Most Beautiful Climbing Destination in the World!


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Matias ► @mrmatiasnc @Norway Live
Marte ► @marteknibe
Music and Sound Effects:
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- Loose Bolts
- Window Weepin'
- Country Gold
- Car Song
- West of the Seul
- Suddenly Deeply Interested
- Seabury Avenue
- Grifting in Vegas
- No Hooks
- The Mission
- Crate Digging
- You'll Get It
- As Bad as They Come
- Keep Me Hanging On
- By the Trainyard
- Psychedelic Dirt
- Lemon Wedge in The Sky
- Hot Rod Rebels
- Deep Southern Dirt
- Stil Fly
- Nobody Has Many
Lofoten must be the most beautiful climbing destination in the world!
- Toyota
- Scarpa


  • Peter Davies
    Peter DaviesDag siden

    Where does the Hitchhikers’ Guide to the Galaxy reference come from? Does the rock have several heads?

  • Benny Ricko
    Benny Ricko3 dager siden

    no sweat on a climb in 10 degrees, peerrrfect! thanks for the vid! great stuff!

  • Arfhip
    Arfhip3 dager siden

    Man Pedro Pascal sure got old... And norwegian...

  • TEZ
    TEZ4 dager siden

    Once you get beyond the halfway point you can't afford to fuck up.

  • Kevin Shackleton
    Kevin Shackleton6 dager siden

    I've never been to Norway or done outdoor bouldering, definitely looks like a two birds with one stone kinda place.

  • Mateusz Plichta
    Mateusz Plichta6 dager siden

    When i look at you it seems like the gravitation stopped working

  • oliverbro lol
    oliverbro lol7 dager siden

    Good video but are ylu ftom norway to?🤩

    LIQUIDATION7 dager siden

    i wannaaa this spot tooooooooooooooo

  • Micah Pratt
    Micah Pratt8 dager siden

    oh shut up and marry her already.

  • Johan Yousif
    Johan Yousif8 dager siden

    i feel bad ur girlfrend was relly dirpy XD

  • Matthew Carolan
    Matthew Carolan9 dager siden

    That guy is a viking!

  • Duckfacei
    Duckfacei10 dager siden

    5:25 å herregud

  • Krokmou
    Krokmou12 dager siden

    Magnus looks like Tintin with the wind in his hair

  • Julio Maldonado Henríquez
    Julio Maldonado Henríquez12 dager siden

    really nice place :)

  • Cody
    Cody13 dager siden

    I spent 2 weeks between Å and Haeningsvaer at the end of may (before busloads of germans arrive) with no real nights, and it was the most beautiful area I have ever been. I imagine that climbers going up the cliffs there it is even more breathtaking.

  • Bregylais
    Bregylais13 dager siden

    I guess nobody told Magnus he could just walk up on the right side to get to the top, instead of scrambling up the left side. Oh, well.

  • Nelen Designs
    Nelen Designs13 dager siden

    10/10 I Would everyone who has a chance to go to lofoten to take it.

  • alex barnard
    alex barnard14 dager siden

    I loved watching her try that V3 at the end. Outdoor is a whole different thing and she definitely got to experience that!!

  • Urban Sense
    Urban Sense14 dager siden

    Magnus bouldering outside is still honestly the best videos ... I don't think I would ever get of watching you project hard boulders outside ... Font at some point would be awesome, when we're out of lockdown ...

  • g zak
    g zak14 dager siden

    2:00 What, never thought Id see a norwegian drinking Mate.

  • Terry Busk
    Terry Busk14 dager siden

    I was worried for a moment that this wouldn't be a true Magnus Midtbø video, but I was proved wrong at 15:41.

  • George Washington
    George Washington15 dager siden

    Magnus, it might be fun for you guys to collaborate with Hafthor?? I'd love to see the big man try his hand at climbing.

  • George Washington
    George Washington15 dager siden

    Really enjoyed this one. What beautiful country.

  • David G
    David G15 dager siden

    one of my favourite videos!

  • Jack Barnhart
    Jack Barnhart15 dager siden

    1:17 uhhhhhhh: 15:38 You sure?

  • Jack Barnhart
    Jack Barnhart15 dager siden

    *puts on socks in slow motion*

  • michael jenkins
    michael jenkins16 dager siden

    I would love to go to lofoten,I have been to Lyngen Ice climbing but lofoten looks stunning!

  • 0hleg
    0hleg16 dager siden

    Let’s have a moment of silence for all the nails Magnus have shattered by sticking them in rock gaps.

  • eeswar jr
    eeswar jr16 dager siden

    So no one is gonna talk about how the local guy looks like o'brien martell

  • Tim C
    Tim C16 dager siden

    She had a large forhead

  • Esteban Neave
    Esteban Neave16 dager siden

    The guy in the red sweats looks like Pedro Pascal

  • Michał P.
    Michał P.17 dager siden

    Finally with the shirt on

  • Raul Savu
    Raul Savu18 dager siden

    how much does he weight?

