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  • JuJu
    JuJu5 dager siden

    Does adapt have any engine/internal mods on his GTR?

  • miguel_______garcia
    miguel_______garcia28 dager siden

    2 months for a wrap that takes like 3 days, WWC sucks ass

  • Gary Flores
    Gary FloresMåned siden

    Why does it look purple

  • Dev Tarunkumar
    Dev TarunkumarMåned siden

    Little did Ricegum know that he is gonna get Adapts (Shiny Red) car

  • Vision yt
    Vision ytMåned siden

    $100,000 to join faze right now

  • Daniel Delacruz
    Daniel DelacruzMåned siden

    100T?? Never heard of her

  • Bigadmin Soldier
    Bigadmin SoldierMåned siden

    The nissan gtr is my dream car

  • Y
    Y2 måneder siden

    The McLaren would destroy the gtr on a track

  • Y
    Y2 måneder siden

    Really have no taste in cars, how do you ruin a R35?

  • Leo night
    Leo night2 måneder siden

    stock rice so hard lol the dumb ass car

  • Arran Johnson
    Arran Johnson2 måneder siden

    Waiting for Xzibit to pop out the trunk!

  • Jus
    Jus2 måneder siden

    I love west coast costumes I used to watch it with my grandpa

  • Netw3rk
    Netw3rk2 måneder siden

    Rims looks ugly asf

  • Jacob Lara
    Jacob Lara2 måneder siden

    Fuck rice gum

  • Clarke
    Clarke2 måneder siden

    miss nordan tho

  • Yassen Chill Out Cars
    Yassen Chill Out Cars2 måneder siden

  • Yusuke Urameshi
    Yusuke Urameshi2 måneder siden

    I’ve wanted one of these broke gang

  • lil. boat1k
    lil. boat1k2 måneder siden

    What a ruined gtr :(

    DIMA'S GARAGE2 måneder siden

    Крутая тачка.

  • Christopher Garay
    Christopher Garay2 måneder siden

    Whatever happend to hitting clips on cod

  • SeniorGooba
    SeniorGooba3 måneder siden

    Whats the difference from the older model R35 GTR's and the 2020 one in looks?

    I OWN GOD I OWN THE DEVIL3 måneder siden

    I wouldnt buy it....turns to plastic trash quick

  • 謝安娜
    謝安娜3 måneder siden


  • enz0
    enz03 måneder siden

    3:35 yeah dude i agree its hella ugly

  • Sadiq bashiru
    Sadiq bashiru3 måneder siden


  • Kashif Habib
    Kashif Habib3 måneder siden

    No one: Faze adapt: names everything after Barry Allen Respect

  • avalon100
    avalon1003 måneder siden

    Bro please change the rims 😭

  • Ace
    Ace3 måneder siden

    is it automatic

  • Zoom Reacts
    Zoom Reacts3 måneder siden

    faze adapt the type of guy to fish in a pool

  • Larry The beast
    Larry The beast3 måneder siden

    My dads friend works for Forgiato he would be ashamed of this

  • Rajvir Vlogs
    Rajvir Vlogs3 måneder siden

    Which song is used 1:20

  • Arley Rodriguez
    Arley Rodriguez3 måneder siden

    i wanna see under the hood

  • ALL MEDIYA Channel MK
    ALL MEDIYA Channel MK3 måneder siden

    Nice so beautiful video

  • ALL MEDIYA Channel MK
    ALL MEDIYA Channel MK3 måneder siden

    My channel subscribe now please

  • ALL MEDIYA Channel MK
    ALL MEDIYA Channel MK3 måneder siden

  • theinsaneone911
    theinsaneone9113 måneder siden

    Paid a ton and they couldn’t even wrap the door sills. Ugly car. This kid went downhill.

  • Антон Тупаленко
    Антон Тупаленко3 måneder siden

    Топовий відос

  • Takao Senpai
    Takao Senpai4 måneder siden

    The rims are cringe ngl

  • D4RC N3T
    D4RC N3T4 måneder siden

    fire your video editor this shit is so studdery and choppy

  • AR Gaming
    AR Gaming4 måneder siden

    That frame rate quality while he was showing tge car just killed me. SO BAD!

  • Noco 350z
    Noco 350z4 måneder siden

    My guy. Look into a company called AMS or Boost Logic, get that GTR fast

  • 我不是中国人「」
    我不是中国人「」4 måneder siden

    that gtr pretty ugly ngl especially the rims

  • CallMeFires
    CallMeFires4 måneder siden

    Choice 1- get gtr with modifications under the hood Choice 2- Get a warp and keep it STOCK

  • charlie.x.
    charlie.x.4 måneder siden

    lol an automatic

  • MythPixee
    MythPixee4 måneder siden

    And this is why I only like kitty and jev

  • Nicholas
    Nicholas4 måneder siden

    That chrome red pink got me the chills and made me yelled "WHAT DID YOU DO TO THAT POOR GTR?!"

  • 推しが決まらないgames
    推しが決まらないgames4 måneder siden


  • Jinxy
    Jinxy4 måneder siden

    Ehh you could have spent the shitton of money they charged you on some actually nice Avant Garde wheels and a proper wrap job...

  • 1k subscribers for videos 2 years ago j
    1k subscribers for videos 2 years ago j4 måneder siden

    Why is rice gum there like he ain’t in faze would make sense if he stayed there for like. A day or 2 of the week but he lives there

  • 10,000 subs without video
    10,000 subs without video4 måneder siden


  • Luka Lau
    Luka Lau4 måneder siden

    I’m 15, have driven probably eight times, I’ve never owned a car and I probably know three times more than them about cars it pisses me off man

  • Luka Lau
    Luka Lau4 måneder siden

    Man those rims are atrocious

  • Andrew Ramírez
    Andrew Ramírez4 måneder siden

    that poor gtr

  • weaving shroud
    weaving shroud4 måneder siden

    Riced the fuck out of this poor GTR...

