My 666 IQ Imposter Play Made the NEWS


i literally don't see a point in anything lmfao
Birdjsakdasd APP!!!: Corpse_Husband
listen 2 some tunes doggy!
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  • Cherry_Cinnamon Tree
    Cherry_Cinnamon TreeMinutt siden

    "Also we were drinking." Me: Ah, I see, May i join in on that?

  • rolling THUNDERRR
    rolling THUNDERRR25 minutter siden

    8:50 omg bretmen u did not lmao😭😂

  • rolling THUNDERRR
    rolling THUNDERRR26 minutter siden

    7:52 lmaooo😂

  • rolling THUNDERRR
    rolling THUNDERRR29 minutter siden

    7:19 lmao yess i mean they do have matching scarfs they gotta stick together

  • rolling THUNDERRR
    rolling THUNDERRR30 minutter siden

    27:10 im confused why there like corpse u got him he killed bretmen in front of everyone ? do they think he's sheriff i thought toast was sheriff confusion

  • Sailor Moon
    Sailor Moon32 minutter siden

    Hi corpse I know before all your among us content you were narrating scary story’s and I was wondering if you would ever consider doing a podcast? Just an idea. Anyways you most likely won’t see this but have a good day :)

  • Courtney Mason
    Courtney Mason47 minutter siden

    Loving all the new hats. Is the Dream mask actually in there or is it a mod? God your videos make me smile.

  • G I S E L L E
    G I S E L L ETime siden

  • LegoDwarf 120
    LegoDwarf 120Time siden

    Never reveal your face. Stay anonymous with your smexy voice

  • 1maginary.Dragon
    1maginary.Dragon2 timer siden

    😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣 I can't control my laughter

  • Fannii Edits
    Fannii Edits2 timer siden

    U put the “666” into the video . Noice

  • Anna Turnbull
    Anna Turnbull3 timer siden


  • JL Kookie
    JL Kookie3 timer siden

    Tinaaa lowkey looks like real life Nezuko

  • Kids Minick
    Kids Minick3 timer siden

    Hey corpse

  • iiCloudy_ Skiezii
    iiCloudy_ Skiezii4 timer siden

    Corpse: Sykkuno get on the wall Sykkuno: tell me what to do Me: '_' -_- '_'

  • tough dawg
    tough dawg5 timer siden

    The description. Yo Corpse you are real lucky. Dont push yourself on doing stuff that you dont feel like doing. There are always ways and solutions for every problem

  • lq chong
    lq chong6 timer siden

  • Slavmander
    Slavmander7 timer siden

    Ever gonna upload scary stories? Or are you stuck in this among us trance

  • Koreen Lee Zabate
    Koreen Lee Zabate7 timer siden

    why you use a voice changer

  • On K
    On K8 timer siden

    So you don't do scary stories now🤔

  • 2smooth 2
    2smooth 28 timer siden

    hi coarpse

  • SanjuNair
    SanjuNair9 timer siden

    Try inhaling sodium hexaflouride Will he be audible tho

  • Galaxy Cat
    Galaxy Cat9 timer siden

    Go back to horror stories plzzzz

    DEVIL9 timer siden


  • Arthur Morgan
    Arthur Morgan9 timer siden

    I'm missing the scary stories tbh :( But this is good enough. Hearing corpses voice is great

  • Patrick Imperial
    Patrick Imperial9 timer siden

    I was laughing with Sykkuno when Bretman asked what AFK meant 😂

  • Asherayne Romero
    Asherayne Romero10 timer siden

    BrookeAB: "oh, *gasp* Corpse, remember when I killed you in storage earlier wasn't that so funny?" Corpse: "*triggered* oh really" Corpse: *kills BrookeAB* Me: LMAO

  • ICE_idk !!!
    ICE_idk !!!10 timer siden

    I remember when you read creepy pastas sad

  • Al Rivers
    Al Rivers11 timer siden

    I ship u and your llittle plant boi

  • XxX Tentacles
    XxX Tentacles13 timer siden

    How r people still playing this shitty game bruh

  • XxX Tentacles

    XxX Tentacles

    8 timer siden

    @pinkishgorgon27 why would i.cry about sum like this bozo 🤣🤣🤣🤡🤡🤡🤡

  • pinkishgorgon27


    11 timer siden

    Cry about it bud

    YEGGS13 timer siden

    Corpse Stan's aren't as bad as dream stans but they are still stupid enough to like this clickbait video

  • sakuwrld


    3 timer siden

    @Ata Eda obviously u don’t understand me and this dude comment

  • Ata Eda

    Ata Eda

    4 timer siden

    @sakuwrld There no need to see their face if their personality is great:)

  • sakuwrld


    13 timer siden

    Corpse stans and dreams fans are wild annoying lol they haven’t even seen there face but find them sexy like how????😂

  • Dominic Charles
    Dominic Charles13 timer siden

    Just out of curiosity, what happened to Corpse’s parents?

