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  • Emirichu
    Emirichu13 dager siden

    I've been getting some comments from people about how the fairy lore reminds them of the Tinkerbell movies, which apparently also have seasonal fairies! :0 I've never actually seen any of the Tinkerbell/Pixie Hollow movies so I had no idea 😭 While I didn't take any inspiration from Pixie Hollow, the autumn fairies having leaf wings were def inspired by the earth faerie from Neopets LOL

  • The Walking Mushroom

    The Walking Mushroom

    Dag siden

    @Jonasuz IT ISSSSSS i’m a satyr named Daisy! (person with elf ears goat horns and goat legs) and i’m a Warlock! THIS IS YOUR REMINDER TO GET INTO THE WORLD OF DND >:D

  • Ribble Sirscribble

    Ribble Sirscribble

    2 dager siden

    so basically small winged insect eladrins

  • 30K


    3 dager siden


  • Sydney


    4 dager siden

    Oh my God I have that dice the dice that you showed I mostly use them but I am going to play a game that involves dice and I always want to use them because I really pretty

  • Jack Goodman

    Jack Goodman

    4 dager siden

    @Emirichu You should play with Arcadum! He's always looking for people to play D&D!

  • pilar borja
    pilar borja6 minutter siden

    15:40 I love this avatar reference

  • Firyxx the UNO
    Firyxx the UNO23 minutter siden

    I know sponsorships are awesome and all. But Raycons are just straight utter garbage. The money that went into the product is basically 90% marketing. There are plenty of better options you could get that offer better sound quality and are way cheaper. Don't fall for it.

  • Kristina Bujnova
    Kristina Bujnova35 minutter siden

    I play D&D with my family and I'm an Elf Bard Venti

  • William Swedin
    William Swedin41 minutt siden

    This could be an anime.

  • JD Redneck
    JD Redneck54 minutter siden


  • King Joker30
    King Joker302 timer siden

    Please show when you play dnd. Would love to see your dnd campaign

  • JackDespero
    JackDespero3 timer siden

    I loved your lore for fairies. Fantastic.

  • Chubbyhero2000
    Chubbyhero20003 timer siden

    thanks to homebrew YAY

  • Layla Esparza
    Layla Esparza5 timer siden

    Amazing amazing! Also i can't stop simping for Robinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn NOOOOOO- It's like it's a bad thing- right?😃

  • Steiner Grimm
    Steiner Grimm6 timer siden

    Those moth fairies better have dark scleras. *breathing heavily* jk.

  • Ashlee Crump
    Ashlee Crump7 timer siden

    I’m about to fall a sleep from this persons voice it’s so soothing

  • Jhonny Carreno
    Jhonny Carreno7 timer siden

    U should do a live stream on that day

  • Gen Vy
    Gen Vy8 timer siden

    Me: *is loving the character's lore, and is already loving Robin.* Emily: And what happened to Robin..? Me: 👀 Emily: I'll let the DM figure that out-- Me: WH-- NONONO- N O

  • JRT Sladeu
    JRT Sladeu10 timer siden

    emirichu saying eh to lord of the rings was my literal pillar of magic adventure and imagination it literally feels like u stabbing my childhood and I feel so sad cause of it and I feel so distraught on why you were so disinterested in it just my opinion but o man does this hurt mentally of course

  • aubrey pierce
    aubrey pierce11 timer siden

    not me simping over robin

  • Corrupted Cayden
    Corrupted Cayden12 timer siden

    i like to drink

  • Dylan Mendez
    Dylan Mendez12 timer siden

    I'm a boy so I'm disappointed in making this comment the comic and that whole thing should become a real cartoon

  • Pomburek
    Pomburek14 timer siden

    Emirichu: ~small woodland creatures~ also Emirichu: *a freaking deer*

  • frostだげ
    frostだげ15 timer siden

    hey Emirichu your friends playlist about DnD isn't working and I'd actually like to learn how to DM can you help fix the link .-.

