Moving out of the FaZe House..*not clickbait*

so excited guys u have no idea
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  • Daft Punk
    Daft Punk5 måneder siden

    2020 anyone?

  • Koa Owa
    Koa Owa8 måneder siden

    haven’t heard a logic intro in a while

  • RAKS_HoneyBadger
    RAKS_HoneyBadger10 måneder siden

    Who’s watching when the newest faze house is here

  • Izzy Wharton
    Izzy WhartonÅr siden

    Is this the same houes he went to show

  • Spa Splash
    Spa SplashÅr siden

    Bunch of obnoxious rich teens

  • Jimmy Martinez
    Jimmy MartinezÅr siden

    Adapt Obviously likes Alyssa

  • Nathan Andrew Davis
    Nathan Andrew DavisÅr siden

    And from here on, the former Coult House becomes the NEW FaZe House!

  • James K
    James KÅr siden

    Who else misses when faze gamed

  • uptown vapor UVL
    uptown vapor UVLÅr siden

    Next video; ninja joins FaZe

  • Jojo
    Jojo2 år siden

    So are we just not gonna talk about how tall Ricky is...?

  • ihaterickowens
    ihaterickowens2 år siden


  • ihaterickowens
    ihaterickowens2 år siden


  • ihaterickowens
    ihaterickowens2 år siden


  • ihaterickowens
    ihaterickowens2 år siden


  • ihaterickowens
    ihaterickowens2 år siden


  • Xattius
    Xattius2 år siden

    Do u get like 2 rooms in 1? It looked like 2

  • Xattius
    Xattius2 år siden

    Will roman still be your bro

  • x C
    x C2 år siden

    This is were it all starts fortnite faze pro house going to be my favorite

  • Random Dude
    Random Dude2 år siden

    Alissa is such a stupid bitch lol, good thing she is pretty or she`d be nothing

  • Arbaaz Raza
    Arbaaz Raza2 år siden


  • vertexx
    vertexx2 år siden

    What u got kicked?

  • yuh in
    yuh in2 år siden

    Wait why?

  • Jose Sanchez
    Jose Sanchez2 år siden

    Where cizzors

  • ANTBAR 48
    ANTBAR 482 år siden


  • KiDTuRBooZz
    KiDTuRBooZz2 år siden

    Wonder what she does with that "whip"😏

  • Vix Stewart
    Vix Stewart2 år siden

    Avxry going into the old Clout House... can't wait to see him with the cat. Omegalul

  • Adapt To Stage
    Adapt To Stage2 år siden

    They r so excited!!! I love it!

  • Stitchiot
    Stitchiot2 år siden

    its dumb how they always hype things up that never happen

  • Manuel J
    Manuel J2 år siden

    who is the girl moving out? and why did she go?

  • Kirstin Benson
    Kirstin Benson2 år siden

    I love you family and friends hello friends Faze Adapt Name Alexander Hamilton Happy Smile

  • Kirstin Benson

    Kirstin Benson

    2 år siden

    I love you family and friends hello friends Faze Adapt Name Alexander Hamilton Happy Smile

  • JoEs_ Do9
    JoEs_ Do92 år siden

    Lol the guy on the click bate looks like the rapper hi Rez

  • Raider JM
    Raider JM2 år siden

    1v1 Ali a

  • Imonlylui
    Imonlylui2 år siden

    So how many houses does faze have ? They have the one faze rain lives in, then the Hollywood one, then the clout house, then Ricky’s house, then the fortnite house ?

  • Lucifer
    Lucifer2 år siden


  • Stoner Kid
    Stoner Kid2 år siden

    Faze is coming back so is a new black ops game this year is gonna be liiiittt AFFFFF dude

  • Nicholas Nul
    Nicholas Nul2 år siden

    “What were supposed to be doing?” Does that mean Cod is coming back...! 😍

  • nfvy
    nfvy2 år siden

    Aww happy for y’all!!!

