Moving Into My New Shop + Where IT ALL Started ...


Finally moving into the new *temporary* shop! Found some issues as well with electrical and AC :( ... ALSO! I tried holding back getting all emotional when telling you guys about where IT ALL STARTED 🥺🏁🏁🏁
❌SAY HEY⬇⬇⬇⬇
➤ My New Shop at the LZ Compound! -
➤ Spray Painting Cars, Limo Racing + CARNAGE at Freedom Factory! -
➤ Surviving My FIRST Drift Competition -
➤ C6 Corvette Biggest Issue SOLVED! -
➤ Carbon Fiber Splitter for the 350z -
➤ First Car Meet with the Evo! -
➤Tracking a Lotus Evora GT -
➤ Damage to my C6 Corvette! -
➤Corvette - New Look! -
➤Over it ... -
➤Finding SUPER RARE Ralliart Parts on my Evo!!? -
➤Evo Wiring Things! Good & Bad news -
➤Addressing c6 Corvette Problems! -
➤First Evo Cosmetic Mods! -
➤Street tuning the EVO! oops -
➤New Turbo for the Evo!!! + Street pulls gone wrong -
➤ First Time Drifting my C6 Corvette! -
➤New Corvette Mods! *Almost Got Scammed* -
➤Best tandems YET in the 350Z -
➤TESLA MODEL 3 - My Ultimate Daily Driver? -
➤JDM CAR MEET! + Evo Turbo
➤MY NEW C6 CORVETTE - PRT 2 - Drift Mods Complete! --
➤MY NEW C6 CORVETTE!! First Mods - Prt 1--


  • Wonder Bread
    Wonder Bread3 dager siden

    Grandma seat covers. Where is the eight track. There is a wireless option for that setup on AC thermostat

  • NoSkillsRequired
    NoSkillsRequired6 dager siden

    I’d probably get that ceiling fixed before you start moving things in before it causes an ever bigger problem & if it was leaking before hand there’s already mold up there

  • J Wlms
    J Wlms6 dager siden

    As a lover of cars and motorsports and also a father of young daughters, I really love this content! Really encourages me to get the girls involved in the garage and share that passion with them 😊

  • One Sad Tech
    One Sad Tech9 dager siden

    What a fantastic story on how you got started, so cool. Can't wait to see what you do with all this new space. 😊

  • jimiwith3eyes
    jimiwith3eyes12 dager siden

    Love the shop it's so YOU!!!! Can't wait for the rest of the fleet to come home eh'!!!!

  • JT Briggs49
    JT Briggs4913 dager siden

    If you are need parts for that kart let me know and I can help

  • Denice Marsh
    Denice Marsh13 dager siden

    Is that a different shop

  • Jbray DA9
    Jbray DA914 dager siden

    Collete bout to smoke these boiz around the compound with her real race kart! Keep kickin ass chick!

  • kiemet94
    kiemet9414 dager siden

    Should powdercoat the chassis and paint the fairings now you have the equipment

  • The Flying Maniacs
    The Flying Maniacs15 dager siden

    fun fact... just watched your bio video from 2 years ago... and saw your gokart.. and now you have it in your shop!.. think thats why adam bought 5 of them! so he can try to beat you

  • Levi Taylor
    Levi Taylor15 dager siden

    My six year old daughter thinks it's cool you work on cars like her dad

  • Wellington Srt10
    Wellington Srt1015 dager siden

    Nice hear your story, it's inspiring. And yes it's a good thing that you still fit in your kart, tks to covid I don't fit anymore where I used to.

  • Tbr420420
    Tbr42042016 dager siden

    Chill with those eyelash spoilers

  • Gunther Bonsall
    Gunther Bonsall16 dager siden

    Idk who else with me when it feels like she just using adam for his clout and money

  • Dean F
    Dean F16 dager siden

    A REAL go-getter! Keep it up Collete!

