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  • Omar Fadel Al-Ali
    Omar Fadel Al-Ali3 timer siden

    I just got a 189 draft and came here to watch him (again) not being able to do it 🤣

  • Proper OMG
    Proper OMG5 timer siden

    I got a 192

  • Kacper Kożuszek
    Kacper KożuszekDag siden

    Kto z Polski??

  • matthew c
    matthew cDag siden

    I looked in the W2S and then I saw this one

  • KD1


    Dag siden

    Yo man I am asking a few people if they want me to build them a team for a vid as I just made a NOlocal channel and I would really appreciate it if I could

  • Koobin
    KoobinDag siden

    You should put ur KSI diss track on Spotify

  • Akshaan Mehra
    Akshaan MehraDag siden

    9:18 marked..... Disappointed...

  • Rheon McKenzie Y11
    Rheon McKenzie Y11Dag siden

    he couldve played hintereger and then the bundasliga left back

  • Tommy B
    Tommy BDag siden

    he got the german left back the idiot

  • Hasin Rezwan
    Hasin RezwanDag siden


  • MR NEW 【2】【2】
    MR NEW 【2】【2】2 dager siden

    7-0-286 record, phenomenal

  • Alex Gensan
    Alex Gensan2 dager siden

    My friend literally just reached 191 in draughts fifa

  • Mikail Akbar
    Mikail Akbar2 dager siden

    I does watch a video what was so sad the video was about Maradona died

    AYIQ CHANNEL2 dager siden

    Harry Lewis

  • roblox boyq10
    roblox boyq102 dager siden

    Why are you not uploading to your other channel? I miss the old you

  • Skullgames98
    Skullgames982 dager siden

    Who thinks harry has forgotten the password for his main channel (W2S)

  • Santos Uthya
    Santos Uthya2 dager siden

    Harry you never put any videos why???

  • M RA
    M RA2 dager siden

    I don't think any ladies will watch this..

  • Dayafamily Daya
    Dayafamily Daya2 dager siden

    In a new vid

  • Dayafamily Daya
    Dayafamily Daya2 dager siden

    Yo I dare you to get a 196 rated draft

  • Jesus Arcos
    Jesus Arcos2 dager siden

    Can you play fortnite

  • Zain Dawood
    Zain Dawood2 dager siden

    Search fifa 21 draft and count the screaming faces

  • Ace Cream
    Ace Cream2 dager siden

    Left a like because he chooses Messi over Ronaldo

  • Anos Lolo
    Anos Lolo2 dager siden

    98 team of the year keep it up bro

  • Kamile Taspinar
    Kamile Taspinar3 dager siden

    You should of switched sissoko with partley for Max chem

  • Art Norton
    Art Norton3 dager siden


  • lbrxdyx
    lbrxdyx3 dager siden

    I got a 192 is that good?

  • Siddharth Kumar
    Siddharth Kumar3 dager siden

    click bait

  • Trick
    Trick3 dager siden

    POV : You can’t find his main channel

  • KD1


    Dag siden

    Yo man I am asking a few people if they want me to build them a team for a vid as I just made a NOlocal channel and I would really appreciate it if I could

  • Veljko Veljko
    Veljko Veljko3 dager siden

    I did get 2 weeks ago 190 but you are still one of first

  • Bijlowdinho 187
    Bijlowdinho 1873 dager siden

    epic celtic bakcground music nice lad

  • OB12 Gamer
    OB12 Gamer3 dager siden

    Pes opening video

  • Hamza Tufekci
    Hamza Tufekci3 dager siden

    Why don t tell us you bullyd your face to ksı s but

  • Theo Hiller
    Theo Hiller3 dager siden

    He could have done the 190 of he would have have switched out sisoko to partey

  • Charlie Gasior
    Charlie Gasior3 dager siden

    I love your vidoes

  • Αργύρης Βασιλείου
    Αργύρης Βασιλείου3 dager siden


  • Noah O’Toole
    Noah O’Toole3 dager siden


  • Oakley Hamilton
    Oakley Hamilton3 dager siden


  • HARLEY Harkerr
    HARLEY Harkerr3 dager siden

    Harry you know your on Netflix magic for humans episode know fear

  • Chris AC
    Chris AC3 dager siden

    Anyone actually know why harry hasnt uploaded to his big account in over a year?

