREAMED*

    KMTHANMåned siden

    Meanwhile, I haven’t exercise since this Tuesday... and I ate plenty junk food... I just hate myself right now

  • Mom
    MomMåned siden

    The guy he's climbing with is very funny 🤣 Hopefully we see him again!

  • Tjay66
    Tjay66Måned siden

    My family is from Austria, I always wanted to visit Norway 👍🏻👍🏻

  • Headless Alien
    Headless AlienMåned siden

    Magnus makes it look easy

  • Coulter The kook0:
    Coulter The kook0:Måned siden

    Pheww glad he surfs

  • Meowth Meow
    Meowth MeowMåned siden

    Jeg vet du er NORSK og jeg kommer fra NORGE!!!😄👍

  • Allen Newborn
    Allen NewbornMåned siden

    She did so well to get as high as she did! 24:14 Well done!

  • James Hood
    James HoodMåned siden

    I don't know anything about climbing or bouldering but this channel is enjoyable to watch. You make people want to get off their couch, get healthier and try something new. Keep up the great videos!

  • OneHighAceYo
    OneHighAceYoMåned siden

    The local guy looks like he could be Pedro Pascal's dad or something

  • Torvald Hansen
    Torvald HansenMåned siden

    So kul

  • Tautvydas D
    Tautvydas DMåned siden

    that beard guy is funn as hell but he can't climb for shit :D

  • Hilde Baasten
    Hilde BaastenMåned siden

    Wat een prachtige beelden👍👌

  • SnipezTTD
    SnipezTTDMåned siden

    When she fell, I was laughing hard to!

  • Action_Jackson
    Action_Jackson2 måneder siden

    I love your videos can you try G1 in Colorado it’s super fun and the routes ore very separate and nice

  • Wuchta
    Wuchta2 måneder siden

    1:19 that looked super sketchy, bless your fingers for not letting go

  • Grant Wood
    Grant Wood2 måneder siden

    It's good to see Woody Harrelson taking Magnus climbing...

  • Bjartmar
    Bjartmar2 måneder siden

    I live in Lofoten!😄👍

  • Jeremy de le Rocha
    Jeremy de le Rocha2 måneder siden

    Omg...he actually failed....a few times with his shirt off. Is the world going to blow up?

  • Junku Me
    Junku Me2 måneder siden

    I have lived in lofoten or in the area the name is Bø i Vesterålen

  • Siggy Katt
    Siggy Katt2 måneder siden

    Snakk norsk!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Siggy Katt

    Siggy Katt

    2 måneder siden


  • Ariana Gandhi
    Ariana Gandhi2 måneder siden

    Dude with long hair looks like Pedro Pascal

  • Einar Eracleous Hallgren
    Einar Eracleous Hallgren2 måneder siden

    Kan du lage videoer på norsk

  • Nathaniel Hill
    Nathaniel Hill2 måneder siden

    Magnus won't crimp for nothing lol

  • Funny Hoffny og Chris
    Funny Hoffny og Chris2 måneder siden

    Jeg har vært i lofoten

  • Funny Hoffny og Chris
    Funny Hoffny og Chris2 måneder siden

    Jeg kommer fra norge

  • Funny Hoffny og Chris
    Funny Hoffny og Chris2 måneder siden


  • Funny Hoffny og Chris

    Funny Hoffny og Chris

    2 måneder siden


  • Lynne Reed
    Lynne Reed2 måneder siden

    Modern-day spider man!

  • trambis christ
    trambis christ2 måneder siden

    It looks very stressful being the pad guy

    RA SMEY2 måneder siden

    Hi bro video good

  • Bibek Tamang
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    Md K3 måneder siden 👍🏻

  • Roy Heggelund
    Roy Heggelund3 måneder siden

    Nydelig video🤩🤩

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  • Anime Strike
    Anime Strike3 måneder siden

    I live in Bergen

  • Anime Strike
    Anime Strike3 måneder siden

    I live in norway and i am going on vacation in lofoten

  • Jola Majerz
    Jola Majerz3 måneder siden

    Hii poland

  • Markus
    Markus3 måneder siden

    Go to Bryne Norway its rylly cool i come from Bryne Norway and my name is Markus Håland

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    June Molden3 måneder siden

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    Ibi Skiils3 måneder siden

    Its not A suprise that Nordlendingene swears alot for us Norwegians! Xd 😂Lutfisk is very nam nam and not so good

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    I live in West Norway

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    itz-lux3 måneder siden

    I know Norway is a great place and i love that i was born and live in Norway

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    Petter3 måneder siden

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    Simen Lofthus3 måneder siden

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  • Cristina Moran Kjølstad
    Cristina Moran Kjølstad3 måneder siden

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    Nephric3 måneder siden

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    Vigner Olaisen Jacobsen3 måneder siden

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    WincyFN3 måneder siden

    I was there with my family this summer and took a picture of myself hanging there just like the Magnus did! I bet he saw it and copied me...

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