My First Legitimate Crash in Flight Simulator 2020 (Multiplayer)


I'll use a checklist next time.
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Our TBM 930 group flight in makes an unexpected diversion due to some icing conditions on our way to Courchevel Airport (LFUMOM). By diversion I mean a direct impact into the broad side of a mountain. Seatbelt sign was on though don't worry.
Twitter: Airforceproud95
Thanks for watching friend.


  • GamingWithRoger
    GamingWithRoger2 dager siden


  • Charlie Chakmakian
    Charlie Chakmakian8 dager siden

    airfan95: OH MY GOD everyone: first time?

  • Harold Stockman
    Harold Stockman8 dager siden

    What in the hell???????????

  • Blazinblade
    Blazinblade8 dager siden

    Man I remember watching you like 4 years ago and then I just stopped watching but when I came and saw the words on your vid with the yellow color I knew it was you. I’m glad to be back and watching this content

  • Isaac S.
    Isaac S.10 dager siden

    How did he remove his plane from the mountain and then get it flying again? How do you do that ingame?

  • SebbyGames
    SebbyGames10 dager siden

    No hot air balloon clocking 300 kts? FAKE

  • Darrell White
    Darrell White11 dager siden

    Aggressive icing is now permanently in the chat

  • Borsalino Kizaru
    Borsalino Kizaru12 dager siden

    This game looks too good. It actually lessens the hilarious crappiness compare to his old videos.

  • HHopebringer
    HHopebringer13 dager siden

    "0 seconds to disaster. AirForceProud95 strikes the mountain. The French Alps are racked by the sounds of an explosion. It has taken only 12 minutes for the disaster to unfold. There are no survivors; only the aircraft's black boxes can reveal the truth as to what finally happened on a pristine day in the French Alps. How did a relatively hale and hearty aircraft fail its pilot? Was it pilot error? Uncover the clues and find out what really happened when we return in *Seconds from Disaster."*

  • Uncle Slumlord
    Uncle Slumlord13 dager siden

    "The- the world is slewing" hahaha

  • Micah van Everdingen
    Micah van Everdingen13 dager siden

    You are playing a simulator and complaining about the ice being agresive? It's not fucking war thunder

  • 014
    01416 dager siden

    Bit late but failed no simp September because of this man's

  • RadicalShuz
    RadicalShuz17 dager siden

    Ah yes *Dogfite*

  • Kair Hatchet
    Kair Hatchet19 dager siden

    I take it you don't fly that often with how far off those "sketchy moments" were

  • Jord
    Jord19 dager siden

    Hilarious 😆

  • Pauly
    Pauly20 dager siden

    Airdorkproud420 RIP CFIT victim of 2020

  • Pr!me Tim3z
    Pr!me Tim3z20 dager siden

    IDK man, ol' Billy Gates been mad quiet since this dropped...

  • Hobbybuddy99
    Hobbybuddy9921 dag siden

    U try the CAP-10 yet? Please do.

  • Keyboard Krazy
    Keyboard Krazy22 dager siden

    It was at that moment........he knew.......he had F*CKED UP! I HAVE GOT to get 2020.........the year was chopped liver.......but this looks AWESOME!👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  • Sean Bodine
    Sean Bodine22 dager siden

    Everyone needs to use a blinker.

  • Colton Blumhagen
    Colton Blumhagen22 dager siden

    The icing is way too OP in this game jeez.

  • oof questy
    oof questy22 dager siden

    ur awesome

  • Henrique Tamayo
    Henrique Tamayo23 dager siden

    By the way in winter you should go to Courchevel beautiful place to ski :)

  • Megan B.
    Megan B.23 dager siden

    6:14 What do you want? The ice to glacially distance itself?

  • Megan B.
    Megan B.23 dager siden

    3:27 That's Carmen Sandiego's French hideaway confirmed.

  • Landon Conway
    Landon Conway24 dager siden

    @Airforceproud95 I want to have 5 penises tomorrow

  • Jose Alvarez
    Jose Alvarez24 dager siden

    “We awe weady to woh” had me (a 35 yo adult) laughing way too hard.

  • Colin Averill
    Colin Averill24 dager siden

    I used to think it would be cool to be on one of his flights. I now have doubts.

