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  • King Kingston
    King Kingston2 timer siden

    The chef is a mechanic killed me

  • UwU JaMeZ
    UwU JaMeZ3 timer siden

    the first 10 minutes i thought that this restaurant had a normal owner but guess I was wrong.

  • R.I.P pull waker
    R.I.P pull waker5 timer siden

    This is how many goodness says f*** 👇

  • Fritz von Cranach
    Fritz von Cranach5 timer siden

    29:44 Almost every episode Gordon or his producers make us watch him shirtless.

  • ugur ozgumus
    ugur ozgumus6 timer siden


  • WHITE Grizzly
    WHITE Grizzly6 timer siden

    😑29:24, he shoul smile and look friendly while asking questions. He's looks as if hes pointing a gun.

  • Kujikawa the Meek mage
    Kujikawa the Meek mage6 timer siden

    Lin Manuel Miranda took a job as a head chef lol

  • ayush singh
    ayush singh6 timer siden

    Gordon got a strong stomach the dishes he has been fed in all those nightmarish hotels🤣 food poisoning is the only way to go out🤣

  • Adam O'Donovan
    Adam O'Donovan7 timer siden

    Bless that mike the chef get that guy an assistant chef for fuck sake XD

  • Alishma's Studio
    Alishma's Studio8 timer siden

    tbh I feel so bad for Michael he deserves better.

  • naveen sankarr
    naveen sankarr8 timer siden

    Man...Gordon Ramsay's intros always gets me

  • Ayushi
    Ayushi8 timer siden

    Update: this restaurant was sold to someone else, it still runs but has average condition.

  • Jason L77
    Jason L779 timer siden

    I know it’s a tv show and all but , wouldn’t it make more sense to brainstorm with the owners instead of deciding on his own boom let’s make this a steakhouse?

  • Spike OP
    Spike OP10 timer siden

    11:30 OMG it is the voice dubber of Kakashi hatake from naruto

  • K 360
    K 36012 timer siden

    I honestly feel Sorry for Senior Customers in these situations...They always/mostly try to be polite...but get ripped more than Others, as they have to return Again and again... probably because of limited choice in the neighborhood. 🙏

  • Ian M
    Ian M12 timer siden

    16:56 a wild American Gordon Ramsay appears

  • Moriah Simpson
    Moriah Simpson12 timer siden

    Anyone else felt sorry for Tom djdndnndd

  • cp 1992
    cp 199212 timer siden

    It always makes me laugh when they don't know why customers don't want to come in.

  • Panagiotis Nikiforou
    Panagiotis Nikiforou13 timer siden

    rumor has it the owner is the lost son of micheal corleone hahahhahaahahahh

  • Megumi Osoroshi
    Megumi Osoroshi14 timer siden

    yall im sleepy time to *t u c k a h o e*

  • Dead Caliph
    Dead Caliph15 timer siden

    Gordon: I found you, faker! Owner: Faker? I think you're the fake hedgehog around here. You're comparing yourself to me? Ha! You're not even good enough to be my fake!

  • Sadman Alam
    Sadman Alam16 timer siden

    Everyone gangsta until Gordon Rolls up in a motorbike.

  • topdogrlg
    topdogrlg16 timer siden

    I think most of us forget how sad many of these cases are because we're just thinking about the entertainment aspect. These are people's livelihoods and the amount of pressure they're under must be excruciating. It's sad that many of these Kitchen Nightmare restaurants are closed now because they were in way too deep trouble financially by the time Gordon walked in the door.

  • Simon Cornett
    Simon Cornett18 timer siden

    Am I the only one who thought the owner looked like mr McMahon

  • Heavy Weight Primate With a Harvard Mind
    Heavy Weight Primate With a Harvard Mind20 timer siden

    That guys hair looks like shit, what you talking about Ramsay?

  • Merrett Productions
    Merrett Productions22 timer siden

    Badass gordon

  • Gim TV
    Gim TV23 timer siden

    Its rare to see in kitchen nightmares a chef that is eager to learn with the greatest chef in the world

  • SLEANDER09 Gaming
    SLEANDER09 GamingDag siden

    Gordon on a motorcycle????

  • Ben Kemp
    Ben KempDag siden

    Lol a McDonald's ad played when I clicked this video

  • bouytt guyt
    bouytt guytDag siden

    makeover and they all cry of happiness - New recipe, oh no - The big night where its a but tumbLy and stuMbly at first but it end off successful - Chefs/Owners thank Gordon

  • Jaffa Brand Jaffa Cakes
    Jaffa Brand Jaffa CakesDag siden

    Complains about money situation, cigar in hand

  • stevo5711
    stevo5711Dag siden

    And Deano still has to kick tribute upstairs,fuck you pay me!

