Nancy Pelosi: The 2021 60 Minutes interview

Days after her own office was ransacked by Trump supporters, the speaker of the House talks to Lesley Stahl about what she experienced that day and more.
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60 Minutes premiered on CBS September 24, 1968. Bill Owens is the program’s executive producer. The correspondents and contributors of 60 Minutes are Sharyn Alfonsi, Anderson Cooper, John Dickerson, Norah O’Donnell, Scott Pelley, Lesley Stahl, Bill Whitaker and L. Jon Wertheim.


  • jeffrey bykerk
    jeffrey bykerk9 minutter siden

    Nancy Pelosi you are the most Rotten corrupt pos that our Nation has had to endure.

  • Mary Fisher
    Mary Fisher23 minutter siden

    We're roaring at you rhetoric!!!! You are the two biggest HYPOCRITES in America!

  • Rictusgrin
    Rictusgrin32 minutter siden

    Never forget the WMD Iraq and Atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki and all the US interference in abroad election.

  • theirine17
    theirine1752 minutter siden

    What nerve to ask about AOC - Clearly Lesley is a right wing apologist just like Wolf Blitzer!

  • Chav JDS
    Chav JDSTime siden

    A lot of videos, 😂😂😂😂😂🧟‍♂️ everything was planned by the mainstream media 🙄 and democrats

  • ً
    ًTime siden

    PELOSI 2024

  • Cesar Gomringer
    Cesar Gomringer2 timer siden

    This interviewer is obviously bias ..... and very limited too !

  • ً


    Time siden

    Shut up trump is out

  • RG237 G
    RG237 G2 timer siden

    I don’t trust or believe anything Pelosi says or does

  • kasen mehta
    kasen mehta3 timer siden

    Pelosi 2024

  • jie li
    jie li3 timer siden

    remember joe biden was your vice president! nothing change , keep your worse life! keep your enslave life! keep your last 8 years life as joe biden vice president! u don't have any hope form same old guy! same old same old! same corrupt!same lies!

  • American Born Patriot.
    American Born Patriot.3 timer siden


  • American Born Patriot.
    American Born Patriot.3 timer siden

    Leslie Stahl you are a foolish woman. 45th US President Trump did not incite violence. You're a liar. The other liar Nancy Pelosi for 8 long months purposely witheld Emergency Covid-19 Fund Relief for American citizens desperation.

  • Ralph Figaro
    Ralph Figaro4 timer siden

    She s definately wearing dentures the way she is speaking

  • Ralph Figaro
    Ralph Figaro4 timer siden

    Aint it time for a pension?

  • Censor Me
    Censor Me4 timer siden

    Nancy is far to fearful to be a leader of any organization it’s borderline psychosis or delusional. I wish her health and family all the best their extreme wealth will be of comfort in the coming tough times as our elect has failed us again and again.

  • Ronnie Barham
    Ronnie Barham4 timer siden

    What a strong and powerful lady......She was the only one who matched Trump face to face.......

  • MJ
    MJ5 timer siden

    "And the Oscar goes TO!" What a performance. Something was coordinated and planned alright.

  • Joseph Randolph
    Joseph Randolph6 timer siden

    I can’t believe I didn’t see some idiot waving a “they took ar jobbbsss” sign at the rally. What a bunch of moronic idiots

  • Zlatan HH
    Zlatan HH6 timer siden

    Russian hack 🤦‍♂️ , USA afraid of everyone

  • wosh
    wosh6 timer siden

    nancy pelosi is well passed her expiration date

  • W.K Chan
    W.K Chan7 timer siden

    When you hv trump as chief clown, the rest of the followers are baby clowns.

  • David R. Stone
    David R. Stone7 timer siden

    😎 Senile incompetent Joe Biden our new fraudulent fake president, that is in bed China who gave the world the Chinese coronavirus and terrorist sponsor Iran, who wants to wipe the USA and Israel off the map. God help us all.

  • Keith Camp
    Keith Camp7 timer siden

    DEMOCRATS cheated. Now God is going to separate the sheep from the goats 🐐. And the goats are going.....STAY TUNED.

  • Connie Anderson
    Connie Anderson8 timer siden

    What a phony!