  • SaiyanSoul
    SaiyanSoul19 dager siden

    This is insaneeeeeeeeeeeeee no helmet or protection my heeeeeearttttt omg :'(

  • JustaScottishGamer
    JustaScottishGamer19 dager siden

    They’re very direct and swear a lot, sure they’re not Scottish?

  • Water Goat
    Water Goat20 dager siden

    is he drinking Mate? We dink that in South America with the same type of cup and straw.

  • Jake Hebert
    Jake Hebert21 dag siden

    The freezing weather blow off the sandpaper crimp... Even Magnus can feel pain. I bet that hurt so effin bad 🤣

  • Filip Pecha
    Filip Pecha21 dag siden


  • Anthony Cuillierier
    Anthony Cuillierier22 dager siden

    Anyone else find the bearded guy looks like the actor Pedro Pascal?

  • ames-c
    ames-c22 dager siden

    Honestly impressed the music matches your moves at 11:38 - 11:49

  • Dylan Janney
    Dylan Janney22 dager siden

    Instead of smooth jazz you should be playing Ulver and Shining

  • Climber26
    Climber2622 dager siden

    20:43 How can I find your place? Would love to come to the Lofoten for bouldering 🙃

  • Cr4zyLP x
    Cr4zyLP x22 dager siden

    Where is this?

  • Nethiuz
    Nethiuz22 dager siden

    This is where Luke Skywalker hides out.

  • damarh
    damarh23 dager siden

    15:38 😱 magnus has muscles i did not realise existed! 😖

  • maka3230
    maka323023 dager siden

    Looks dangerous and crash map ain't saving our lives

  • Jonah Bucy
    Jonah Bucy24 dager siden

    You know it’s cold when Magnus keeps his shirt on so much

  • Tommaso Goggi
    Tommaso Goggi24 dager siden

    What about dolomites???

  • GezusSpeaks
    GezusSpeaks24 dager siden

    thank you for showing this experience

  • JobS
    JobS24 dager siden

    i think if you show a full ascent there shouldn't have to be so many cuts because the climbing itself is already really interesting and you shouldn't have to spice it up with too much flashy cuts. but hat's just for a full ascent. Love your videos tho they are very amusing!!!

  • GoHomeRog
    GoHomeRog24 dager siden

    this video was awesome! Great job Marte! :) Awesome surprise!

  • Max Stemme
    Max Stemme25 dager siden

    love the outdoor stuff! pls do more

  • Man of the West
    Man of the West25 dager siden

    this was super cool. thanks for sharing. Hope to see more of you guys enjoying yourselves in remote norwegian islands

  • Justin Lohrman
    Justin Lohrman25 dager siden

    Finally, back at rock climbing! This is what I want

  • Xavier Vachon
    Xavier Vachon25 dager siden

    Really cool that you hooked up with Matias! I remember him from his hitchhiking diaries with Espen Aarsvold many years ago, I got to see the Norway to China documentary when it came out ( . Glad to see that he is doing well. I would love to travel to Norway a 3rd time (my first 2 trips were in 2007 and 2009, I also became fluent in Norwegian during that time) and spend time doing climbing workouts both indoors and outdoors!

  • Steve Bailey
    Steve Bailey25 dager siden

    Great video - did you all choose to speak in English to widen the potential audience or are you so bi-lingual that it's common to speak English in private too?

  • Whisky Mystery
    Whisky Mystery26 dager siden

    What a great atmosphere in this episode.

  • Aaronairlines
    Aaronairlines26 dager siden

    Good tactics on sending quickly

  • Danny Zumaeta Mejia
    Danny Zumaeta Mejia26 dager siden

    Wow! Amazing shots Magnus. Lofoten seems to be a beautiful place, and it’s always fun to watch you climbing. Please keep going 👍🏽

  • Reid Anderson
    Reid Anderson26 dager siden

    Absolutely love the outdoor bouldering vids

  • Rqt 200 Pumps
    Rqt 200 Pumps26 dager siden

    Who else is here from trend central?

    MØØSE26 dager siden

    Glad to see Mathias showing you around Valberg. He's an old class mate of mine. Banter was pretty good too! If you haven't been there yet, try going to Uttakleiv next time you're in Lofoten. It's on the North side of Vestvågøy, and you could probably spend a full three days there. Or in your case, a day...