  • Chase Neal
    Chase Neal17 dager siden

    Someone has to have said this by now but why have I never hear the Barbie Z be called the “Barbzie” pronounced BarbZ🤣 idc if you think it’s dumb because I’m still laughing 😂

  • Joey Ries
    Joey Ries18 dager siden


  • Jimmy, Making it work
    Jimmy, Making it work18 dager siden

    Woah, that trunk is full! Nice shop!

  • Jeremy
    Jeremy18 dager siden

    Your go kart seat still fits you till this day, I would say that's something to happy about not sad!

  • gary clark
    gary clark18 dager siden

    She has a nice Box!

  • GHOST- 47
    GHOST- 4718 dager siden

    I’m so proud of of u Collete im glad u move back to Florida where everything started, now u can finish where you left off making more content lets go.....

  • Dalton
    Dalton18 dager siden

    That's an awesome shop. Your background in racing is interesting.

  • Dalton
    Dalton18 dager siden

    Thats an awesome shop. Your background in racing is interesting.

  • TheDemobus/Auto creator's
    TheDemobus/Auto creator's18 dager siden

    whoes ring is that , thats on your thumb

  • Rocket Scientist
    Rocket Scientist19 dager siden

    You want both shops. I would make the "temporary" shop the primary & the larger shop the secondary. Primary is for working on the cars, secondary is for storing cars not being worked on and as a showroom or garage. It appears to already be configured that way by the previous owner.

  • Tech NO City
    Tech NO City19 dager siden

    Would you like to ride on my 1000HP level 3 bang bus?

  • Chris Greenfield
    Chris Greenfield19 dager siden

    How the heck have i missed such a cutie of a car lady Move over Supercar blondie, subbed to the channel and will go back and take a look at your earlier vids.

  • lee hardwick
    lee hardwick19 dager siden

    We call the bikes mushy’s in Australia ( motorised push bike)

  • Boofhead4399
    Boofhead439919 dager siden

    I sometimes forget you have a professional racing career and NOlocal is a sids thing

  • Sheldon W
    Sheldon W19 dager siden

    Thank goodness for girls with no class or self respect

  • Thomas Finney
    Thomas Finney19 dager siden

    80 years old looking good lol

  • Aiden Doak
    Aiden Doak19 dager siden

    God having a shop like that would be an absolute dream come true, let alone having a full compound that big with all that space and equipment

  • AE86_Gabriel_
    AE86_Gabriel_19 dager siden

    Hey just a heads up, that water leak is a huge problem and needs to be fixed ASAP or mold will spread fast and can be toxic to breathe. That was a big ass leak too .

  • Big Floppa
    Big Floppa19 dager siden

    What a sick shop!!!!!!!!!

    SAVAGED8419 dager siden

    We know you would beat Adam racing the karts 👍👍👍

  • Deonte Alexander
    Deonte Alexander19 dager siden

    77 like Valtteri Bottas, nice. Get you a Swedetech engine for that kart🤘🏽🔥

  • Markus Jancis
    Markus Jancis19 dager siden


  • Dre RcGarageGarage
    Dre RcGarageGarage19 dager siden


  • TheForged StinkEye
    TheForged StinkEye19 dager siden

    Id say fixing the pipes before doing a damn thing.

  • cworden07
    cworden0719 dager siden

    Sweep the dirt farther from the door or it’ll come right back in. Tons of other tips and tricks for the floors and the water leak is most likely a pipe running through the roof. Pull down the ladder from the ceiling in mid shop and you can go up n find the leak(or make Adam n the boys do it)

  • Dekab Autowerk
    Dekab Autowerk19 dager siden

    Loving the reflection of the floors

  • Baby YoDa
    Baby YoDa19 dager siden

    hey collete what is the beat that u put in when u was showing the gokart i needa know ~__$

  • Ryan Poe
    Ryan Poe19 dager siden

    Kaos Kustom Garage

  • Ryan Poe
    Ryan Poe19 dager siden

    Find Steve Luenz on Facebook and get a good pipe for that thing.