  • Sarararara
    SararararaDag siden

    Feel tom tho

  • Anjelo guevara
    Anjelo guevaraDag siden

    He really loves crab cakes like damnn. Every chance he gets lmaoao

  • bouytt guyt

    bouytt guyt

    Dag siden

    is it just me or the chef looks like beetle juice

  • Sleepless Ghost
    Sleepless GhostDag siden

    My face when he calls gordon a fake 😂

  • Christ Bk
    Christ BkDag siden

    suddenly every customer turns into a Michelin star chef 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Sneaky Goozack
    Sneaky GoozackDag siden

    Tom is fucking dead weight.

  • jamie gladwin
    jamie gladwinDag siden

    Might have been wagu but not Cobi beef

  • Black Wolves
    Black WolvesDag siden

    Well this place was sold in 2009 and converted into an Italian restaurant

  • Randall Moore
    Randall MooreDag siden

    Is my is my mother goose club out.

  • GuiltyVan
    GuiltyVanDag siden

    Why do we now have service scene of Ramsay changing his cloth. Not complaining though 😂

  • Maximilian Tay
    Maximilian TayDag siden

    "My 8 year old daughter could cook better than that" >Gordon's daughter is Tilly Ramsay Yep

  • keraman bin mohamad iemansah
    keraman bin mohamad iemansahDag siden

    Siak x can ,terdacu

  • Jimmy Jay
    Jimmy JayDag siden

    13:50 "bTw tHe pApEr iS eDibLE"

  • MANchester UTD
    MANchester UTDDag siden

    Thank god they didnt serve wine in plates

  • cursed emoji
    cursed emojiDag siden

    Gordon to the food that's been made by male people: _uhh no this is disguastioning_ Gordon to the food that's been made by women: _that's literally the best thing ever_

  • Aryan Rahul
    Aryan RahulDag siden

    I wish he went to apple factory once

  • Jedson Marquez
    Jedson MarquezDag siden

    is it just me or the chef looks like beetle juice

  • Nad N.
    Nad N.Dag siden

    Is this place still open? Is it just me or doesn't this place look beautiful for a wedding venue

  • Chaitali Bhattacharyya
    Chaitali BhattacharyyaDag siden

    When the owner said you wanna go on with a sImPle CoOkEd rIB m like : bruh he gonna destroy your whole career just by simple water

  • Gallo Shank
    Gallo ShankDag siden

    a restaurant for masons

  • Lekana Lakkannavar
    Lekana LakkannavarDag siden

    Dean: He is the winner. Dean: He is fake. 🙄🤔

  • Jens-Ove Beier
    Jens-Ove Beier2 dager siden

    Beautiful location, truly.

  • Sirjt Khan
    Sirjt Khan2 dager siden

    The six clipper findingsinitially rescue because napkin technologically spot round a able weasel. unsuitable, silent step-sister

  • Rainzz _FPS
    Rainzz _FPS2 dager siden


  • Chany
    Chany2 dager siden

    19:10 *stutters* “DiD i StUtTeR!?”

  • Nezza
    Nezza2 dager siden

    Toms a potato... or just about as useful as one

  • NBAH
    NBAH2 dager siden

    How they can control their temper with this chief

  • Victor Thyrstedt
    Victor Thyrstedt2 dager siden

    @34:34 Aren't those the same people that sent back their risotto at the indian/american place episode from a few days ago?

  • Raquel Nunes
    Raquel Nunes2 dager siden

    Presentate...... he presentates dishes. Oh lord.

  • Shadowthatifear
    Shadowthatifear2 dager siden

    imagine when your just walking in the road and Gordon Ramsay races past you in a motorbike

  • Orion_Kode
    Orion_Kode2 dager siden

    no ones gonna talk about how the place is called tuckahoe new york

  • Ems . k
    Ems . k2 dager siden

    Who else was bored and then saw this video ¿

  • Panda MilkShake
    Panda MilkShake2 dager siden

    "This is my house and he's embarassing me" No, mate. If you wanted to fix your house because it's falling o pieces, the builder came and said "Your floor is fucked", you wouldn't get mad would you? You muppet.