  • I see what u did there
    I see what u did there26 dager siden

    You passed a sign saying drones are illegal to fly in the national park when you walked in there

  • Rain
    Rain26 dager siden


  • DARE 83105
    DARE 8310527 dager siden

    Bro ur so lucky ur gf as awesome for that lol. Love ur vids keep it up

  • Jonah Kinnschewski
    Jonah Kinnschewski27 dager siden

    really nice video as always

  • Sebastiaan Noë
    Sebastiaan Noë27 dager siden


  • Jonas Paulsson
    Jonas Paulsson27 dager siden

    Nice video Magnus! Feeling "homesick" when I see this.

  • MrPedriten
    MrPedriten27 dager siden

    Hi is drinking mate 👌

  • Antonio Delev
    Antonio Delev27 dager siden

    you should go again after the winter

  • meuny
    meuny27 dager siden

    I like your new products in the shop! keep it up!

  • kurttaz
    kurttaz27 dager siden

    Speaks from the liver.. Swears alot, sounds alot like Australia to me

  • keyde03
    keyde0327 dager siden

    7:06 Marte falling by the sheer manliness that Magnus exudes !

  • Antares 8001
    Antares 800128 dager siden

    1:12 " Definitely wasn't as spectacular as it looked." Proceeds to swing around 20cm away from a cliff edge and almost throws himself off.

  • IT-O
    IT-O28 dager siden

    Videos with Marte are most enjoyable.

  • Ryze AE
    Ryze AE28 dager siden

    you should do videos reviewing your own merch # talk about how much you love the hoodie

  • Jônatas Rech
    Jônatas Rech28 dager siden

    Chimarrão viking ;)

  • KRedNinja
    KRedNinja28 dager siden

    Outdoor climbing is so sketch, I'm too afraid lol

  • --
    --28 dager siden

    "Hahaha You Idiots, its a Hook!" is my new favourite

  • obelisk jones
    obelisk jones28 dager siden

    This is the best video you've made yet. More actual climbing, please!

  • e11eme
    e11eme28 dager siden

    It's Martes birthday so I treated her to her favorite thing.. climbing! oh whoops actually it's mine just film me lol - I'll bring you back when you get better..

  • e11eme


    27 dager siden

    ​@Marte Knibe ohhh hahaha!! Whoops :P :) :) you nailed it then! High expectations now for when yours comes around ;)

  • Marte Knibe

    Marte Knibe

    27 dager siden

    Hahaha it was his birthday!! Not mine❤️🥰

  • Atlefisk
    Atlefisk28 dager siden

    Love the wideo

  • solly Brown
    solly Brown28 dager siden

    its cool that marte tries hard too

  • M R
    M R28 dager siden

    Im struggling getting up from my lazy boy chair :(

  • EtheDral
    EtheDral28 dager siden

    You should hook up with Biisonimafia guys and go climbing in Punkaharju, Finland :)

  • Kakang Idang
    Kakang Idang28 dager siden

    King Fisher 7a and King Fisher sds 7a+... what's sds?

  • Danny Miller
    Danny Miller28 dager siden

    Loved going outside with MM and friends in this video. Music is great as well. 10/10

  • Victoria M
    Victoria M28 dager siden

    like 10°C and yet he's shirtless😅

  • Susanne Peterson
    Susanne Peterson28 dager siden

    Great effort on the bouldering, Marte! I wouldn't have dared to try that 6a. I think you could've done it with a few more tries. And Lofoten is such a beautiful place. Thanks for the video!

  • hannautenH
    hannautenH28 dager siden

    Beautiful Lofoten! ❤ and Marte is awesome!!! I'm so impressed!

  • Butters Stotch
    Butters Stotch29 dager siden

    Directness and swears a lot, that's what I call real people

  • David Cruz
    David Cruz29 dager siden

    I always seem to watch these videos while stuffing my face with something really unhealthy. This time it’s cookie cake.

  • Guillermo Guichal
    Guillermo Guichal29 dager siden

    Beautiful place! Is that mate (argentina/uruguay infusion drink) Matias is drinking before the first boulder? Or is that some Norway drink?

  • Mathias Laustrup
    Mathias Laustrup29 dager siden

    Matias has the most danish sounding norwegian accent I've ever heard. Lol.

  • SkreltNL
    SkreltNL29 dager siden

    thumbnail sucks. to many people try that shit and die, dont make it look cool.

  • Desperoro
    Desperoro29 dager siden

    Thanks for comparison with ordinary people. It looked easy in Magnus way haha

  • Siddharta Delarue
    Siddharta Delarue29 dager siden

    Marte is getting really good at climbing :O

  • Raphael Farrugia Wismayer
    Raphael Farrugia Wismayer29 dager siden

    amazing your content just keeps getting better!

  • HoldTheHodorDoor
    HoldTheHodorDoor29 dager siden

    Love you, Magnus, but.. 0:45 *football

  • Domje
    Domje29 dager siden

    Didn't know Pedro Pascal climbed...