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This is a brand new Minecraft SMP! This Minecraft SMP features old school Minecraft NOlocalrs where we go to chill... or cause havoc!
Edited by: NoGoodDavis
Not Minecraft, But Water Rises or Minecraft, But Lava Rises, or any other but challenge like that. This is a speed run / speed runner of Minecraft against a killer / assassin but me and old Minecraft NOlocalrs on the Shady Oaks SMP!


  • Thomas Lynch
    Thomas LynchTime siden

    Will stampy be joining

  • Alex Vhiel Valeroso
    Alex Vhiel Valeroso2 timer siden

    Cant believe dan knows beyblade 😮

  • Klaarika Pilk
    Klaarika Pilk3 timer siden

    Yo so this is going to be his new outro sick! So nostalgic!!! I love it!

  • andreyah
    andreyah6 timer siden

    121 -194 ill delete this dw

  • Nichi Kri !
    Nichi Kri !10 timer siden

    He has a remix of his old end song!

  • Nautillian
    Nautillian12 timer siden

    Dan’s been doing this new epic series, but where is the hardcore series?!

  • Troy Pombert
    Troy Pombert18 timer siden

    I’ve been subscribed for longer than I can remember

  • timbersean1234
    timbersean123419 timer siden

    Dan: Uses OG intro as his outro OG intro: *You could not live with your own failure. And where did that bring you? Back to me*

  • Muffin man flipper
    Muffin man flipper19 timer siden

    i feel nostalgia with outro

  • Zaki Chandra
    Zaki Chandra20 timer siden

    Dan actually getting good at parkour

  • Hedgeythehog
    Hedgeythehog21 time siden

    I wish I could be on the smp I play Minecraft and everything

  • MMRaynor 89
    MMRaynor 8921 time siden

    This should just been called nostalgia smp

  • Minh
    Minh21 time siden



    how do i goin

  • AmongLost Mapping
    AmongLost MappingDag siden

    ever since I heard of S.O SMP I am loving it

  • Just a guy that likes anime
    Just a guy that likes animeDag siden


  • Random io gameplay
    Random io gameplayDag siden

    This series made me resub

  • Victor Moreno
    Victor MorenoDag siden

    I've known about Beyblades for about six years.

  • afizzle
    afizzleDag siden

    what is the ip?

  • Ryan Melo
    Ryan MeloDag siden

    It really is

  • Friday_night_funkin_fan
    Friday_night_funkin_fanDag siden

    Why did u wear the glasses irl after this vid:

  • Coop Coop
    Coop CoopDag siden

    Are we all in highschool now? We made it guys ❤️

  • asta yuno
    asta yunoDag siden

    17:26 there's an anime about beyblade

  • Jayden Wall
    Jayden WallDag siden

    is it just me or is everyone waiting for popularmmo to join

  • Emperor Acid
    Emperor Acid2 dager siden

    20:47 Nostalgic outro

  • Morgan Townley
    Morgan Townley2 dager siden

    9:59 Big Brain

  • Morgan Townley
    Morgan Townley2 dager siden

    Does anyone know the seed for this world

  • PurpleGuyDeadly
    PurpleGuyDeadly2 dager siden

    Wonder if stampy will join... or pat..

  • Doink 108
    Doink 1082 dager siden

    You need to finish fnaf brown please

  • Doink 108

    Doink 108

    2 dager siden

    Vr sorry

  • Kiera
    Kiera2 dager siden

    imma just say rn you got some sick editing ma dude 😎😎😂😂

  • Greyson Stream
    Greyson Stream2 dager siden

    can I play on shady oaks please

  • Greyson Stream
    Greyson Stream2 dager siden

    I love your NOlocal video

  • The Boiii
    The Boiii2 dager siden

    Hey Dan can u start putting ep 1 and stuff on your shady oaks cause I lost track and im just watching randomly also u never finished ur hat in time if u ever gonna finish that

  • Nicholas Andrei Bulalayao
    Nicholas Andrei Bulalayao2 dager siden

    Dan i saw the tv and youtubers are gonna be on tv at disney channel

  • Joe Delingus
    Joe Delingus2 dager siden

    The old song for the outro aahhh

  • Hien Tran
    Hien Tran2 dager siden

    neigh blade

  • Williamtastic Gaming
    Williamtastic Gaming2 dager siden

    Who disliked this ✔️ Minecraft ✔️ Friends ✔️ An 𝖊𝖕𝖎𝖈 video

  • Maku Prod.
    Maku Prod.2 dager siden

    I just came back, did anyone did too?