  • JordiVibes
    JordiVibes15 timer siden


  • mason
    mason16 timer siden

    this was a really cool story and I like the charecter desighn, keep up the good work! sorry for the spelling TwT

  • Christian Romel Redoble
    Christian Romel Redoble16 timer siden


  • Shirakuno
    Shirakuno17 timer siden

    Omg Lilypichu voice acts Plumeria

  • Tangy Baby
    Tangy Baby18 timer siden

    a person from my class is very into D&D and once he told me he burned down an orphanage while he was drunk. out of context.

  • Vulbens
    Vulbens18 timer siden

    I'll use your fairy lore for an AI Dungeon scenario. Thanks u for da inspiration!

  • the_queenbee 8UWU
    the_queenbee 8UWU19 timer siden

    Lol avatar reference

  • Ben the half demon
    Ben the half demon21 time siden

    I played Legend of Zelda on my brother's Nintendo and now I watch anime and read manga and sometimes still play Legend of Zelda

  • *lil munchie*
    *lil munchie*23 timer siden

    I feel special because I was born in December so I would be a winter fairy ✨

  • Malaki Abraham
    Malaki Abraham23 timer siden


  • Jade :3
    Jade :323 timer siden

    emily must despise what they did to the winx

  • Shaylee Barns
    Shaylee BarnsDag siden

    Part 2?

  • Samantha Zoe Miller
    Samantha Zoe MillerDag siden

    I’m a dwarf an fighter and I play DND with my family I HAVE A TOWN CALLED RANGERS DAIL❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Nickelback
    NickelbackDag siden

    I'm gonna start to play D&D soon

  • Rachel Cowgill
    Rachel CowgillDag siden

    Exactly, I mean my friend think it's a lot more complicated than that and I thought he was kinda right before I've heard of what you said about re-creating your world as a fantasy calture. I'm just glad that someones really think so of how it seems to become something like this.

  • Bae N’ Boo
    Bae N’ BooDag siden

    Me: *peacefully listening to the narration while having a toasty piece of bread* Emirichu: *RUDELY INTERRUPTS*

  • Prometheus Alniak
    Prometheus AlniakDag siden

    Bruhhhh I was literally playing DND with friends when my notification for this came up

  • Chips And Bot
    Chips And BotDag siden

    0:52 You CAN, be a fairy in dungeons and dragons though! But then your just considered a "monster" and it has its own advantages and disadvantages. Giving your character their stats might be harder if your choosing to play as a monster race in the game because there isn't really much information on what they have for stats, you usually just get basic information because you fight fairy's sometimes.

  • Rana khatib
    Rana khatibDag siden


  • Rana khatib
    Rana khatibDag siden


  • Dan_The_Talentless
    Dan_The_TalentlessDag siden

    That's RouGh BUDDY

  • tribe 141
    tribe 141Dag siden

    Not to self allow fairy homebrew in my worlds

  • Keith Green
    Keith GreenDag siden

    We need more

  • leah gomeyac
    leah gomeyacDag siden

    Can you make another 1 of these?

  • Akari_Sunshine
    Akari_SunshineDag siden


  • leah gomeyac
    leah gomeyacDag siden

    Can you make part 2?

  • knight alex
    knight alexDag siden

    The channel 4kids is still airing in bulgaria so it is still a thing.

  • Rosalie Moore
    Rosalie MooreDag siden

    This is so cool!

  • HeavePlayz
    HeavePlayzDag siden

    not me watching the first anime u put on the screen in the video 0.0

  • Spazm Cat
    Spazm CatDag siden

    Wait i thougth fairies are assholes That use illusion magic and other shizz The first time i got to play in a campaign and then we see a fairy village Me: "aww hello there little fairy Fairy: "give me your bones" Me: "You mean like in my backpack?" Fairy: "and your eyeballs" Me: "how about firebolt" *Casts firebolt*

  • Darien B
    Darien BDag siden

    Don't worry about not having this line up with D&D lore. No one really gives a crap about what the lore says. We have like an entire chapter of lore about a war between demons and devils in one book, and the playable races in Volos all have like... half a page to a page each of lore.

  • snail fan
    snail fanDag siden

    putting aside my personal spit towards D&D, I will watch this because I love your content.

  • snail fan

    snail fan

    Dag siden

    I'm crying rn I hate d&d SO MUCH NOOOOOOO

  • Diego Bertolino
    Diego BertolinoDag siden

    I have always wanted to play this game but my brain is too small to understand the in instructions.

