My 50 Cal Exploded


“Just Put A Thumb In It Shirts” -
In today’s video I explain my freak accident that occurred on April 9th 2021.
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  • Kentucky Ballistics
    Kentucky Ballistics17 dager siden

    Hey everybody! I am doing great and I'm going to make a full recovery! God is good! Thank you for your support! Kentucky Ballistics is still going to keep rolling! I appreciate every single one of you!

  • Mason Hernandez

    Mason Hernandez

    2 dager siden

    @༆ How? He said it himself, there was no way of knowing that the round was at hot as it was.

  • Been Washedup

    Been Washedup

    3 dager siden

    Check your weight of your bullet grain if it is grossiy over grain you'll know it's a hot load

  • Paul Alejandro

    Paul Alejandro

    16 dager siden

    I'm glad you're okay, but I'm sorry I was laughing when you were explaining what happened. Hope you keep the videos coming though.

  • theyetirulrs


    16 dager siden

    That was scary as ****! Glad to see you pulled through! May God continue to bless both you and your family!

  • Fanie Smit

    Fanie Smit

    17 dager siden

    Good job keeping cool! Wish you a speedy recovery

  • Knobsterific
    Knobsterific2 timer siden

    just quoting wikipedia here: literally the first hit on googling 'SLAP round' "Saboted ammunition should not be used in firearms with muzzle brakes unless the muzzle brake has been specifically designed for such use."

  • Jason Lynch
    Jason Lynch2 timer siden

    Prime example why I only shoot my reloads. If a round like that gets shaken enough the powder breaks down and get smaller, thus resulting in higher pressures. Could not finish the video, glad ur OK bro.

  • Tim Luntsford
    Tim Luntsford2 timer siden

    Glad your ok big guy

  • sanindas panamkandy
    sanindas panamkandy2 timer siden

    Your are brave brother 🔥🔥

  • LazySingh
    LazySingh2 timer siden

    Your dad looks younger than you lol.

  • Pyro Gaming Hound
    Pyro Gaming Hound2 timer siden

    16:20 "If it wasnt for god, i shouldnt be standing here" Dr's and father and your police force training: "What are we? Chopped liver?"

  • David Banner
    David Banner2 timer siden

    Nothing like seeing a huge scar in the neck to reel you in and make you watch a video😳😱

  • Ismael
    Ismael2 timer siden

    my body is acting weird listening to this, good luck on ur recovery.

  • Use Code DxGtv in the item shop #ad
    Use Code DxGtv in the item shop #ad2 timer siden

    Glad your here man, thank God you had those safety glasses, you probably would've lost your eye or had a indentation in your skull.

  • Emeka Odikanekwu
    Emeka Odikanekwu2 timer siden

    Such a sad incident. Happy to know that you are alive. You are a brave soul indeed.

  • Mr Thomas
    Mr Thomas2 timer siden

    Get well soon. Be safe, God is with you and your family.

  • Pritam Singh
    Pritam Singh2 timer siden

    Good bless you .. and thank you dad on behalf of all of us !!

  • NoHalo 4Me
    NoHalo 4Me2 timer siden

    Put a thumb in it at God’s Speed.

  • Trevelle Jones
    Trevelle Jones2 timer siden

    I’m glad ur ok and that u showed the footage to get better insight on the accident

    GOLD BEAK2 timer siden

    Wow am glad your alive man⭐️

  • Ιωαννης Ανδριανος
    Ιωαννης Ανδριανος2 timer siden

    A great bravo to your dad 👏👏👏👏👏👏👍👍👍👍👍👍

  • Enles Freedom
    Enles Freedom3 timer siden

    God bless you sir. You are tuff as fucking nails . You are trooper

  • Jonathan Nagy
    Jonathan Nagy3 timer siden

    Don’t sell yourself short brother your instant reaction to stick your thumb in your neck is what saved your life gods hand was that your jugular didn’t retract, but your actions set yourself apart from most even equally or better trained

  • geo12325
    geo123253 timer siden

    Sometimes the algorithm gives you an absolute gem of a video. Glad to see you're doing well brother.

  • Brendon O'Connell II
    Brendon O'Connell II3 timer siden

    Why would 9000 people give it a thumbs down? Woke Biden voters?

  • Masoom Alam
    Masoom Alam3 timer siden

    U saved urself. Man. This is magical u r alive and this is great to see. Very happy. Have a wonderful life ahead sir.

  • Sir DogeAlot
    Sir DogeAlot3 timer siden

    ✨Dogecoin✨HOLD THE LINE✨🐱‍🏍💖

  • Cloud Strife
    Cloud Strife3 timer siden

    Thank god you had the safety glasses on. Hope you have a speedy recovery.