  • Dante3v
    Dante3v19 dager siden

    Nicole is probably biting her tongue rn💀😆😆😭

  • space oven

    space oven

    18 dager siden

    she’s a teacher now

  • doitman RV
    doitman RV19 dager siden


  • _Mr.Boss_
    _Mr.Boss_19 dager siden

    I keep thinking back on all the buildings yall have and I still can't believe that there is basically a space for every part of a car build plus more

  • Conner P
    Conner P19 dager siden

    No way did you used to race at imi in Colorado??? That’s where I ride my dirtbike

  • jeremy james
    jeremy james19 dager siden

    The description of the seat padding was superb!

  • T Mac
    T Mac19 dager siden

    You should hit up Matt at Obsessed Garage to help you out with the new shop. Are there mufflers available for the motor bike?

  • Skaijjeri
    Skaijjeri19 dager siden

    Are you into F1? I wonder if you know who two drivers have the same numbers you would choose to use, lol. They're my favourite drivers

  • Jason Winter
    Jason Winter19 dager siden

    Collete do you know the size of this building? ??x??

  • XxlargemanxX
    XxlargemanxX19 dager siden


  • XxlargemanxX


    19 dager siden

    the go kart!

  • Aaron Woodard
    Aaron Woodard19 dager siden

    Priority needs to be that water in the roof. Can become dangerous if you get mold or if it falls on someone

    ABC's OF BETH19 dager siden

    You are the first car girl that I've ever liked. I mean, you're cool, cute, don't have an annoying voice, great personality, all around awesome chic. I am a true fan (and subscriber). Way to rock it girl!

  • Filip René Bajla
    Filip René Bajla19 dager siden

    I didn’t know Adam is called her

  • Boot to Bonnet
    Boot to Bonnet19 dager siden

    Idk how people get comfortable talking to a camera by themselves

  • Boom Squad
    Boom Squad19 dager siden

    Super excited for all.the shops at the compound. I would love to see some work done on your old kart

  • Joe Hakim
    Joe Hakim19 dager siden

    Do you have to pay rent?

  • Boom Squad
    Boom Squad19 dager siden

    I like ur kart I wanna see you race Adam's karts

  • Martyn Briant
    Martyn Briant19 dager siden

    1st time I've ever heard of a saw horses, haha always called them trestles ... the more you know! keep up the great work!

  • Nicholas Gasser
    Nicholas Gasser19 dager siden

    Might want to look into the water problem or you might have your ceiling collapse on you

  • Derrick
    Derrick20 dager siden

    My wife has the same Pink Box LOL

  • Shift One Photo
    Shift One Photo20 dager siden

    Can't wait to see the Rotaries in there!

  • Eric Marcus
    Eric Marcus20 dager siden

    Since your go-kart is number 77 you should call it Fallout or Continuum (TV Show) or CyperPunk or Dip Shit (the year I (the ass hat that's typing on the keyboard in this comment) was born) lol J/K. What the hell is the significance of 77 and shit hitting the fan?!?!?

  • Plain Stang S550
    Plain Stang S55020 dager siden

    Hi Collete, I heard you mention that you want to paint the Miata. My uncle used to be the painter at The LZ Compound back when it was owned by the previous owner. He’s an outstanding painter and could help you guys! Please let me know if you’re interested. Check out DHD Doug Harrell Designs on IG. That’s my brother who my uncle trained. His paint jobs can cost up $100,000... have a good day!

  • Peter Salas
    Peter Salas20 dager siden


  • Nicholas Wirski
    Nicholas Wirski20 dager siden

    Great story about how you got started racing! It is much harder than what most people think.

  • 優しいChikara Ha
    優しいChikara Ha20 dager siden


  • Mr.Carlozan
    Mr.Carlozan20 dager siden

    Put a 125cc Rotax on that baby. Smoking Adam will feel soooooo good.