  • Thawed Gamer
    Thawed GamerDag siden

    I would love a full manga series of this

  • EllySweets Xx
    EllySweets XxDag siden

    D&D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry I love Rpg ;) I once was a recolored kenku to look like a penguin and I love penguin And I watched Winks to

  • alexios hjkl
    alexios hjklDag siden

    welcome to the dnd tuber comunity

  • House Championship Wrestling
    House Championship WrestlingDag siden

    Me who is a half elf who lives alone in the woods: 🥰 My friend who is a human: 😭😅

  • Sara Sariowan
    Sara SariowanDag siden

    The fact that I didn’t even notice Plumeria was dubbed by Lilypichu- The character is so adorable

  • MyxMage
    MyxMageDag siden

    4:48 Moth fairy is so cuuuuute! Fluffy neck and sleepy/dandere expression is omega adorbs.

  • Fish Head
    Fish HeadDag siden

    I do hope u get to play her again

  • Fish Head
    Fish HeadDag siden

    Uhhhh paying attention in class come on, I write my novels during class

  • SmallNSM
    SmallNSMDag siden

    i wish this will be made into a full comic and publised then made ito a show or a movie

  • Nothing
    NothingDag siden

    pokemon sun and moon is a childs version of oaho hawaii i know I live there

  • Josiah Connor
    Josiah ConnorDag siden

    I would think it would be cool if you created a seperate channel for this and made it into an animated series i genuinely enjoyed watching this as it was a comic mixed with perfect story narration, i think you should continue this! :-)

  • Mikazuki Takayama
    Mikazuki Takayama2 dager siden


  • Son Decker
    Son Decker2 dager siden

    Well this was intriguing..

  • Juan Hernandez
    Juan Hernandez2 dager siden

    The murky babies topologically start because sea superfamily irritate barring a decorous afghanistan. special, jobless beet

  • SOUL
    SOUL2 dager siden

    Is it me or the wasp fairy looks like Ezra

  • Banjo Fry
    Banjo Fry2 dager siden


  • Dawson Vega
    Dawson Vega2 dager siden

    Probably no interest in it, however this would make an excellent webtoon and one I'd love to read

  • MoonRipple
    MoonRipple2 dager siden

    Can I make an oc in this world? Like is that ok?

  • Cedric Aaron Brocis
    Cedric Aaron Brocis2 dager siden

    OMG this should be an anime

  • Lars Vader
    Lars Vader2 dager siden

    This gave me a great ide for a charecter, whose gole is to help a fiary find its home again. I hope its okay for me to steal a bit from you 😅

  • Sanctimonious Locke
    Sanctimonious Locke2 dager siden

    Assuming the D&D setting was Forgotten Realms, this isn't even remotely close to the actual lore of Fairies. Still cute though. :3 (My own D&D character right now is a fey-bound Centaur Warlock, and her familiar is a fairy. Fairies are great.

  • King Ice Brain
    King Ice Brain2 dager siden

    We getting a manga anytime soon?

  • Rayne Wood
    Rayne Wood2 dager siden

    just from that story alone you sound like a fun player to have in a game and i am def invested in her story and want to see how it ends so i hope that you can find a game to play her in again and there arent that many fellow girls that play D&D and it seems like every time i find a girl that has played D&D they no longer play because of that one player that tried to get in their p*nts and that made then not want to play because it happened way to many times to them so it is good to see another girl that played the game

  • Heather Feathersong
    Heather Feathersong2 dager siden

    Ah homebrewing ^^ I actually recall another friend playing with a fairy character in a halloween campaign I did with friends. This fairy if I remember right was an artificer who rode on a cybernetic bunny of her creation that spit acid. The bunny could spit acid I should clarify anyway xD

  • Butterscotch Sketches
    Butterscotch Sketches2 dager siden

    Robin actually kinda looks like link from legend of zelda and plumeria is the fairy from ocarina of time

  • RSA 568
    RSA 5682 dager siden

    Emily’s character backstory: 4 comics, deep lore, a lost sister and other character based plot hooks My characters: big man swing sword good, am good adventurer.