  • Nexy
    Nexy3 timer siden

    dude ur so lucky to be alive

  • Kevin Reeves
    Kevin Reeves3 timer siden

    Dang brother you are blessed God is good ill keep you in my prayers

  • Saqib motaz
    Saqib motaz3 timer siden

    It was not ur time. To. Go. Bro.. Happy to see. U fine 💯👍🏼🎉

  • Master Cheif
    Master Cheif3 timer siden

    I bet thats the last military surplus round you ever put in a gun. Lol you got lucky AF

  • crazy D
    crazy D3 timer siden

    Don’t let the liberals get a hold of is

  • crazy D
    crazy D3 timer siden

    Damn Glad you’re still here

  • Brett Troxel
    Brett Troxel3 timer siden

    I’m buying 5 shirts today. Get well soon homie.

  • traktor works
    traktor works3 timer siden

    I'm not a gun nut but this vid totally captivated me. a totally great story and so well presented. Best of luck and keep up your positive energy and attitude..... 💪🍎🍎

  • Ancalon
    Ancalon3 timer siden

    Yeah its god, surely not all the medical staff

  • Kurosaki Suzuki
    Kurosaki Suzuki3 timer siden

    He got uno reversed card by his own gun and is still alive What a legend!

  • ThatTexasGuy762
    ThatTexasGuy7623 timer siden

    🙏🙏🙏 glad you made it my man

  • Swisher
    Swisher3 timer siden

    Happy ur here and alive….. But brosky, There are MILLIONS of things to do other then that bullshit. Glad ur well.

  • Zach776
    Zach7763 timer siden

    Can we appreciate those glasses tho, very good product

  • Fun With Reefing
    Fun With Reefing3 timer siden

    Bought a T Shirt today. I love the idea and more importantly, you are recovering and will continue these videos! God bleed you!

  • Imperial Monster
    Imperial Monster3 timer siden

    Keep urself up brotha!

  • pikaSHREWm
    pikaSHREWm4 timer siden

    And duuuude you and your dad are the same exact person lollll

  • mikeydiablo
    mikeydiablo4 timer siden

    serves you right for playing with guns.

  • dndj jdjdj
    dndj jdjdj4 timer siden

    i haven’t been watching for like 2 months and then i come back to this, get better bro.

  • Jackson Landers
    Jackson Landers4 timer siden

    I hope you get better and I love your video

  • Robert Pion
    Robert Pion4 timer siden

    The insanity of this exploding is like surviving a hand grenade ON STEROIDS right up against your face and upper body. Smart father and quick thinking on both sides.

  • My Monitor
    My Monitor4 timer siden

    Time to get a new hobby.

  • Monstah
    Monstah4 timer siden

    How much were on medical bills?

  • allshallperish1100
    allshallperish11004 timer siden

    That’s a insane story thank you for sharing glad to see your still here

  • bruce chen
    bruce chen4 timer siden


    INSANExSQUID4 timer siden

    I Had anxiety during the whole video. You are a freaking gladiator. God bless you an your family! Ive never dropped this many tears without actually crying but just casually dropping a tear every minute in my life.

  • mario marez
    mario marez4 timer siden

    Amen brother! If it wasn’t for Him. Keep healing well.

  • André Anders
    André Anders4 timer siden


  • Matt Tucker
    Matt Tucker4 timer siden

    I'm no religious man but damn, maybe devine interventions really do happen. Glad you're OK! Looking forward to more vids when you're ready.

  • Shion No Ranga Erino
    Shion No Ranga Erino4 timer siden

    0:58 “go big or go home” well.. you got both, big explosion, go home and rest btw hope you get better, that must be very hurt. I’m so glad that you’re alive. love your channel so much

  • Tobias Cibira
    Tobias Cibira4 timer siden

    God didnt save you, it was the doctors.

  • Tobias Cibira

    Tobias Cibira

    4 timer siden

    @usmausmma Of zero faith. I dont need it i have science.

  • usmausmma


    4 timer siden

    Ye of little faith.

  • Remisan
    Remisan4 timer siden


  • Reshirex
    Reshirex4 timer siden


  • Robert Steingasser
    Robert Steingasser4 timer siden

    I'm so glad you are still here.....strong as a Bull💪💪i think that was that SLAP Round!!

  • Shiro Gtr
    Shiro Gtr4 timer siden

    Its a sign from universe, that you should focus on something positive for the society, instead of tools for killing. You were clearly pretty lucky there.

  • Benjamin Mendenhall
    Benjamin Mendenhall4 timer siden

    Get well soon

  • Koso Khiam
    Koso Khiam4 timer siden

    Get well soon.

  • Eric Hilton
    Eric Hilton5 timer siden

    That is one insane experience you had there, even more crazy to have been recording it! Glad your making a fast recovery, God bless!