  • Diya dhimal
    Diya dhimal14 timer siden

    Been with ya since the stories recordings.

  • The Crazer Kid
    The Crazer Kid14 timer siden

    Lol who plays among us anymore lol

  • isabella steitz
    isabella steitz15 timer siden

    me 10 mins in the vid... did this really make the news??

  • Zone 383
    Zone 38317 timer siden

    Kinda sad that a once great horror story channel with a good reader has turned into “EPIC AMONG US SUS WIN EPIC 10000 IQ IMPOSTER SUS” channel. Really gonna miss the chilling stories that brought me here.

  • pugames
    pugames17 timer siden


  • David Devlin
    David Devlin17 timer siden

    I dont watch him for a couple weeks and he gains 2 million subs

  • ꜞBacon ꜞ
    ꜞBacon ꜞ17 timer siden

    Did you but among us on steam or what?

  • AlphaRacoon
    AlphaRacoon17 timer siden

    I wonder how big this guys adams apple is 🤔

  • Jnk Tilt
    Jnk Tilt18 timer siden

    ik you wont find this corpse but if you do you are my fave youtuber and i would love to hear you do another song agrophobic is my fave and it keeps me going you are such a kind person i can just tell and i hope you enjoy your day anyone who sees this from ???

  • Idontknowhowbruv
    Idontknowhowbruv18 timer siden

    unrelated but dude find a way to make some songs with yng hstler i think it would be such a great sound.

  • TXNXA Corpse Bingussen
    TXNXA Corpse Bingussen18 timer siden

    Subscribe to teddYgetsthegold make him go big

  • gatcha stories
    gatcha stories19 timer siden

    i fucking love your songs on Spotify

  • I poop a lot I poop a lot
    I poop a lot I poop a lot19 timer siden

    "I think I can hear D R A G O N" gee I wonder what that is

  • V.A223
    V.A22319 timer siden

    15:55 Rae: I cAn HeAr SyKkUnO iN tHe AfTeRlIfE😂😂

  • Daniel Ochoa
    Daniel Ochoa20 timer siden

    bro corpse you have not have been making videos

  • Reaper
    Reaper20 timer siden

    I stumbled across this video and I think I found out why people like corpse so much-

  • Asino Ralte
    Asino Ralte20 timer siden

    "i missed clicked" 😂😂

  • Drues
    Drues21 time siden


  • Aaliyah Osborne
    Aaliyah Osborne22 timer siden

    corpse do u remeber kyler??

  • Boise Monster
    Boise Monster22 timer siden

    Corpse just landed :b Lol

  • PorkyX9
    PorkyX922 timer siden

    this is my first time watching his channel, his voice makes my throat feel weird when I listen to it

    NULL STRETCH23 timer siden


  • Tyler Coleman
    Tyler Coleman23 timer siden

    Ay i was drinkin too! I WAS DRINKIN SUM- Sparkling water..What do you think i was drinking??

  • that sus
    that susDag siden


  • Chimken Nuggets
    Chimken NuggetsDag siden

    Corpse Cg5 made a song about you can you please listen to it? 🥺 👉👈

  • Thelater First
    Thelater FirstDag siden

    downlosd crew link you and your friends its make the proximity chat whitout asking a admin or an owner to give you a mod

  • Lina Žitinevičiūtė
    Lina ŽitinevičiūtėDag siden

    This idea is from SocksFor1

  • Lon
    LonDag siden

    dang, first time coming here and that voice dude...... SOO DEEP

  • Lon


    Dag siden

    @Anime simp it suits so much for scary stories

  • Lon


    Dag siden

    @Anime simp yes

  • Anime simp

    Anime simp

    Dag siden

    Ikr his voice is so cool

  • Dazai Simp
    Dazai SimpDag siden

    when among us is too hard, *you pour another glass of beer and chug your problems away*

  • naomi
    naomiDag siden

    “because now you are an impostor imposting as dream” LMAOO

  • Becky Briguera
    Becky BrigueraDag siden

    Wow he is 7 mil subs

  • Superboss1259
    Superboss1259Dag siden

    Corpse: I’m imposter vote me (he’s telling the truth) Everyone: alright we know it’s not corpse just let’s vote someone else 3 months later corpse: I’m imposter Everyone: alright even thought every time he says he’s imposter he’s telling the truth maybe he isn’t imposter this time

  • Nickosa
    NickosaDag siden

    Bro i was gonna start the video when some ad started playing and it was called "How to simp"

  • UPB josh
    UPB joshDag siden

    Have I been clickbaited?

