Must-See New Video Shows Capitol Riot Was Way Worse Than We Thought | All In | MSNBC

Chris Hayes: “It is entirely possible that there were people in that crowd, looking to apprehend, possibly harm, and possibly murder the leaders of the political class that the President, and people like Mo Brooks, and even to a certain extent Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley, have told them have betrayed them." Aired on 1/8/2021.
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Must-See New Video Shows Capitol Riot Was Way Worse Than We Thought | All In | MSNBC


  • Eric Brady
    Eric Brady5 minutter siden

    blame it all on trump you make my blood boil

  • Commander Guts
    Commander Guts32 minutter siden

    What a load

  • William Odle
    William Odle47 minutter siden

    such a disgrace America....unreal....

  • Sabelo Sibiya
    Sabelo SibiyaTime siden

    What a shame

  • Shelby Daugherty
    Shelby DaughertyTime siden

    You stole the election. You democrats incited this violence.

  • SENoR Sanchez SPANKSY Longbottoms
    SENoR Sanchez SPANKSY LongbottomsTime siden

    Clowns high on expired bath salts

  • David Kneeland
    David KneelandTime siden

    Yup, conservative Trump supporters can be as dumb and violent as BLM. It’s gone both ways folks, stop acting like you’re all perfect

  • Justin Gian
    Justin Gian2 timer siden

    How about what happened in Seattle?

  • Davey D
    Davey D2 timer siden

    Those cops are probably all drumpf supporters. So there's that.

  • Egocrusher
    Egocrusher2 timer siden

    this looks like every other riot. lol maniacs, right and left.

    FUCK OFF2 timer siden

    This is good

  • Bfzgwg41
    Bfzgwg413 timer siden

    How many antifa members were there disguised as trump supporters?

  • Bfzgwg41
    Bfzgwg413 timer siden

    Leftist news network.. only going to show what they want.

  • Bfzgwg41
    Bfzgwg413 timer siden

    Biden just had the military called in to protect DC background checked. Now the soldiers think their commander and chief doesn't trust them.

  • Bfzgwg41
    Bfzgwg413 timer siden

    This was nothing compared to looting and burning all summer long.

  • Fred Valencia
    Fred Valencia3 timer siden

    That shooter should have emptied his magazine on all those riotors and reloaded and continued till they were all dead .not because they support trump but because they were breaking in with bad intent.

  • Dee Ess Aye
    Dee Ess Aye4 timer siden

    why were more people not SHOT DEAD

  • jaarmu
    jaarmu4 timer siden

    You're gonna need a lot of courage to keep that kind of a pokerface while reporting about this.

  • Scott Nowell
    Scott Nowell5 timer siden

    The whole thing was staged.... There not even good actors

  • kone


    4 timer siden

    It was not staged

  • hehdsfgfgd
    hehdsfgfgd5 timer siden

    and the mob thought trump would win by attacking d.c. lmao

  • Rodney Baitwa
    Rodney Baitwa5 timer siden

    I'm sorry but where was the tear gas here??? Inhumane but what do you have to do about legit inhumane beings like these hooligans. Jeeezus.

  • David R. Stone
    David R. Stone6 timer siden

    🆘 Senile incompetent Joe Biden our new fraudulent fake president, that is in bed China who gave the world the Chinese coronavirus and terrorist sponsor Iran, who wants to wipe the USA and Israel off the map. God help us all.

  • sasa Nikolivic
    sasa Nikolivic6 timer siden

    Long live communist america

  • nathan harper
    nathan harper6 timer siden

    If they take biden off as president thing will be ok he did not win fairly he was way behind how did he get behind to were he have enough vote to win trump how did he do that when he never went to 4 state left ?

  • nathan harper
    nathan harper7 timer siden

    Go people fight for what right don't give up.

  • Misty Davis
    Misty Davis7 timer siden

    Government against Americans people.

  • Misty Davis
    Misty Davis7 timer siden

    gun against extinguisher???

  • Radagast Brown
    Radagast Brown7 timer siden

    The officer who died voted for Trump, twice. ... just saying. ..

  • chris craft
    chris craft8 timer siden

    So all the other riots during the previous year were way worse than this one. Why focus only on the most recent one. No cities destroyed, only a few corrupt politicians running scared.