  • Matthew Mangels
    Matthew Mangels2 år siden

    Does any1 know y he is in faze when he doesn’t compete in anything like some of them aren’t competing on the faze team

  • Acacia
    Acacia2 år siden

    I love Banks I miss him sm

  • Acacia
    Acacia2 år siden

    I’m so fuckin confused man everyone is split up and new ass people and moving and coming and leaving and switching and Nixon and I just really wish I knew who was where

  • Yes
    Yes2 år siden

    Does dis mean hes not faze adapt anymore?

    TST BROTHERS2 år siden

    100 likes on this comment and we will do a 24 hour video hiding from our parents!! :) You will be responsible for any beatings we get ! 😂

  • Du Bois
    Du Bois2 år siden

    Why is he movin he just moved to the Hollywood house

  • Thorne Fox
    Thorne Fox2 år siden

    5:11 maple leaf smh

  • sranlio btw
    sranlio btw2 år siden

    What about Berry?

  • CTRL
    CTRL2 år siden

    Ok, this is an amazing idea but FaZe fortnite isn’t the only pro team. There’s the Call Of Duty, Overwatch, CSGO, PUBG,FIFA and Rainbow Six Siege teams on addition to it. How come only the Fort team get a home in LA all for themselves. I understand that there’s limited space, hype around fort, and the fact that some teams are better based out of the country, but let’s be realistic, Fortnite’s overhyped image can only go on for so long before the game completely dies. It’s like FaZe has completely lost what it’s OG fans loved about it. When was the last time any pro team besides the fort team got any sort of promotion, when was the last time a FaZe sniper got any extensive recognition. The real FaZe is gone, the FaZe when getting recruited was the epitome of accomplishment, when montages and commentaries, hitting clips and trick shots were what FaZe thrived on, not sellout vlogs with an ad every 2 minutes, not forgetting all of its members in pursuit of a dying game, not inviting week old members to live in a multi million dollar mansion. We want the real FaZe back, not this.

  • Joseph Stalin

    Joseph Stalin

    2 år siden

    I completely agree tho I think every team should have their houses but in different parts of the country

  • Joseph Stalin

    Joseph Stalin

    2 år siden

    I completely agree but the faze team for r6 is based in South America.

  • NiightBunny
    NiightBunny2 år siden

    now I know why rice gum isn't there anymore

  • Maurizio Arrivabene
    Maurizio Arrivabene2 år siden

    Why is he talking like that? Its so fake, stop acting cool

  • Sal
    Sal2 år siden

    Why can’t you guys just make one long video explaining where everyone lives because I’m so confused of what’s going on

  • Mh0123


    År siden

    Sal ikrrrrrr

  • fuzzX
    fuzzX2 år siden

    maybe they should kick you out finally, junkie

  • Forbio
    Forbio2 år siden

    whats this nigga alex on

  • RookTV
    RookTV2 år siden

    This kid is sad.

    DEVIN2 år siden

    Adapt thinks he's actually good at Fortnite. Anyone else realize that Adapt is the only member of FaZe that actually sucks at Fortnite

    THE STORM2 år siden

    Does this mean that faze is staying in Hollywood and isn't moving next year

  • Skelly
    Skelly2 år siden

    Remember the good old days, before bo3 when FaZe used to be so famous. ;(

  • Tsm Gamer
    Tsm Gamer2 år siden

    It’s clout house

  • OffenseGamingHD
    OffenseGamingHD2 år siden

    where the fuxk is nordan

  • Mikey Wikey
    Mikey Wikey2 år siden

    Lmao nobody wants to join clown gang so they have to fill the clown house with irrelevant faze dudes lmao

  • I know I’m gay when I say this but
    I know I’m gay when I say this but2 år siden

    This music is so nostalgic :(

  • xtinct
    xtinct2 år siden

    I thought u were going to the new clout house

  • froglick28
    froglick282 år siden

    Fuck Banks

  • Eat that pussy 445 Macka
    Eat that pussy 445 Macka2 år siden

    Wout about rice gum

  • Ayveh


    2 år siden

    He made a video that he is getting his own new house.