  • raymond keane
    raymond keane9 timer siden

    The mob there just walking around in fairness taking photos,it's deffo not as bad as they are making out ffs 😂😂😂

  • John barfneck
    John barfneck10 timer siden

  • J Marie
    J Marie10 timer siden

    The AOC diss was very petty and just proved what AOC said. These old heads need to be like Bernie and embrace younger members of the party

  • Ashley Breaux
    Ashley Breaux11 timer siden

    Aries! You go girl!

  • L J
    L J11 timer siden

    All these Trump supporters in the comments ... you all are sad sad people . This is not your America. Find another country to terrorize .

  • You Deserve it
    You Deserve it13 timer siden

    Disgusting how ANTIFA dressed themselves as MAGA supporters!! Look how fake Pelosis tears are at the beginning of this video! These were not MAGA people!! This was ANTIFA! Find the emails in Nancy's stolen laptop!!! Remember the Mexican caravan at the border? Look how clean they a are and look at all the Disney attire everyone is wearing!! That was also a tactic to make Donald Trump look bad!! All democrats are theives and liars!!

  • marc atkinson
    marc atkinson13 timer siden

    Good God, Pelosi is a stunning liar.

  • Sara Sara
    Sara Sara14 timer siden

    I am a Democrat and Pelosi did hold up the stimulus plan. I wish she goes away. Medicare for all.

  • Crag Hamby
    Crag Hamby15 timer siden

    We need term limits for Congress

  • Junli Zhu
    Junli Zhu15 timer siden

    Lying old hag

  • Kwan Chan
    Kwan Chan16 timer siden

    its a shame the capitol hill representatives represent no-one, except themselves instead of recognising how out of touch they are, they have doubled down and attacked the protestors this is not going to end well for the swamp...the people are angry...all they need is to be organised...then the last thing pelosi will be worried about is the state of her hair

  • The Common Sense Conservative
    The Common Sense Conservative16 timer siden

    I noticed she was not asked about the 436 thousand dollars she made in 4 months off of a stock purchase. Millions suffer while she makes nearly ten times the average wage in 4 months.

  • Isaac Ibnoumaryama
    Isaac Ibnoumaryama17 timer siden

    Nancy Pelosi is real American

  • Guide504
    Guide50417 timer siden

    Pelosi you don't get to throw away the evidence and findings of an independent and extensive enquiry that finds NO RUSSAN COLLUSION............GO AWAY YOU BITTER OLD WOMAN

  • Guide504


    17 timer siden

    And i am no fan of trump

  • Guide504
    Guide50417 timer siden

    Where was Pelosi for the chaz chop insurrection?

  • El Nazgûl
    El Nazgûl17 timer siden

    Look at Pelosis eyes Never ignore your God given instincts The eyes are the windows to the soul Look at her eyes

  • jimmy Awbrey
    jimmy Awbrey18 timer siden

    Pathetic Pelosi she has not One bit of decency about her dirty crooked politician like most of them but she’s she will go down as one in history as one of the worst vileSorry excuses a woman I need to find another country she’s horrible and that’s purely on her record no emotions just fax

  • James Henley
    James Henley19 timer siden

    is anyone looking into whether or not the lady in the pink beanie and with the bullhorn is nancy pelosi's daughter looks like her. Michiel Vos nancy pelosi's son in law married to Alexandria pelosi, was at the capital riots. now I wonder if his wife was also there??? perhaps wearing glasses and a pink beanie?

  • The Common Sense Conservative

    The Common Sense Conservative

    16 timer siden

    @James Henley Yeah she is Chucks cousin I believe or something to that extent. In 2018 she was photographed at one of the women's rights protest doing whatever someone wants to subjectively interpret it as.

  • James Henley

    James Henley

    16 timer siden

    @The Common Sense Conservative the comedian? what happened there?

  • The Common Sense Conservative

    The Common Sense Conservative

    16 timer siden

    Even if she was media wont touch it. Same thing with Amy Schumer back in 2018. Nothing happened.

  • Jonathan Pacheco
    Jonathan Pacheco20 timer siden

    I like how they say’ she got tanker to a secure location,... like we don’t know she’s in a bunker😂😂😂🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Censor Me

    Censor Me

    4 timer siden

    DC was in far better condition that Seattle and Oregon riots where people actually lived it was community. This is a glamorized post office.

