My REACTION To Meeting Ninja...

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    ZAXY FN QT4 måneder siden


  • Assaiante 401
    Assaiante 4015 måneder siden

    ninja was wasted lmaooo

  • Milton Sammsjr
    Milton Sammsjr5 måneder siden


  • Ronaldo Fanboy
    Ronaldo Fanboy6 måneder siden

    Post more like the og days 4 years ago

  • Joey Ramon
    Joey Ramon8 måneder siden

    You haven’t gotten your eye exam yet

  • Derek Ruiz
    Derek Ruiz8 måneder siden

    bro ninja was hella Drunk lmao 😂

  • pimp chimp
    pimp chimp8 måneder siden

    My birthday is june 6th

  • Rosie fan 37 NWR
    Rosie fan 37 NWR10 måneder siden


  • Ryan Rollins
    Ryan RollinsÅr siden

    Ninja drunk as fuck

  • Mikasa Ackerman,
    Mikasa Ackerman,År siden


  • Lil Drew
    Lil DrewÅr siden

    RIP juice

  • Kieran Mitha
    Kieran MithaÅr siden

    stop spending so much money on stupid shit and get some acne treatment

  • ً Quazar
    ً QuazarÅr siden

    Do mocking FaZe Banks 5

  • jessica castro
    jessica castroÅr siden

    Hi Faze Adapt

  • anonymous _
    anonymous _År siden

    Nigga this video was shit

  • SteezyLab
    SteezyLabÅr siden

    I can’t believe you meet Ninja!

  • yung brod
    yung brodÅr siden

    Mocking faze banks part 5 pleaseee

  • :D D:
    :D D:År siden

    Is he sick or have I just not watched him for a long time

  • Cody4turtle
    Cody4turtleÅr siden

    Also Alex my birthday is June 6 just 1 day in front of June 5

  • Harman Kang
    Harman KangÅr siden

    Tf did You say to me u little shit

  • Fan Ji
    Fan JiÅr siden


  • Ammar Ibrahim
    Ammar IbrahimÅr siden

    Your eyes are the same

  • Kyedaeo
    KyedaeoÅr siden

    'You gotta go' Ninja sounds like a security guard

  • kapil chandwani
    kapil chandwaniÅr siden

    Someone wants to snipe you

  • BlazzyBIazzy
    BlazzyBIazzyÅr siden

    U look like bam margera

  • Dmarko
    DmarkoÅr siden

    Where did u get ur bed covers

  • Ecstatic
    EcstaticÅr siden

    Why would you wanna make a video bruh that’s atrocious 😂 he was tryna help you out seriously, you were most def drunk 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️😂

  • TRuE BLaZe
    TRuE BLaZeÅr siden

    Do mocking faze banks part 5

  • Preium561blade
    Preium561bladeÅr siden

    Nothing is going on.

  • Griffin Cummings
    Griffin CummingsÅr siden

    They looked hammered

  • dody alnajjar
    dody alnajjarÅr siden

    What you are famous why are you uploading like ninga is a god

  • Skullz
    SkullzÅr siden

    6:09 yes the right looks bigger than the left

  • Lilninja 33
    Lilninja 33År siden

    Faze adapt talkin bout ninja for 5 mins and 2 seconds

  • Findez
    FindezÅr siden

    this is so ironic because i had an eye appointment today, and i’m perfect 20/20 vision

  • orahh13
    orahh13År siden

    Hes such a nice guy. He genuinely cares.

  • Doczilah
    DoczilahÅr siden

    I’d be more hyped to meet adapt than ninja🤷🏼‍♂️

  • Fabian
    FabianÅr siden

    Can you imagine in 2020, the kid that killed Ninja in H1Z1 meets him up and Ninja says: “Who’s the fagot now, you little shit?!”

  • ImExprt YT
    ImExprt YTÅr siden

    0:20 who flashed that😂

  • Billy Mallam
    Billy MallamÅr siden


  • Sack Yt
    Sack YtÅr siden

    Happy birthday

  • Voltage
    VoltageÅr siden

    Can someone give me a link to his lv blanket cause it looks fire

  • Burrito Uzumaki.
    Burrito Uzumaki.År siden

    Imagine faze ninja

  • Sam Hassan
    Sam HassanÅr siden

    Do Mocking Faze Banks Part 5

  • jamie piche
    jamie picheÅr siden

    Do mocking faze banks 5!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Pleeeeeëase

  • Jordan Hort
    Jordan HortÅr siden

    6:08 adapt you almost got sniped

  • nitro2 comit
    nitro2 comitÅr siden

    Just asking is tfue in the faze house

  • Jack Gaming
    Jack GamingÅr siden

    my parents dont want me to pre-sue gaming because they think it is illegal money lol

