YOU WON"T BELIEVE WHY THIS COP PULLS ME OVER! *Most Ridiculous Ticket In A Lamborghini*
You WON"T BELIEVE WHY He Pulled Over!
Laguna Police Ticket Lamborghini Passenger WE'RE IN TROUBLE
Lamborghini Pulled Over By Oregon State Police


    HOT BOI CED3 dager siden

    you guys are nuts lol

  • Klapz
    Klapz3 dager siden

    The 'Budget' bugatti. lol

  • Rodrigo Cruz
    Rodrigo Cruz11 dager siden

    Best specced chiron I’ ve ever seen. Congrats!!

  • Covert Garage

    Covert Garage

    10 dager siden

    Right! So you're welcome to my video blog about cars.

  • Jayson Piccolo
    Jayson Piccolo14 dager siden

    The fake cop 😂😂

  • Covert Garage

    Covert Garage

    10 dager siden

    I agree with you and welcome to my channel about cars

  • Obeysalvador1
    Obeysalvador121 dag siden

    He really just said that’s the cheap one😂😂😂 still a million dollar car

  • Covert Garage

    Covert Garage

    10 dager siden

    Right! So you're welcome to my video blog about cars.

  • Peter G A
    Peter G A27 dager siden

    Lambo a masterpiece beautifull the bugatti i dont like it...(unpopular oppinion i know)

  • Luka K
    Luka K28 dager siden

    This guy is the best example of money cant buy you happiness. 4.1 million spent and being in “meh or whatever” mood. Its either he is not being grateful for things, or he is just tryina be cool like,:”I bought a bugatti and idgaf cause im rich” which is even worse cause it shows his mental issues and complexes and thats sad. Thats only a “look im rich” car and nothing else for this guy, while its an undoubtfull masterpiece of car engeneering. He is scared to even drive it because its expensive, like why did you buy it if you feel anxious while driving, ho lyy... This what i wrote may look to someone like i am a hater, and trust me i am not, i am always glad when people are happy, but this was just different.

  • Covert Garage

    Covert Garage

    10 dager siden

    I agree with you and welcome to my channel about cars

  • 722guy
    722guy28 dager siden

    Man probably paid the equivalent of an SVJ in taxes

  • Joey McQuilkin
    Joey McQuilkin29 dager siden

    Looks like you guys are split screening in that cockpit! I’ve never been a big Bugatti fan but this one is pretty sick

  • A2i King Mack
    A2i King Mack29 dager siden

    What camera do you use brother?

  • Jay Yue
    Jay Yue29 dager siden

    Lol budget what?

  • carguy4968
    carguy4968Måned siden

    I saw the 1500 HP and was like oh shiiiit this is gonna be a cool video then I realized it's a Bugatti and it has 1500 stock😭 still a cool video tho

  • Aidenmtb
    AidenmtbMåned siden

    Bugatti don’t scream like most super cars they yell.

  • Travis Hartley
    Travis HartleyMåned siden


  • Covert Garage

    Covert Garage

    10 dager siden

    I agree with you and welcome to my channel about cars

  • FhYsix Tay
    FhYsix TayMåned siden

    The Biden joke

  • raymond mckee
    raymond mckeeMåned siden

    so Raymond is principal but who are CYRUS AND TONY ?

  • raymond mckee
    raymond mckeeMåned siden

    those are some noses .. the car and raymond and dave LMAO

  • EasyStretcher
    EasyStretcherMåned siden

    4:40 Damon the warrior in the backgorund that was f**kin funny man hahah

  • A Armstrong
    A ArmstrongMåned siden


  • B-EZ
    B-EZMåned siden

    At 4:44 you can see Damien hanging out the window behind them lmfao “gotta get the shot”

  • FromTheDurtUp
    FromTheDurtUpMåned siden

    Wait did he say budget Bugatti? Like those words don't sound correct together...

  • อ้น Like
    อ้น LikeMåned siden


  • super sniper13
    super sniper13Måned siden

    The g63 is the fence slayer

  • Zeebo 152
    Zeebo 152Måned siden

    All I see is Damon photo bombing lmfao 😂😂

  • Larry Torres
    Larry TorresMåned siden

    The obeisant marble generically hang because twilight immuhistochemically press unlike a oval organization. funny, cheap tractor

  • Madhatter187
    Madhatter187Måned siden

    Since Raymond has 3 Bugatti’s can we get a winter beater build on his oldest one? 🤣

  • BotasNegras10
    BotasNegras10Måned siden

    @3:40 😂

  • Joeseph Mckeon
    Joeseph MckeonMåned siden

    Get a divo lol

  • Luis Macarandan
    Luis MacarandanMåned siden

    Ramond really said budget bugatti😂

  • Keith chill1
    Keith chill1Måned siden

    I paused the video for a few seconds and could still hear the turbos in my mind. Pshhh damn I love that you give give me the opportunity to enjoy these cars!

