My £4,000,000 MANSION House Tour (I MOVED OUT)


My £4 Million Mansion House Tour (I MOVED OUT)
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  • console. log
    console. log3 dager siden

    NOlocal makes pple live a filthy life

  • Salma Mohammed
    Salma Mohammed7 dager siden

    Man really said chandalani with a Somali accent 😂😂💀

  • Simon Cowell
    Simon Cowell11 dager siden

    We need a umrah vlog

  • Riyaad Khalifa
    Riyaad Khalifa12 dager siden

    Alhamdulilah ❤️🤲🏼

  • Ollie Massey
    Ollie Massey13 dager siden

    It’s in Gerrards Cross - Buckinghamshire FYI

  • Aminata Kaba
    Aminata Kaba19 dager siden

    4 mill fir that??

  • Gameboy123 Math
    Gameboy123 Math19 dager siden

    Your yards dead

  • Sharna Barnes
    Sharna Barnes22 dager siden

    They moved out of 8 prowse Avenue Bushey Heath in case anyone wants to rent it 😊

  • destiny freeman
    destiny freeman22 dager siden

    Imagine making a million NOlocal channels and subscribing to yourself 1 million times.

  • Awais Raza
    Awais Raza23 dager siden

    is niko black ---------

  • Devin Herrera
    Devin Herrera24 dager siden

    Solid! Great work chunkz💯⚡️🚀

  • Whit G
    Whit G24 dager siden

    flashing your wealth...

  • Mod Besuty
    Mod Besuty27 dager siden


  • FHM 379
    FHM 37929 dager siden

    1:27 hahahaha

  • Amy wain
    Amy wainMåned siden

    I love u

  • boa.hene_
    boa.hene_Måned siden

    Who else realises this is the house sv2 made a vid at

  • Abdulrahman akawu
    Abdulrahman akawuMåned siden

    If you wish to Buy/import the carpet 9:00 ,I can be of service to you. We have new designs available. #LetsDpBusiness

  • hani Cadeey
    hani CadeeyMåned siden

    Somali u egyehe wilkan talow ma somali baa

  • Amelia Franklin
    Amelia FranklinMåned siden

    pls do singing videos they would banggg

  • Mark
    MarkMåned siden

    What's the name of the music from 0:11 - 0:17

  • LLG
    LLGMåned siden

    Keep coming back to this video cos chunkz is one funny fucker

  • Fredo's Mum
    Fredo's MumMåned siden

    Who’s here after he announced he is moving

  • hs1626
    hs1626Måned siden

    That brick wallpaper is... Not the one.

  • Braden Court
    Braden CourtMåned siden

    Why is chunks so good at singing???

  • Smith Zlantan
    Smith ZlantanMåned siden

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  • NA SA
    NA SAMåned siden

    Woriaaa kaaleeey!

  • tony william
    tony williamMåned siden

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  • Terrence Moore
    Terrence MooreMåned siden

    That's Sierra Leone Marble 🤣😂😂😂😂😂 love that

  • Shading Surgeon
    Shading SurgeonMåned siden

    Its funny how for this price you can literally buy the whole village in Slovakia including the lake and mountains and you get ONE house for that price you got scammed son.

  • Uakame
    UakameMåned siden

    and you still have neighbours how embarrassing is the uk

  • TheFranco49
    TheFranco49Måned siden

    You didn't show us the most important room , the salat room !!!

  • Demi Nugent
    Demi NugentMåned siden

    we need filly in this house

  • [Nm]Zenotics Roblox & More
    [Nm]Zenotics Roblox & MoreMåned siden

    i doubt its 4m.