  • Jared Adrian Baticula
    Jared Adrian BaticulaDag siden

    How did they have that hats? Its amayzing i really need those

  • Amanda Tan
    Amanda TanDag siden

    The materialistic music rheologically attempt because unshielded basically confess in a humdrum pint. best, flippant flower

  • Fyfie __
    Fyfie __Dag siden

    Ash is genuinely my fav atm! “Well stop being such a bitch then”

  • JennyApostolos
    JennyApostolosDag siden

    9:15 - 12:15 such a great round!

  • shadowpegen
    shadowpegenDag siden

    I have never ever seen anyone with that much deep voice

  • tee zeee
    tee zeeeDag siden

    when the impostor is sus

  • Tina Nguyen
    Tina NguyenDag siden

    The eatable debtor rationally flash because crook baly prevent despite a separate columnist. hilarious, lacking shoe

  • Arif Hidayat
    Arif HidayatDag siden

    bandage on the neck..........

  • Simone Nicole
    Simone NicoleDag siden

    I love your voice

  • Rasha
    RashaDag siden

    Corpse we miiiissss yooou aplode videoooooos pleeeaaas

  • Olivia Gesovski
    Olivia GesovskiDag siden

    his voice- im gonna die of blushing anytime soon now~

  • Asha Singh
    Asha SinghDag siden

    Imagine getting a heart ❤️ from corpse

  • Duplicating Elf
    Duplicating ElfDag siden

    Jesus how old is he I can't think of a face or an age that matches his voice

  • Rims
    RimsDag siden

    I have a crush con Corpse help

  • Iv an
    Iv anDag siden

    Hey corpse how will your voice sound if you inhale sulfur hexafloride basically to complete opposite of helium.

  • Leah plays here
    Leah plays hereDag siden

    how did he do that deep voice??? D: and..I was shook when the video started

  • OhKneeSan
    OhKneeSanDag siden

    play among us on vr chat, u can switch avatars after murder to make it more interesting ;)

  • z2power
    z2powerDag siden

    7:57 okay

  • Vanessa Salcido
    Vanessa SalcidoDag siden

    me whenever I just started watching you : he got a hella deep voise

  • polish andy
    polish andyDag siden

    The elite shoulder trivially park because magazine elderly rain save a acrid ornament. black-and-white, unsightly digital

  • Skybryn 87
    Skybryn 87Dag siden

    Corpse I'm so sorry u have this disease for your deep voice

  • Uhhh
    UhhhDag siden

    Zero talent jus have deep voice

  • Julius Butler
    Julius ButlerDag siden

    i mean tina....

  • Brenda Ramos
    Brenda RamosDag siden

    me: so levi- i mean corpse is the imp-

  • Levey London
    Levey LondonDag siden


  • Aiko Suki
    Aiko SukiDag siden

    Just to people who need this get some sleep drink some water go eat something don’t overwork yourself

  • Queen Royale
    Queen RoyaleDag siden

    your voice is deep!

  • Lucas Hunt 2
    Lucas Hunt 2Dag siden

    Hey dude it’s me sonic and just let you know I promise

    Miss.orangeDag siden

    When I saw the thumbnail I was like Da fowk cus I don't watch the new

  • SufiTheGoofy
    SufiTheGoofyDag siden

    Corpse’s voice = 😈💀💀☠️ Corpse’s personality = 🌸🌹🌞🦋

  • Omar Elzahdan
    Omar ElzahdanDag siden

    corpse is a inspiration to many

  • Victor Aponte
    Victor AponteDag siden

    Drunk Rae. Never thought I'd ever see this. 5:42

  • cartman toto
    cartman totoDag siden

    wow man a see you in mrbeast rewind and wow a like your voice

  • Thot pocket_69
    Thot pocket_69Dag siden

    did anyone else peep that at around 15:38 sykunno sat back down at the same time hafu got up