  • 85Henne
    85Henne25 dager siden

    RIP Kobe

  • utley
    utley25 dager siden

    so youre doing this whole thing wrong. I thought you was AirforceProud, I didnt think you were so proud that you actively tried to eat CRAYONS like they do in the Marine Corps. I can show you how to eat some fucking crayons, boi.

  • IchbinJonqs
    IchbinJonqs25 dager siden

    welcome to steam edition

  • Ethan Valdez
    Ethan Valdez25 dager siden

    It’s still surreal that Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 is even a thing, it’s so detailed. I hope that in a few years people might laugh at this comment and say “Wow, back then they thought THAT was detailed??”

  • Adversus Mundi
    Adversus Mundi25 dager siden

    Skiing in Courcheval is great. I’ve sat many a time during ski season, eating my lunch and drinking a beer while watching planes land at that airport.

  • Raven quinn
    Raven quinn26 dager siden

    do not fly with proud in icy conditions.....noted

  • Akshat Desai
    Akshat Desai26 dager siden

    I just got this game. My first flight sim game ever and I am going through the flight training and maintaining the yoke/trim sweet spot is hard. help me groundpound95! :(

  • ChrisJayR
    ChrisJayR26 dager siden

    This dude just recreated the Andes 1972 crash

  • Doge Pacito
    Doge Pacito26 dager siden

    yeah im pretty high up right now, at least 3000' clearance from the highest pea- slams nosefirst into a mountain

  • MN SHP
    MN SHP26 dager siden

    is that actually what happens, a stall at 170 ish kts ?

  • Jay Sims
    Jay Sims27 dager siden

    I was actually surprised to find out that Ice on the aircraft actually does make you fall right out the sky. It's a good realism that FS 2020 touches on.

  • Haceo Misaki
    Haceo Misaki27 dager siden


  • Mr Moonwalker
    Mr Moonwalker27 dager siden

    Hello! Would you mind telling me your pc specs? Thanks.

  • Jeffrey Zhang
    Jeffrey Zhang27 dager siden

    I'm gonna have a number for you to call.

  • The H0r5e
    The H0r5e27 dager siden

    Here's a challenge for you rifle county community airport in a blizzard

  • Mondez Tortice
    Mondez Tortice27 dager siden

    Make another mean comments or we smashing

  • Moy
    Moy27 dager siden

    *imagine a 747 on a glacier*

  • blandseeker gaming
    blandseeker gaming27 dager siden

    Can I confirm that I crash landed a B24 liberator with just one wing several times

  • Bailey Van valkenburgh
    Bailey Van valkenburgh27 dager siden


  • James Shelley
    James Shelley27 dager siden

    Who knows Xbox release date

  • liminos
    liminos27 dager siden

    Plane Crashed.. Computer going nuts 😂😂 "landing gear .... landing gear ........... overspeed overspeed ...." 😂😂😂

  • Jason Simpson
    Jason Simpson27 dager siden

    I just got MFSX and I would like to know what your favorite server is

  • Bear Lemley
    Bear Lemley28 dager siden

    Real crashes hurt, a lot. Then you spend months with tubes inside you and you eat a lot of jello. Formation seems to be easier in real aircraft

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  • Katy Nyby
    Katy Nyby28 dager siden

    "I am a posicle." 5:34

  • SnowyOwl
    SnowyOwl28 dager siden

    Hot air balloon for fs2020

  • Caleb
    Caleb28 dager siden

    me at your mom's house: 7:29

  • Ethan
    Ethan28 dager siden

    “drop it low sweet chariot”

  • Rob'sTransportPhotography
    Rob'sTransportPhotography28 dager siden

    He got a notification half way through saying "Mr President would like to watch yor broadcast" lol

  • BloodSteyn
    BloodSteyn28 dager siden

    You Butchered that Bread!

    A_HUMAN28 dager siden

    6:00 not only did he crash but he’s also being abducted by aliens... Don’t tell trump cause off course they are undocumented illegal aliens and must go home Please say someone gets that

  • John Holifield
    John Holifield28 dager siden

    So you threatened me with legal action because I don’t want to buy your crap? Bring it on communist!!!!!

  • Stephen and Owen Jones
    Stephen and Owen Jones28 dager siden

    dude can you stop swearing

  • Atticus Sudbury-Howell
    Atticus Sudbury-Howell28 dager siden

    3:30 too soon....