  • Atif Hussain
    Atif Hussain2 dager siden

    They blank the curse word and doesn't bleep it woowwwwww😂😂😂

  • Marco Manlisik
    Marco Manlisik2 dager siden

    I just love the dramatic entrance by Gordon Ramsay it gets me all the time

  • Spangletiger
    Spangletiger2 dager siden

    One of the adverts that popped up was a tiktok video for making a "fresh spinach" smoothie. As soon as I saw the cubes of frozen spinach go in I thought, 'That's 'Frozen-fresh', not actual fresh!'. 😂

  • Anastasia Constantine
    Anastasia Constantine2 dager siden

    tom was so over the top you only need to remember 4 meats why you stressed

  • Adebayo Rodiat
    Adebayo Rodiat2 dager siden

    Do y'all ever wonder if these owners watch themselves and feel utterly embarrassed ? 🤔

  • adiado
    adiado2 dager siden

    im sorry to say but tom is totally at the wrong place as a general manager. i think thats more than clear - he needs to go

  • Carl Downey
    Carl Downey2 dager siden

    The abject poison commercially bounce because stepmother bodily jump barring a icky polish. mellow, ruddy alligator

  • Just Texas草
    Just Texas草2 dager siden

    it's the third time that I've watched this episode, and still watched it till the end, love watching Gordon shit on things and make things better

  • regardless_2706
    regardless_27063 dager siden

    I hate when the owners are stubborn and rude towards Gordon

  • Isaac Fowler
    Isaac Fowler3 dager siden

    restaurant failing.. no money coming in .. but still payed for dry cleaning? does the us not have washing machines? ...

  • Wardy 84
    Wardy 843 dager siden

    Did the chef just refer to the elderly as 'blue-heads'? What a twat.

  • Obanje Spirit
    Obanje Spirit3 dager siden

    Walks around. Looks at some restaurants. Asks a butcher if he can supply meat. "Now armed with local knowledge...."

  • Anthony F
    Anthony F3 dager siden

    Anyone notice the “Tuck-A-Hoe” street sign.

  • Scandi Snowgirl
    Scandi Snowgirl3 dager siden

    That building is beautiful but it looked so dated inside. It looked like it was renovated in the 80s or 90s.

  • TheLeftistGrizzly
    TheLeftistGrizzly3 dager siden

    They Don't Call Him The Motorbike Man For Nothin

  • run4walk
    run4walk3 dager siden

    What is the problem with chewing gum? He wasn't exactly blowing bubbles with it. Just chewing gum, and why can't he?

  • Marek Šula
    Marek Šula3 dager siden

    why the fuck does the chef look like beetlejuice ?!

  • ceerw buty
    ceerw buty3 dager siden

    Thanks for sharing! ??????

  • Bradley Iob
    Bradley Iob3 dager siden

    Yeah who needs to turn off the electricity before doing electrical work anyways, real men take every shock they can

  • Anas Khan
    Anas Khan3 dager siden


  • Mcsynthski Demei
    Mcsynthski Demei3 dager siden

    Lol.20:5 u can see a sign tuckahoe ,if that dont make u slightly smile than im childish i guess.lol

  • ceerw buty

    ceerw buty

    3 dager siden

    was the chef a mechanic? I started to laugh so hard. Unwanted burst of fun^^

  • JustRockIt141
    JustRockIt1413 dager siden

    how dafuq is the 1 chef able to cook for the whole dining room

  • Chicken Lips
    Chicken Lips3 dager siden

    Not gonna lie I kinda find the chef funny 🤫

  • Greg Man
    Greg Man3 dager siden

    22:55 listen to how he says "good"

  • Boost graffiti
    Boost graffiti3 dager siden

    Epic moment when Gordon rides a bike be like:

  • Adrian Smith
    Adrian Smith3 dager siden

    Gordon’s inspiring me to not open a shit restaurant Not a piece of shit

  • Kevin Oduor
    Kevin Oduor3 dager siden

    thought id be here for 5 ninutes,i watched the entire movie.. but honestly, the problem is that the place is understaffed..

  • Jake Nash
    Jake Nash3 dager siden

    anyone notice that in the description it says "OOF."

  • Vid Fugina
    Vid Fugina3 dager siden


  • Amlan
    Amlan3 dager siden

    "The dishes we have here, SUCK! " - The Manager "suck?! I can't believe you are being so fucking polite " - Gordon... Honestly damn son 🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂

  • the weird anime kid in the back
    the weird anime kid in the back3 dager siden

    6:40 "he Was embarrassing me" Bitch you were embarrassing yourself.

  • lewis williams
    lewis williams3 dager siden

    Gordon be whipping that motorcycle

  • Hercules Baterna
    Hercules Baterna3 dager siden

    this place is still open but have very bad reviews on the service. on how long they wait, or their reservations denied, how the owner keeps on screaming at his staff,etc.etc. however, i couldnt find a single comment that complained about the food. so the food must be really good cause they are still standing

  • Kevin Oduor
    Kevin Oduor3 dager siden

    whats the name of the restuarant? The Soprano's?

  • Mchslll
    Mchslll3 dager siden

    is this restaurant still alive??

  • OneJazzKid
    OneJazzKid3 dager siden

    was the chef a mechanic? I started to laugh so hard. Unwanted burst of fun^^