  • jmilow
    jmilowMåned siden

    It looks much more beautiful than the day of the unboxing.

  • jordan malik
    jordan malikMåned siden

    Why didn’t you guys just drive it from Vancouver to Richmond?

  • Chris shaw
    Chris shawMåned siden

    This car looks basic

  • marty rowe
    marty roweMåned siden

    Outgoing credits , Damon Tire Slayer , Dave Fence Slayer LMAO

  • Adrian Tone
    Adrian ToneMåned siden


    X GAMINGMåned siden

    Did someone saw when Dave and Ramon were talking someone was filming them in a truck

    LUNCHTIME VIEWSMåned siden

    So many tips 😂😂

  • Chase S
    Chase SMåned siden

    Need those straps in my life

    SaVoMATORMåned siden

    its crazy how everything is overpriced yeah it is really best quality and looks and perfect but these is a litlle to much if you look in reality. but still u have a car that is perfect and hand made and the quality is top top top, and yeah in the end if you have such a money to buy you a car like these why not we live only once so yeah i think its a great purchase and an amazing car u just need to forget the price tags on the options and everything is ok the whole car defenitly worth it! and the joy you get and everything its worh it 100% gratz to you raymond most of us peasants can only dream to own a car like that so be proud what u accompliched in your life! ✌ and yeah the spec and everything is amazing good job! 😍

  • Justin.G37
    Justin.G37Måned siden

    Are these his personal cars? Or does he sell them? I see the p1 too

  • Alex Vlogs
    Alex VlogsMåned siden

    Me watching Damon hang out the rolls

  • Chris Wilson
    Chris WilsonMåned siden

    Some spec!! Subbed to sr can’t want to see more of it

  • Jue Viole Grace
    Jue Viole GraceMåned siden

    Lmao I love how they gave credit to dave as fence slayer

  • Arne Bollensen
    Arne BollensenMåned siden

    Big car, YOU GOT ALL THE CHICKS NOW!🤓🥳😊😇👍

  • Philip Greensmith
    Philip GreensmithMåned siden

    The BASIC chiron...... Love it

  • FireKicks
    FireKicksMåned siden

    9:06 Mia picked a great color wrap spotted outside! Sand color is FIRE!

  • DrElusiveHd Is here
    DrElusiveHd Is hereMåned siden

    5:30 Damon filming is just gold 😂

  • JBARR Vlogs
    JBARR VlogsMåned siden

    Congratulations Raymond!! 🥳

  • Keaton Jones
    Keaton JonesMåned siden

    @5:30 getting those money shots with everyone hanging out a bentley hahaha , its like a statement showing how the bentley is not even in the same league as the chiron, its just a camera van :')

  • UkTruckerStu
    UkTruckerStuMåned siden

    Buys a car ,drives it briefly to put it in trailer for to be put in a show room. Waste of damn good drive home.

  • gustavo761
    gustavo761Måned siden

    Lol fence slayerrrrr

  • Antoine Bourgault
    Antoine BourgaultMåned siden

    *fuckin mint*

  • Cali Bluntman420
    Cali Bluntman420Måned siden


  • Kevin Chandler
    Kevin ChandlerMåned siden

    Fence slayer 😂😂😂

  • Jerry Hawk
    Jerry HawkMåned siden

    Awesome lv it u give me 1

  • ttv_HYPE _X
    ttv_HYPE _XMåned siden

    Im the 1000th commenter

  • hozay09
    hozay09Måned siden

    Looks 100x better cleaned up. Wow.

  • Brax7229
    Brax7229Måned siden

    Dave will for now on be known as "Fence Slayer"

  • Exotic & Vegan Recipes
    Exotic & Vegan RecipesMåned siden

    2:14 for a moment I thought it was Bernie Sanders 😂 I was waiting to see the gloves 🧤

  • Robbie Hawthorne
    Robbie HawthorneMåned siden

    Dave should get a plate saying Fence

  • Champdoggy 1
    Champdoggy 1Måned siden

    So is this Raymond’s car or the dealership?

  • Matt Foster

    Matt Foster

    Måned siden

    One In The Same...Right?

    KID FLIPMåned siden

    No one:damon in the background sticking out if the rolls royce😂😂 4:47 Lmfao😂

  • L G
    L GMåned siden

    4:21 there is a „Seat Tec“ engraving on the backside of the back mirror. Interesting to know that the backmirror of a Bugatti is made by Seat. Spending so much money on a car is absurd but the experience must be so indiscribable. No matter if it´s based on the VW concern.