  • Bethany Myers
    Bethany Myers5 timer siden

    God bless you friend ❤🙏 love and healing found you and your stories from sheepdog on tictoc

  • Asmar Zubair
    Asmar Zubair5 timer siden

    May God bless you 🙏🙏

  • Anibal Gonzalez
    Anibal Gonzalez5 timer siden

    18:52 I don't even like guns, but at that moment, you can see it in his face: I still go it~

  • Biggie Cheese
    Biggie Cheese5 timer siden

    I’m just scrolling looking at all the gun NOlocalr comments hope you get better

  • Codysdad1195
    Codysdad11955 timer siden

    I'm very Glad you are OK. But I have to make a common sense point. with a law enforcement background and training why would you ever fire a .50 cal round you know noting about? If I put any round in my firearms. I look at the case for any markings. If they are unmarked I won't use them for obvious reasons. Ypou had no idea how hot the round was. It was obious that it was an explosive round or overcharged. GOD Bless you Brother

  • Justin Pow
    Justin Pow5 timer siden

    That's a pretty crazy near death experience. God was definitely watching over you, get better soon!!

  • GrassGuy 420
    GrassGuy 4205 timer siden

    God bless

  • Like Button
    Like Button5 timer siden

    Best t-shirt ever

  • Γρηγόρης Πρινάρης
    Γρηγόρης Πρινάρης5 timer siden

    I hope you get well soon bud

  • Like Button
    Like Button5 timer siden

    I once had a collapsed lung and they also jammed that metal rod between my ribs to put the chest tub in. I was wide awake in the emergency room while they were doing this

  • chriscrooks86
    chriscrooks865 timer siden

    Glad your doing better . That was a close call bro

  • Nick Flewelling
    Nick Flewelling5 timer siden

    Damn. That scar is gunna be gnarly

  • F F
    F F5 timer siden

    Bro, stop shooting old ammo. It's very volatile. Glad you made it brother. 101st

  • kyle Peter
    kyle Peter5 timer siden

    We're all here for 4:20... You're welcome 😊

  • Nicholas jason
    Nicholas jason5 timer siden

    Thank god your OK.

  • JayR Jay
    JayR Jay5 timer siden

    It’s a miracle! Beyond glad you’re doing okay brother.

  • scott haynes
    scott haynes5 timer siden

    Guns lol

  • pmm4177
    pmm41775 timer siden

    I'm not a religious guy but someone was watching out for you

  • TheRealJman11 YEET
    TheRealJman11 YEET5 timer siden

    Hope you get better!

    TIM CLEAR5 timer siden

    You are a complete champ!!

  • gameing
    gameing5 timer siden

    This guy survived a 50 Cal explosion and then made a shirt about it. Badass.

  • hunter southard
    hunter southard5 timer siden

    You are a fucking legend sir

  • Dimon
    Dimon5 timer siden

    Gun was weak. Silly design.

  • Joey Miller
    Joey Miller6 timer siden

    That's an amazing story man god is good I had an accident similar to your story so I feel your pain man

  • David Flowers
    David Flowers6 timer siden

    Good to hear you are recovering, praying for you and your family! god is great!

  • Ace B
    Ace B6 timer siden

    Thank Heavenly Father you are here with us today :) God is good

  • felipe rodriguez
    felipe rodriguez6 timer siden

    God bless! Keep strong! Keep the faith!

  • Simple Kea
    Simple Kea6 timer siden

    Here from krud plug

  • fuck jake paul
    fuck jake paul6 timer siden

    Better keep to russian😊

  • fuck jake paul
    fuck jake paul6 timer siden

    I guess he wont be using american guns again🤣😅

  • willbot 9000
    willbot 90006 timer siden

    stay alive forever

  • Zewa Wisch&Weg
    Zewa Wisch&Weg6 timer siden

    How did this Vid even got downvotes, humans are sick.

  • Zach The one gamer
    Zach The one gamer6 timer siden

    Them eggplants are up to something. They did this.

  • PMB26
    PMB266 timer siden

    What is up with these PEOPLE DISLIKING THIS VIDEO? THIS MAN CLEARLY ALMOST LOST HIS LIFE MAKING A CONTENT FOR YALL TO SEE. SMMFH! Glad that you made it brother! GOD Gave you another chance, make the best of it. Take care.

  • Thomas Rapanos
    Thomas Rapanos6 timer siden

    I am glad you are ok brother

  • The White Sheep
    The White Sheep6 timer siden

    You are right that is God he healed you quick because GOD IS GOOD

  • Justin McGreevy
    Justin McGreevy6 timer siden

    Glad to see you are getting better! Amen brother.

  • The White Sheep
    The White Sheep6 timer siden

    Praise GOD for your recovery

  • The White Sheep
    The White Sheep6 timer siden

    May GOD bless this man and may GOD help him recover fast God is Good