  • Tanaka
    Tanaka3 dager siden

    Waiting lobby for apology video:

  • Grizzly Bear
    Grizzly Bear4 dager siden

    The way w2s fell off was crazy. He’s legit just a shit Chris MD these days. He’s funny in sidemen videos sometimes tho

  • Grizzly Bear

    Grizzly Bear

    3 dager siden

    He’s goated for being autistic

  • Grizzly Bear

    Grizzly Bear

    3 dager siden

    He’s not fulfilling his potential. I made that comment in the hopes he would see it and start to fulfill his potential instead of making the exact same boring content every week

  • Tanaka


    3 dager siden

    Harry goated so leave it at that

  • Tanaka


    3 dager siden

    Yet he still made more money than both of us 😂😂😭.

  • Billy Chong
    Billy Chong4 dager siden

    I got a 192 with 5 toty

  • Elecharge
    Elecharge4 dager siden

    Make something other than FIFA. This is boring now

  • Anishke Gooneratne
    Anishke Gooneratne4 dager siden

    Who’s here after they found out Harry got banned?

  • Percival Morris
    Percival Morris4 dager siden


  • Person1289
    Person12894 dager siden

    all og's of the main channel are sad because you don't upload football content

  • Shayaan
    Shayaan4 dager siden

    Who wants harry to return to his W2S channel after he reach 16 million subscribers

  • KD1


    Dag siden

    Yo man I am asking a few people if they want me to build them a team for a vid as I just made a NOlocal channel and I would really appreciate it if I could

  • Oliver Mortimer
    Oliver Mortimer4 dager siden

    anyone realise that he turned down thomas delaney and didnt see him

  • Rees Curran
    Rees Curran4 dager siden

    Bet his hoodie fuckin stinks

  • NP17_riley
    NP17_riley4 dager siden

    He got a 190

  • reegan b6
    reegan b64 dager siden

    Yea i got a 191...

  • Santos Uthya
    Santos Uthya4 dager siden

    Messi vs Ronaldo Who is better

  • Santos Uthya
    Santos Uthya4 dager siden

    W2s pls put fifa 21 fut draft pls pls pls

  • Rayaan
    Rayaan5 dager siden

    I got 191

  • Juanes wedsuhx
    Juanes wedsuhx5 dager siden

    he lived to regret the choice of chosen goosens

  • Corey Lyon
    Corey Lyon5 dager siden

    Hi Harry. You probably won’t see this but oh well. I just wanna know what happened on the most recent sidemen Sunday . I heard a lighter. Everyone was in pure shock and then Ethan said ‘he just got out a joint’ and the woman said ‘he drinks and SMOKES too much’ I just wanna know the story. If you’re struggling you can always reach out ❤️❤️❤️

  • Sniper Fighter 1 Fortnite on my other channel
    Sniper Fighter 1 Fortnite on my other channel5 dager siden

    Play MADFUT 21

  • ام احمد الموسوي
    ام احمد الموسوي5 dager siden

    I love WS2

  • Hallo ,
    Hallo ,5 dager siden

    If you chose aguero you had 100 chem

  • Mason Nicholson
    Mason Nicholson5 dager siden

    I got a 191

  • Fallen Pheonix
    Fallen Pheonix5 dager siden

    W2S, i would like to thank u with all my heart bc when my dad died i discovered your channel and its kept me going ever since so thank you

    FOOTEBALL5 dager siden

    Go back to w2s pls😭😭😭

  • ILOTI Gang
    ILOTI Gang5 dager siden

    my motivation to start a NOlocal channel hope I become as big

  • Jr_
    Jr_6 dager siden

    Hi there Harold Christopher George Lewis

  • Ollie Lawton
    Ollie Lawton6 dager siden

    Has Harry logged out of his main channel and forgotten the password

  • DanielValor
    DanielValor6 dager siden

    Go at your main channel Harry!!!