  • Blake Angove
    Blake AngoveMåned siden

    You need a maserati

  • Lik Gaming
    Lik GamingMåned siden

    DDE shod bay an BMW OR AN AMG

  • shashika. 2000
    shashika. 2000Måned siden

    Love you guys

  • Bare Fam Ting
    Bare Fam TingMåned siden

    I fucking love Raymond

  • Daven Kimble
    Daven KimbleMåned siden

    You guys should honestly open a car dealership. More revenue and easier access to different vehicles

  • social media news
    social media newsMåned siden

    Twin turbo the green lamborghini

  • Nate Taverna
    Nate TavernaMåned siden

    Showroom has a p1, a 918, and a Chiron sport😂

  • Matthew Mazzarello
    Matthew MazzarelloMåned siden

    Bruh when ur Bugatti Veyron doesn’t have apple car play, must be a struggle haha

  • Ersatz Mode
    Ersatz ModeMåned siden

    Canada Goose = animal abuse = worn by a douche

  • David Gonzalez
    David GonzalezMåned siden

    I was more nervous the car driving around downtown traffic , and it’s not even mine . 😭

  • Daniel jey
    Daniel jeyMåned siden

    Me living in Vancouver B.C and never seeing these type of cars, Except for supercars

  • Gaming Wolfie
    Gaming WolfieMåned siden

    what camera do they use 🤔

  • Zack
    ZackMåned siden

    4:41 I’m sitting here trying to pay attention and all I see is Damon hanging out a car window lmao

  • Nathan Okrusko
    Nathan OkruskoMåned siden

    Bugs are cool but starting to get redundant in design. All HyperCars are sweet when brand new cause they have to best tech the manufacturer offers at that point but they quickly become surpassed, especially in this day in age when there’s a new HyperCar contender every other week. I’ve had the opportunity in my life to extensively drive super cars and while they are a pleasurable and exciting way to move about they do lose their nostalgia and become another “car” to the owner in speedy fashion (big pun rip). I would have a hard time with the opportunity cost of a Chiron right now. They have flattened on pricing, they are becoming obsolete in the hypercar world and the insurance is are so high that you would justify using it everyday to feel like you like your money is not going to waste and then it brings forth even great opportunity cost as it becomes less attractive to you. Congratulations dude on your purchase though, despite my cranky response, it is an incredibly car, enjoy in good health!

  • Christopher Pawlychyn
    Christopher PawlychynMåned siden

    Wow nice car love it

  • John Hulshof
    John HulshofMåned siden

    What a beautiful car! You are a lucky man!

  • Blain Brazeau
    Blain BrazeauMåned siden

    How do you even drive that without pf on the entire car

  • Rutvik Bhopatrao
    Rutvik BhopatraoMåned siden

    Whats up with these srautogroup guys asking for credit card info from your insta account srauto_group for the giveaway???is this real or fake??? Can someone pls address this issue?

  • Ariel Allauigan
    Ariel AllauiganMåned siden

    Nice Shoes DAVE!!!

  • Devin Vigue
    Devin VigueMåned siden

    haha damon in the back at 4:45 :p

  • Neo Martin
    Neo MartinMåned siden

    R34 content🥺

  • Jake Robinson11
    Jake Robinson11Måned siden

    I like the blue veyron more the interior is better on the blue one

  • Tommy Senpai
    Tommy SenpaiMåned siden

    He said budget Chiron!!? Wowwwww

  • Aaron Martinez
    Aaron MartinezMåned siden

    David is a fence slayer and Damon a bumper slayer 😂

  • Mister_Q
    Mister_QMåned siden

    4:43 seeing Damon record outside the Rolls 🔥😂

  • Mrkiki Gaming
    Mrkiki GamingMåned siden

    Best is at the end Tire Slayer Damon Fence Slayer Dave 😂

  • Wade H
    Wade HMåned siden

    Raymond is way richer than I thought. .

  • Basement GP
    Basement GPMåned siden

    The line down the middle of the cockpit makes it look like split screen 😅

  • Beelont
    BeelontMåned siden

    its a wide one

  • David Walbank
    David WalbankMåned siden

    note damen sucking up to raymond for a go in his bugatti, raymond nooo if you have any sense .... great car though if you get to enjoy it without damen and dave drooling over it for a go....

  • F1 #44
    F1 #44Måned siden

    Paint who needs paint.

  • Ryan Coronel
    Ryan CoronelMåned siden

    Dave should drift that Chiron 🤣

  • Mr.6 VLOGS
    Mr.6 VLOGSMåned siden

    (@mr.6_petrol_head) Follow on Instagram for bike and car contents

  • Mike Radu
    Mike RaduMåned siden

    Amazing piece of engineering. Hard work will ever pay

  • Ryan Shehab
    Ryan ShehabMåned siden

    Blue chiron is a much nicer looking spec then Ray's imo

  • Jarred Naidu
    Jarred NaiduMåned siden

    Will it be getting like Ppf?

  • Mendes FLN
    Mendes FLNMåned siden

    You know you are rich when your doorman drives a Bentley :D