  • Melanie Lilly
    Melanie Lilly8 timer siden

    What about the contract he signed that said he would leave peacefully

  • CJ Fetta
    CJ Fetta8 timer siden

    Chris Hayes misleads, yes many Trump supporters were in the capital but he leaves out many Antifa members were there too, they were in the video breaking through the interior doors. The guy who takes off his winter hat gets a helmet then starts bashing the window with it. See The Epoch Times Joshua Phillips video on it. He interviews a Young lady who was there. Chris Hayes wasn’t there.

  • Kalle Jonas
    Kalle Jonas8 timer siden

    All of you believing this msm propagande garbage are fools. Escape the matrix

  • Alyssa Mathews
    Alyssa Mathews8 timer siden

    This is why Trump is the worst president ever 😑

  • CosmicWitch 93
    CosmicWitch 938 timer siden

    Trash. Should’ve got the flamethrower on them.

  • 58 Genders
    58 Genders8 timer siden

    This is what happen when you put a reality tv show actor as president 😂

  • Zombie Camo
    Zombie Camo9 timer siden

    My heart broke seeing the cop bleeding and begging for help...

  • Jaco Enslin
    Jaco Enslin10 timer siden

    You are speculatting when democrates riged the numbers to win

  • Jaco Enslin
    Jaco Enslin10 timer siden


  • Ray Perez
    Ray Perez10 timer siden

    Thats crazy go ahead feel good trump supporters ..but if that was black or latinos doing that we would've been shot on site

  • IIIAnchani
    IIIAnchani10 timer siden

    I'd move to Germany if I didn't already live there.

  • People are people
    People are people10 timer siden

    The reporter looks sooo done lol

  • Cheryl Pretlove
    Cheryl Pretlove10 timer siden

    So I’m wondering if Trump, Giuliani, Trump jr. , Hawly, and who ever else was responsible for the violence and murders at the capitol will be charged with some kind of murder. I haven’t herd anything about who’s responsible for the deaths that took place.

  • Ask to seduce Miss
    Ask to seduce Miss10 timer siden

    Hey! I loved the video!!

  • People are people
    People are people10 timer siden

    Us "third world countries" watching your news like action movie 😊🙄

  • Justajoke Forme
    Justajoke Forme10 timer siden

    We could use some counseling from the world government

  • Justajoke Forme
    Justajoke Forme10 timer siden

    It's scary to think about but an alternate universe they succeeded in their plane

  • Ask to seduce Miss

    Ask to seduce Miss

    10 timer siden

    Awesome video!

  • daisy hernandez
    daisy hernandez11 timer siden

    Don’t be shy, shoot them like they did for the blm movement 🙈

  • Leonel Juarez

    Leonel Juarez

    23 minutter siden


  • Jayvan Wheeler

    Jayvan Wheeler

    Time siden

    @Jay Knot where, im starting to think you didnt actually go to any of those protest and see for yourself. Instead you gain ideas from the extremely biased media ie; fox ironic how you call blm sheep.

  • Jay Knot

    Jay Knot

    2 timer siden

    @kone Gonna need some sources on that. The deaths I seen were all caused/perpetrated by blm rioters.

  • x Coconutt

    x Coconutt

    3 timer siden

    More innocents were killed by the "Peaceful" Antifa/BLM protesters. Sheep

  • kone


    4 timer siden

    @Jay Knot too many

  • Hannah Doyle
    Hannah Doyle11 timer siden

    The placid milkshake tentatively hate because word phylogentically borrow unlike a orange grandson. icky, macabre stone

  • Jessica Rose
    Jessica Rose11 timer siden

    Why did we not make a big deal about the people who died from the riots and the small business that were burned down? Interesting

  • Sherbet_Bomb
    Sherbet_Bomb11 timer siden

    China, Russia, Vietnam, Iran, Iraq, North Korea, Somalia and Afghanistan need to deploy peace keeping forces to the US and protect Canada and Mexico from been invaded. 😭😂

  • canada's corner
    canada's corner11 timer siden

    and what makes this even scarier is that they called black people monkeys but were literally climbing the walls of the capital oh and, this is being confirmed as a terrorist attack.