  • kota kool
    kota kool28 dager siden

    Good entertainment. But have you ever play dcs world

  • Jeremy Truesdell
    Jeremy Truesdell29 dager siden

    TBMs + Icing = bad day

  • I am dogge
    I am dogge29 dager siden

    I still can’t watch these thinking they are like the good old fsx, it just is weird.

  • Calmsea Palomares
    Calmsea Palomares29 dager siden

    I need friends like these

  • SnackDestroyer
    SnackDestroyer29 dager siden

    Tshirt idea: It's just a picture of an ice cube.

  • mitvoid
    mitvoid29 dager siden

    Did they downgrade the graphics in this game? Does it look worse than after release in September? Just curious, because the textures really seem to be a bit off here.

  • carter rodgers
    carter rodgers29 dager siden

    Sir, I kindly ask that we get more frequent videos from you. Please do kindly. Thank you.

  • deacon623
    deacon62329 dager siden


  • Kara Strong
    Kara Strong29 dager siden

    You where to close for that formation you gotta Socal distance

  • Jonas Helmke
    Jonas Helmke29 dager siden

    This really has to be the absolute shittiest aviation related content in the entire world.

  • Justin Hughes
    Justin Hughes29 dager siden


  • Richard Vega
    Richard Vega29 dager siden

    Breaking news! Disaster in the French Alps! A plane has gone done in the Alps. The pilot has been identified has youtuber Airforceproud95. Right now according to authorities, they suspect that icing and pilot error was involved. We'll have more about this after commercials, so stay tune!

  • Elliott Kinsey
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  • Shawn Lynch Studios
    Shawn Lynch Studios29 dager siden

    I feel dumber after watching this...

  • Max Duncan
    Max Duncan29 dager siden

    You should do a live stream where you follow the entire length of the Nile.

  • Max Duncan
    Max Duncan29 dager siden

    You should do a live stream where you fly the entire length of the nile

  • Raphillion
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  • Ex0byte
    Ex0byte29 dager siden

    if he landed in a cattle field ha wouls have literally ATE SHIT

  • Yob Ekorb
    Yob Ekorb29 dager siden

    I wish this game was easier so I could play with my friends 🤣

  • prod. mp3
    prod. mp329 dager siden

    hits mountain at top speed war thunder : soft landing +🦁150

  • Etheric Messenger
    Etheric Messenger29 dager siden

    5:23 it was at this moment he knew ...he fucked up

  • Leftclick2win
    Leftclick2win29 dager siden

    you crashed twice! once into a mountain, and second when landing in chourchevel.

  • Steven Scott
    Steven Scott29 dager siden

    0:36 COME ON! There is absolutely NO reason whatsoever for blatantly using the precious Holy name of the Lord in vain! ~ 5:21 What does the red "Warning!" sticker say?

  • moonasha
    moonashaMåned siden

    hey man you probably won't see this but i hope you don't feel pressured to not play FSX steam edition anymore, with ATC... everyone would love it if you made more of those videos

  • Shivam Suryavanshi
    Shivam SuryavanshiMåned siden

    Don't know how TF I found this channel, but I'm definitely Binging all this.

  • Adam Shellard
    Adam ShellardMåned siden

    Crashes do tend to be aggressive... I've never heard of a crash to be a minor inconvenience Haha.

  • Wesley Gray
    Wesley GrayMåned siden

    Those weren't grass sky scrapers. They were energy efficient ones.

  • Sluglikejosh
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  • Chris Baltz
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    liked for Grape

  • The E
    The EMåned siden

    All you need is Michael Bay to direct this

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  • Captain Sovereign
    Captain SovereignMåned siden

    I miss the hot air ballons.....

  • Tom Slowhead
    Tom SlowheadMåned siden

    foxtrot uniform charlie kilo mate that is the shit, it is, i was like is it real and NO you dont make some comment 'what is this' no IT LOOKS GOOD

  • Aviation16
    Aviation16Måned siden

    He said he had to take him back into his room because his dad had been eating his homework yesterday.

  • Darkclaws3
    Darkclaws3Måned siden

    0:40 "I mean dammit" idk why that is so funny to me

  • Joe belmarez
    Joe belmarezMåned siden

    EVILCON valley

  • petaboil
    petaboilMåned siden

    Today on AFP95; CFIT.

  • RedDuppers
    RedDuppersMåned siden

    wut crash?