  • Elijah Matter
    Elijah Matter2 dager siden

    Make a Hardcore episode soon please

  • Pepper Wolfie
    Pepper Wolfie2 dager siden

    Me’s is suscribed

  • Mystic Frito
    Mystic Frito2 dager siden

    After all this time I just realized he had brown hair again

  • natalie merkle
    natalie merkle2 dager siden

    That spooky music is a bop

  • Corgi Guy
    Corgi Guy2 dager siden

    2:42 gotta love the godfather reference

  • IPAGthegreat3043
    IPAGthegreat30433 dager siden

    I got some Beyblades.... Played with them for a month... Never touched them again... Until today.

  • Landen Pritchard
    Landen Pritchard3 dager siden

    I think the skyscraper is going to be 54 blocks high

  • MrWesley Gaming
    MrWesley Gaming3 dager siden


  • VibrantSoda
    VibrantSoda3 dager siden

    Don’t mind me just reminding myself where i left off bc i have to get off for an hour 😒 : 9:50

  • ZzorakHost
    ZzorakHost3 dager siden

    How you get proximity chat in discord

  • ZzorakHost


    3 dager siden

    @Blue_Gamer 1000 ッ oh in one of the videos they say something open discord so idk

  • Blue_Gamer 1000 ッ

    Blue_Gamer 1000 ッ

    3 dager siden

    Its a mod not discord

  • Stephanie McLeod
    Stephanie McLeod3 dager siden

    It was good

  • NeonPenguin09
    NeonPenguin093 dager siden

    Ngl the outro hit me hard

  • Jennifer Brickner
    Jennifer Brickner3 dager siden

    Gud outro *even tho I’m an og and I remember it*

  • Dynion Piler

    Dynion Piler

    3 dager siden

    even tho? how did you get the impression that someone would think your lying about saying it's good because you're an og?

  • Orange Works
    Orange Works4 dager siden

    I think you should get a mod or something for good furniture. Does anyone else agree?

  • Lauren Endicott
    Lauren Endicott4 dager siden


  • Filip Valentic
    Filip Valentic4 dager siden

    Who misses buddy

  • Jakes great adventures
    Jakes great adventures4 dager siden

    You should add crainer and sundee

  • Dynion Piler

    Dynion Piler

    3 dager siden

    I would sell my soul to make that happen

  • zeakerplayz
    zeakerplayz4 dager siden

    Nostalgia and did you invite popularmmos to the smp yet?

  • Geetha Narra
    Geetha Narra4 dager siden

    7:42 stop it dan

  • Geetha Narra
    Geetha Narra4 dager siden

    7:06 seriously dan

  • Josiah Ellis
    Josiah Ellis4 dager siden


  • MrWesley Gaming

    MrWesley Gaming

    3 dager siden


  • Josiah Ellis

    Josiah Ellis

    3 dager siden

    @Dynion Piler hmmmm idk

  • Dynion Piler

    Dynion Piler

    3 dager siden

    didn't he?

  • Senna Rahhal
    Senna Rahhal4 dager siden


  • Jentler
    Jentler4 dager siden

    12:47 "Ok we got the skelly check, now we gotta go kill the child" Dan: *EXcUSe mE*

  • David Kellam
    David Kellam4 dager siden

    TDM Tower.

  • David Kellam
    David Kellam4 dager siden

    Dan you should do a indent between every two floors I think it would leave you with extra room and would look great. Also at the top you should use some fences with Mandy a lantern or something on top. I hop you see this comment. Have a great day.

  • Dynion Piler

    Dynion Piler

    3 dager siden


  • redfoxgameing
    redfoxgameing4 dager siden

    Hay Dan I'm a newer youtuber I've always loved your videos growing up I play on pocket edition for my minecraft I plane to play on a computer when I get some also can you give me some ideas to improve my videos please

  • redfoxgameing


    3 dager siden

    I'm almost 21

  • Dynion Piler

    Dynion Piler

    3 dager siden

    Here's some advice, wait till you're older.