  • Madd Maxx
    Madd Maxx11 timer siden

    What a FUC*K'N liar...But most of you wouldn't know that unless you compared this with the hundreds of videos available.

  • Lynette Hoffer
    Lynette Hoffer12 timer siden

    Sad Sad day for America. Some how United States of America doesnt fit this country these days

    KALBO CARD13 timer siden

    Enemy at your own gates.

  • obed cuffy
    obed cuffy14 timer siden

    Can't wait to see you all regret voting biden

  • CYAN Zimo
    CYAN Zimo14 timer siden

    my flight was cancel due to that case maybe hopefully everything under control soon and i can move to there

  • Noob Stuffz
    Noob Stuffz14 timer siden

    Please, i beg of you, start flamethrowering rioters

  • Man Man
    Man Man15 timer siden

    This guy kinda dramatizes this a little bit. I get it was a serious event but somethings this guy says is an overreaction.

  • Forty Deuce

    Forty Deuce

    11 timer siden

    Over reaction to police being killed? I bet if they were black you would say he's not being dramatic enough. hypocrite

  • Boarlaw Attorneys At Law
    Boarlaw Attorneys At Law15 timer siden

    It's you media that create incitement to insurrection. Not trump

  • Clifford Fischer
    Clifford Fischer15 timer siden

    Do you think people have done this because of Trump? America's Civil unrest and frustration of its own self concerning government stems long before Trump. The news does a wonderful job of painting pictures though. How do you think this country was founded? Do your research on American history, this is a very small issue compared to actual revolutionary acts in this country. It just scares folks into thinking we might still have it in us to do what, as Americans, we should do. Over throw the government that we empower once it becomes against us.

  • Boarlaw Attorneys At Law
    Boarlaw Attorneys At Law15 timer siden

    The price you pay for killing millions of innocent people is the world in the name of democracy

  • Daniel Langkilde
    Daniel Langkilde15 timer siden

    What a bizzare country full of adults that behave like child shame

  • Scyia Official
    Scyia Official16 timer siden


  • Critter Sullivan
    Critter Sullivan16 timer siden


  • karen mogollon
    karen mogollon16 timer siden

    why so much money in army to protect the capitol you don't give that money to the people.

  • karen mogollon
    karen mogollon16 timer siden

    how much they pay you for your lies ,that is why your bosses loosing so much money.

  • Roro Boro
    Roro Boro16 timer siden

    Happy to see such events befold in America I hope the worst happens

  • Octavian Vasilescu
    Octavian Vasilescu17 timer siden

    *Only in Murica*

  • Theboy Inthedark
    Theboy Inthedark17 timer siden

    I'm embarrassed to even say I'm American

  • Theboy Inthedark

    Theboy Inthedark

    17 timer siden

    oh who's the dude in the video with the glasses with the brown hair I need him as a spy on watch dogs Legion

  • Pablo Dee
    Pablo Dee17 timer siden

    The Wild West!🎯

  • MARSOC military
    MARSOC military18 timer siden

    Stop trying to make Trump look bad. 🤦‍♂️

  • kone


    4 timer siden

    No has too, he looks bad on his own

  • Layla Goodon-Witter

    Layla Goodon-Witter

    10 timer siden

    Trump is historically the only president who was been impeached twice. I don't think it can get badder then that.

  • Tin Man
    Tin Man18 timer siden

    They're traitors.

  • Zen Reos
    Zen Reos18 timer siden

    this is just amusing to watch for other countries

  • Jamie


    15 timer siden

    you're lucky lmao

  • James Henley
    James Henley18 timer siden

    is anyone looking into whether or not the lady in the pink beanie and with the bullhorn is nancy pelosi's daughter looks like her. Michiel Vos nancy pelosi's son in law married to Alexandria pelosi, was at the capital riots. now I wonder if his wife was also there??? perhaps wearing glasses and a pink beanie?

  • Tin Man
    Tin Man18 timer siden

    I DEMAND that Donald Trump goes to prison for this!

  • Elaine Pl
    Elaine Pl18 timer siden

    They climbed over the wrong wall. Ten un buen viaje. Guárdelos en México.