  • Degit
    Degit2 år siden


  • Landon Cunningham
    Landon Cunningham2 år siden

    House tour ??

  • 0hn0
    0hn02 år siden

    hmm lets make this house the fortnite house....

  • Chico
    Chico2 år siden

    faze fell apart OFFICIALLY

  • Boo Bear
    Boo Bear2 år siden

    Logang for life

  • Boo Bear
    Boo Bear2 år siden

    I Fucking hate every buddy in the cloud house

  • kornel Karas
    kornel Karas2 år siden

    Adapt and banks who's next?

  • kornel Karas
    kornel Karas2 år siden

    Faze is breaking apart😔 (sort of)

  • Random TIKS
    Random TIKS2 år siden

    There remodeling the house

  • sadPEEP
    sadPEEP2 år siden

    they kicked rice out

  • ramzi ukt
    ramzi ukt2 år siden

    Nyc faze house rewiend

  • Ayveh


    2 år siden

    I miss those videos XD Brings back memories!

  • Draxx
    Draxx2 år siden

    @FaZe Adapt is the type of guy who would get in a van that says free candy

  • Hunter Biffle
    Hunter Biffle2 år siden

    upload bro , u good ?

  • Rats
    Rats2 år siden

    Losing views my dude

  • La Vizions
    La Vizions2 år siden

    Who else misses the Nike shorts and tank top faze adapt

  • Matthew Welsh
    Matthew Welsh2 år siden

    Logic is the goat!

  • ghostXToXic gamez
    ghostXToXic gamez2 år siden

    Weres faze rain faze blaze faze apex😭

  • lilBungy
    lilBungy2 år siden

    And Hes In Franklin Tennessee

  • lilBungy
    lilBungy2 år siden


  • lilBungy
    lilBungy2 år siden

    I Got His IpP

  • Fairytail Rose
    Fairytail Rose2 år siden

    Where is.berry

  • Carson Chandler
    Carson Chandler2 år siden

    Bro I’ve been watching since the New York days and all of these big changes 😭 like if you think all the old guys that use to live in the NY house need to get back together

  • Tre Mallindine
    Tre Mallindine2 år siden


  • faggot
    faggot2 år siden

    One more step away from ny

  • Atonera
    Atonera2 år siden

    Can you leave faze period....??

  • Elijah Doerr
    Elijah Doerr2 år siden


  • Lacidsfn
    Lacidsfn2 år siden

    Only 90 kids remember the good faze at the NY House..

  • DVO
    DVO2 år siden

    Are you still called faze adapt or not because you are not living in the faze house

  • Anthony Gamer
    Anthony Gamer2 år siden

    Clout house

  • Gosely
    Gosely2 år siden

    Let me join Faze I'm the best fortnite sniper on PS4 or can we at least play fortnite together you and faze cizzorz are my fav plz Alex@FazeAdapt

  • Riizen
    Riizen2 år siden

    Alex is so pale

  • Danny ciardiello
    Danny ciardiello2 år siden

    7:01 hahahahahaha

  • tommy
    tommy2 år siden

    y r u so gay

  • Michael Scott Outta The Office
    Michael Scott Outta The Office2 år siden

    I hear that logic in the background

  • Makayla carroll
    Makayla carroll2 år siden

    Is the back music in the beginning all I do by Logic?

  • Joseph Stalin

    Joseph Stalin

    2 år siden

    /// welcome to forever is the mixtape it’s in.

  • Joseph Stalin

    Joseph Stalin

    2 år siden

    Yessir All I do - welcome to forever

  • Ayveh


    2 år siden

    I think so, it's definitely Logic.

  • Steve Estrada
    Steve Estrada2 år siden

    Damn I barely noticed I’m an OG😂😂

  • Violet Delilah
    Violet Delilah2 år siden Please please please help!

  • _shemari_
    _shemari_2 år siden

    Did You Fall For It....? read more