  • carlos carrion
    carlos carrion4 måneder siden


  • Alex Hoefler
    Alex Hoefler5 måneder siden

    Your sister is better Faze

  • YT_clipz22 12
    YT_clipz22 125 måneder siden

    Yo that red looks dope 🤭

  • Gamesters United
    Gamesters United5 måneder siden

    Amazing 🔥

  • Scope Analogy
    Scope Analogy5 måneder siden

    Gets a new skateboard. Has to show everybody to get there reaction. What a ego trip.

  • Scope Analogy
    Scope Analogy5 måneder siden

    This nigga is just pretending to be on pimp my ride

  • Shane Barton
    Shane Barton5 måneder siden

    Adapt knows west coast customs from pimp my ride, sleeping on the fact that west coast has their own show !

  • Saeed Jabbar
    Saeed Jabbar5 måneder siden


  • Denico Cupido
    Denico Cupido5 måneder siden

    They probably know shit about cars, I don't think they know anything under in or about the gtr

  • Walid
    Walid5 måneder siden

    10:15 me and the boys at the homies funeral

  • JackDNF
    JackDNF5 måneder siden

    2:36 Psycho using a blowtorch near his fingers lmao

  • Raiders Revenge
    Raiders Revenge5 måneder siden

    Faze adapt a show off why does he have to show them his new car he just want to say omg that’s dope

  • Anime Hub
    Anime Hub5 måneder siden


  • اسامه عمار
    اسامه عمار5 måneder siden


  • LD Tuna Gaming
    LD Tuna Gaming5 måneder siden

    1 day later-crashes the car while being drunk 👌🏼😂

  • Ruele Ramaoka
    Ruele Ramaoka5 måneder siden

    You should name her Faze Berry

  • Alfie Pepall
    Alfie Pepall5 måneder siden

    Adapt that's my dream car

  • RickyStyle
    RickyStyle5 måneder siden

    Who the heck are those girls fr bro, they act all weird and shit get out of the video dude! 🤣🤣🤣

  • #SaveNordan
    #SaveNordan5 måneder siden


  • 900 Subscribe Subscribers without video
    900 Subscribe Subscribers without video5 måneder siden

    Nobody: FaZe Adapt: making everyone’s quarantine a billion times better Im very close to my goal, pls help

    GRANDPA_GLOCK5 måneder siden

    Trifling bich...smh

  • Agnese Agnese
    Agnese Agnese5 måneder siden

    In sane car my g

  • Shifo
    Shifo5 måneder siden

    Where is beri

  • Shane Fuller
    Shane Fuller5 måneder siden

    Faze adapt the type of guy to ruin a car because of the rims

  • Headphones only Epicenter
    Headphones only Epicenter5 måneder siden

    My man's ryan got older by a lot

  • Ethan Luckau
    Ethan Luckau5 måneder siden

    Get zhc to customize it

  • Hertz
    Hertz5 måneder siden

    Aaaaaaand, it’s smashed

  • Bananaa
    Bananaa5 måneder siden

    Check out here for HD GAMEPLAYS on xbox

  • Supreme soldier1_
    Supreme soldier1_5 måneder siden

    why isnt you uploading

  • Yea Nahyea
    Yea Nahyea5 måneder siden

    If the fight really happened adapt would kick his ass no cap 🧢 and that other guy the I make TikTok for 7 year old girls, he would be in hospital 🏥

  • Taylor Kane
    Taylor Kane5 måneder siden


  • Frankie Sozio
    Frankie Sozio5 måneder siden

    2 month gang

  • Luna Brothers
    Luna Brothers5 måneder siden

    Faze adapt the type of guy to be quiet,be very still and tuck his hand in cause it’s asleep

  • Bean Senpai
    Bean Senpai5 måneder siden

    🚫🧢 you look like lil zan x

  • SevrealWeevil 60
    SevrealWeevil 605 måneder siden

    West coast has a a show on Netflix

  • TonyFN
    TonyFN5 måneder siden

    Hi adapt I saw u at target 2 hours ago I just what to say hi and Faze up

  • CEngi


    5 måneder siden

    should've asked for a selfie

  • Ac3_TripZZYT
    Ac3_TripZZYT5 måneder siden

    Adapt the type of guy to buy size 14 shoes and say he will grow into them

  • Daft Punk
    Daft Punk5 måneder siden

    Bro upload something

  • HAI
    HAI5 måneder siden


  • Troy Novotny
    Troy Novotny5 måneder siden

    Thh I never did like FaZe adapt he was always rude in challenges

  • Troy Novotny

    Troy Novotny

    5 måneder siden


  • JAVITK818
    JAVITK8185 måneder siden

    I have a business and its struggling in this economy due to covid-19 sales have dropped and i have lowered all my prices on my store, so if anyone likes ramen or likes doing the spicy ramen challenge, head over to my store and help me keep my store open. Thank you. We offer free delivery on all orders.

  • Bioxtic
    Bioxtic5 måneder siden

    Adapt the type of

  • Trouble_chrissy
    Trouble_chrissy5 måneder siden

    man got a sick car and left lmao(❍ᴥ❍ʋ)

  • angela aguon
    angela aguon5 måneder siden

    That's my dream car as well

  • israel la eme
    israel la eme5 måneder siden

    And I’m 38 years old you should be a shame of yourself you’re your whole team suck

  • israel la eme
    israel la eme5 måneder siden

    You suck call of duty you cry like a little fucking baby