  • Jill
    Jill18 timer siden

    I have to applaud msnbc for their steadfast commitment! Even as we approach what will no doubt be the most poetic day in our nations history you still want to give your viewers the most inaccurate information hoping to squeeze that last nickel before the lights come on! Everything you do in darkness will always be exposed by light! Get ready mornings almost here!

  • Tabitha Snow
    Tabitha Snow19 timer siden

    Who voted for this guy...geez hes an egomaniac

  • Roman Plays
    Roman Plays19 timer siden

    I hope it was the guy really pounding the glass that got shot. I would laugh so hard to see it uncensored. It’s like the trash took itself out

  • francois hentschel
    francois hentschel19 timer siden

    The police officers need to get an award for their bravery.

  • De'Asia Parchment
    De'Asia Parchment19 timer siden

    I only feel bad for the capitol policeman that lost his life. This is absolutely saddening i look forward to the next 4 years, but got dammit if this was BLM PROTESTER WE KNOW IT WOULD'VE BEEN A LOT MORE THAN 5 DEATHS.

  • Str8representing beats
    Str8representing beats19 timer siden

    Why the capitol got rioted? I'm a foreigner

  • kone


    4 timer siden

    Trump supporters claim the election was stolen (it wasnt) and that they want trump back

  • Joseph Murawski
    Joseph Murawski19 timer siden

    This video the biggest BS everrrrr

  • ça boume?
    ça boume?20 timer siden

    this is crazy wtf is happening to usa

  • Cheyenne Garner
    Cheyenne Garner20 timer siden

    trump fans KILLED PEOPLE because they didn't win . biden supporters are more mature

  • Muhammad Haikal
    Muhammad Haikal20 timer siden

    "An empire toppled by its enemies can rise again. But one which crumbles from within? that's dead, forever" - Helmut Zemo

  • car pio
    car pio20 timer siden


  • kone


    4 timer siden

    No it didn't lol

  • Joe D.
    Joe D.22 timer siden

    I never BELIEVE MSNBC!!!

  • CodeStock
    CodeStock22 timer siden

    way worse than BLM riots, looting and burning? or still fiery but mostly peaceful?!

  • Anders Brewer
    Anders Brewer22 timer siden


  • Brief Biography
    Brief Biography23 timer siden

    Liberals: "If we don't stop this blatant factionalism right this instant, our democracy can't stay afloat!" Me jotting down notes: "That's good stuff! What else, what else?!"

  • Good Ole' Mule
    Good Ole' Mule23 timer siden

    Questioning authority & MSM is one thing. Crying "fake news" but believing everything you see from an unverified source on the dark web... is just plain stupid. Here's a funny little pop-punk diddy about all the mook-muppets in the latter mentioned.

  • Ellie Sharp
    Ellie Sharp23 timer siden

    Disgrace and a stain on America’s history. Trump legitimately encouraged this, and the rest of the world can see that. Why aren’t you all doing anything about this?! There needs to be consequences

  • Tim41427
    Tim4142723 timer siden

    They were BLM and Antifa causing the skirmish that is tear gas stop playing it for more than what it was stop your lying

  • Beverly Gutierrez
    Beverly Gutierrez23 timer siden

    Lies, lies, and more lies. Show the videos. They are not saying hang mike pence, they are saying USA. Show the video with out speaking over it. this meanness is antifa/blm paid, actors, whole thing planned. proven

  • Dillon Prinz
    Dillon Prinz23 timer siden

    Mostly peaceful riots, right Ali?

  • alessc
    alessc23 timer siden

    This looks like is Trump's fault. His messages are very clear... I can't believe he would do something like that. By the way I'm not a Biden fan. I can't stand him, he will be even worse than Trump.

  • Wesley Holloway
    Wesley Holloway23 timer siden

    what do think was going to happen when you have a ehat seem to be a secret service agent or capital police is pointing a gun at you... what do think was going to happen when you try to storm the capital...

  • Beaird Amanda
    Beaird Amanda23 timer siden

    Ali something ?

  • Jason Ding
    Jason DingDag siden

    Public assistance want to take your freedom way that's one and two they want to take your freedom of speech away and three they want to take away your guns and four all the bad guys will have everything they want and be able to take anything they want and never can protect yourself those are the things that you're looking forward to if you do not stand tall American Patriots this is your voice