  • Ruth Waithaira
    Ruth WaithairaMåned siden

    That’s really small

  • Rap Chat
    Rap ChatMåned siden

    Been there less then a week, And man said he’s moving out. Hahaaaa 😂😂😂😂

    HIP HOP HUB TVMåned siden

  • Xaashi TV
    Xaashi TVMåned siden

    Mashallah 🇸🇴🇸🇴💯

  • Manuel Honcho
    Manuel HonchoMåned siden

    Low budget Hushpuppi 😂❤️

  • beta squad KARABZz
    beta squad KARABZz2 måneder siden

    Theys a new better squad go check out

  • smith smith
    smith smith2 måneder siden

    Imported from Nigeria?? I'm proud🇳🇬🇳🇬

  • MM12
    MM122 måneder siden

    Nice house

  • Ayan Abdi
    Ayan Abdi2 måneder siden

    Yess guys it’s aj

  • Ora.o
    Ora.o2 måneder siden

    “I’m gonna upload every week without fail” .......this didn’t age well😂

  • {waffle Nightmare}
    {waffle Nightmare}2 måneder siden

    That house does not really loook like $4M

  • Jay Senser
    Jay Senser2 måneder siden

    I’ll be with you soon ma brother!

  • gm
    gm2 måneder siden

    year late but did chunkz buy the beta squad house

  • gm
    gm2 måneder siden

    why didn't chunkz buy he's Hooyo a yard fam

    SHAMRON SHOW2 måneder siden

    They should call it the Muslim Manor

  • Ismaeel Nazir
    Ismaeel Nazir2 måneder siden

    Don’t mind ehh

  • Itzaleem
    Itzaleem2 måneder siden

    Y dosent kennt swap with darkest

  • Mazin Alneami
    Mazin Alneami2 måneder siden

    Masha’Allah you deserve it brother

  • R P
    R P2 måneder siden

    This kid is a scam! This house does not belong to him. I live in the area (Bushey, Herts) and know the people that actually live in this house. Note to young watchers, please take a small pinch of salt when watching videos like this. Yes you can make a career on NOlocal but this is not it.

  • xEssin


    2 måneder siden

    Ur a bit late they moved out time ago u doughnut

  • Mohammed Yusuf
    Mohammed Yusuf2 måneder siden


  • Josef King
    Josef King2 måneder siden

    FAM you have got a sick house you dont have to flex with your Versace robe

  • Amir Hosseini
    Amir Hosseini2 måneder siden

    I like how at the start of the video 0:08 chunks said "our home" and not "my home"

  • Courtney Evans
    Courtney Evans2 måneder siden

    I got the measurement perfect😂😂

    PADDY'S GLOBAL NEWS2 måneder siden

    Im watching this from my caravan 😪😪

  • Kuda Mlambo
    Kuda Mlambo2 måneder siden

    Chunkz I am disappointed with the fact that u dont live with filly

  • percy pig
    percy pig2 måneder siden

    Aw lol when hes clapping like a seal on the steps

  • Sam D
    Sam D2 måneder siden

    A lot saying it’s not a 4m mansion need to consider you could pay 1m for a dead beat place just to live close to central.

  • Cain Roberts
    Cain Roberts2 måneder siden

    If he payed 4mil for that house he got ROBBED!!

  • Cpt.Stealth
    Cpt.Stealth2 måneder siden

    Anyone notice that’s the same house thumbnail as Johnny Carey’s one

  • deelot1
    deelot12 måneder siden

    He’s very humble

  • Double - A
    Double - A2 måneder siden

    Man Chunkz cracks me right up 🤣

  • Kashaf Khan
    Kashaf Khan2 måneder siden

    I do you have to do the Candice movie change with loads of the candies with all of them

  • Kashaf Khan
    Kashaf Khan2 måneder siden

    I do you have to do attend this movie change with loads of the candies with all of them

  • Gregor Shanley
    Gregor Shanley2 måneder siden

    I just got this randomly in my recommendation. Give me a rundown on this guy

  • Kalem Paintin
    Kalem Paintin2 måneder siden

    Yes the camera man got the same name as me that is the first time I've ever heard someone say my name without it being to me craazzyyy

  • Ben Hunt
    Ben Hunt2 måneder siden

    Where does filly live

  • Mohamed Hamza
    Mohamed Hamza2 måneder siden

    Chungz got the shat room

  • Mohamed Hamza
    Mohamed Hamza2 måneder siden

    This guy singing believe it or not made vibranium

  • Oink Oink
    Oink Oink2 måneder siden

    Just seen you for the first time. Love the energy bro. Subscribed!!