  • Copper Diamond
    Copper Diamond4 dager siden

    can join

  • Dynion Piler

    Dynion Piler

    3 dager siden


  • ultra ytplays

    ultra ytplays

    4 dager siden


  • Mine Bros.
    Mine Bros.4 dager siden

    the tdmpier is back

  • Crofty Plays
    Crofty Plays5 dager siden

    Doctor Trayaurus should be the receptionist

  • Shumila Ahmed
    Shumila Ahmed5 dager siden


  • _dark
    _dark5 dager siden

    cupquake..dan.. iballisticsquid..the nostalgia..

  • Alliff Adam
    Alliff Adam5 dager siden

    Horse is break dancing 😂

  • Grandy Maxie Tjendra
    Grandy Maxie Tjendra5 dager siden

    Gedonk vs GanDONK

  • insert random name

    insert random name

    5 dager siden

    geh donk

  • Corcky boi2889
    Corcky boi28895 dager siden

    I got an idea for the tower. Put a toilet at the top of the tower.

  • Levi Turnage
    Levi Turnage5 dager siden

    Dan: puts old intro as new outro ^ everyone liked that

  • Almighty_Orange
    Almighty_Orange5 dager siden


  • DUBZ
    DUBZ5 dager siden

    Think calmly says I killed two a actually

  • ZachJTH
    ZachJTH6 dager siden


  • BlueEyesNightWaggon
    BlueEyesNightWaggon6 dager siden

    2 billion views?

  • Dynion Piler

    Dynion Piler

    3 dager siden

    1.2 million views

  • Kim Kessel
    Kim Kessel6 dager siden

    Wow Dan 90k

  • Josuke Higashikata
    Josuke Higashikata6 dager siden

    where is TECHNOBLADE

  • Dynion Piler

    Dynion Piler

    3 dager siden

    In San Francisco, California

  • Elisabeth Nardi
    Elisabeth Nardi6 dager siden

    Name tdm tower

  • Skaistā Impulss
    Skaistā Impulss6 dager siden


  • Red TheGamingNinja
    Red TheGamingNinja6 dager siden

    Who misses when most comments from OG NOlocalrs arent just "Nostalgia" comments

  • Dynion Piler

    Dynion Piler

    3 dager siden


  • RachelTDM
    RachelTDM6 dager siden

    omg Dan you should go get a beacon that goes through the centre, or maybe at the four corners XD

  • NotChainYT
    NotChainYT6 dager siden

    Man this guy was my child hood that intro it give me nostalgia who remembers his hall where he had all the mods that he had done

  • Dynion Piler

    Dynion Piler

    3 dager siden

    you mean outro?

  • GDExpertNoobs
    GDExpertNoobs6 dager siden

    Dan: *Edit's his head to become big* Me: *Nightmares INTENSIFIES*

  • Lazy Donkey
    Lazy Donkey6 dager siden

    Who thinks gandonk should be dandonk

  • Dynion Piler

    Dynion Piler

    3 dager siden

    DA DONK!

  • Cai George
    Cai George6 dager siden

    Call the tower, tower tdm

  • 54MY4K
    54MY4K6 dager siden

    The intro has become the outro

    ANDRIUSTAP6 dager siden

    Add tommyinnit

  • Dynion Piler

    Dynion Piler

    3 dager siden

    HEY! og minecraft youtubers only

  • charlie dedes
    charlie dedes6 dager siden

    get stampy on here!!!!!!!!!!

  • Aarav Mukhia
    Aarav Mukhia6 dager siden

    i love Beyblade !!!!!!!!!

  • Nathan
    Nathan6 dager siden


  • cool
    cool6 dager siden


  • Natedog 2828
    Natedog 28286 dager siden

    You need to add captain sparkles

  • Yahir-Amanda Huertas Serrano
    Yahir-Amanda Huertas Serrano6 dager siden

    Dan, Please add Technoblade to this SMP

  • Rik Hern
    Rik Hern6 dager siden

    If you disliked you will not last forever

  • REmus Lupin
    REmus Lupin6 dager siden


  • Dynion Piler

    Dynion Piler

    3 dager siden

    How much do you weigh?

  • J Mallabo
    J Mallabo6 dager siden

    He should have made a giant coffee/tea mug

  • Rexy
    Rexy7 dager siden

    We need another who’s your daddy video

  • Rexy


    3 dager siden

    @Dynion Piler I’ve been here since 2014

  • Dynion Piler

    Dynion Piler

    3 dager siden

    WOW what era are you from?

  • Carlos Negrete
    Carlos Negrete7 dager siden

    Irs back!