  • Ektoras Sideris
    Ektoras Sideris6 dager siden

    my best rating was 91 but the chem was 93

  • 7
    76 dager siden

    Smash a controller if you pack someone good in your next vid🎮

  • Itshenry 2006
    Itshenry 20066 dager siden

    He forgot his main acc password didn't he

  • BasiicNoodle
    BasiicNoodle6 dager siden

    Harry wouldn’t u make more money from ur main Yt..

  • jo3_y
    jo3_y7 dager siden

    w2s your my fave youtuber

  • jo3_y
    jo3_y7 dager siden

    i subed

  • jo3_y


    7 dager siden


  • Muslim Dior
    Muslim Dior7 dager siden

    He only inhales through his teeth when he makes a draft lol

  • PyroTeamEde
    PyroTeamEde7 dager siden

    Why dont you upload on your real account? More money right?

  • Et O
    Et O7 dager siden


  • Marcus Bøje
    Marcus Bøje7 dager siden

    Hey i just Got a really good 194 rated draft today but its on FIFA 20

  • G
    G7 dager siden

    Harry is the funniest The latest sideman video he’s a g hahaha Keep going my G🙌

  • Salman Ehsan
    Salman Ehsan7 dager siden

    Who is watching this aftet his incredible performance at the sidemen video 20 vs 1 sidemen harry edition

  • Mason The bot
    Mason The bot7 dager siden

    well take biscuits-harry 2021

  • Debbie Franklin
    Debbie Franklin7 dager siden

    I used code helpw2s in the fortnite store

  • ALKevins
    ALKevins7 dager siden long ball

  • Leon
    Leon7 dager siden

    Lol I got a 190 today

  • jack
    jack7 dager siden

    If u check his old channel his most recent vid is him trying to get a 190 aswell

  • The real Harvzz
    The real Harvzz7 dager siden

    Who’s here after the 20 girls vs Harry sidemen video 🤣

  • Lils games
    Lils games7 dager siden

    Have you notice that his blue hoodie is the best for thumbnails 😂😂

  • Jumpshot Gaming
    Jumpshot Gaming7 dager siden

    Remember in early 2020 when he just stopped making vids

  • Tony Hoare
    Tony Hoare8 dager siden

    Reddit video?

  • pynx hehe
    pynx hehe8 dager siden

    Harry is just gIvInG mE fReE mOtIvAtIoN

  • fishy boi
    fishy boi8 dager siden

    'We'll take biscuits'

  • Sonnygamer S
    Sonnygamer S8 dager siden

    Put me in your videos

  • CLD Adam
    CLD Adam8 dager siden

    Harry is wearing a faze clan t-shirt but he's in the sidemen...

  • Nanda Temgire
    Nanda Temgire8 dager siden

    Harry I got a 195 on fifa 21

  • Romeo Kaljurand
    Romeo Kaljurand8 dager siden

    love your vids

  • Sizen
    Sizen8 dager siden

    people that didnt get an icon lik :(

  • ted hotspurs
    ted hotspurs8 dager siden

    Hi harry whats your girlfriends name

  • Precelek YT
    Precelek YT8 dager siden

    Zajebisty odcinek

  • Merrick Hunt
    Merrick Hunt8 dager siden

    EO German

  • Lionel A
    Lionel A8 dager siden

    Your so lucky you don’t have to go back to school on March 8th

  • I Daniel Bake
    I Daniel Bake8 dager siden

    1:40 Busquets: biscuits 😂😂😂

  • Maddox Inigo
    Maddox Inigo8 dager siden

    bruh plennty of fifa ytuber has did a 190 BRUHH