  • Denise Taylor
    Denise Taylor20 timer siden

    Pelosi is afraid of trumps power and full of lies

  • Joel Duffy
    Joel Duffy21 time siden

    Pelosi looks like the kind of woman that kicks puppy’s

  • lld
    lld22 timer siden

    The red flag represents the thank you for the dead to vote

  • Jessamy Miller
    Jessamy Miller22 timer siden

    She is a wicked woman and she will be thrown out one day ...

  • hawki9
    hawki922 timer siden

    White privilege at its worst.

  • Jane Rohr
    Jane Rohr22 timer siden

    She is the most dangerous crazy like a fox person I have ever seen

  • Francisco J Vega

    Francisco J Vega

    4 timer siden

    Ur talking about trump ?

  • Barry Joyce
    Barry Joyce23 timer siden

    Impeach pelosi schumer Nancy has to pay the price for her treason

  • Barry Joyce
    Barry Joyce23 timer siden

    America wants pelosi schumer to disapear

  • Barry Joyce
    Barry Joyce23 timer siden

    Term limit corrupt pelosi. And all politician

  • Barry Joyce
    Barry Joyce23 timer siden

    Nancy pelosi only cares about her own agenda not for the american people. Pelosi is a digraceful witch

  • Barry Joyce
    Barry Joyce23 timer siden

    Pelosi, biden, schumer, obama, clinton , harris are enemies of america

  • Barry Joyce
    Barry Joyce23 timer siden

    No confidence in china joe

  • Barry Joyce
    Barry Joyce23 timer siden

    Nancy pelosi you are worthless , you do not resprsent america . America hates you

  • Barry Joyce
    Barry Joyce23 timer siden

    Nancy pelosi america hates you

  • Barry Joyce
    Barry Joyce23 timer siden

    Nancy pelosi you are a worthless disgrace

  • Kris Newman
    Kris Newman23 timer siden

    She stumbled over her words about being compromising

  • John Spinelli
    John SpinelliDag siden

    Please retire.

  • Geoffrey Talley
    Geoffrey TalleyDag siden

    She is so evil

  • Live Local Metal & Hard Rock Bands of the PNW Öberg
    Live Local Metal & Hard Rock Bands of the PNW ÖbergDag siden

    Joe Biden The first president in history that used hate, racism, fear, panic, division, riots and voter fraud to win an election besides the dems in the 1800a when Democrats forced blacks to vote democrat at gun point or hung their families and burnt down their homes to force black people to vote democrat...

  • Kim Wyss
    Kim WyssDag siden

    Pelosi is delusional! She committed TREASON and everyone knows it. She'll be the one the Dem's will blame when it all goes South. She's such a perfect Goat.

    KATISIA PDag siden

    Come on this lady is already in diapers SHE NEEDS TO GO TO A Nursing HOME ALREADY !!

  • O O
    O ODag siden

    trump, cause and effect, your despicable, lowest of the low actions will have consequences in days not months.

  • Nick
    NickDag siden

    @2:49 was that Alzheimer's, or just the fakest emotional reaction that could be passed along?

  • country time

    country time

    22 timer siden


  • suzi Manipur
    suzi ManipurDag siden


  • R J P
    R J PDag siden

    Imagine kids in a school shooting. It’s not fun is it.

  • Greg Swedelson
    Greg SwedelsonDag siden

    Ohhhhh Brotherrrrr, looks like all the fake violence was filmed seperate or earlier that day!!! hahahaha Both these hags gotta go!!! It's getting so shameful now that liberals are starting to wear cowboy hats and watching reruns of the "APPRENTICE" lol

  • Algernon Toplady
    Algernon TopladyDag siden

    I like Nancy !

  • Erin Lovett
    Erin LovettDag siden

    This was SO obviously a set up anyway. THE POLICE LET THEM IN. Is half of America really lapping up the media's BS?

  • Erin Lovett
    Erin LovettDag siden

    You suck Nancy!!!!! Quit IGNORING THE AMERICAN PEOPLE! Do not ignore the people YOU work for US. 🖕🏼 You suck 60 MINUTES. Pay attention to the damn people. The media MUST be more honest and the people's will MUST be recognized. Do NOT ignore us

  • Darren Wright
    Darren WrightDag siden

    Biden will be sacrificed he nows it

  • Carol Defenbaugh
    Carol DefenbaughDag siden

    Such B.S. from pelosi !!! Quick by switch by Pelosi in the conversation from China to Russia !!!

  • Marlene Lassalle
    Marlene LassalleDag siden

    Oh god !!!!