  • henry huang
    henry huangÅr siden

    you tryed so hard to get to 10 min but still fail

    ULL REGABROÅr siden

    Lol his voice

  • Gofran Abdul
    Gofran AbdulÅr siden


  • Alex Santos
    Alex SantosÅr siden

    Adapt sounds like faze banks

  • Dash
    DashÅr siden

    @Ninja drunk asf😂😂

  • Kenno Pensa
    Kenno PensaÅr siden

    Do Mocking Faze Banks Part 5

  • SkeeYee
    SkeeYeeÅr siden

    Do mocking faze banks part 5 please

  • David The Beast
    David The BeastÅr siden

    Yoooo alexxxx ur eye does look bigger

  • Eden Trevino
    Eden TrevinoÅr siden

    No way my birthday is June 4

  • If you don’t subscribe your gay
    If you don’t subscribe your gayÅr siden

    6:07 looks like theres a sniper outside your window with a red dot attached

  • squid
    squidÅr siden

    Little does ninja know Adapts most viewed video is about Tfue😂

  • santiago xD
    santiago xDÅr siden

    Mocking faze banks part 5

  • TheGaming Buddha
    TheGaming BuddhaÅr siden

    Mocking FaZe Banks Part 5 🤤👀

    INSANITY ‘År siden

    Lol he has the same amount of subs as fearless

  • Victor Aguilera Butanda
    Victor Aguilera ButandaÅr siden

    Dooooooooooooooooo mocking faze banks part 5

  • LilKyjontje
    LilKyjontjeÅr siden

    that laser pointer in his face at the begin lmfao

  • Ruthie Gwilym Thomas - Actor
    Ruthie Gwilym Thomas - ActorÅr siden

    What happened with you ‘r sister and Jarvis

  • Jason Nye
    Jason NyeÅr siden

    I remember ninja tearing up in mlg back in halo, craaazy times

  • adox
    adoxÅr siden

    I remember not even telling people I played video games lmfao.. never would I expect it to be like this in the future 🙃

  • Jirwin96
    Jirwin96År siden

    Ninja was def BOMBED 🍺🍺🍺

  • pixelfixgames -
    pixelfixgames -År siden

    your left eye is smaller

  • Nicholas Laboucan
    Nicholas LaboucanÅr siden

    thats what happens when your on the coke bro

  • Bandit Gaming
    Bandit GamingÅr siden

    No cap but ninja was right but let's be honest he was probably drunk.

  • raid alili
    raid aliliÅr siden

    bring back banks to youtube

  • Bella Neom-Leroux
    Bella Neom-LerouxÅr siden

    More story times pls

  • BaySick Osby
    BaySick OsbyÅr siden

    Why is there always a red laser on your face

  • Shockey's Outdoor Channel
    Shockey's Outdoor ChannelÅr siden

    my dad still hates me playing games and doesnt get anything about it

  • Ben W
    Ben WÅr siden

    Do mocking faze banks part 5 please

    LEGENDVRY RRÅr siden

    What's up with the laser pointer? Someone tryna hard scope my boa Adapt 😂

  • Luis Rodriguez
    Luis RodriguezÅr siden

    Who else wants adapt to say "welcome to good burger home of the good burger can I take your order"......just me, ok.

  • dragguhh
    dragguhhÅr siden

    5:02 is why your here thank me later y’all ❗️

  • Psychonaut
    PsychonautÅr siden

    I swear you have a sniper aiming at you.. be careful man... he’s going for the trickshot I feel it

  • AshtonYesYes
    AshtonYesYesÅr siden

    Who else got on Snapchat and checked their eyes

  • R2D2pitt
    R2D2pittÅr siden

    mocking banks Part 5

  • old man
    old manÅr siden

    My birthday is also june 5th

  • ImBlankyy
    ImBlankyyÅr siden

    *Sorry Alex but ninja was hella wasted lmao*

  • Chief Plays
    Chief PlaysÅr siden

    You mean ninja meeting FaZe Adapt?🤔

  • Chris Gonzalez
    Chris GonzalezÅr siden

    Do mocking faze

  • Unk***
    Unk***År siden

    Only true Faze fans will realise adapt sounds like banks in this vid

  • carson smith
    carson smithÅr siden

    Mocking faze banks part 5

  • yash neupane
    yash neupaneÅr siden

    get trap roman back

  • Armand Uka
    Armand UkaÅr siden

    Faze_ninja ????

  • Robbie fbr yt
    Robbie fbr ytÅr siden

    Adapt you're handsome and cute

  • Mark Mulcaire
    Mark MulcaireÅr siden

    is just me but did anyone notice the red dot on his face

  • Zane Miller
    Zane MillerÅr siden

    No offense to ninja, I love ninja but he’s gonna be that type of old guy u find in the street tellin u random shit😂😂

  • Draculapek
    DraculapekÅr siden

    Your bed room pisses me off

  • vZxch __
    vZxch __År siden

    Mock banks

  • PB RatedNukes
    PB RatedNukesÅr siden

    Do mocking faze back part 5

  • Ben Walker
    Ben WalkerÅr siden

    They do look biggest

  • exavior courchene
    exavior courcheneÅr siden

    you looked BLacked outt asff// DRunk LMAO

  • Tendencies
    TendenciesÅr siden

    Holy fuck you went to pinnacle my highschool. AZ is hot as shit but it's fine.

  • Brandon Leone
    Brandon LeoneÅr siden

    No studies say looking at a screen can cause permanent eye damage but you probably should get them checked in general

  • Manroop


    År siden

    Ok, 🐀

  • Left Coast
    Left CoastÅr siden

    Why does adapt always look like he just got out of the ball pit at chuckle cheese