  • Eric Wright
    Eric Wright20 dager siden

    That bike is so loud

  • Dr Grom
    Dr Grom20 dager siden

    You should do more in depth on your past racing.

    BC_CARS20 dager siden

    The music in through out this vid low key reminded me of the Flex Air series of videos. What a trip

  • Jack Gutschlag
    Jack Gutschlag20 dager siden

    You lucky u got Adam

  • Dudley M
    Dudley M20 dager siden

    Make valteri Bottas proud woooo #77

  • Luis Carrion
    Luis Carrion20 dager siden

    I would help you for free

  • Fear Me
    Fear Me20 dager siden

    Someone help this poor girl with makeup as she doesnt even realise...

  • Shaggie009 S13Nissan240sx
    Shaggie009 S13Nissan240sx20 dager siden

    They make rotary engines for shifter karts

    MK4-HEAVEN20 dager siden

    Wow cool story Collete, you've come a long way!

  • Donny Paik
    Donny Paik20 dager siden

    I absolutely loved your go-kart story!

  • JakeIsWayBlack
    JakeIsWayBlack20 dager siden

    that was THE BEST mopping montage I have ever seen

  • secretagentx52
    secretagentx5220 dager siden

    Very cool to her the stories of you and your dad in your early karting days.

  • lacossa nostra
    lacossa nostra20 dager siden

    lucky number seven !!

  • Robert A
    Robert A20 dager siden

    Lose the eye lashes and the neck bling your channel would grow much larger you will keep the older fellas and ladies more interested in your channel we like your content it’s cool but appearance turns older guys and women off where not here for the sexy looks but the great information you put out there you have a great. Channel keep it up

  • eggroll
    eggroll20 dager siden

    bout to smoke the boys ez

  • IF
    IF20 dager siden

    Hey, I was the cazy kid on the red yamaha in daytona who got recorded by the guys... #scootlife

  • scottcol23
    scottcol2320 dager siden

    I love that Adam has kept the Doilies on the Celsior

  • Lucas Wertenberger
    Lucas Wertenberger20 dager siden

    Evo content??

  • Stephen Hoover
    Stephen Hoover20 dager siden

    I'm guessing that bike has a coaster brake on it. Try turning the pedals backwards

  • Rob 69
    Rob 6920 dager siden

    I could see you ending up using both shops the bigger one for storage and the one with the lift for working on stuff

  • Chalmich5
    Chalmich520 dager siden

    Oh, and fun fact. If you don't get shop air working any time soon, you can use that Armor All vac as a "leaf blower" to blow out the cracks and corners. As well as the whole shop!

  • Chalmich5
    Chalmich520 dager siden

    Do you plan to ever get back into racing? Like, track racing. Seen a video from 2 or so years ago, and you were making moves! It would be a shame if you let that talent go to waste!

  • Daniel Burgess
    Daniel Burgess20 dager siden

    Collette did you see the PS4 Grand Theft Auto LZ compound drift video?

  • Robert Johnson
    Robert Johnson20 dager siden

    I remember making a custom seat for you when you raced a open wheel car and ran out of places to hang ballast and so we used lead shot with a 2 part seat foam. 25# lead bottom.👍

  • Kaleb Lacy
    Kaleb Lacy20 dager siden

    Is the rotary and your other cars coming to the compound

  • ChePennyDK
    ChePennyDK20 dager siden

    Just an idea for the washing bay, have you guys looked into dry ice cleaning machines? Video below is an example of what it can do.

  • Darren willmott
    Darren willmott20 dager siden

    what's happening with you're evo and you're brapbunny and both rx7s

  • matt man
    matt man20 dager siden

    It's all fun and games till a baby comes! Lol. Ur as good as they come don't change for anyone.

  • Steven Gentala
    Steven Gentala20 dager siden

    I can just tell that go kart track in the old pic is imi. That is primarily where I go to work on my drifting now a days

  • albert pobre
    albert pobre20 dager siden

    luv the video