  • Sayaka Amagumui
    Sayaka Amagumui2 dager siden

    I ship it

  • Sayaka Amagumui
    Sayaka Amagumui2 dager siden

    Turn this into a webtoon. OH OH OH OH. CAN I DO FANART OF PLUMERA

  • shyma s
    shyma s2 dager siden

    She should have publish the new book called 'Plumeria's Journey'. We will read in our life! : )

  • david downey
    david downey2 dager siden

    yayyyyy lilly! So happy to see Lily here!

  • Aleah Bear
    Aleah Bear2 dager siden

    "That's rough man." I bet she got that line from ATLA because Zuko once said to Sokka when Sokka tells Zuko that Yue turned into the moon lol

  • StaleBagel Man
    StaleBagel Man2 dager siden

    You sound like you'd be an amazing DM tbh. That was amazing writing for just background

  • Adea Oud
    Adea Oud2 dager siden

    I have no clue what dungeons and dragons is but oh well

  • zobatz
    zobatz2 dager siden

    emi im so invested in this story uwha-

  • Sugar Kitty
    Sugar Kitty2 dager siden

    'Small woodland creatures.' Shows large deer.

  • lovelysan
    lovelysan2 dager siden

    Your story/chara set up sounds like something that would be in a josei/shoujo light novel. I LOVE IT +_+ . I love it so much! And also the art was adorable. I hope you get a chance someday to write more and/or use her in a campaign :) .

  • Abrianna Bennett
    Abrianna Bennett2 dager siden

    Hey Emily, can you make this a series and If so, I would love to be a part of it

  • Eshlibo volgs
    Eshlibo volgs2 dager siden

    plumeria is so cute i love her hairstyle

  • Miah Fenton
    Miah Fenton2 dager siden

    this makes me want to work on making my D&D charter

  • boine the bunny
    boine the bunny3 dager siden

    Her voice tho

  • Diego Canar
    Diego Canar3 dager siden

    Plumeria's history=Eren's history (the part when a giant human attack the village)

  • Vinfo Gaming
    Vinfo Gaming3 dager siden

    WHY! EMIRICHU I'm still waiting for your Christmas "manga" anime now I'm waiting for your DND "manga" anime ... ... Anyway Netflix's adaptation when?

  • Thor Nelson
    Thor Nelson3 dager siden

    This is amazing and I honestly want to create your fairies as a d&d race. Also you never have to pay attention in class

  • Robert D
    Robert D3 dager siden

    You know, my father had a bit of a DnD story regarding a fairy PC. So, the party was dungeoniering through some caves with the player fairy scouting ahead. This fairy soon sees a bright blue light. Curious, the fairy flew closer to the light. Cut to the party, who hear a distant *zapp. As they continue down the cave, they discover a blue ball of light, and right under it was a single pair of burnt fairy wings.

  • RedJack
    RedJack3 dager siden

    DUDE!!! This is an amazing backstory that you have created that makes me insanely curious as to how the story will unfold. Mega props for your childhood and current you for coming up with this story. Please, please pleassseee be sure to post updates for this story if you ever do get the chance to run a campaign with her. Also I have to say that your design and explanations about faerie races is just as amazing. I hope that WotC would reach out to you about implementing them into the D&D lore (If they don't already have some).

  • Robert Gray
    Robert Gray3 dager siden

    My 2 characters are cor and Rin. Cor was a half dragon, while rin was human. his mother was full human with no surreal abilities, while his father was a half dragon with the element of fire. They were separated at birth, haven’t thought out how yet, but cor was a naturally talented sword fighter and when he was little he was taken in and eventually became part of the royal gaurd, while rin wasn’t as lucky and grew up and fended for herself on the streets where she learned to pickpocket, and years later she tries to pickpocket a mage and gets caught, and rather than getting handed over to the towns guard, he asked for a favor, rather she insisted on it then in a fight against giants the party abandoned her and a dragon flys down and carry’s her away to have her join a cult, she is hesitant at first but leaving the cave would result in death so she agrees and is given a pendant with the power of ice, contrast to her basic fire abilities but those were bare minimum

  • Robert Gray
    Robert Gray3 dager siden

    Friend: I don’t think you can be a fairy... Emichuru: *I said fairy...*