  • Iverao
    Iverao2 måneder siden

    Why? Why do you need this?

  • Abdul Malik
    Abdul Malik2 måneder siden

    I'm not trinna be negative. And it good on you chunks our house looks AMAZING but it really cost 4mil. Imagine what you could have bought with that of u lived in America

  • Jamsta 007
    Jamsta 0072 måneder siden

    Everyone have a good day

  • Emma Innes
    Emma Innes3 måneder siden

    How do you sleep at night knowing there's children out in the world starving homeless

  • RubyMaple
    RubyMaple3 måneder siden

    Damn me and AJ got the same bed

  • Charlie B
    Charlie B3 måneder siden

    Hey u rented it that’s my friends house

  • matt G forty
    matt G forty3 måneder siden

    no one likes someone who brags about there belongings why this video was reccomend I don't know.but I couldn't give a rats arse about your house!

  • matt G forty

    matt G forty

    2 måneder siden

    I couldn't give two shits theres so much going on in the world and this clown is bragging about his house the man needs to pull his head out his backside and grow the fuck up! 99% of the people dont give a toss and i certainly don't!!!!!

  • Halima Badat

    Halima Badat

    2 måneder siden

    Dont be rude Have u seen how this man went from nothing to THIS🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️

    THE WOO3 måneder siden

    Now they’ve moved out again😂

  • thailand smile
    thailand smile3 måneder siden

    That's not his real home first of all ..he's only worth around 300 thousand pound...but fair play to him he's funny

  • B


    3 måneder siden

    How much are you worth

  • Chad M
    Chad M3 måneder siden

    4 million for this house he got ripped off

  • Smoking Bull
    Smoking Bull3 måneder siden

    House looks empty, you cannot buy class 😜

  • josie larkman
    josie larkman3 måneder siden

    A lil racist that your wearing a white persons face as a mask and using such bad language. If it was the other way around I’m sure there would a big fuss about it.

  • jacksonman wileyman
    jacksonman wileyman3 måneder siden


  • 100 subs In one month Challenge
    100 subs In one month Challenge3 måneder siden

    This guy really made it

  • Maskinmous
    Maskinmous3 måneder siden

    'I u used to work at cineworld. Now i have my own cineworld.' Congrats to you all 👍🏼💪🏽

  • Peter Adams
    Peter Adams3 måneder siden


  • Gaz Gaz
    Gaz Gaz3 måneder siden

    4 mil and the view from the bedroom is a brick wall 4 ft away you guys got your pants pulled down by the estate agent

  • Nick Mitchell
    Nick Mitchell3 måneder siden

    Renting a house with your mates doesn't mean it's your house, joker

  • Britt O
    Britt O3 måneder siden

    We waiting for a part 2 !😭

  • epic vibes
    epic vibes3 måneder siden

    Where is George's room🤔

    AK FREEZIN3 måneder siden


  • Shnaz
    Shnaz3 måneder siden

    Darkest should be here

  • Chuck Maddison
    Chuck Maddison3 måneder siden

    Nice house , like the outside style.

  • Master Sweeps
    Master Sweeps3 måneder siden

    Who is this guy? Is he in a band or something? Never heard of him.

  • abdul jabbar

    abdul jabbar

    3 måneder siden

    @Jordan Woodhouse plain disrespectful and unnecessary.

  • Caelan plyz
    Caelan plyz3 måneder siden

    Is some video s there's a different house

  • Emily Jewell
    Emily Jewell3 måneder siden

    *his british accent* 👌🏼 😂 *on point*

  • UXDY


    3 måneder siden

    he is british.

  • Daniel Ibinola
    Daniel Ibinola3 måneder siden

    imported by nigeria

  • anteup
    anteup3 måneder siden

    Even big time rappers with millions stacked up rented mansions to flash a bit when MTV Cribs came around back in the days. Chunkz and his team aint making numbers near what it cost to buy, and run the fees for a house like this. Nice click bait tho. Hope you eventually make the figures to buy one.

  • Halima Badat

    Halima Badat

    2 måneder siden

    They did actually buy this