  • Carol Defenbaugh
    Carol DefenbaughDag siden

    She wishes it would be as easy as it was for them to get President Trump out of office as it was for them, to get rid of President Nixon !!!

  • Carol Defenbaugh
    Carol DefenbaughDag siden

    President Trump did win in a landslide !!!

  • Thomas Henry
    Thomas HenryDag siden

    I would ask, where is the proof, we all within the frame of Democracy, live under the rule one is innocent until PROVED guilty. The speaker is in my opinion guilty of slander and against the very rule which she should know better

  • Carol Defenbaugh
    Carol DefenbaughDag siden

    pelosi is pathetic !!! It wasn't Trump supporters !!!

  • Bradley Porter
    Bradley PorterDag siden

    What a fake POS

  • Lori Menshew
    Lori MenshewDag siden

    That was antifa and blm... She's dilutional

  • Eleanor McCarthy
    Eleanor McCarthyDag siden

    Trump legacy Trump’s Presidency Brings Us Closer to Midnight on the Doomsday Clock

  • QueenB Jade
    QueenB JadeDag siden

    Wow.. may God save us all 😱😱

  • Eleanor McCarthy
    Eleanor McCarthyDag siden

    The comments are shocking ; trump had every opportunity to stop the violence & was begged by his administration to go on tv & call for a end to the insurrection; instead he watched it on tv ; even if your brainwashed to think he didn’t start it ; he should of stopped it as soon as possible..

  • Eric Llamas
    Eric LlamasDag siden

    Oh yeah last Russian collusion but this election no fraud whatsoever even though it took a week to count the votes

  • Viaceslav Siskinas
    Viaceslav SiskinasDag siden

    the most important threat in America is Nancy Pelosi and Hillary Clinton are both terrible women😱⚰⚰⚰⚰⚰

  • Eric Llamas
    Eric LlamasDag siden

    Shame on Nancy no one can go to salons but me cuz I told y'all to stay home and y'all need to stay home and I can be out and about do what I say not what I do

  • Mahlimi Hmar Zote
    Mahlimi Hmar ZoteDag siden

    Stupid Pelosi

  • winder zhao
    winder zhaoDag siden

    The abrupt beam whitely employ because mouse alternatively mess up beside a pumped september. undesirable, nonchalant guilty

  • 임현우
    임현우Dag siden

    what happened to a lady anchor's left eye? it's turn red !! so worried

  • Aladár Mező
    Aladár MezőDag siden

    The enemy of all americans

  • Clovis da Cruz
    Clovis da CruzDag siden

    Iron Lady.

  • Silvia Cabrera
    Silvia CabreraDag siden

    I don’t like this pelusa lady 🤣🤓😒

  • TheTruth
    TheTruthDag siden

    The truth about the Capitol incident which the media refuses to cover ... Antifa and BLM John Sullivan and CNN’s Jade Sacker involved at the Capitol -> @HCxw While patriots are being prosecuted by the FBI, John Sullivan and CNN’s Jade Sacker have been freed. John shouted to burn the capitol down. Justice gone completely wrong. Also why are there no reports on the Caravans approaching the Mexican boarder. Lets see how the Democrats will react to the issues. They promised that every person will be allowed in. Also the Children in cages should not become empty. Report on this!

  • Clovis da Cruz
    Clovis da CruzDag siden

    I sincerely want to thank Trump supporters for strengthening my views on atheism and diverting me away from this God delusion. The bible is not just good news, it is fake news. Once you are able to accept the reality of life then only will you find peace.

  • Diana Jones
    Diana JonesDag siden

    Two witches

  • james allen
    james allenDag siden

    This starts out with a bs lie

  • chunks Infante
    chunks InfanteDag siden

    I came here to see dinosaurs and I was not disappointed. AMAZING! Almost fossil like. The wrinkles are so rustic in layers. These need term limits, oops, I mean to be preserved. 😳 😯 😳

  • Renee Mccormick
    Renee MccormickDag siden

    Nancy Pelosi lie a lot. 60 minutes not showing the video of the police letting in .

  • Kelia Parsons
    Kelia ParsonsDag siden

    Also if pipe bombs were still being found around the premises how were they all cleared to go back into the house that evening to continue the house meeting 🤷‍♀️ sounds like people are easily fooled and the whole story has been milked to death. There are videos out there of what it looked like inside the house room with the horned man if you look it up it's out there.